Destiny and Love part 15

27 Aug



They came in and smiled at both of them, they are looking so cute while sleeping. They both left the room don’t want to disturb them.

Arey where are maan and geet asked dadi.

They are sleeping dadi told preeti.

Sleeping at this time? Asked dadi worriedly.

Dadi don’t worry geet has a habit of sleeping at odd hours frankly sleeping if we allow her 24 hours she will sleep told guru.

All of them laughed at his comment.

Sach dadi she will sleep a lot, first time she fought with bhai for disturbing her sleep told and laughed preeti.

They all took advantage of their sleeping and cracking jokes on them. Poor maneet don’t know that their own sister, brother and dadi are cracking jokes on them. (jyothi thinking.. once they come to know what will be their punichment’ simple geet will ask for her fav chocolate’ )

After sometime maan got up and saw that his shona is sleeping peacefully, he smiled and got up.

Geet.. geet get up tried maan to wake her up.

But geet is geet, she didn’t even move slightly.

Uffo’ geet get up yaar..

No she didn’t get up but kept his hand under her cheek and murmured let me sleep maan, u will give me so much work and doesn’t allow me to sleep at night.

Maan is shocked to hear this and thought I will give work to you, wah ji wah. U r my secretary but I will wake u up in the morning and pick u up for office and telling me that I will give u work. Geet u r impossible.

Maan went near her ear and shouted GEEET.

Geet opened her eyes in horror and asked what happened? What happened?

Seeing her scared face maan burst out in laughter and laughing like a crazy holding his stomach.

Omg.. geet look at your face said maan in between his laugh.

Geet understood that maan played a trick to wake her up.

Maan u.. u.. wait I wont leave u told geet and started hitting his chest with her tiny fists.

Geet what r u doing? Ruko ruko tried maan to stop her.

But geet is nowhere to stop and maan held her wrist and pinned her to wall.

Kya kar rahi ho hmm?? Asked maan huskily and caressed her cheek with his thumb.

Geet looked at him and nodded in a no. she felt tickled when his breath fell on her lips. Suddenly geet fely dizzy and her vision blurred. She blinked several times to get the clear view, but she felt dizzy and clutched maan’s shirt tight. Maan looked at her face which is pale now. He got worried and asked geet r u fine? Kya hua?

Don’t know maan told geet and was about to fall but maan acted fast he took geet in his arms and placed her on the bed.

He took a glass of water and made geet drink water. He caressed her forehead and asked how r u feeling now?

Geet smiled a little and told I am ok now. By why I am getting head ache frequently.

Nothing, u r very tired yesterday and today you went to movie too na that’s why told maan. But he is breaking down from inside. Don’t know what will happen to her in next minute.

U take rest for some time I will come now told maan.

Geet nodded and closed her eyes. Maan kissed her forehead and left from there.

He went downstairs and saw all are talking and laughing. He went and sat beside dadimaa. Dadi smiled at him but he gave a weak smile.

Kya hua maan bete? Aapki tabiyat tho thik hain na asked dadima.

Preeti and Vicky tum log geet ke paas jao, see that if she needs anything told maan seriously.

She might be sleeping na, hum kya kare asked Vicky jovially.

Maan is loosing his patience and shouted tumne suna nahi maine kya kaha, jao yaha se.

Preeti and Vicky are shocked seeing him shout at them. They both just nodded and left from there without a word.

Kya hua maan? Why you r so tensed? Asked guru,

Maan closed his eyes and told geet is having head ache again and she felt dizzy sometime before.

Guru and dadi got tensed.

Maan beta I think we should talk to doctor now told dadi and fear of loosing geet is all written on her face.

Dadimaa geet thik hojayegi na asked maan.

Dadi looked at maan and maan hugged dadi. Dadimaa has tears in her eyes. Guru is in awe seeing them worried for his sister. He is happy for geet and sad that his sister is in this condition. Guru had tears in his eyes.

Geet ko kya hua? Asked both preeti and Vicky who listened their convo.

Maan broke the hug and looked at them. Preeti came down and asked bro, geet ko kya hua?

Preeti go from here I will tell u later told maan.

Preeti lost her patience and shouted maine poocha geet ko kya hua?

Plz bro tell us what happened? Asked Vicky.

Dadimaa told about geet’s accident and her clot in brain and her condition and why she suffers from frequent head ache.

This is too much for preeti and Vicky they both had tears in their eyes. Their friend, their would-be bhabhi is in this condition.

Geet don’t know about her condition? Asked Vicky.

Maan nodded in a no.

Geet ke saath hi aisa kyun ho raha hain bro? cried preeti.

Maan consoled preeti telling her that preeti nothing will happen to geet. I talked with doctor just an operation is needed then she will be fine. Don’t worry preeti main apni geet ko kuch nahi hone doonga.

Just then they heard maan’ door open and geet is coming down rubbing her eyes from back of her hands like a cute little baby.

Preeti and others wiped their tears. Geet came down and smiled at all.

How r u feeling now beta? Asked dadi.

