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Do i deserve ur love part 22

29 Aug


Rano is totally shattered listening the truth, she want to confront her brother. But how these many days her daughter is in so much pain seeing him around but she don’t know. What a mother she is? Thought rano. How he can do this to his own sister. Its disgusting, because of that shock he died and geet knows it from the start. But she didn’t tell anyone. But on the other hand rano is happy seeing maan, he is indeed a gem. Because of him today they are happy again mainly her geet, her daughter is happy.

On the other hand geet is feeling lite at her heart, now she don’t have any burdens on her shoulder, she told everything to her mom. even though first she is worried about her reaction but maan made it all set. She is very thankful to him. Seems that god is also with them now. Mamaji came there with sweets in his hand, as he couldn’t come for their engagement yesterday.

He entered into the house and smiled at them. When geet saw him first she got angry but then she smirked at him. Mamaji looked at her questioningly but shrugged his shoulders.

Arey rano I bought these sweets told mamaji and handed the sweets to her. Rano smiled at him extra sweetly but soon her smile turned into angry. She throwed the sweets on his face and slapped him hard across his cheek. Mamaji is shocked seeing rano and his eyes turned red with anger.

Rano… roared mamaji.

Shut up just shut up, chi you are my brother ha? Koi apni behen se aisa karta hain kya? Nafrat hain mujhe tumse(do any brother can do to her sister? I have you) shouted rano holding his collar.

Mamaji looked at geet and now he understood the story behind her smirk. He is angry on geet, he never expected geet will tell rano the truth but today everything changed. He knows now rano will hate him and never in her life talks with him. Firstly he got angry on maan because of him geet got courage to tell the truth.

Chi, uske kya kiya(what he did), if u asked for money then he could have give you but tumne kya kiya(what you did). You cheated him and throwed us on the roads to live our life. Tum jaise ghatiya insaan main aaj tak nahi dekhi (I have never seen a disgusting person like you) cried rano remembering mohinder.

Rano, don’t forget that I am your brother told mamaji angrily.

Brother? Do you know the meaning of brother. Aaj se hamara koi rishta nahi, mujhe tumara chehra bhi nahi dekhna told rano and looked at him with disgust. Mamaji was about to raise his hand but maan caught ut and twisted his hand.

(Brother? Do you know the meaning of brother. From today we are strangers, I don’t want to see your face told rano and looked at mamaji with disgust).

Kabardar tumne mere parivaar ko chot pahunchne ki koshish kit ho. Chale jao yaha se aur kabhi galti se bhi yaha mat aana, nahi tho main bhi nahi sakta main kya karunga told maan sternly.

(dare you hurt my family again, just go from here even by mistake also don’t come here. I don’t know what I do told maan sternly)

Mamaji looked at him angrily and told today because of you rano insulted me, I wont leave you. Do remember you will suffer for what you did told mamaji and left from there angrily once glaring at geet.

Geet is really happy from now this so called mamaji wont be in their life. They can live happily. Rano hugged maan and cried.

Why maan, what we did that god has played with us. How can he leave us. Why maan?? cried rano. Maan is just caressing her hair to calm down. Its really hard for him to tolerate, he cant see his maa crying. But today she learned about past and she has to let out her pain. So maan didn’t stop her, geet seeing her mother in that condition she too had tears in her eyes.

Later rano composed herself and stopped crying. She came out of the hug and looked at geet who is in tears. Rano went near her and told no geet don’t cry, today you have to be happy. Now you don’t have to face him. You suffered more than me beta enough of all this now. lets be happy told rano and hugged geet.

Maan smiled at them and he is also happy. Pari who is watching all this hated that mamaji to the core and happy for her mother and sister. She thanked stars for sending maan in their life. Even thought rano is sad knowing about her brother, but happy too for geet. That day all of them spent the day together talking with each other and enjoying themselves. Its evening rano looked tired maan asked her to rest for some time. She went to her room, here geet is in her room standing near the window looking outside and in a deep thought.

Maan came to her room and saw her thinking something. He hugged her from back and placed his chin on her shoulder. Geet first got startled but smiled knowing who it is.

What are you thinking? About me? Asked maan and smiled.

Hmm don’t I have any other work other than thinking about you ? asked geet smiling inwardly.

Maan frowned listening to her, he left her and sat on the bed pouting like a small kid. Geet saw this and laughed whole heatedly seeing his cute antics. Though maan melted seeing her laugh but maintained the pouting. Geet sat next to him and teased awww mera maan ko bura laga and pulled his cheeks.

Maan didn’t help but smile at her and hugged her. Geet too hugged him back.

Maan today I am so happy and I am feeling lite. I was scared for mom, but she understood everything and confronted mamaji. But he wont harm mom na maan? I am scared told a worried geet.

Geet nothing will happen, I am there na nothing will happen, I wont let him enter into our lives again told maan and kissed her hair.

Geet smiled and tightened the hug. They both stayed in the same position for some time feeling each other. They came out of hug and maan kissed her forehead and looking at her lovingly.

I just cant wait for more to make you mine told maan and slammed his lips on hers. Geet is though shocked by his sudden action but loved it and she too responded him with equal passion. Maan brought her close to him holding her waist. Geet snacked her hands round his neck digging her nails in his hair. Maan is nibbling her lower lip making her moan his name. he bite her upper lip and it started bleeding. Maan licked her blood making geet blush furiously. Geet opened her mouth allowing maan to enter and maan entered her mouth both are kissing each other as if there is no tomorrow. Their tongues are playing with each others and tasting the secrets. They both are in their own world and lost in each other. After like ages they broke the kiss due to lack of breath. Geet’s face is crimson red and maan bend down to her neck and kissed her neck. Geet moaned in pleasure.

His hands went to her back and opened her dori, geet gasped and hugged him tight. Maan kissed her shoulder and opened the zip. Maan slip her kurti off her shoulder exposing her milky white skin. He made her lie on the bed and came on top of her. Geet’s heart beat became uneven due to his proximity and closed her eyes. Maan smiled at her flushed face and captured her lips, they both kissed for some time and maan got up. Geet frowned not feeling him and she opened her eyes to see a smirking maan. geet blushed and hid her face in her palms. Maan smiled at her and kissed her forehead and told I will leave now geet. take care of maa and yourself.

Geet looked at him and nodded. Maan bid her good bye and left from there. Later the whole day went well and maneet talked at night and slept peacefully.

Its just only 15 days left for their marriage. All got busy with the preparations. They booked the hall, decorations, caterers and many more. All the ladies are busy in shopping  and gents are looking out marriage preparations. All are busy and no one has time even to breath. Everything is going very well. but here maan and geet are craving for each other to get a single glimpse. Seems like god listened to them and they both went for shopping to select geet’s lehenga and maan’s sherwani. Hayeeee both are so excited to meet each other.

They decided to meet an hour before in McD. So that they can talk with each other and spend some time. Geet wore red color suit and maan came in casuals anyways he is looking hot. They both met in McD and first they hugged each other. Awww how they missed each other its almost 10 days they didn’t meet and craving to get a glimpse. Finally today they met and its just only 3 days left for sangeet and mehendi.

Maan and geet went in and talked about all the things going on, about preparations and all. Maan is just listening to her and smiling seeing her excitement. Geet looked him who is smiling at her. Geet pouted and asked why you are smiling?

Maan nodded in a no and asked to continue. Later they both went to mall for shopping. Sales women welcomed them and asked them to sit. Showed the lehenga’s geet is liking all and don’t know which one to select. She looked at maan making baby face. Maan nodded his head at her antics. He saw a red color with dark green color border  lehenga which is beautiful work on it. Geet who saw hat instantly loved that one. She took that one and went to trail room for trying it out. Maan waited and waited but geet still didn’t come out. Maan went there and knocked the door.

Geet what happened, why its taking so much time? Asked maan.

Geet slightly opened the door and peeked out. Maan raised her eyebrows asking what?

Maan once come in na? asked geet.

