Destiny and Love part 16

27 Aug




Maan.. called geet.

Maan saw her and rushed to her before he could say anything geet fainted in maan’s arms.

Geet.. geet called maan but there is no response from her. Maan is so worried for geet. All the staff are seeing maan in awe, the person who don’t care for anyone then why geet? They are not worried for geet’s condition but they started gossiping. Here sasha is burning with jealousy and hatered for geet. But adi and pinky are worried for geet.

Immediately sapna came and checkd her pulse and got worried.

Maan we have to take to hospital told sapna.

The next second maan took geet in his arms and both of them rushed to car and sapna started driving the car. Maan sat in the back seat while geet’s head on maan’s lap. Maan continuously caressing her hair and asking her to open her eyes.

Geet.. geet open ur eyes. Plz geet once open ur eyes’ told maan and tears threathning to fall. He is breaking from inside to see geet’s condition. Here sapna is driving as fast as possible, she is also very much worried about her sister and on top of that her pulse is sinking, she needed immediate treatment.

Maan called the doctor and told about geet’s position.

Mr. khurana bring her to hospital immediately, I will arrange everything for her treatment told doctor.

Ok doctor we will be there in 15 min told maan and cut the call.

Meanwhile geet slowly opened her eyes and saw worried and tensed face of maan.

Maan’ called geet.

Maan looked at her and asked geet geet tum thik tho ho na? how r u feeling now?

Relax maan I am fine now, why u r tensed? And where r we going asked geet with great difficulty and her vision is little blur.

Geet you don’t talk anything, we r going to hospital told maan and kissed her forehead with some relief that atleast she is talking something.

Kyun maan I don’t want to go to doctor. Main aapko itni jaldi chodke jaane wali nahi hu told geet. But she got a light slap on either of her cheeks by maan and sapna.

When she heard what geet told she stopped the car and slapped lightly. Here maan too did the same.

Shut up geet don’t talk rubbish told maan angrily.

Sapna resumed her driving with tears in her eyes. Geet made a baby face and told aap dono ne mujhe tappad mara.

Ha if u talk any thing stupid then mujhse bura koi nahi hoga told maan.

Maan u didn’t tell me about my health problem, ur MSK and I am girl friend of MSK, and I know all. Yesterday when u were talking with Vicky and preeti I heard. Mujhe darr lag raha hain maan kahi main aap sab ko chodke tho nahi jaongi na asked geet with tears in her eyes.

Maan is shocked to hear this and nodded in a no and told nahi geet tumko kuch nahi hoga. I am there with u na. nahi shona close ur eyes nothing will happen to u.

No maan, jee bhar ke main tumko dekhu kabhi dekhungi..

Chup don’t talk anything told maan.

Geet smiled and told mujhe hospital nahi jaana.

Geet zid mat karo told maan.

Sapna stopped the car and maan picked geet and all 3 went to hospital. Doctor is already waiting for them. Maan and sapna rushed there and placed geet on the stretcher.

Mujhe darr lag raha hain akka told geet.

No geet be strong I am here na told sapna fighting back with her tears and smiled at her.

Doctors took her inside the emergency ward.

Excuse me doctor called sapna.

Doctor turned back and asked yes?

I am sapna vinay and I am cardiologist. Can I accompany u? asked sapna.

Sure mrs. Sapna told doctor.

Sapna meri geet ko kuch nahi hoga na asked maan.

Nahi maan hamari geet ko kuch nahi hoga assured sapna and went inside with heavy heart.

Maan sat on the chair near the emergency ward and was very much worried. He called guru and informed about geet.

Within 20 min all of them reached hospital and saw maan in tears.

Guru placed his hand on his shoulder and called maan.

Maan looked at him and hugged him tight. Guru too in the same position and hugged maan tight. Dadi, preeti and Vicky sat there with tears.

Preeti (st): why babaji why all this happening to my geet. When we thought that she is happy with bro but her health. Babaji meri friend ko kuch mat hone dena. Plz babaji. Maan bro cant leave without geet.

Just then sapna came out, all of them rushed to her.

Sapna how is my geet? Asked maan.

Wo.. wo.. stammered sapna.

Plz sapna tell something. How is she? Asked maan loosing his patience.

Her clot is bleeding maan, due ti stress and tension it started bleeding told sapna.

What should we do now? Asked guru.

Guru hamari geet ko operation karna hain told sapna.

Operation ke baad she will be fine na? asked guru.

But maan is numb not reacting anything because he knows what is her condition now. Clot is bleeding and operation that means only 50-50 conditions.

Nahi guru 50-50 chances after operation told sapna and hugged guru.

Guru is shocked to hear this and tears are continuously rolling down his cheeks.

He broke the hug and told plz sapna, hamari geet ko kuch mat honedena. Plz save her told guru with tears.

I wont let anything happen to our sister told sapna.

Guru once call ur jiju told sapna.

Guru dialed his number and gave to sapna.

Ha guru helo (ha guru bolo) told vinay (sapna’s husband).

Vinay called sapna, her voice chocked.

Sapna enaitu (sapna what happened?) asked vinay.

Vinay listen to me carefully told sapna and explained about geet’s condition.

Vinay is shocked to hear this and told I am coming now. I will catch the immediate flight to delhi but make sure that blood is ready because during operation we need it.

Ok vinay, mera, guru and geet ka blood group same hain. No problem told sapna and cut the call.

Sapna saw maan who stood there with tears in his eyes. She touched his shoulder and told don’t worry I wont let anything happen to YOUR geet. Meri jaan de dungi par geet ko kuch nahi hone dungi. Vinay is also coming, he is a specialist so no need to worry.

Maan looked at her and told I have trust in my love, I will fight for my love with her babaji.

Sapna and other smiled with tears seeing their love for each other.

And tell your sister that not to think anything. Wo chatter box kuch bhi bol deti hain told maan but the fear of loosing her is visible in his eyes.

U know u both are great actors always hiding ur pain inside u and acting all normal from outside told preeti to maan and ran outside running.

Maan and other except sapna understood why preeti said like that.

Sapna can see geet once asked maan.

Sure maan, but don’t disturb her told sapna.

Maan nodded and went in and saw geet lying on the bed attached with different pipes and a oxygen mask. Maan’s heart pierced seeing her like that. He went near her and caressed her face and kissed her forehead.

He sat near her and took her hand into his and thought our love story started in the hospital.. and closed his eyes thinking about her questios she asked during the time of discharge and he smiled to himself.

U were such a question bank geet, pata hain u use to talk only to me and dadi. Even in office also it took lot of time to talk to others.

~ geet’s discharge when she first met withan accident 2 years back~~


Precap: what u want gals?

              Geet’s operation or maneet’s love story..


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