Destiny and Love part 12

27 Aug


But geet n preeti slowly hi-fied each other.

Kya hua Vicky tum itne udas kyun ho? Asked geet all innocently.

Tum na thoda over acting band karo told Vicky.

Maine kya kiya asked geet trying to control her laugh.

Wo sab chodo, tum kaha ho? Asked Vicky.

Kaha na office main told geet.

Arey, office main kaha ho? Bro ke cabin main tho nahi na ? asked Vicky.

Maan is now curious for geet’s answer.

Arey Vicky tum pagal ho gaye ho kya? Main kyun tere bro ke cabin main hoti aur mere itni himmat ki main mere boss ke cabin se baat karti told geet.

Maan glared at her angrily and preeti n guru are trying very hard to control their laugh. Geet looked at maan making baby face. Maan just warned him with his eyes that I will see to u later.

Acha thank god.

Ab bolo kya hua? Asked geet.

Yaar geet, pari delhi aarahi hain told Vicky.

Pari? Thought preeti.

Pari ? wo kaun hain asked geet.

Abe tumko short term memory loss hain kya? Asked Vicky annoyingly.

Its time for maan to control his laugh. Geet glared at him.

Oyyy kya kaha tumne?

Chodo na sorry. Pari yaar banglore mein hamari classmate thi na? told Vicky.

Oh ha ha, tho kya hua? Asked geet.

Wo.. wo..

Arey bolo na? asked geet.

Wo kya hain na geet, jab main aur preeti London main masters kar rahe the wo bhi waha ayi thi. We became good friends n I proposed her n now we r in relation told Vicky.

Geet, maan, preeti, guru are shocked to listen this.

WHAT?? Shouted geet.

Shh shh chillao mat told Vicky.

Tum aur pari.. how? I just cant believe this Vicky. Omg.. omg.. gasped geet.

Vicky tum pehle office aao told maan.

Hey geet tum mimicry kab se karne lagi, u r taking same as bro laughed Vicky.

Vickyyy shouted maan.

Now Vicky is horrified.

b’ bro.. aap?

Ha main come to office immediately told maan sternly.

Immediately Vicky cut the call n his mobile slipped from his hand.

Omg.. omg.. maan bro, yeh geet bhi na mujhe ullu banayi. What should I do now, if I go to office main tho gaya. Bro will be very angry on me. Agar nahi gaya tho ghar mein dadimaa.. no no no its better to go to office. Chalo Vicky.

In maan’s cabin:

Maan yeh tumne kya kiya, main Vicky se baat kar rahi thin a. aapko beech main bolne ki kya jaroorat thi told geet.

Ha ha pata hain mujhe main bus control nahi kar raha tha.. by mistake I told it out told maan.

Mistake?? Mera saara plan karaab kar diya aapne? Told geet.

Ha bro, u spoiled our plan told preeti making sad face.

Plan?? What plan asked maan.

Main kyun aapko bolu told geet angrily.


Ha pata hain my name is geet.

Guru is shocked and surprised to see maan n anju oops geet like that. He best friend, angry young man told that he did a mistake. And his sister is acting all angry n shouting at him. Poor him abi tak samaj mein nahi aya maan n geet love each other. And he is would-be saala of maan.

Maan n geet glared at each other angrily.

Arey arey maan n geet calm down, itna gussa kyun asked guru.

Yeh teri behen ko bolo. Tum kitna shant ho aur yeh dekho miss. Banglore express retorted maan chuckled with his new found name for his geet.

Kya?? Banglore express ? main?

Even guru didn’t help but laugh seeing her face.

Anna u r also laughing, this is not fair. Brother’s don’t have right to laugh at their sister’s told geet and pouted.

Guru hugged her sideways n kissed her forehead.

See I am not laughing now told guru n this made geet smile.

Just then someone knocked the door.

Come in told maan.

Vicky entered his cabin n tension is written all over his face. Vicky glared at geet angrily but she made a baby face indicating him she did nothing.