Ummm ok.. told maan and went in. But the sight in front of him made him root at the spot. His geet is looking angelic in the lehenga. She is not less than a angel who came for him. He is staring at her without blinking. But here geet is struggling with the dori. She turned back facing her back to him. Oops her bare back is making him loose his senses.

Maan pls tie the strings na asked geet. Maan rised his hand and touched her bare skin at back, geet jolted with his touch and held her dupatta near her chest to control her erratic heartbeats. Maan is moving his fingers on her skin and finally finally with great difficulty tied the strings. He hugged her from back and bit her ear lobe and whispered you are looking breath taking geet.

Geet blushed and turned back and hid her face in his chest.

Geet you are making difficult for me to control told maan huskily.

Geet broke the hug and pushed him out. Its cheating geet pouted maan but geet closed the door blushing. Later she changed and came out. She asked sales women to pack this lehenga. Maan and geet went to select maan’s sherwani. Geet found a green color sherwani matching to her lehenga and maan too liked that one. Their shopping completed, they had lunch in a restaurant and went back to their respective homes.

2 days passed and it’s the day of mehendi and sangeet. All is set for that and it is held in geet’s house.


Precap: Mehendi and sangeet.

               Chori chori chupke chupke.


Do i deserve ur love part 21

29 Aug



Geet hugged him tight with tears in her eyes listening to him. She fell in love him all over again. Maan too kissed her forehead and hugged her tight.

Soon all the guests congratulated them and left one by one. Maneet, rano, pari, yash, adi, pinky and dev were left. Rano kissed maneet forehead and blessed them. She is so happy for her daughter, finally she got her happiness.

Chalo, we will have dinner its already late told rano. They all nodded and gone to dining hall. They made maneet sit side by side. Soon the food is served and maneet were about to eat but their friends stopped them. They both looked at them confusingly.

You both will not eat on your own told pari.

Yes, maan bhai will feed geet and vice-versa told pinky.

Geet blushed hearing this and maan smiled shyly at them.

Oyy hoyee dekho dekho, love birds are blushing teased adi.

All of them laughed at them. Geet looked at maan and blushed.

Why you are teasing my children hmmm?? Rano faked anger.

Maa’ atleast today support me told pari making sad face.


Ha ji replied pari and both smiled at each other.

Thik hain, jo karna hain karo but come soon, I will talk with bhai and come told rano and left from there.

Hearing the BHAI word from rano, geet hands turned into fists and anger in her eyes. Maan saw that and placed his hand on hers and blinked his eyes assuring that I am here for you.

Geet looked at him and smiled. All others are busy in their own talk.

Come on guys, be fast told yash.

With no other option maan took a piece of roti and dip it in the curd and took it near geet’s lips. She slowly opened her mouth and maan fed her. All the friends whistled and teasing them.

Geet too did the same, at the same time she is also blushing furiously. She is not so dreamy dreamy types, this is all new to her. Before she was always serious and rude to others. But now maan came like a angel in her life and changed everything which she didn’t expect. Even in their first meet she shouted on maan, but maan being a gentleman apologized geet. Then their second meet, pari joining dance school, their friendship then love and today finally their engagement. It was such a wonderful journey for both of them. Both are equally happy because maan never had a family and now his wish is gonna fulfill and geet thought she can never be happy in her life againm but today she is the most happiest girl in the whole world.

Soon they completed their dinner feeding each other, others too had their dinner. Seeing maneet a lone tear escaped from pinky’s eyes, her friend geet finally moving on in her life forgetting her past. And her brother maan is happy with geet in his life. She knows maan will keep geet happy forever. She immediately wiped her tears which noticed by maneet and other are busy in their world.

Geet is tired with all these and she is feeling sleepy. They bid good bye to each other. Adi went to drop pinky, maan, geet and pari are in one car, yash and dev went on their own vehicles. Maan is driving the car and geet sat beside him and pari in back seat. Geet placed her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes. Maan smiled at her and caressed her hair and again concentrated on driving.

Maan reached geet’s house. Pari got down of the car and saw geet is sleeping.

Pari, you go in I will wake up geet, I need to talk to her told maan.

Ok jiju, good night wished pari.

Good night wished maan and she left from there.

Maan looked at geet and called her geet’

But she is in deep sleep. Maan called her again, geeet’

Geet slightly opened her eyes and looked at maan with dropy eyes.

Geet we reached home told maan.

Geet opened her eyes fully and looked outside. When she was about to opened the door, maan caught her wrist. Geet turned to maan and looked at him. But maan hugged her tight and asked geet, you are happy na?

Geet broke the hug and cupped his face and told how can you understand each and everything maan.

I can see the sadness in your eyes when we are coming back told maan.

Geet looked at him lovingly and told ha maan, mujhe papa ka yaad aarahi thi. Kaash papa aaj hamare saath hota, he would have been really happy to see you. I am missing him maan told geet and hugged him.

Maan too hugged her back and comforted her with his soothing words.

You don’t be sad geet, I told you before also if your papa sees you in this condition then he too cant be happy. And yes now he will scold me for making you sad told maan.

Geet smiled at this and broke the hug and told you are very special to me maan. Never leave me and go.

Not even in my dreams jaan told maan and pecked her lips.

Geet too pecked on his lips and wished good night. Maan smiled at her and she for down from the car and bid good bye to him and entered into the house. Maan waited till she enters into the house and drove to his house. Soon maan reached home and went to washroom to freshen up. Geet too changed into her night dress and slept peacefully. Maan too slept feeling happy and contended.

Its almost mid-night rano is not able to sleep. She is tossing on her bed. She is sensing something is going to happen. She got up from there and went to geet’s room and found geet sleeping with a smile on her face. Rano went upto her and kissed her forehead and sat there seeing her daughter’s smiling face. Soon she too dozed half.

Next day morning:

Geet got up lazily as it is Saturday and no office. She saw rano sleeping in sitting position, geet smiled at her and made her sleep on the bed and covered her with blanket.

Geet went to washroom brushed and took shower. She came out wearing jeans and t-shirt and went to kitchen to prepare herself a coffee. After some time rano too got up and saw geet is not there. She went to hall and saw geet is drinking coffee watching tv. Geet looked at rano and asked maa are you fine?  Any problem?

Rano smiled at her and nothing beta.

Then how cum u r in my room yesterday, when you feel low you will come na? asked geet.

Nothing geet, I felt like seeing you so I came to your room, acha I will freshen up and come told rano and left from there.

Geet sighed and continued sipping her coffee.

Rano came there after having shower and went to kitchen to prepare breakfast. Geet, ek baar mamaji ko phone lagao. Don’t know how is he now? He couldn’t come to your engagement too told rano.

Maa, mujhe mood nahi hain, you only call him told geet un-interestedly.

Geet yeh kya baat hui, atleast you should talk with him scolded rano.

I don’t want to talk told geet angrily.

Geet, stop behaving like a kid. Give respect to elders told rano.

Nahi dena mujhe, mujhe nafrat hain uss insaan se shouted geet.

Geet, whats wrong with you? Asked rano.

Ha I hate your so called brother, I don’t want to see his face also shouted geet with tears in her eyes.

Rano got alarmed seeing her tears, but she don’t want to hear a word against her brother.

Geet.. shouted rano.

Pari got up hearing the shouting.

Aaj tak main chup hu maa ab aur nahi. I cant tolerate that person anymore. Listen maa, your brother is responsible for papa’s death told geet.

Just stop it geet. Do you know what you are talking shouted rano.

I am telling truth maa, you have to believe me. Mamaji is responsible for papa’s death. He cheated us and took all the property due to that depression and when papa came to know that mamaji cheated him papa couldn’t tolerate all and he died due to depression. Papa ka first time heart attack bohot severe hua tha he didn’t survive told geet and collapsed on the couch.

