Destiny and Love part 14

27 Aug


Guru is very much shattered to listen this. He hugged maan n told thanku very much maan for saving my sister. Now how is she?? Nothing serious na?

As doctor told the blood clot is still there that’s why she frequently suffers from head ache. And dadi is also very much tensed n we told her many times to come and stay in KM but she never listens told maan.

Now I came back, nothing will happen to her. She is my little sister.

She is your sister guru but she is my life how can I live without my life told maan.

Guru is shocked to listen this. He he maan loves his baby sister.

Maan tum geet se’ asked guru.

Ha guru I love geet, more than my life. Because of geet I am able to smile once again, her innocence changed me. She brought back that maan who is dead years back. She came as a ray of hope in my life guru. I cant live without your sister man. I wont let anything happen to her. I will become shadow in each and every step of her life. Main apni jaan de dungi par geet ko kuch nahi hone dungi, yeh mera wada hain guru told maan looking into his eyes.

Guru folded his hands and told when her own family disowned her, u came into her life. Unknowingly you helped her many times in past. Being brother I didn’t believe her when I came to know the truth its very late. Chi I hate myself for not believing her.

Maan placed his hand on his shoulder and gave an understaning look, guru smiled weakly and told never leave my little sister alone. His voice choked.

Maan smiled and told never ever in my life. To lighten the situation maan told she is not that innocent too, jhagda karna koi tumari behen se sikhe. Har waqt dadimaa ko complaint and dadimaa will be her side.

Listening this guru smiled widely and told wo tho meri behen ki jadoo hain.

Maan too smiled and told sach.

They both hugged and guru told thanku maan.

Maan broke the hug and told now stop this thanku and all. You r tired chalo ghar chaltein hain.

Ok told guru nad they both left from there.

With all this happening two poor souls are very confused. They are none other than sasha and tasha.

Sasha, I mean ma’am what is happeneing from morning? Asked tasha.

I am not able to understand anything, that geet hugged dadimaa and cried. MK took them to his cabin and geet, preeti and Vicky left from office all happy. Uffo I don’t know what is happening. Now even Mk and that guy left, I should find soon told sasha.

But how ma’am that geet is on leave for one month told tasha.

Yes, MK doesn’t grant long leave for anyone then why this geet, there is something. Somehow we have to call her to office. I have a plan told sasha.

What plan ma’am asked tasha.

Wait and watch this time MK will hate her and he will surely fire her for sure told sasha and smirked.

Here guru and maan reached KM.

Arey beta you both came, guru beta go and freshen up told dadimaa.

Ji dadimaa told guru.

Nakul take guru to guest room told dadimaa.

Nakul took guru to guest room. Guru went to washroom and took shower.

In hall maan sat beside dadimaa.

Maan beta sab kuch thik hain na asked dadi.

Ha dadi, everything is fine. Geet talked with guru and she told that her sister is coming tomorrow, she is very happy dadimaa told maan nd smiled.

Bas humko geet ki khushi ke jyada aur kuch nahi chahiye told dadi.

Waise wo teen Bandar kaha hain? Asked maan.

Bandar? Asked dadi confusingly.

Ha aur kaun geet, preeti and Vicky. Unn teeno ne hamara jeena mushkil kar diya na uski nautanki se. huh!!! Told maan.

Maan’ if they listened this na then’

Kya hoga daadi, MSK ko koi bhi kuch nahi kar sakta told maan with attitude.

But suddenly they heard some one shout. Dadi and maan turned towards entrance and saw 3 bandar’s entered KM shouting and laughing crazily.

Maan winked at dadi and stood up.

Yeh kya horaha hain? Asked maan seriously.

Hearing him geet, preeti and Vicky became silent and looked at him.

Kuch nahi bro, bas aise hi told Vicky.

Where were u 3? U left office long back asked maan maintaining serious face and trying very hard to control his laugh seeing their scared faces, as if someone caught them when they are doing some mischief.

