Destiny and Love part 11

27 Aug


Here outside guru is searching for preeti. Lastly he found her in office canteen drinking water.

Immediately he went n hugged her from back.

Preeti didn’t talk anything.

R u angry on me? Asked guru.

Preeti freed herself from his grip n looked at him angrily.

Guru cupped her face n told I am sorry preeti, I know that u r hell angry on me, u didn’t talk to me from 2 years. I know that I made a mistake.

Mistake?? Do u call it as a mistake ? I don’t think so retorted preeti angrily.

Guru is feeling so helpless, he know that geet is like her own sister. Even from college days preeti is protective over geet.

Preeti once listen to me.

What u will tell, that u did nothing n the situation made u behave like that right?

Nahi preeti, I know that I am wrong, but I don’t have any other option. I can explain u.

Sorry I don’t want to listen anything told preeti n was about to leave from there. But guru is fast enough n pulled her towards him. She collided on his chest.

Guru leave me told preeti.

But guru held her more tight. Here preeti is also having tough time being away from her love. She had tears in her eyes. Guru immediately wiped her tears n nodded in a no. preeti hugged him tight. Guru too hugged her.

In maan’s cabin:

Vicky too left from there. Now only maan n geet are left in the cabin. Geet glared at him angrily n was about to leave the room. But maan immediately got up n held her wrist n pulled towards him. She collided on his hard chest. Both lost their balance n landed on the couch, geet on top of maan. Maan held her wrist tight not letting her to go off. Here geet is struggling to free herself. She is not even looking at him. Maan knows that she is very hurt by his decision.

Geet once look at me told maan.

Geet didn’t even listen to him just struggling to get out of his grip.


Plz maan leave me told geet.

Naraaz ho??

Main kaun hu aapse naraaz hone wali told geet.

Geet I know that u r angry on me, but once listen to me.

Plz maan leave me told geet.

If he wont leave her now then she will be more angry. Maan immediately left her. Geet got up n stood on her feet.

Maan too got up n stood infront of her.

Maan cupped her face n told I am sorry shona. I did all this because of ur happiness. I want u to be happy geet. I cannot see u in pain.

Maan when u r with me then how can u think that I am not happy.

Geet I know that u r happy, but ek ladki ko apni family bhi zaroori hain. In future u should not miss your family. U should not feel low about urself that ur family didn’t trust u. I know that when u saw your brother all the past incidents bothered u. but I want u to face those things then only u can be happy. Tumari zindagi ki har pal mein I will be there for u geet. U r not at all alone.

Geet is completely lost in his love and concern. She is falling for him all over again. She kept staring at him lovingly with tears in her eyes which now rolled down her cheeks. Maan nodded in a no n wiped her tears.

Nahi geet, main tumari aankhon meri khushiyan dekhna chata hu, aansu nahi told maan.

Geet just nodded like a cute baby.

But why u didn’t tell me that anna is coming asked geet.

Maan sighed n thought yaar really earth is round kahi bhi jao, phir se shuru.

If I told u before then what will happen? U will not even listen to me.

Aisa nahi hain.

Acha? Asked maan.

Geet nodded in a no n told main nahi ati thi.

Hmm mujhe pata hain. Meri shona ke baare mein mujhse jyada kaun jaanta hain. Bolo?

Geet hugged maan tight, maan too reciprocated the hug. They both are in the same position for some time. Geet broke the hug n told maan, hum kahi baahar chalte hain.

Don’t u have to study ? asked maan.

Hmmm I have to told geet making sad face.

Tum ab pado, hum dinner ke liye chaltein hain told maan.

Really?? Asked geet excitedly.

Yes shona told maan.

Ok fine told geet.

As maan cancelled all the meetings for today, he helped geet in studies. Maan explained each n every point n geet listened to him carefully. Its almost hours n geet is getting bored.

Maan its enough for today told geet.

Geet only one topic is left in this chapter na, complete karo told maan.

Plz maan I will read it tomorrow told geet making puppy face. Now what will maan do seeing her puppy face.

Hmm thik hain tum baitho mujhe kuch kaam karna hain told maan n got up.

Geet nodded n sat there silently.

Here in the canteen, guru n preeti sat n guru told what happened that day. (u will get to know that later guys.. )

Preeti is shocked to listen this.

Omg’ itna sab kuch hogaya gasped preeti.

Ha’ I was indeed lucky that I went back to their house nahi tho pata nahi kya hojata told guru.

I am sorry guru, I don’t all these things. I thought u.. u’

Shh don’t be sorry preeti, there is no mistake of yours told guru n kissed her forehead.

He side hugged her n now they are in peace.

Chalo ek baar geet se baat karti hu told preeti.