Here rano is not able to believe what geet told, how her brother can do this, no this is not true. But why my geet will lie to me. Yes I many times observed that she don’t want to stay at home when bhai comes. Is that the reason? Then why she didn’t tell me about this till now. Bhai cheated on us and mohinder ji couldn’t tolerate this and left us. Hey babaji yeh kya ho raha hain. Bhai aapne aisa kyun kiya, aapne mere pati ko maar diya. And my geet knows all this and she bottled up her pain for my sake, for the sake of the family. How much she must have suffered seeing him infront of her eyes and she died each and every second. How she tolerated all this. Why god why you did this to us?

Pari is listening all this don’t know what to do. She too had tears in her eyes how can her mamaji can do this. Here geet collapsed on the couch and sobbing continuously and here rano stood there rooted not able to think anything. Various questions are going in her mind. Without wasting a second pari immediately called maan and asked him to come here immediately. Maan drove to geet’s house as he knows what is the reason pari called him.

With in 15 minutes maan reached there and rushed inside to see crying geet and shocked rano, first maan rushed to rano and took her to her room. He made her sit on the bed. He kneeled down before her and called her.


Rano who is in shock till now, looked at him and the tears rolled down her cheeks.

Maan beta, dekho what geet is saying told rano.

Maan cupped her face and told maa don’t you believe your daughter?

She is my life maan, how can I not trust her but bhai ne aisa kiya sobbed rano.

Maa mujhe pata hain aap bohot dukh mein hain par maa ek baar geet ke baare mein sochiye, 7 saal maa. From 7 years she hided the truth from you, you should understand her. How she survived all these years seeing him in ths house, how she might felt. Aapko pata nahi maa, last time when he came here she broke down completely. She is in so much pain maa, she misses papa each and every second. But she promised papa that she will keep you and pari always happy. Maa ek baar geet ke baare mein bhi sochiye and I know you are having very tough time to believe it. but geet needs you maa, be with her give her support told maan.

Rano looked at maan and how supporting he is to this family. We are very lucky to have him. Rano kissed his forehead. Rano and maan went to hall and saw pari hugging geet. Rano placed her hand on geet’s shoulder, geet turned back and saw rano who is in tears. Geet hugged her by her waist. Rano caressed her hair lovingly.

Geet how you tolerated all this beta, I am sorry beta I never tried to understand you told rano.

Nahi maa don’t say like that, I was afraid maa. What if any thing happens when you come to know all this told geet looking at her.

Kuch nahi hua beta mujhe, nothing will happen to me when my geet is with me told rano and kissed her forehead, but its true that a volcano is erupting in rano, she want to meet her brother and ask him why he did so? How can he do with his own sister? Don’t he love her? If he wants property he would have asked them, why he cheated his own brother-in-law?


Precap: mamaji and rano confrontation. 

             Maan’s dhamki to mamaji..

             Dulhe ka sehra suhaana lagta hain, dulhan ka tho dil deewana lagta hain’

Do i deserve ur love part 20

29 Aug


“I am always there for you jaan” assured maan with a smile. Geet sighed and went in. maan droke back to his house and slept off feeling tired. Next day is important for both maan and geet. They are going to be bound in a sacred bond. And their marriage is in less than a month. Both are excited for starting a new life. Both of them slept dreaming.

Next day is full of dreams and excitement. Their relation is going to new level. They are going to be engaged. Both are very excited. Maan never thought that he will get a family but today his dream is coming true. And geet is not less excited, she thought she will never be happy again after her dad’s death. But no maan has changed everything. She felt comfortable with him and she again learned how to smile.

Geet took shower and came out wearing a bathrobe. She saw her engagement dress on her bed and caressed it. Her maan selected this dress for her. She wore it and sat infront of a mirror. Rano brought jewels for her and asked geet, which one you want to wear?

Geet looked at some of the jewels and selected the matching one. Rano smiled and kissed her forehead.

Always be happy geet told rano with tears in her eyes. Just then pari entered the room and saw her mom and sister.

Ladies, what is this emotional drama ha? Today its just engagement. So chill and get ready fast told pari to lighten the situation.

They both looked at her and smiled and rano twisted her ears and told when you will get married na, you will come to know.

Oh come on mom, leave it I will help di now told pari. Rano smiled at her nautanki and left the room. Pari helped geet in getting ready. She wore the matching bangles, maang tika, ear rings and finally maan’s fav payal. She applied pink lip gloss matching her dress. Just a little touch up. She lifted her eye lids and looked herself in the mirror.

Hayeee di, today maan jiju will be flat. He cant even blink his eyes, u are looking beautiful told pari.

Geet blushed hearing her and told shut up pari.

Oyy oyyy.. your cheeks are getting redder teased pari. Geet blushed further more.

Here in maan’s house:

Adi, pinky, dev and yash are making arrangements. Here maan came out of his shower with a towel tied around his waist. He looked at his sherwani which is placed on the bed. Maan smiled looking as his dress. How geet was so nervous to show it to him, as she never shopped before. But how can maan not like his jaan’s choice. He loved his sherwani. He wore his sherwani and applied gel to his hair, he looked himself in the mirror. Hayeee all girls are dead seeing this handsome and hot hunk.

He got ready and came down, saw his friends doing some work. He felt so blessed having them as his friends. They are like family to him. Finally all of them got ready and headed towards the engagement venue.

Here geet and others too got ready and they too headed towards the engagement venue. Geet’s family reached there first and they went inside. The hall is decorated so beautifully, the hall is filled with red roses, orchids and different colors of balloons. It is simple yet out standing. Geet so much loved the decors and she is now waiting for maan. She went to the room and sat there. Others are busy in arranging last minute things. Soon maan and his friends and some of his students reached the venue. Even maan too loved the dcor, his friends did the way he told and he is very thankuful to them. Pinky went to geet’s room and hugged her.

Aww geet, you are looking beautiful chirped pinky. Geet smiled at her friends excitement. Maan went near the mandap and waiting for geet. Suddenly all the lights were turned off. There his angel, his life is climbing down the stairs, with pari and pinky on either side. He is so lost in her beauty, her innocence. He want to take her away from this world only their love exists. She is blushing like hell and her eyes found maan. He is looking handsome, they eyes locked and both are lost in each other, forgetting about the whol world. Their world stopped there. Geet is looked like an angel, who brought happiness his life. And maan is a savior, who saved her from all the bad and gave a great encouragement.

Geet reached the mandap and they both are standing side by side and the lights turned on. Rano came there and kissed his forehead and blessed him. Maan smiled at her. Soon she gave the engagement rings to maan and geet. Maan slided the ring and geet too. Finally they are engaged. Maan held gee than and kissed back of her hand.

Their friends brought a cake and put infront of them. Maneet cut the cake and fed each other, while all others clapped and whistled for the happy occasion.

Suddenly the whole hall became silent. In the middle of the hall pari and pinky stood with a smile on their faces.


Pinky and pari: Wah – Wah Ramji, Jodi Kya Banai

Bhaiya Aur Bhabhi Ko, Badhai Ho Badhai

Sab Rasmon Se Badi Hai Jag Mein

Dil Se Dil Ki Sagai..!

Aapki Kripa Se Yeh, Shubh Ghadi Aai

Jiji Aur Jija Ko, Badhai Ho Badhai

Sab Rasmon Se Badi Hai Jag Mein

Dil Se Dil Ki Sagai..!


Geet had tears in her eyes and so as maan. Pinky and pari are sisters to him. Pari is first sister to him. They 3 share a great bond mainly maan and pinky. Pinky always there for maan when he needed some one the most. He shared his happiness to her. And he always wants pinky to be happy.


Pari, she is such a sweet girl. She always wants maan and geet to be happy.. within very less time, maan became close to this family. He is very thankful to god.


Maan hugged both pinky and pari and thanked them. Now all the girls made a group and looked at geet and sang.


