Destiny and Love part 10

27 Aug


Tears rolled down her cheeks continously. She don’t want to face the situation. She ran out from the cabin crying. She went to her cabin n started crying her heart out.

Guru too had tears in his eyes when he saw geet in that condition.

Mr. guru I think now u r very happy to see my friend in pain right?? Ab samaj mein aya bro why I don’t like him to come here asked preeti angrily.

As I told before, I want geet to be happy. She has to face situation, I know she is very strong told maan.

Strong? Ha bro before she use to be strong but the day she lost all her hope, after what happened to her how can u say that she will be strong asked preeti.

Preeti calm down I will talk with geet, she will understand for sure told maan n left the cabin to meet geet.

Here when geet was going to her cabin all crying, sasha didn’t miss the scene she thought that maan must have scolded her n she is crying. Sasha smirked n thought oh poor gee tab kya hoga, badi attitude dikha rahi thi kal, pata chala ab MK ne kya kiya.

Poor sasha she don’t know the actual reason. (me smirking’ ).

Here maan came out of his cabin n went to geet’s cabin. He was so shocked to see geet’s condition, she sat in the corner of the room n was crying bitterly. Maan immediately rushed to her n made her face him.

Geet, shone plz don’t cry told maan cupping her face.

Geet looked at him, her eyes are red due to continous crying.

Maan hugged her tight noe able to see her condition. Geet too hugged him tight n hid her face in the crook of his neck. Maan is rubbing her back to calm down. After some time geet stopped crying n broke the hug n got up.

Maan too got up n cupped her face.

R u fine?

Geet just nodded n turned her face away.

Maan know that she is angry on him.

R u angry on me?

Geet smiled sadly n told u too didn’t believe me na, that’s why u called anna to know the whole truth.

Maan is shocked to listen this. He knows that she will angry on him for some time but what she is thinking is absolutely wrong. How can he not trust his life. But he want her to be happy with her family. He will do anything for that.

Geet u r getting me wrong, I have full trust on u. but I want u to meet ur family. That’s why I did this all.

No I don’t want to meet anyone. My family is only u. if u don’t want me then I will go somewhere else.

Now maan is angry n pinned her to the wall.

Kya kaha tumne, u will leave me ah?? Agar tumne dobara aisa kaha na tho mujhse bura koi nahi hoga.

Geet looked at him angrily. Immediately maan left her n literally hit his head for getting angry on her. But what can he do when she is talking like that.

I don’t want to meet my so called family who don’t have trust on me. Smajhe aap? I don’t want to meet them shouted geet n started crying. She is not able to bear the pain which caused her 2 years back. Again the whole past is now in front of her, making her weak, depressed.

Shona, once listen to me plz.

No I don’t want to listen to any one told geet n ran outside crying.

Just then dadi entered office. Dadi came to talk something to maan about Vicky. But she was shocked to see geet coming out of her cabin crying. When geet saw dadi she immediately ran to her n hugged n started crying bitterly.

Dadi too hugged her back, but the whole staff is shocked to see this. The gossiping section started.

Employee 1: does she knows that’ she is maan sir’s dadi.

E2: don’t know yaar, agar maan sir saw this na, he will be very angry.

E1: yes u r right? But even maan sir is in geet’s cabin don’t know what happened.

Here maan came out of her cabin n saw his staff is gossiping.

All of back to work, I don’t pay u for chit chatting. Go n complete ur work shouted maan.

All of them got scared n went back to their work.

Geet beta, what happened? Why u r crying? Asked dadi.

Dadi maa, I don’t want to stay here, plz take me from here told geet.

Dadi broke the hug n cupped her face n asked kya hua beta?

Geet told nothing.

Dadi, geet come to my cabin plz told maan.

Dadi nodded but geet didn’t tell anything n stood there rooted. She again don’t want to face her bro.

Geet beta come andar chalte hain told dadi.

Geet nodded in a no.

Geet beta aisa nahi kehte chaliye told dadi.

Maan, geet n dadi went to maan’s cabin. Dadi saw preeti, Vicky n some person there.

