Destiny and Love part 13

27 Aug


Main geet ko office join hone se pehle hi jaanta hu told maan.

How?? Asked guru confusingly.

Geet ka accident hua tha told maan n closed his eyes in pain.

ACCIDENT ?? gasped guru.

Ha geet ka accident hua tha? Told maan in pain.

Accident kab hua tha? Kuch serious tho nahi hain na? asked guru worriedly n tears are threatening to fall down his eyes.

Maan placed his hand on guru’s shoulder n told now she is ok but don’t know what will happen in the future.

Maan plz don’t talk in riddles tell me clearly what happened? Asked guru in furstation.

One day when I was going to meet my clients in their office in the afternoon’.


~~ flashback~~


Maan is going to his clients office as they have some problem coming to KC. Maan and sasha sat in the back seat n discussing about the project where as adi is in the front seat beside driver and checking the accounts file.

After half an hour journey they reached office n driver stopped the car.

Sir we reached office told driver.

Maan just nodded n got out of the car. When all the 3 are about to go inside they heard a girl’s scream. All the people on the road gathered there n saw a girl in a pool of blood.

Person 1: who is she? But bechari she was about to save that small girl n she herself met with an accident.

Person 2: I think no one came with her. We should call police.

Person 1: yes we should inform to police immediately.

But here maan saw the accident n saw that all the people gathered there but no one is helping that girl who is injured her head n she lost lot of blood.

Immediately maan n adi ran there n heard the conversation.

Will u help her or discussing about her shouted maan n went near that girl.

He saw her in a pool of blood n took that girl in his arms n shouted driver jaldi ghadi nikalo.

Ji sir told driver n immediately started the car. When maan was about to enter into the car sasha stopped him.

MK why u r taking risk police case ho sakta hain.

R u mad sasha here a person is dying and u r concered that police case might happen. Atleast out of humanity think about this girl told maan angrily and sat in the car.

Driver fast shouted maan.

Blood is bleeing heavily n he took out his hand kerchief n kept it on that girl’s head to stop the bleeding. He kept on patting her cheeks, she is maoning in pain.

Open ur eyes, hello miss open ur eyes.

But there is no response from her.

Immediately he took out his phone n called some one.

After like 15 min they reached hospital n already doctors and the nurses are readily waiting for them.

Maan placed her on the stretcher n doctors immediately took her to operation theatre n started treatment. They cannot delay the treatment or they have to face the wrat of MSK.

Maan is pacing here and there in front of the operation theatre, he us very much tensed n worried about that girl. Sasha and adi are confused to see MSK is tensed for a mere stranger.

One of the doctor came out n told Mr. khurana we should inform her family, she is sinking. She lost lot of blood.

What?? Look doctor nothing should happen to her, call the specialists n don’t care for money.

But sir..

I don’t want to listen anything shouted maan.

The doctor literally ran inside. Here maan is shocked by his own behavior.

Maan (st): nothing will happen to u, I am there for u. its my promise. U came into my life as a stranger. U don’t know me but I saw u for the first time in the orphanage a month back which is the memory of my mom n dad. I don’t know but I felt a strong feeling and I felt peace when u r around me. U never saw me but I use to come daily just to see u from far. U became my ajnabee. But today u r struggling for ur life. And I came to know that I cant live without u, without your smile, your sweet voice. Why this is happening to me. Why the people I love most leave me and go. Why this DESTINY is playing with my LOVE. Your simplicity, ur simple actions attracted me. I don’t when I fell for u and when I started loving u. u may think that how can a person love without knowing but it happened to me. Why why why this is happeneing to me. Plz don’t leave me atleast I will be happy that somewhere u r happy.

Suddenly dadi who came for a check up saw maan in the hospital n followed him. She saw maan pacing here n there.

Maan called dadi.

Maan turned back n saw dadi. She saw maan’s shirt is full of blood and panicked.

Maan what happened? Aap thik tho hain na? yeh khoon yeh sab kya hain maan? Asked dadi worriedly.

Maan held dadi by her shoulders and made her n he sat beside her and told dadi I am fine, mujhe kuch nahi hua. Darasal ek ladki ki accident hui so I bought her here.