Girls: Kab se aaye hain tere dulhe raja
Ab der na kar, jaldi aaja
Kab se aaye hain tere dulhe raja
Ab der na kar, jaldi aaja

Maan looked at geet and sang while dancing: Ho… ooo… ooo…
Tere, ghar aaya, main aaya tujhko lene
Dil ke, badle mein, dil ka nazrana dene
Tere, ghar aaya, main aaya tujhko lene
Dil ke, badle mein, dil ka nazrana dene
Meri har dhadkan kya bole hai
Sun sun sun sun…
Saajan ji ghar aaye, hay
Saajan ji ghar aaye
Dulhan kyon sharmaaye, hay
Saajan ji ghar aaye

Omg.. geet is furiously blushing listening to him and hid behind her mom. rano smiled at her and sang.


Mehandi laake… gehane paake
Mehandi laake… gehane paake
Hay roke tu sabko rula ke
Sabere chali jaayegi, tu bada yaad aayegi
Too bada yaad aayegi, yaad aayegi
Mehandi laake… gehane paake
Mehandi laake… gehane paake
Hay roke tu sabko rula ke
Sabere chali jaayegi, tu bada yaad aayegi
Too bada yaad aayegi, yaad aayegi

Rano and geet had tears in their eyes, so as pari. They 3 had a group hug. Maan is looking at them lovingly. The most serious and stubborn girl geet when he met her first, but now she is crying like a small kid. How much pain she bolted up inside. To lighten the situation maan went near rano and sang.


Tere, ghar aaya, main aaya tujhko lene
Dil ke, badle mein, dil ka nazrana dene
Tere, ghar aaya, main aaya tujhko lene
Dil ke, badle mein, dil ka nazrana dene
Meri har dhadkan kya bole hai
Sun sun sun sun…

Hearing this rano smiled at him and kissed his forehead. She is so lucky to have such a caring and loving son-in-law. Only for name sake he is son-in-law. But he is actually a son to her. Maan hugged rano and told don’t worry maa, hum aapko chodke kahi nahi jayenge.

Geet is looking at them in awe, how lucky she is to have him in his life.

Now all the pairs are on the dance floor and a romantic slow song is played. Maan and geet are dancing and they both are lost in each other.

(this is a telugu song from the movie CHAKRAM and one of the wonderful song. Plz listen this song and read the English translation. You will surely enjoy this. Its maan’s POV, from the day he met geet.. )


Oke oka maata
Madilona daagundi mounamgaa
Oke oka maata
Pedavopalenanta teeyangaa
Naa peru nee premani
Naa daari nee valapani
Naa choopu nee navvani
Naa oopire nuvvani
Neeku cheppaalani

  (one an only one word is hiding silently in my heart
  One and only one word so sweet that the lips can not bear
  my name is your love
  my path is your affection
  my sight is your smile
  and your are my breath
  this I want to tell you)


Oke oka maata
Madilona daagundi mounamgaa
Oke oka maata
Pedavopalenanta teeyangaa

  (one an only one word is hiding silently in my heart
  One and only one word so sweet that the lips can not bear
  what would you do if Isay that I do not exist
  with a smile and unbelief, you would gently tell me to go)
  Nenu ani lenu ani
Chebite em chestaavu
Nammanani navvukoni
Chaalle pommantaavu
Nee manasuloni aasagaa
Nilichedi nenani
Nee tanuvuloni sparsagaa
Tagiledi nenani
Nee kanti maimarupuloo
Nanu polchukontaanani
Tala aanchi nee gundepai
Naa peru vintaanani
Neeku cheppaalani

Oke oka maata
Madilona daagundi mounamgaa
Oke oka maata
Pedavopalenanta teeyangaa
Naa peru nee premani
Naa daari nee valapani
Naa choopu nee navvani
Naa oopire nuvvani
Neeku cheppaalani

  (I am the hope that stays in your heart
  I am the touch that your body feels
  I will recognize myself in the glitter of your eyes
  I will hear my name when I rest head on your bosom
  this I want to tell you
  one an only one word is hiding silently in my heart
  One and only one word so sweet that the lips can not bear
  to walk as a step of you is journey says my feet
  to live with out you is death says my life
  do not even remember the life before you came into my life
  the moment I met you will never leave me
  I spend every moment as a life time
  do you even know that this is all your influence?
  this I want to tell you
  one an only one word is hiding silently in my heart
  One and only one word so sweet that the lips can not bear
  my name is your love
  my path is your affection
  my sight is your smile
  and your are my breath
  this I want to tell you
  one an only one word is hiding silently in my heart
  One and only one word so sweet that the lips can not bear)


 geet hugged him tight with tears in her eyes listening to him. She fell in love him all over again. Maan too kissed her forehead and hugged her tight.

Soon all the guests left from there and geet’s family, maan and his friends were there teasing maan and geet.


precap: friends teasings..

              Rano knowing the truth..


Do i deserve ur love part 19

29 Aug


Maan and geet both are really excited for their engagement. He want everything to be best and all his geet’s favorite. He took shower and got ready to go to dance school, but before he decided to give this news to his best friends so he called everyone and told them to meet him in school.

He locked the house and he droke to school. He went in and saw his students are already there. He smiled at them and told u guys practice I will back in 10 min.

They all nodded and he went to his cabin and called rano maa.

“Hello maan beta..”

“Hello maa.. I need to talk to you” told maan.

“Ha maan bolo, I think geet told you about the engagement date?” Asked maa.

“Yes maa, geet told me today morning and maa you don’t stress, u tell me the details and I will arrange everything” told maan.

“No no maan, its our duty to do all the things” told maa.

“No maa, you don’t stress and I will make arrangements according to you only” convinced maan.

Rano with no other option told ok. But she is happy seeing maan and thought I know beta you will keep my daughter happy. A lone tear escaped from her eyes and she immediately wiped that thinking its not time to think all these. It is a very happy moment.

Here maan went down and teached new steps for his students, they all practiced for some time and soon they completed a song. All the students in couples reharsed infront of him. Maan told few mistakes and made them practice once again. It became noon and all his friends reached there adi, yash, dev and raj.

Maan looked at them and smiled. He gestured them to go to his cabin and he will be back soon. They nodded and went in. here maan and his students reharsed for last time and all of them left. Its only 2 hours left and again noon batch students will come.

Maan sighed and went to his cabin and saw his friends are having fun time.

“Hey guys, whats up?” Wished maan smilingly.

“Dude you called us here and you are asking whats up?” Asked yash. All other laughed at his comment.

“Ok ok guys there is a news for you all” told maan.

“Go on” told adi.

“Hmm next Friday is my engagement” told maan.

All of them looked and him and shouted in unison “congratulations dude.”

“Thanku..” told maan.

“Ok dude lets party” told yash.

“Abe yash tumko party ke alawa kuch nahi soojta hain kya?” Asked dev.

All of them smiled and maan told “hey hello enough of your jokes now I need your help in arranging things.”

“Sure dude you just come on that day we will arrange everything” told raj and all others nodded.

“Ok ok but we have to take all the information from rano maa and arrange things” told maan and sat on the couch finally feelin relief after sharing it.

“Hey maan, listen I am from geet’s side” told adi.

“Yaar yeh tho cheating hain” complained maan making angry face.

“No nothing, geet already invited me and I am her brother now” told adi.

“Hmm thik hain as u r her brother and the reason is justified” told maan and laughed.

“So boliye jijaji, kya chahiye aapko. Main kuch kar sakta hu aapke liye?” Asked adi with over respect. All of them laughed at his antics. Later they all had lunch together and bid good bye and left from there except adi.

Adi hugged maan and congratulated him. Even though all are best friends but adi and maan share a special bond. Maan always discuss with adi in any serious matter. Next goes to yash eventhough he is a flirt but trustworthy. Dev is little bit calm and reserved. And about raj they know that he is little evil but as a friend he is good, but no one believes him.

“So how r u feeling now? Happy?” Asked adi.

“Ha adi I am happy, infact these are best moments in my life, my family adi. I am going to have a family, my wife, maa, my sister” told maan and a layer of tears formed in his eyes.