By seeing all their faces dadi sensed that there is something serious.

Dadi made geet sit on the couch n she sat beside her. All of them settled n guru hung his head low. He is not able to face his sister.

Maan beta, what’s the matter? Asked dadi.

Maan sighed n told dadi, he is guru my friend.

Guru smiled at dadi n took her blessings.

Hello beta wished dadi.

Namaste dadi wished guru too.

Dadi, he is geet’s brother told maan n stared at dadi.

First dadi is shocked but she smiled. Maan sighed in relief seeing her smile. But when he saw geet, her face is emotionless. Maan got scared seeing her.

Maan signaled dadi towards geet. When dadi saw her, she felt bad. She don’t know why she left her family, but she can imagine the condition of geet.

Geet beta called dadi.

Geet looked at her.

Beta don’t u want to meet your brother asked dadi.

Geet is very happy seeing her bro but when she remembered those incidents that happiness replaced into anger n pain.

She nodded in a no.

Dadi plz anju ko kuch mat kahiye galti tho mera tha, I understand her. She has every right to be angry on me n punish me told guru n tears rolled down his cheeks.

When dad was saying many things to her I didn’t stop I know that anju didn’t do anything. That thing I know now but at that time I too doubted her, chi I hate myself for doubting her. How my little princess suffered these 2 years. We were dying these years we searched her every where. Even she didn’t contact preeti, Vicky n not even akka. We were so tensed. Every second every minute I was repenting for what we did to my princess.

Sorry anju, adre nanna shamus (if possible plz pardon me). I know that I am not worth of it. Once talk with akka n dad they both are so worried about u. plz punish me in which way u want, plz once talk to me. I cant tolerate ur silence. I want to die’ before he complete the sentence geet shouted

Annna’ n looked at him horrified.

Guru looked at her with some glow in his eyes. He is hearinf after long time.

How much I hate u, but I want u to be happy. Even today also if anything happen to u I cant live told geet.

A small smile formed on guru’s n maan’s lips. How much she be angry but she can see any one hurt.

I know that u r angry on me still, plz anju once talk to me, I will do what ever u tell. Punish me in what ever way u want. I am ready for all told guru.

Geet looked at him n then maan n then dadi.

Dadi smiled at her n signaled to talk to him. Preeti n Vicky are watching them silently. They know geet will talk with him for sure. Because she loves her bro very much. She is everything for her. He is her father, mother, brother n even friend.

Again geet looked at maan angrily for not telling her about guru. Maan gulped, now he should work hard for manofying her.

When geet was about to say something, guru’s phone rang.

He smiled seeing the caller ID. He picked the call..

Hello.. told guru.

Hello guru, eeli iddiyo nenu, appa ga phone madidre ninu delhi ge hogi anta helara. Enaitu? Nodu illi varsha onde altiddala, ninna nodbekanta. (hello guru, where r u? dad told me that u went to delhi. What happened? Everything is fine na. see here varsha is crying not seeing u around) told sapna trying to control her daughter’s cry.

Guru kept the phone in speaker mode, geet is very happy to listen her sister.

Akka called geet.

When sapna heard geet’s voice she rooted at the spot. She couldn’t believe that her little sister is talking with her.

Anju whispered sapna.

Here maan, preeti, Vicky n dadi left maan’s cabin giving them some family time. After all they all will be emotional now.

Hega iddi ammi (how r u gudiya?). where r u anju ? Avella bidu, nenu elli iddi evaga. Nanu ninna kalibeku.(leave all those. Where r u now? I wanna meet u).

I am sorry akka, I know how worried u all are? But I want to be independent so I didn’t inform u my whereabouts.

Its ok anju, I wanna see my princess. Tell me where r u?

Akka I am in delhi now.

Delhi?? U r in delhi.

Yes akka.

Ok fine I am coming tomorrow morning.

They heard a baby crying.

Akka who is that ? asked geet.

My daughter varsha, anju told sapna.

Omg.. I became mausi. Wow wow.. gasped geet excitedly.

Sapna n guru had tears in their eyes seeing their princess happy.

We will meet tomorrow anju.