Ha dadi near the office told maan.

Dadi sighed that her grand son is fine. But she immediately asked how is that girl?

Don’t know dadi, doctor came and told that she is sinking told maan all worried.

Maan aap chinta mat kijiye, she will be fine.

Maan looked at her n nodded.

Like after 2 hours or so doctors came out.

Maan rushed to them and asked doctor how is she?

Mr. khurana ab tho she is fine but..

But what doctor? Asked maan impatiently.

Relax Mr. khurana she is out of danger but there is a clot formed in her brain.


In future she may get a problem like head ache n she frequently suffer from cold (guys me not a medical student.. its just my imagination.. ). We cant operateher now. When the clot burst we have to do. That can happen any time. During that time we may loose her too told doctor n sighed.

Maan and dadi is shocked to listen this.

Doctor can we see her asked dadi.

Yes but don’t disturb her, she needs complete rest told doctor.

Maan and dadi went inside and looked at geet who is looking so pale.

Dadi caressed her face told kitni pyaari bachhi hain, nothing should happen to this girl. Maan did u get her phone. We should inform to her family beta, they will be tensed.

She is an orphan dadi, she is staying in our orphanage only told maan.

Dadi is shocked and surprised to listen this. She observed that from past one month her grand son is smiling a bit. But she don’t know the reason.

Beta how do u know? Asked dadi.

Maan came and hugged dadi tight n told I love her dadi, pata nahi kab se main use pyaar karne laga, her smile became a reason for me to live, par aaj aaj phir se.

Dadi had tears in her eyes n patted his back n told maan beta kuch nahi hoga isko. Hum hain na.

Maan broke the hug n composed humself and told dadi u r tired, u go I will talk to doctors and come.

Nahi beta its ok, when my grand son is in pain how can I relax told dadi.

Par dadi, u need rest told maan.

Hum thik hain beta assured dadi.

After that day geet gained conscious n she met maan n dadi. She thanked maan for saving her.

Thanku sir for saving me told geet.

Maan smiled a little and told its ok, now how r u feeling?

I am fine told geet.

Good, u take rest I will talk to doctor and come told maan and was about to go, geet called him.

Excuse me sir.

Maan turned back n asked ji??

I want to go to my home, I don’t want to stay here told geet.

Ji u r not fully recovered, so its not possible told maan sternly.

But.. wo.. wo.. stammered geet.

Do u have any problem? Asked maan.

Actually, I don’t have much money to pay the bill told geet hesitantly.

Maan (st): how dare she think of money? And what is she thinking of maan singh khurana? How can I let my love suffer due to money, but what should I tell her now. I cant tell her that I love her. Now what should I do?

Excuse me sir’ called geet seeing him lost in his thoughts.

Huh!! Told maan came out of his thoughts.

Sir I want to go told geet.

No need miss..

Geet.. geettanjali.

Ok miss. Geetanjali KC will bear ur hospital bill.

Kc? But how?

I think u forgot that u r staying in “maa orphanage” told maan.


Maan (st): she is such a question bank.

I am the owner of KC n the orphanage MAAN SINGH KHURANA.

Geet eyes widened in shock n told aap?? Aap??

Maan smiled inwardly at her reaction.

So no need to take tension u take rest n recover fully told maan sternly.

Geet frowned n uttered solpa nakkunta helidre enatittho, rakshasha (he might have told it normally na, itna serious hain, rakshas kahi ka).no no anju but he saved u.

What u told? Asked maan.

Umm.. um.. nothing.

Ok u take rest bye..


Now what?

Thanku sir for ur help told geet.

Maan just nodded n left from there.


~~flashback ends~~


Guru is very much shattered to listen this. He hugged maan n told thanku very much maan for saving my sister. Now how is she?? Nothing serious na?

As doctor told the blood clot is still there that’s why she frequently suffers from head ache. And dadi is also very much tensed n we told her many times to come and stay in KM but she never listens told maan.

Now I came back, nothing will happen to her. She is my little sister.

She is your sister guru but she is my life how can I live without my life told maan.

Guru is shocked to listen this. He he maan loves his baby sister.



Precap: geet meeting sapna’

             Geet serious and in hospital’


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