“Hey maan don’t be emotional dude, agar pinky ne dekh liya tho meri shamat nahi” joked adi and maan smiled at that.

“Waise where is pinky? Does she know about the news?” Asked maan.

“Yaar how cum pinky don’t know, geet called both of us and informed” told adi.

“Adi when you are getting married?” Asked maan.

“Maan you know, recently I got job and I want to settle completely which will take a year more. If we get married now itself pinky may face problem which I wont like and she told that she don’t like doing job and I wont force her too. So its better to settle before getting married” told adi.

Maan nodded at his decision and patted his shoulder.

Later adi left from there and headed to his office. Maan is back to his work. In the evening he met up with geet and pari and accompanied them for shopping. He never thought that girls shop this much. He was really bored walking behind them and carrying the bags.

“Yaar geet and pari how much you shop? Enough for today I am hungry and its already late” complained maan like a small child.

“Ohh jiju you are looking like a small child” told pari and geet pulled his cheeks smiling.

“Yaar plz lets have dinner somewhere and go home” asked maan almost making baby face. Eventhough their shopping is not completed but seeing his face they have melted and said ok.

Soon they reached near by restaurant and had their dinner and ice cream. maan dropped geet and pari to home and he went to mall as he saw a beautiful baby pink saree and he bought it for geet and thought to gift her. He smiled and now he became a teenage boy who is buying gift for his girl friend for the first time. He is so excited to see geet’s reaction after seeing this saree because he is buying for the first time.

Later he too went to home and rested for some time. And his mobile rang and it was geet, he smiled and picked the call.

“Hii’.” Wished maan.

“Hii maan..”

“Missing u yaar” told maan.

“Me too maan, aaj shopping ki wajah aapse baat nahi kar payi thik se” told geet sadly.

“Hmm me too, tum log kitna shopping karte ho yaar” teased maan.

“Karna hi padega after all I am MSK’s dulhan” told geet and blushed.

“Ahaan’ I am eager to see you in that bridal attire and ofcourse you look beautiful for me in any attire” told maan.

Geet smiled and told “maan, I have selected a sherwani for u.”

“Oh wow, then why you didn’t show me today” asked maan.

“Maan I never shopped much its pari who always shop for so I thought you don’t like it” told geet.

“Hey geet I love your selection and I know that it would be great” told maan.

“Hmm.. I will show you tomorrow then” told geet excitedly.

“Ok jaan, love u” told maan.

“Love you too maan, acha I am feeling sleepy” told geet.

“Jaan don’t cut the call,  I want to hear you and sleep” told maan.

Geet smiled and told “ok” and kept her mobile near her heart.

Listening to each other heart beats they slept peacefully with a smile on their face.

A week passed very fastly, maan is busy with dance school and the preparations. All his friends helped him in arranging everything. Raj didn’t care much but adi, yash and dev are doing everything. Now pari and yash became friends just in the span of one week ofcourse their fighting session never stopped. All are going peacefully. There is only 1 day left for engagement and geet want to be just a family function not so many people and maan is happy with it. pinky made sure that all the shopping work and the invitation is completed. Rano and pinky arranged everthing. And no media is allowed as geet don’t like it. rano even invited her brother and geet didn’t like it. she went to maan’s school that evening. She directly went to his cabin and saw him thinking something and maan too didn’t notice her.

Geet poked maan and maan turned to and looked at her in surprise.

“Geet tum yaha iss waqt?” Asked maan.

Geet without speaking anything made him stand and they both settled on the couch. Geet rested her head on his shoulder and held his arm tight. Maan understood that something is bothering her. He caressed her hair and asked “what happened geet?”

“Maan, mom invited mamaji for engagement and I don’t want him to come” told geet sadly.

Maan too understood how difficult for her to face him. Maan cupped her face and told “geet don’t you think maa has right to know the truth. We should tell her.”

Geet’s eyes widened in shock and shouted “no.”

“Geet listen maa should know the truth, she has every right. If she knows the truth your mamaji cant play any games now” tried maan to convince her.

Geet looked at him and placed her head on his chest and told “mujhe darr lag raha hain. Mom cant tolerate all this.”

“Geet I know maa is very strong, she should know how her husband’s death happened” told maan making her feel better.

“I think you are right” told geet and closed her eyes feelong better.

Maan just kept caressing her hair and didn’t talk anything. He know she need some time for all this and he also knows her mom is important for her and she cant tolerate if anything happens to her.

After some time geet got up. Maan looked at her and asked “feeling better?”

Geet nodded with a smile.

“Maan I need to go mom will be waiting for me” told geet.

Maan kissed her forehead and told “ok take care. Wait wait I will drop you.”

“No maan its ok you look tired, I will go” told geet.

“Nothing is important than you geet. Chalo” told maan and both of them headed towards the car.

They both settled and headed towards geet’s house. They kept on talking about everything and fighting in the middle and teasing each other. Soon they reached and geet got down of the car. She bid good bye and was about to go, she then suddenly turned back and told “maan I need you when I tell truth to mom.”

“I am always there for you jaan” assured maan with a smile. Geet sighed and went in. maan droke back to his house and slept off feeling tired. Next day is important for both maan and geet. They are going to be bound in a sacred bond. And their marriage is in less than a month. Both are excited for starting a new life. Both of them slept dreaming.


Precap: engagement’

             Maan and geet telling truth to Rano..

Do i deserve ur love part 18

29 Aug


Geet smiled and asked kiska phone tha?

Ha geet you go and change we are going somewhere.

Maan what happened to u today? Surprise pe surprise.

Maan cupped her face and kissed her forehead and told u love that place.

Ok I am eager to go there told geet.




Later maan and geet got into the car and drove to the orphanage. After 30 min drive they reached the destination. Maan stopped the car and geet looked out to see where they have come. She is surprised to see the place and looked at maan. Maan smiled at her and told


Geet nodded excitedly.

Maan smiled seeing her excitement. They both got down of the car and went in hand in hand. The people in the orphanage welcomed them and all the children are happy seeing their maan bhaiyya there. All of them shouted in unison maan bhaiyya.

Maan too wished all and he bent on his knees and wished all the children. It is the place where maan spent his childhood. He never forget this place, he saw so muc in his life, many obstacles but finally today he is successful in all sense.

Maan introduced geet to the children.

Bacho, inse miliye, iska naam hain geet aur yeh aapki bhabhi told maan.

All children shouted bhabhi’

Geet smiled at all of them and she too sat on her knees and kissed the children there.

Later she cut the cake and all the children there sung the birthday song and wished her. Geet felt so happy celebrating her birthday here. She felt so much peace and relief. Her life totally changed from the day she met maan and filled with happiness.

She fed cake to the children there and gave them chocolates and talking with them.

Suddenly a girl came there and gave her a rose. Geet smiled at her and asked what is ur name?

My name is roshni, and what is ur name? asked that girl.

Geet caressed her hair and told my name is geet.

Aaj aapka birthday haina, maan uncle told me before only isiliye I bought this rose for u. aap yeh rose acha laga? Asked that girl in her babyish voice.

Geet smiled at the cute little girl and told mujhe bohot acha laga.

That girl smiled cutely and then pouted.

Geet saw that and asked what happened beta?

Main na maan uncle se katti told roshni.

Aww why? Asked geet.

Maan uncle didn’t come to meet me from so many days told roshni stretching her arms indicating so many days.

Geet chuckled seeing her pouted face and told maan uncle is very bad na. wait we will give him punishment. What say?

Roshni kept her hand on her chin like she is thinking something deeply and told nahi nahi maan uncle is good na so no punishment.

Hmm so what should we do now? Asked geet.

Tell maan uncle that I am angry on him told roshni.

Geet smiled at her innocent talks and took roshni in her arms and went near maan.

Roshni tapped maan’s shoulders and maan turned back and saw them and smiled.

Hey sweet heart, how r u? asked maan with a smile.

But roshni pouted cutely and turned to geet.