Akka bring varsha with u I wanna play with her.

Sure anju, I will inform appa too he will be very happy.

No akka, don’t tell anything to him.


Plz akka.

Ok as u wish told sapna n cut the call.

There is a pin drop silence in the cabin. Its very strange that there is shortage of words. They both are finding it strange. Even though geet is angry on him, but how can she cannot talk with her bro. so she decided to break the silence.

Here guru stood in silence. He want to take his sis in his embrace but he lost that right 2 years back. He want to beg her for forgiveness. He head is hung low in shame, guilt, pain n sadness. But his head shot up when he heard geet.

Anna can I hug u? asked geet.

That’s it the tears which are threatening to come out are now flowing freely. He extended his arms. Geet ran to him n hugged guru tight. Both are crying their heart out. These days both are in pain, but now they are in peace. No problem what punishment she will give him but now she is with him that’s important.

Now his sister, his princess is in his arms. He hugged her brotherly.

I am sorry anju’ told guru.

Geet broke the hug n made her face him.

But he is not in state he is continuously apologizing her.

I am sorry anju.

Anna plz, I am happy that u all know there is no mistake of mine. That’s all needed for me. But I cant forget those so easily.

I know anju what we did is wrong. But I am helpless anju, if I would have known about those calls n about before then I would have killed by then.

Yes I know about u that’s y I didn’t dare to inform u. but that was biggest mistake in my life told geet.

Don’t worry now, ab hum uss dev ko chodenge nahi told maan who is entering into the cabin.

Geet frowned and asked what do u mean?

Maan smirked n told u will get to know soon.

Geet looked at him angrily.

Where is preeti, Vicky n dadi? Asked geet.

Dadi went to KM, she told u both come for dinner. Preeti n Vicky they will be coming now. Guru baitho na told maan.

Guru n maan settled on the couch.

Geet too sat beside guru. Guru caressed her hair n kissed her forehead.

I am really sorry anju.

Anna plz, enough now.

Nahi anju u don’t know how much I was worried about u. I thought of calling u back once the problem is settled there but’

Call u back?? Means?? Asked geet.

Ha I only told akka that ur marriage should not happen with dev.


Because I know the truth, that u r innocent.

But how?? U n dad that day.

Maan who is listening the convo between them squeezed guru’s hand n signaled him no.

Arey anju leave it all. We will discuss about it later told guru n smiled at her.


Geet did u eat any question bank today? Asked maan n chuckled seeing her face.

Geet made a gol gappe face n asked kya kaha aapne main question bank.

One min yeh geet kaun hain asked guru.

Main hu told geet.

Tum tho anju ho na asked guru.

Ha anju thi but now she is geet told preeti who entered the room just then.


She don’t want to remember any of those old memories so she changed her name told preeti glaring at him.

Tum bhi tho old memory hain na tumko bhi change karna hain, humko thoda shanty milega told guru sarcastically.

Vicky smiled n hi-fied guru.

Preeti n geet looked at him angrily.

Tum na sudrega bhi nahi, hamesha mujhse jagda karna tumara shauq hain kya ? asked preeti.

Dekho maan, teri behen ko chup hone ke liye kaho, warna mujhse bura koi nahi hoga told guru.

Ha ha tumse baat karne ka shauq nahi hain muje told preeti angrily.

Tho jao yaha se mujhse kyun baat kar rahi ho asked guru.

Tum mere bhai ke office mein ake muje bahar jaane ke liye keh rahe ho ? how dare u?

Maan n geet got angry seeing their fight n shouted CHUP’

Instantly they both stopped their fighting n preeti left the cabin.

Yaar geet ne kaha kit um dono jagda kaete ho. But u both r worst than small kids told maan.

Teri behen na, oh god tumse jyada gussa hain usko told guru.

Maan smirked n told aakhir behen kiski hain.

Ha acha main abi ata hu told guru n went out.

Bro main ghar jar aha hu told Vicky n left from office.

Here outside guru is searching for preeti. Lastly he found her in office canteen drinking water.

Immediately he went n hugged her from back.


Precap: maan n guru manofying their lady love.


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