Here in maan’s cabin:

Maan is doing his work and geet is getting bored. She is roaming here and there in his cabin, she don’t want to go out because of that sasha, she will ask something and hamari geet ko gussa ajayega.

Maan is seeing her from corner of her eyes n enjoying her different faces. Once making baby face, sad face, angry face, looking up and complaining to her god.

He chuckled inwardly but didn’t dare to look at her. Nahi tho he will loose his control. Finally our geet is very much bored n she called maan.

Maan called geet.

Hmmm replied maan engrossed in his laptop.

Maaan shouted geet a bit angrily.

Wait geet I am doing work, don’t disturb me told maan.

Geet looked up n complained dekha babaji aapne kaise harkate karta hain yeh. Ek tho main bore ho rahi hu upar se isko kaam ke alawa kuch sujhta hi nahi. Hmmphh. Geet made a sad baby face.

Suddenly she felt two strong arms around her waist. She smiled n maan placed his chin on her shoulder.

Hamesha kyun babaji ko disturb karti ho? Hmm ? asked maan.

Aapko hamesha kaam kaam kaam. Itna work kaise karte ho aap? Asked geet.

Hmmm kya kare meri secretary tho kuch kaam hi nahi karti. Tho saara kaam mujhe hi karna hain na told maan all innocently.

Geet made a gol gappe face n turned to his n encircled her hands around his neck n asked kya main kuch kaam nahi karti?

Maan nodded in an yes n told ha u don’t have time to give me names then when will u work.


Ha kal hi tho mujhe pata chala ki mera aur ek naam hain aur wo hain sadu.

Geet bit her tongue n smiled cheekily at him.

Geet held her ears n told sorry.

But maan turned his face other side.

Sorry na maan.

No reaction.

Hello Mr. maan singh khurana don’t show ur attitude to me. Maine ek baar sorry bol diya bas baar baar nahi bolungi told geet with full of attitude.

Maan looked at her shocked.

Wah ji wah mera dialogue mujh pe.

Ha I have full copy rights on u told geet.

Acha? Asked maan.

Then geet realized what she told n lowered her head in shy.

Ab chup kyun ho gayi. Tum tho bade attitude dikha rahi thi ab asked maan.

Wo.. wo..

Hmm bolo..

Ha kya galat kaha maine retorted geet.

Acha then mujhe bhi tum par full copy rights hain na? asked maan huskily.

Geet shied n hid her face in is chest.

Plzz maan, don’t tease me told geet.

Maan smiled n hugged her tight. He is feeling so happy and light today, his geet is happy then what else he want. He was scared by seeing geet in the morning when she saw guru, but now he is relieved. Now he has to see that dev guy who gave so much pain for his geet.

Geet broke the hug n told thanku maan.

Maan looked at her confused.

Geet understood his questioning look n told for calling anna here. I am so happy today.

Maan cupped her face n told tumari khushi se badkar mujhe aur kuch nahi chahiye.

Geet smiled n maan placed a kiss on her cheeks. Geet closed her eyes when maan was about to kiss her lips, they heard a knock on the door.

Maan made a irritating face n geet giggled seeing his face. Maan glared at her angrily but geet pulled his cheeks.

Maan looked at her weirdly. But geet told

U look so cute when u r angry.

Cute? Ewww

Geet went to open the door n saw guru n preeti.

She smiled teasingly at them n asked so hogaya patch up.

Preeti smiled shyly n guru twisted geet’s ear n told nautanki.

Geet smiled n hugged him.

They came inside n settled on the couch.

Bro, Vicky kaha gaya? Asked preeti.

Pata nahi, he told he is going home.

Home aur Vicky I don’t think so told geet.

Kyun ? asked maan.

Suddenly geet’s mobile rang. Geet took out her mobile n saw the caller ID.

Yeh Vicky ab kyun call kar raha hain? Thought geet aloud.

All of them looked at her.

Hello.. told geet.

Geet kaha ho tum? Asked Vicky.

Office main. Kyun?

Arey yaar bohot bada gadbad ho gaya told Vicky in a dramatic way.

Geet rolled her eyes but an idea pooped in her mind.

She immediately put the phone in the speaker mode.

Geet yaar u should only help me now told Vicky.

Preeti looked at geet n they both exchanged smiles.

Here maan n guru saw geet n her smile n was confused. Here his poor brother Vicky is asking her some help she is smiling.

When maan was about to tell something but geet kept finger on her lips n nodded in a no.

But geet n preeti slowly hi-fied each other.

Kya hua Vicky tum itne udas kyun ho? Asked geet all innocently.

Tum na thoda over acting band karo told Vicky.

Maine kya kiya asked geet trying to control her laugh.



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