Dekhiye maan, roshni aapse angry hain. Haina? Asked geet.

Roshni nodded yes.

Aww why my darling is angry? Asked maan so ever cutely.

Roshni turned to maan and told u didn’t come to meet me na.

Sorry darling told maan and held his ears.

Geet and roshni smiled at him.

Maan took her in his arms and kissed her cheeks. They both chatted for sometime and maneet left from there.

On the way to geet’s house geet told to stop the car in the deserted area.

Both came out of the car and sat on the car bonnet. Geet placed her head on his shoulders and maan held her tight by her waist.

Thanku so much for the surprise maan told geet.

Maan smiled and told u r happy na, then I don’t need anything.

Really maan, my life hs changed completely after meeting u. u too faced so many problems na maan but u over come all those but I am not able to come out of my past maan told geet.

Maan made her face him and cupped her face and asked what happened jaan?

Aaj dad ka bohot yaad aaraha hain maan told geet and hugged him.

Maan too hugged her back and was little hesitant to ask her or not.

Jaan can I ask u something, if u don’t mind. I am not forcing u told maan.

Geet broke the hug and asked what maan?

Wo.. wo.. fumbled maan.

Maan ask me what ever u want? U have full right on me told geet and smiled.

Tum apni mamaji se kyun aisa baat karti ho? As I saw u that day u r totally got emotional seeing him and the fear in ur eyes I cant forget that day geet told maan.

Geet looked into maan’s eyes and got the strength to tell him the truth which she killed within her years back.

Geet held maan’s hand tight, maan smiled at her and blinked his eyes assuring her that I am there with u.

Geet sighed and told he is the reason for dad’s death.

Maan is shocked to listen this. But didn’t talk anything he want geet to come out of her past.

We had a textile company in Mumbai and it is running with heavy profit and we all are living a happy life. But mamaji wasted all his money in gambling and drinking and he use to ask money every now and then. Seeing mom dad couldn’t deny and helped him. But one day dad came to know what he is doing and denied to give money to him. Mamaji got very angry but he tried to convince dad that from now onwards he will not do anything like this and he even told that he started a business so he want surety for bank loan. Dad got convinced and signed those papers. But that’s the wrong thing dad did, he just believed him told geet and looked at maan with teary eyes.

Maan wiped her tears and nodded in a no.

But we don’t know all this. But one day when dad was in shop some bank members came and told that they have to sell all our property because mamaji didn’t pay the loan money from past 6 months. Dad tried to convince them to give some time he will pay but they didn’t believe dad and ceased all out property within 2 days. At that time we didn’t have any house to live and after that dad told me what all happened. But after that we came to know that all those bank papers are fake and actually its mamaji’s trick to take our property. But dad didn’t tell anything to mom as she cant tolerate that her own brother did this. Later I stopped my studies midway and started doing a part time job. Due to all this dad’s health worstened and he was hospitalized. He told me to take care of mom and pari and he left all of us told geet and broke down completely and hugged maan.

That’s why.. sob.. I hate.. sob.. him. Mujhe uska chehra.. sob.. bhi.. sob ..  nahi dekhna told geet.

Maan too hugged her tight and rubbed her back to calm down.

Shh.. geet don’t cry, I am here na nothing will happen to maa and pari now told maan.

Geet broke the hug and told that’s the reason till today I didn’t allow anyone to enter into my life. I don’t want any one to again cheat us told geet with fury in her eyes.

Mujhe nafrat hain uss aadmi se, par main kuch bhi nahi kar sakti. I hate him maan I hate him. Uss aadmi ne ek baar apni behen ke baare mein bhi nahi socha. He is reason for dad’s death and from that day onwards I took care of my family. I became a son to them and I became strong to face this evil society. Somehow I completed my studies. And I don’t want pari to face any of this. I want pari to be happy so I didn’t let them know about my so called mamaji told geet.

U know one thing geet I am very much proud of u. u took care of everything and never let them know the reason behind ur dad’s death. U sacrificed ur life and ur career because of them. I promise geet that I never ever let your past come into our life again. Your dad will be so happy seeing u today told maan and kissed her forehead.

U know maan if I am with u then it will be like I can face the whole world, thanks for coming into my life maan told geet and kissed his cheeks.

Don’t thank me geet, maan aur geet alag nahi hain. They are two bodies one soul told maan.

Sach’ told geet and lost in his eyes.

Maan pecked on her lips and told chalo geet, maa with be waiting for u.

Geet nodded and they drove back home happily. Today geet is so happy. The birden on her shoulders are relieved now. She closed her eyes and saw the smiling face of maan. She too smiled and leaned closer to maan and kissed his cheeks and told I love u maan.

Maan smiled at her seeing her happy and also whispered I love u too mishty.

Maan dropped geet to her home and left to his house. They all slept peacefully that night.


Next day morning:


Maan got up with continous ringing of his mobile. He picked the call and told hello.. with a sleepy voice.

Maaan shouted geet from other side.

Maan kept the phone away from his ear listening to her shouting.

Kya hua jaan? Asked maan.

I am very happy maan told excited geet.

Maan smiled and asked mujhe bhi batao kya baat hain.

Geet shied and told wo.. wo..

Ab kya hua tumari bolti band hogayi teased maan.

Geet pouted and told u r teasing na I wont tell.

Acha baba sorry ab bolo told maan.

Hamari engagement ka date pakki hogayi told geet and shied.

Maan almost jumped in joy and his smile widened.

Wow geet subah subah kiyne ache news diya tumne, thanku so much mishty. Date kab hain asked maan.

1 week later told geet.

One week baad u will be officially mine told maan with so much love.

Geet shied listening to him and told I am always urs maan and cut the call.

Listening to his words her heart beat rised and she started dreaming about her life with maan.

Here maan is not less he is eagerly waiting for his mishty to come into his life forever.


Precap: maneet engagement..

             Ufff teasing session of friends..

              Oops shopping mein romance..

Do i deserve ur love part 17

29 Aug


Pari and yash are fighting with each other like tim and jerry. Maan is staring at them as if they are some aliens.

Maan is trying to stop them but they are nowhere to listen. He just sat there seeing their fight. Suddenly an idea popped in his mind. He stood up and shouted stop it.

They both looked at him and stopped their fight. Actually they both are shocked that maan got angry which he never gets.

Yash (st): omg.. whats happening maan ko gussa aya? Yeh kaisa ho sakta hain ?

Pari (st): sangat ka asar, di akhir aapne jiju ko bhi gussa wala bana diya.

Stop it you two, kab se dekh raha hu u r fighting like kids told maan with very difficulty, because he wants to smile seeing their scared faces.

Between why you both are fighting ? asked maan.

Wo.. wo.. jiju fumbled pari.

But they heard someone laugh from outside. They 3 turned back and saw geet.

Di you here? Asked pari.

Geet came inside and told maan I am impressed you are really trying very hard to act u r angry.

Maan smiled cheekily at her.

You are acting? Asked yash.

Ha, aur nahi tho kya agar main thodi der yaha rukh jaata tho main pakka pagal ho jaaonga told maan.

Jiju isme meri koi galti nahi hain, sab kuch iss kya naam hain iska ha yash ki wajah se hua hain told pari.

Oyyy.. when yash was about to tell something geet warned him.

Oyy kabardar meri behen ko kuch kaha tho.

Yash (st): yeh tho sherni ki behen badi sherni hain. Nah baba nah muhe inn logon se panga nahi lena.

Maan laughed seeing yash’s condition.

Ma.. maine kya kiya, jo bolna hain aapki behen ko boliye told yash.

Geet looked at pari questioningly.

Pari made a baby face and told 2 days back, when I was crossing road hurriedly I was about to fall but yash saved me from falling. But in tension I shouted on him.

Geet looked at him angrily and turned to yash and told I am sorry Mr. yash.

Arey its ok. Aap?? Asked yash.

Maan placed his hands round her shoulder and told my fianc geet handa.