 Wo.. wo.. bro hum.. hum.. fumbled preeti.

I am waiting told maan.

We went to movie told 3 in unison.

Movie?? Geet don’t u hav exams next month then without studying u r roaming here and there? Asked maan seriously.

Geet (st): swamy, maan anku anna kante jaasti boitiddana. En helbeku naanu ivaga. Ammo anna kuda ille iddirtana nanu movie ge hogini anta gottaitnko nan kati aitu inna. (babaji, maan tho bro se jyada scold kar raha hain. Even bro is also here right? If he comes to know that I went to movie, meri khair nahi).

Answer me geet, what u r thinking? Asked maan.

No.. nothing maan told geet. Ha I told Vicky and preeti that I have to study but they forced me so with no other option I accompanied them to movie told geet.

Vicky and preeti looked at her unbelievably.

Geeet both shouted.

Geet made a pleading face n looked at them. Guru who saw all this burst into laughter. All of them looked at him. Maan and guru hi-fied each other and started laughing, even dadimaa too joined them.

These 3 are looking at them as if they are some aliens.

Why u are laughing? Asked geet.

Geet beta he is just pulling your leg told dadi.

All 3 made a gol-gappe face but they too smiled. But geet came to her sherni mode and asked maan u r pulling our leg. Eh?? Anna u also, I am your sweet little sister na, then how can u do this? u know brothers dont have right to tease their sister Asked geet making all innocent face and then sherni mode. 

Guru just hugged her and told main tho apna jijaji ke saath hu.

Geet broke the hug and looked at him confusingly and then blushed.


Ha I know everything told guru and smiled.

Geet don’t know how to face him and she is all red due to shy and ran from there. All of them smiled at her and maan thought pagal ladki.

Geet went to her maan’s room, she usually go there without anyone’s permission. She sat on the couch really happy. Today she met her brother and she is gonna meet her sister, her happiness have no bounds. She has tears in her eyes. All thanks to maan for making her life happy again. Khurana family is always with her. Nd now even her brother know about her relation with maan. She hid her face in between her palm just then maan entered his room and he knew that geet will be here. He saw geet is blushing and he smiled at her acts. Slowly he sat beside her and slid his hand round her waist and brought her close and side hugged her.

Geet looked at him with full love and smiled at him.

Kyun chali gayi thi tum waha se? asked maan teasingly.

Geet just nodded in a no.

Bolo na asked maan.

All are teasing me including u told geet with a pout.

Maan is like awww she look so cute in that pout. Maan couldn’t control and pulled her cheeks.

Geet made a baby angry face and looked away.

Oh god, this girl make me crazy thought maan.

Maan placed his fingers on her chin and made her to look at him and pecked her forehead. Immediately geet hugged him and told I am very happy maan today, thanku very much. It all happened because of u.

Maan too hugged her back and told geet I want your happiness and nothing more.

Geet smiled and maan tightened the hug.

Maan u know tomorrow akka is going to come, I am very excited to meet her told geet.

Acha.. when will she come? Asked maan.

Geet broke the hug and told don’t know didn’t ask her she said making sad face.

Maan moved aside and rested his head on her lap and told koi baat nahi, guru se poocho.

Ya ok.. told geet and kissed his forehead.

maan u look tired why don’t u rest for sometime told geet.

Hmmm told maan and hugged her stomach tight and slept peacefully.

Geet smiled and caressed his hair and she too slept.

After some time, preeti and Vicky knocked maan’s room door. But there is no response as maneet are sleeping peacefully.

They called them but no response and the door is also not locked. So they slightly opened the door and peeped in. they are surprised to see the sight infront of them.

They came in and smiled at both of them, they are looking so cute while sleeping. They both left the room don’t want to disturb them.



Maan: sapna how is geet?

Sapna had tears in her eyes and told operation karna padega.

Precap 2:

Guru, hamari anju’.

Sapna tell me what happened?

She is sinking, very less chances.


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