Geet glared at maan and told I am fine dadi just a little head ache, ur grand son will take tension for small small things. I wonder how he became business tycoon told geet and chuckled.

Wo business ki baat hain beta, this is related to ur health. How can we neglect ur health bolo? Told dadi.

I am sorry dadi, I was just joking told geet making baby face.

Dadi smiled at geet and caressed her hair and told aap log baat kijiye, I will take some rest and left from there.

Geet tum nay eh office jaana band karo, I know bro will give u lot of work to do, that’s why u r becoming weak day by day told preeti to lighten the situation.

Ha preeti u r right, ur bro will give me loads of work told geet making sad face.

Man guru ur sister and my sister se bade dramebaaz maine kahi nahi dekha told maan even more dramatically.

Preeti and geet glared at him rest all laughed seeing their funny face.

They all talked for sometime and after that all had dinner pulling each other legs and laughing and enjoying theor time to the fullest.

Later geet and guru left from there. Geet slept peacefully feeling very very happy but maan, guru, preeti, Vicky and dadi are worried about geet’s health. They couldn’t sleep that night.



Next day morning:

Geet is still sleeping, at around 8’o clock she woke up and got ready to go to office. She came down and saw the breakfast is ready that too her fav idli with sambar.

Geet got excited and called guru.

Anna where r u?? called geet.

Suddenly someone came from behind and closed her eyes.

Who is it? asked geet.

She got no response. Geet touched her hands and immediately her smiled widened and shouted


Geet turned back and they both hugged each other.

I miss u akka’ told geet getting smotional.

How r u anju? Asked sapna.

Geet broke the hug and told I am fine akka with tears in her eyes. Sapna wiped her tears and nodded in a no.

I am sorry akka, that day I didn’t contact u told geet apolegitically.

Sapna made her sit and served her fav idli and sambar and fed her with her own hands.

Estu divsa aitu nanu ninga tinusi (kitne din hogaye main apni hatoon se tumko kilake) told sapna.

Ha akka told geet. Geet too fed sapna talking with each other.

Akka how is bava (jiju) asked geet.

He is fine dear answered sapna.

Just then guru came with 1 and half year varsha (sapna’s daughter) in his arms. Geet saw varsha and smiled at her and got up.

Akka she is varsha na asked geet.

Ha anju told sapna.

Geet took varsha in her arms and told hello baby nanau nim chikamma (I am ur chichi) told geet and kissed her cheeks.

Varsha looked at her and smiled.

Hello baby how r u? I am sorry ha I didn’t meet these many days. U will forgive ur chikamma (chichi) na asked geet making baby face to baby.

Just then maan, Vicky and preeti entered house to meet sapna. Guru saw them and welcomed them.

Sapna come here called guru.

Coming guru told sapna.

Sapna he maan my friend introduced guru.

Hello maan wished sapna.

Hi sapna wished maan too.

But preeti shouted sapna di and hugged her tight.

How r u di? I missed u so much and where is the baby? Asked preeti.

I am fine baba, ur friend is playing with baby told sapna and pointed towards geet. Preeti too joined geet. Maan, guru and Vicky saw baby with preeti and geet who became babies too. They all smiled at them. They talked for some time and maan left for office. Later that day sapna went to KM and talked with dadi. Sapna liked dadi so much and the way is talk is so lovable.

Sapna and geet talked with each other non-stop. All wondered that how much they talk with out any rest. Geet is telling her about her work, study, maan and dadi. Sapna is telling about varsha and her mischief and about guru and dad. They talked till late night and slept happily.

Next day morning was routine in the noon sapna and geet went for shopping to a mall near office. They both selected some suits and went to men’s section to buy something for guru and maan.

When geet is selecting shirts for maan she saw someone in the mirror and was shocked to see that person here. She started sweating heavily and she felt dizzy. Geet immediately went to sapna and told akka we will go from here.

But geet we didn’t finish the shopping told sapna.

Plz akka drop me in office and you do shop told geet.

Sapna got worried seeing geet’s tensed face and asked geet is everything alright?

Akka we will go from here plz told geet and dragged sapna out. They both got into the car and went to KC. Geet is in very much shock to see that person here and she held her head tightly.

Geet geet what happened? Asked sapna shaking her.

Akka my head is spinning, I want to meet maan immediately told geet.

Sapna got more worried and some how they went inside KC. Sapna made geet sit and she went to reception.

Excuse me can I meet maan asked sapna.

Sorry mam he is in meeting told pinky who didn’t see geet still.

I want to meet him immediately told sapna.

Before pinky answer maan came out from conference hall followed by sasha and adi. Sapna who saw maan called him.


Maan saw sapna and went to her and asked sapna u here? Everything is alright na? u look so tensed.

Wo.. wo.. geet..

Hearing geet’s name maan got worried and asked  what happened to geet.

Don’t know she told she want to meet u immediately.

Where is she? Asked maan but geet called him.

Maan.. called geet.

Maan saw her and rushed to her before he could say anything geet fainted in maan’s arms.



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