Yash became very happy listening this and hugged maan and told wow dude congrats, I am very happy for u.

Maan too hugged him back and thanked him.

He broke the hug and wished geet. Congrats bhabhi.

Geet shied and told thanku.

They all settled on the couch and chatted for some time.

Geet, u told u will come late asked maan.

Ha maan but meeting cancel hua uss company ke saath told geet.

Ohh’ why?? Asked maan.

I don’t know that MD didn’t inform anyone and left from office, how can be someone so irresponsible told geet.

Which company geet? Asked maan.

******* softwares told geet.

Yash (st): yaar yash aaj tera din hi karab hain, this girl is scolding me infront of me.

Maan controlling his laugh asked geet tumne kabhi use mili nahi?

Nahi mujhe uska shakal dekhna bhi nahi, itne mehnat kiye humne presentation ke liye. Last min mein meeting cancel kar diya without any reason told geet.

Maan made a pity face looking at yash.

Maan main chalta hu yaar told yash and was about to get up.

Arey kya hua aapko? Asked geet.

Kuch nahi madam, aap usko daanth lijiye par mere saamne nahi plz told yash making a sad face.

Kyun?? Asked geet confusingly.

Geet, yeh hain yash singhania ******** softwares ka MD told maan.

Geet widened her eyes in shock and got up.

I am so sorry sir, I didn’t mean to’.

Arey arey aap shant hojayiye told yash.

Really I don’t know sir its u told geet.

First of all don’t call me sir, aap mere bhabhi hain and second its not your fault I just without informing anyone maan se milne aagaya hu, so fault is mine told yash smiling.

Geet too smiled at him. They all had lunch together in the school.

Umm yash I am sorry for behaving rudely with you told pari.

Hey its ok no problem told yash.

Thanku told pari.

Waise tum sherni ke mode mein hi achi lagti ho told yash.


Acha ok ok just kidding told yash.

Maan ab mujhe jaana hain told yash

Ok dude told maan.

Di, jiju mujhe bhi jaana hain I have some work told pari.

Pari how will you go? Should I drop u? asked maan.

No jiju I will go by taxi you both enjoy told pari and winked at them.

Maan and geet both blushed.

Koi baat nahi maan, I will drop pari told yash.

Are u sure? Asked maan seriously as if warning him kuch gadbad mat karna.

Ha ha dude I am sure told yash.

Par yash its ok I will go told pari.

No problem pari told yash and smiled.

Ok bye jiju, bye di told pari and both of them left from there.


Once they both left from there maan hugged her from back and placed his chin on her shoulder.

Kaha jaana hain madam ji ko? Asked maan,

Whereever u want told geet.

I have a surprise for you told maan.

Geet turned back and asked excitedly what ??

Abi nahi first come to my cabin told maan.

Geet pouted and asked plz bolo na maan.

Darling if u make those faces I feel like eating u told maan huskily leaning closer to her.

Geet blushed and slapped his hand and asked chalo cabin mein chaltein hain.

They made their way towards his cabin once they entered maan made her sit on the couch and he brought a packet and gave it to her.

Happy birthday darling wished maan.

Thanku maan told geet and smiled sweetly.

She opened the packet and found a beautiful saree init.

Wow maan its so beautiful, I loved it told geet.

Change and come, should I help u asked maan and winked at her.

Maan aap bilkul besharam ho gaye ho told geet and ran to washroom.

Maan smiled and left from there switching off the lights.

Geet came out of washroom after changing but she saw the whole place is dark.

Maan maan where r u? shouted geet.

Come down geet, don’t worry I am here only told maan.

Geet followed as maan told and she slowly went downstairs.

Stop geet told maan.

Geet rooted in her spot.

Maan came from back and whispered in her ears and whispered close ur eyes jaan.

Geet closed her eyes, maan went and switched on the lights. He again came back to her and whispered open ur eyes jaan.

Geet slowly opened her eyes and saw the whole hall is beautifully decorated with different flowers, her childhood pics and scented candles making the atmosphere most romantic and there is a cake in the middle.

Kaisa laga surprise? Asked maan.

Geet turned back and hugged him tight and told so beautiful maan.

Maan smiled and told chalo cake cut karte hain.

Geet nodded and she cut the cake.

She took a piece and  fed to maan, maan too did the same.

But maan got some naughty idea, he took a piece of cake and put it on her face.

Maan yeh kya kiya aapne? Asked geet.

But who is lost in her didn’t care to answer her and he went close to her and licked the cream with the tip of his tongue. A sudden shiver ran through her spine, she clutched maan’s shirt tight.

Maan is licking all over her face making her moan his name with pleasure.

But maan didn’t stop he took some more cream and applied on her neck and the exposed skin.

Geet gave more room to him, he bent down a little and started licking her neck. Her hardbeat became uneven and her chest is rising up and down. This made maan to loose his control. His eyes became dark with passion. He moved up and brought her more close to him holding her waist.

Geet looked into his eyes and lost in them. Maan hands roamed on her back feeling her soft milky skin arousing his desire more. Here geet too losing her control, her hands went to his shirt and unbuttoning his shirt.

Maan’s hand went to her pallu and unclasped her pin making her saree pallu fall down. Half of her c******* is visible. Maan kissed her exposed skin while geet totally unbuttoned his shirt and her hands are roaming on his well built chest.

Maan took her one of the c***** into his hand and piched the bud which now became hard. He did the same with other c*****.

It became very hard to control himself he carried her in his arms and placed her on the couch, now maan is on top of geet. His hands went her back and untied her dori.

Just then maan’s mobile rang, they both came to their senses and saw their compromising position. Immediately maan got up and geet too. She tied her dori and tied her saree.

Maan felt so guilty for loosing his control, he somehow picked his call.


Sir I am raju from orphanage.

Ha raju bolo told maan.

Sir u told u will come today, all the children are waiting for u told raju.

Sorry raju we r coming in an hour told maan.

No sir its ok, sorry to disturb you sir told raju.

Arey its ok, we will meet there told maan and cut the call.

Wo.. wo.. geet fumbled maan.

Geet sensed that he is feeling guilty and she smiled and went to him.

Maan look at me told geet.

Maan looked at her with guilt in his eyes and told I am so sorry geet, I didn’t mean’

But geet cut him and told no maan don’t be, I am only yours you have all right on me. But I want our SR should be special.

Maan smiled and told yes geet, from next time I will be careful.

Geet smiled and asked kiska phone tha?

Ha geet you go and change we are going somewhere.

Maan what happened to u today? Surprise pe surprise.

Maan cupped her face and kissed her forehead and told u love that place.

Ok I am eager to go there told geet.


Geet went and changed in her suit and came down within minutes. Maan held geet’s hand and they both headed towards orphanage in his car.


Precap: geet’s birthday celebration in orphanage.

             Maneet engagement.

             Geet telling about her mamaji to maan.

Do i deserve ur love part 16

29 Aug

Maan bent on his knees n sat in front of her.

Beta what are u doing?

Nothing maa told maan n smiled.

Rano carassed his hair n asked kya hua maan?

Maa darasal baat yeh hain ki main aur geet ek dusre se pyaar karte hain.

Rano widened her eyes in shock.

Wh.. what?? Is it true?? Asked rano shockingl. its her dream that is coming true. 

Ha maa, I know that I don’t have any family n an orp’

But he was cut by rano.

Maan beta never think like that, u r not alone. Why u r talking like that, am I not your maa? Asked rano with fake anger.

Maan is overwhelmed with her love n had tears in his eyes.

Maan beta mujhe aapki aur geet ki rishta se koi problem nahi hain. But ek condition told rano.

Maan looked at her curiously, rano smiled and told u should never feel alone maan, we all r there for u. u r my son. N i am always there for u.

Maan rested his head on her lap n told maa, u don’t know how happy I am today.

Rano caressed his hair, where as pari n geet are overjoyed seeing their bond.