Maan glared at him n settled on the couch. All are seated on the couch n Vicky is standing in front of them n his head hung low as if he did some mischief in class n taken to principal office.

Ab batao Vicky tum kya kehna chate ho? asked maan.

Bro.. wo.. wo.. stammered Vicky.

From when u have a habit of stammering? Asked maan.

Vicky became more nervous because till today his big bro was never this serious except in his studies.

Maan why u r scaring Vicky? Asked geet.

Maan stood up n went near Vicky n placed his hand on his shoulder n asked bolo Vicky kya baat hain?

Vicky looked at him. Maan smiled n told I am ur bro not a stranger.

Vicky got energy seeing his smile n told wo.. bro I love pari.


She is coming tomorrow to delhi told Vicky.

So isme problem kya hain asked maan.

Bro baat yeh hain ki main delhi aane se pehle usko promise kiya ki I will talk about our relation with u and dadi, but I was scared what will be ur reaction. So I couldn’t tell u both told Vicky.

See Vicky I don’t have any problem but I want u to be happy n settle in ur career. When she comes tomorrow bring her to KM I will talk with daadi about it.

Vicky is very very happy listening maan n hugged him n told thanku bro.

Maan too hugged n smiled at his little bro.

Maan broke the hug n asked so from when u r joining office?

Actually bro I didn’t tell u one thing? Told Vicky.

What is that? Asked maan.

Bro I am not interested in our family business told Vicky n looked at maan.

Continue I am listening told maan.

Actually wo.. wo.. stammered Vicky.

Geet got annoyed due to his stammering n told arey bol na tum TV serials se jyada suspence de rahe ho.

Vicky glared at her angrily n all of them didn’t help but smile at her comment.

Mujhe baad mein ghoorna ab bolo told geet.

Bro.. actually I gave exam for IPS told Vicky.

Maan is shocked to listen this but he happy that his brother is not irresponsible n taking his career a bit serious.

Really?? Gasped geet n preeti.

Guru is also very happy.

Wow.. wow.. Vicky tumne tho hame bola bhi nahi, ayyo mera friend ek IPS officer told geet all excited.

Really Vicky I am so happy with ur decision told preeti happily.

Both geet n preeti hugged him tight showing their happiness.

Vicky too smiled n hugged them. They broke the hug n smiled widely at him.

Maan too hugged Vicky n told all the best my dear bro.

Guru too did the same.

They all chit chatted for sometime. Geet, preeti n Vicky left to KM. n guru told he has some work with maan.

They all left from there leaving maan n guru.

Maan turned to guru n smiled at him.

Kya baat hain yaar. How is uncle n business kaisa chal raha hain? Asked maan.

Dad is fine n business too told guru n lost in his thoughts.

Guru r u fine asked maan.

Ha maan, thanku very much maan told guru.

Thanku? Why? Asked maan.

For taking care of my sister. I was so worried about her but I am happy seeing her. Indeed I am very happy that preeti n Vicky are there for geet told guru.

Actually preeti n Vicky ko bhi last week hi pata chala geet ke baare main told maan.

Means? They don’t know about geet then how come she is here? Asked guru.

Geet is working in KC as my secretary told maan.



Maan I am not understanding anything? Told guru.

1 and half year back geet joined here as my secretary, that’s how I know geet. When Vicky n preeti returned from London they saw geet n told him what happened after guru n preeti came.

Guru is shocked to listen this n tears welled up in his eyes seeing his baby sister suffered a lot in the past.

But mujhe ek aur baat kehna hain told maan seriously.

Kya baat hain maan asked guru worriedly.

Main geet ko office join hone se pehle hi jaanta hu told maan.

How?? Asked guru confusingly.

Geet ka accident hua tha told maan n closed his eyes in pain.

ACCIDENT ?? gasped guru.


Precap 1: guru worried’

            Geet meeting sapna..

Precap 2: geet serious’ Cry


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