Destiny And Love part 1

27 Aug

After 2 years:


A girl is sleeping peacefully on her bed. The blanket has covered her face fully. Its 8 in the morning but she is sleeping still. Then her phone started ringing.

1st time phone rang.

No response.

2nd time.

No response.

3rd time.

No response.

That girl got irritated by continous ringing of phone. She unveiled the blanket from her face n stretched her arms. Her beautiful face mikly white skin, her hair is messed n a cute pout on her face for disturbing her sleep.

Who is this calling me in the early morning thought that girl.

Then the phone rang again. Without seeing the caller ID she picked the phone. In the life only 2 persons will call her one her boss n two her boss dadi.

Hello sir I am sleeping now. Plz call me after some time. Bye sir told that girl n cut the call.

To her surprise the phone rang again. She picked the phone n told

sir I told u na call me after sometime.

Beta I am dadi not ur boss.

Suddenly her eyes widened in shock.

Daadi I am so sorry I thought its ur grand son. What to do dadi ur grandson will give me so much work n I have to work late night.

Aww thats so bad.

Ha daadi. U know what??

kya beta.

Yesterday I had a dream.

What dream.

What to say dadi. Girls of my age will dream about her prince charming but in my dream ur grand son came n started scolding me for not doing my work properly. He even wont leave me in my dreams also.

Daadi burst out into laughter hearing this.

Daadi why u r laughing. U r also making fun of me na.

No no beta. The matter is my phone is on speaker n ur boss is listening to this n burst out laughing.

WHAT??? oh my god, I am so sorry sir. I didnt mean what I told. I am sorry sir told that girl making baby face.

I dont care about ur sorry. Come home now told her boss.

Now?? no I cant come now.


Sir I told u before only I have to sleep now. I am so tired with the work u gave yesterday.

I dont want to hear anything. U must be in home with in 30 min.

daadi.. plz help me na.

Nahi beta. Actually I called u to come home as soon as possible. Dont worry beta its nothing related to work.

Acha nothing related to work. Then I will come.

Daadi laughed n told come soon beta.

Ok daadi I will be there in 30 min.

daadi cut the call n smiled at her grandson. He rested his head on her lap n told daadi yeh bilkul paagal hain.

Ha beta, she is such a innocent girl.

See daadi she still calls me sir. It is so weird.

Dont worry maan beta, we dont know what happened to her in the past. You know how she was when we met her for the first time.

Ha daadi, I still remember our first meeting in the office.

Soo beta dont force her in any matter it is not good for her.

Jii daadi.

Beta I am very happy that u changed her completely with your love n moreover today ur sister n brother are coming from US completing their studies. They will be very happy seeing GEET. How can anyone say no to ur selection.

Daadi mujhe ek hi darr hain ki geet wont talk to new people, she will get tensed.

Dont worry about that maan, we are here for her n coming to new people, they both will be her family soon.

Yes daadi, we know about princess n… when maan was about to say something suddenly someone barged into the room.

Daadi n maan are surprised to see her so soon. Maan is still resting his head on daadi;s lap, seeing this geet frowned.

Sir get up told geet.

Why?? asked maan.

Without questioning u wont do anything na. By the way this is not office n I am not ur secretary.

Maan sighed n got up.

Tell me now.

Immediately geet sat beside daadi n rested her head on her lap.

Maan was surprised by her act n asked what is that??

she is my daadi n u disturbed my sleep, so let me sleep near daadi for sometime.

This is cheating told maan.

Nothing is cheating sir.

Geet dont call me sir.


for god’s sake I am your boy friend yaar.

Chi.. chup shied geet. Daadi see how he is teasing me.

Geet beta whats wrong what maan is saying is right.

U also daadi pouted geet n got up.

Daadi cupped her face n kissed her forehead.

Geet beta u r would be daughter in law of khurana parivaar, so after marriage u will call ur husband as sir. No na??

geet nodded in NO n told I will try.

Daadi n maan smiled n daadi told thats like my daughter.

Geet hugged daadi n told thanku daadi. Her voice chocked.

Daadi rubbed her back n told what is this geet? U r saying sorry to ur daadi. Hmmph.

Geet gave her sweet smile. Daadi got up n told geet beta I will send breakfast for u n maan. Ok??

ok.. daadi. Umm daadi.. wo.. wo..

I know I know u want maggi right??

u r the best daadi told geet n smiled widely.

Waise maan after breakfast u have to go to airport remember??

yes daadi.

Daadi smiled n left from there.

Geet looked at maan asked sir why airport??

maan gave her a glare. Geet gulped n told

ma.. maa.. maan sir why airport.

Maan sighed thinking she will never change n told my brother n sister r coming from US today.

A sudden panic started in geet.

Your brother n sister asked geet nervously.

Maan understood her fear n held her protectively by her shoulder n told geet dont be tensed. I am there here n daadi is there. See they will like u for sure. They both are very friendly n u too will like them. So get tensed assured maan.

Geet hugged him tight. Even though maan is there with her but she is not coming out of her fear.

Geet do u trust me?

More than my life told geet.

Then dont worry I am there for u always. Ok??

geet nodded n asked u will never leave me na?

Never in my life shona.

They both are in their arms for some time, had their breakfast talking with each other, all the random talks. Maan is happy seeing her smile.

Maan (st): what happened to her in the past. If I ask her then she will break down completely n I cant see her. I have to talk to someone who is related to her past. How??

maan came out of his thoughts when he heard geet calling him.

Sir sir where r u lost?

Huh!! nothing geet. U be with daadi I am going to airport now. Ok??

ok.. told geet sweetly.

Bye shona.. told maan n kissed her forehead n left to arport.


Maan left for airport n geet went downstairs n saw daadi cooking something.

Daadi what r u cooking? Asked geet.

Geet beta, today they both r coming n they like halwa so I am preparing it.

oh.. shall I help u?

Sure beta.

So geet started preparing halwa.


Meanwhile maan reached airport n parked his car. He is waiting for his sister n brother. Suddenly someone poked him from back. He turned back n smiled widely.

Hey bacha told maan n hugged her.

Hey bro. How r u?? miss u.. told his sister.

I am fine preeti. How r u?? where is vicky??

I am here bro told vicky n hugged him.

Ahh meeting u after 2 long years. Chalo daadi waiting for u told maan.

Hmm chalo waiting to meet my girl friend told vicky.

Shut up vicky told preeti.

Ok ok sorry told vicky n they all left from there.

After 30 min drive they reached KM.


Preeti n vicky ran inside as if they r participating in some running race n shouted daadii, girl friend.

Daadi who is in the hall reading magazine heard them n smiled widely.

Arey preeti n vicky beta.

They both came n hugged daadi n told we miss u daadi.

Miss u too beta told daadi.

They broke the hug n daadi kissed their foreheads.

Maan smiled at them n told daadi ko dekhke bhai ko bhool gaye.

Aww bro. Come come.

They 3 had a group hug n settled on the couch.

Daadi where is geet asked maan.

Geet who is she?? asked preeti n vicky at a time.

She is.. wo.. wo.. she is stammered maan.

Omg.. the great maan singh khurana is fumbling told preeti.

Kya baat hain bro asked vicky teasingly.

Geet beta come here called daadi.

Coming daadi.


Geet came there smiled at maan n daadi.

Geet beta she is preeti n he is vicky introduced daadi.

They both turned to geet n got the shock of their life.

Geet too turned to them n shocked to see them.


Precap: why geet-preeti-vicky r shocked?? Confused

               any guesses guys. LOL

               SLAP… who got the slap?? Shocked

                any guesses guys. LOL


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