Here is very happy for their relation, because she know that maan is a nice guy n can keep her daughter happy always. For a mother what else she need other than her daughtre’s happiness. She can she the glow in her eyes now a days, this is all because of maan. N she too liked maan, a very caring n loving person.

Here maan is very happy that his rano maa has no problem with their relation. She gave all the mother love which he missed from childhood. He is very luckiest person in the world, he is going to get married with his love, his life, his jaan. From past 6 months his life changed a lot. His maa, his sister cun saaliji pari n his life geet. They all became his life now. He too gonna have a family, which he can call as HIS.

Maan got up n rano too.

Rano cupped his face n told maan beta, u don’t know how happy I am today, meri geet ki zindagi mein khushiyan aane wali hain. Always keep her happy beta. She suffered a lot in her life. Because of me n pari.

Maa’ called geet.

Nahi geet, let me tell told rano.

Geet sighed n kept quiet.

Uski papa ki death ke baad geet akeli ho chuki thi. Humko pata bhi nahi hamari bubbly geet kaise change ho gayi hain, we asked her many times what is the matter but she never told us. But now again she is happy with u. I know that u will keep her happy but as a mother I want to tell beta. She is our life, we cant see her in pain. Gussa tho thoda zyada aata hain par dil se achi hain told rano with tears in her eyes.

Maan hugged rano n told maa, geet is my life. I cant even imagine in my dremas that my geet is hurt. Its my promise maa, mere hote hue geet ko kuch nahi hoga.

Rano is very happy to listen this n she called geet.

Geet beta called rano.

geet went to maa but maa told maan beta, i am happy for geet but sad for u beta?

maan n geet looked at her confusingly.

now this hitler ki saari tension tumari told rano and smiled.

geet made a gol-gappe face where as maa n maan hi-fied each other.

Rano smiled n hugged geet n told I am very happy beta. I want to see u always happy.

Geet too had tears in her eyes.

Geet (st): papa, aaj main bohot khush hu agar aap yaha hote tho kitna ache hote. I miss u papa.

They broke the hug n geet looked at maan shyly. Maan smiled at her.

di’ called pari n hugged her.

I am so happy di, wow aapki shaadi jald hi hone wali hain exclaimed pari excitedly.

Pari broke the hug n turned to maan.

Bhai, oopss sorry jiju told pari.

Maan smiled at her. Pari held maan’s hand n told I know bhai, u can keep my di always happy. From the day she met u, there is a change in her. Meri di ki khushi ke alawa mujhe kuch nahi chahiye.

Pari got emotional n maan hugged her n consoled her.

I want my family to be happy. I will do anything for that told maan.

Geet n rano smiled at them. They broke the hug.

Waise ab ek party tho banta hain told pari excitedly.

Ji saali ji jo aap kahe told maan teasingly.

Dekho di abi se jiju on my side told pari n maan winked at geet.

Geet shied n ran from there. All of them laughed at her.

Maan beta ab humko chalna chahiye. Main aaj hi panditji se baat karti hu  told rano.

Thanku maa told maan n took blessings from her.

Hamesha khush raho beta blessed rano.

Rano, pari n geet left from there. Maan kissed geet’s cheeks while going.

After some time they all reached home. Geet went to her room n closed the door.

Today her happiness have no bounds. She is feeling very lucky to have maan in her life. Suddenly her cell rang, she looked at the caller ID n blushed. Hmm its none other than maan.

Hello told geet.

Missing u already told maan.

Geet blushed n told just now came home n u r already missing me ?

Hmm kya kare meri mishty ki jaadu hi kuch aisa hain.

Acha ji..

Ha ji.. told maan.

Maan, thanku very much.

Geet, I have to thank u for coming into my life. For making my life happy.

Maan why u love me so much?

Don’t know. When u r in front of me, I don’t need any thing. Your smile, ypur pout, your anger they became a part of my life. Without u my life is incomplete.

I love u maan.

I love u too geet.

I am missing dad today told geet. Her voice chocked.

Maan know that she is in the verge of crying.

Geet, don’t be sad think once ur dad will not be in peace if u broke down like this. How can a father see his child sad. Bolo??

U know maan, when I talk with u I forget all my worries.

From now on wards no need to worry geet, tumari zindagi ki har kadam par tumari maan hoga. Har dukh mein aur har such main iss maan hain tumare saath.

Geet is overwhelmed with his love n care. She had tears in her eyes.

Tum ro rahi ho?? Asked maan.

Geet immediately wiped her tears n told nahi tho.

Hmm meri mishty ko jhoot bolna ata hi nahi.

Geet made a baby face.

Ahh dear don’t make those faces.

Geet is looking here n there.

Maan smiled n told no need for me to be there with u. I know what u will be doing right now. After all u r my mishty.

Geet blushed.

I love the color of ur cheeks told maan.

Maaan stop it now.

Ok ok.. going to office today?

Hmmm jaane ka mann nahi hain told geet n made a sad face.

Waise u r not going to dance school today? Asked geet.

Hmmm waise jyada kaam nahi hain.


Ek kaam kyun nahi karti asked maan.


I will complete my work n u come directly to our school. We will have lunch together n will go out. How is the idea?

Superb told geet excitedly.

Hmmm some one is so excited to meet me teased maan.

Aur nahi tho kya, only I have right to be with u told geet proudly.

Maan smiled n told sach.

Ok ok I have to get ready now, nahi tho mera boy friend ko gussa ayega.


Oh ya I forgot, wo kya hain na maanji mera boy friend ko gussa nahi ayega par I have one dream.

What is that would-be Mrs. Khuarana? Asked maan.

Geet blushed n told mujhe tho bohot gussa ata hain na but I want to see my boy friend angry once. How he look.


Haaa, aur aapko pata bhi nahi mera maan kitna handsome n hot hain.

Maan is shocked to see her boldness.

Geet if u r in front of me then I would have”’..

Chi chi maan, chup rahiye.

Arey maine kya kaha ?? smirked maan.

Kuch nahi maa is calling me, I have to go now told geet blushing furiously.

Arey geet suno tho’. Before maan complete geet cut the call n hid her face in her palms.

Maan smiled n kissed her pic.


Later maan got ready n went to dance school. But he is continously thinking of geet. He is not able to concentrate on any work.


Here geet is also in same condition. She is thinking of maan n the party his proposal.

Geet kissed the ring which maan gifted her n blushed.

Rano maa went to temple to talk about the engagement of maneet. Pari went to college.

When maan is thinking about his lady love just then a person entered his cabin.

Hello sir, how r u??

Maan came out of his thoughts n saw that person n his smile widened.

Hey dude, how r u??

Hmm well, I think I am fine. But dude the life is routine these days no dating from past one week.

Maan rolled his eyes n told yash sudar jaa, warna acha nahi hoga.

Yash hugged maan n told chill dude.

They broke the hug n yash asked arey yaar where r girls in ur dance school.


So that I can flirt told yash.

Shup up yaar, do u need anything?

Yaa ek coffee banta hain boss told yash.

Just then pari entered maan’s cabin all smiling.

Jijuuu shouted pari.

Maan turned to her n smiled.

Hey pari u here??

Yes jiju I wanna talk to u told pari.

Ok ok first u sit. Do u need water ?

Yes jiju.

When pari saw yash there her face became red with anger.

TUM?? Both shouted at a time.

Maan placed his finger in his ears n asked hey why u both are shouting?

Jiju, what this gadha doing here?

Gadha?? Asked maan.

Hey miss. Pagal retorted yash.

Pagal?? Now maan is confused.

Hey do u know each other ? asked maan.

NO n YES  they both shouted.

Waise jiju what is he doing here? He don’t have any manners how to talk to a girl.

N u don’t have any manners how to talk with a guy retorted yash.

They both are shouting n fighting with each other.

Maan is staring at them as if they are some aliens.


Precap: hahaha’ LOLLOL geet’s wish fulfilled’

             Guess what’s that wish’

             Maneet first date’

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