Destiny and Love part 17

27 Aug


He sat near her and took her hand into his and thought our love story started in the hospital.. and closed his eyes thinking about her questios she asked during the time of discharge and he smiled to himself.

U were such a question bank geet, pata hain u use to talk only to me and dadi. Even in office also it took lot of time to talk to others.

~ geet’s discharge when she first met with an accident 2 years back~~

~~ flashback~~

Dadimaa entered geet’s ward followed by maan. Geet saw them and smiled.

Namaste madam wished geet.

Namaste beta.. wished dadimaa and kissed her forehead.

How r u feeling now geet? Asked maan.

I am fine sir answered geet.

Beta aap aaj ghar jaa sakte hain told dadi.

Geet got happy and told really ma’am, I am feeling happy I hate this hospital smell ma’am told geet.

Beta u can call me dadi told dadi.

Geet was overwhelmed with her love and told thanku dadi.

Beta hum aapse kuch kehna chate hain told dadi.

Ji dadi told geet.

Kuch nahi beta hum chate hain ki jab tak aap thik nahi hote, till that time u stay in our house dear told dadi.

Geet don’t know what to say, she don’t want to trouble others.

No dadi I am fine, I will stay in orphanage told geet.

Nahi beta hum nahi chate ki aapko koi takleef ho, isiliye hum keh rahe hain. Please beta, if u r not comfortable then u can’

Arey nahi nahi dadi aisa nahi hain,main tho bas.. geet is little hesitant.

Dadi cupped her cheek and told u r like my daughter beta, u can tell me anything.

No dadi nothing like that.. wo actually I applied for a company as a secretary, so I have to prepare for the interview and all. And I cant rest in peace and pakka I will disturb u told geet seriously as if it is a international problem.

Dadi and maan looked at her amused.

Dadi smiled and told koi baat nahi beta. We r here to help u.

Waise in which company u applied? Asked maan.

Khurana constructions sir told geet.

Dadi and maan are shocked as well as happy to hear this. Maan’s heart is jumping in joy. She is going to be his secretary. There is glow in his face. Dadi saw maan and smiled teasingly. Maan gve his charming smile. He is so happy that now she will be near him 24*7.

Acha beta suna hain KC ke boss bada sadu hain told dadi acting all innocent.

Acha dadi, sach mein aap use jaanti ho kya? Asked geet making her eyes big.

Here maan wants to take his dadi out for creating his image bad. Maan gave a angry look to dadi but dadi is dadi she even didn’t care and shrugged her shoulders.

Nahi beta, I don’t know him but I know about him told dadi.

Omg dadi, mujhe darr lag raha hain told geet making cry face.

Don’t worry beta, I think he will be nice with u told dadi.

Ok ok’ I will finish the formalities and will go home told maan cutting the topic then and there.

Geet and dadi nodded and maan left from there. After some time maan came in completing all the formalities for the discharge. Later maan, dadi and geet went to KM.

Geet is in awe seeing KM its not less than a palace. Geet is stood still seeing the beauty of KM. the decoration was so royal and at the same time its so beautiful.

Nakul take this luggage to guest room told dadi.

Ji dadimaa told nakul and took the luggage.

Maan showed geet her room and told to take rest.

Take rest geet, if u need anything ask nakul ok? Told maan.

Thanku sir told geet.

Geet u can call me maan told maan.

No sir I am comfortable like this only told geet.

Maan smiled lightly at her answer and told as u wish and take rest now.

Ok sir told geet. And maan left from there.

~~ flash back end~~

Maan came out of his thoughts when he felt someone’s hand on his shoulder. He saw guru there.

Maan come out they have to take geet to OT told guru.

Maan nodded and pecked geet’s forehead and told u have to come back for me, no other option is left.

Maan and guru came out of ICU.  Just then preeti came running there and looking tensed.

Maan saw her and asked what happened gudiya?

Bro.. wo.. wo.. stammered preeti.

Preeti what happened? Asked Vicky too.

But she is looking tensed and making others tensed too. But suddenly she broke into a bright.

Now u all don’t worry geet will be fine and she will come with a smile told preeti.

All looked at her confused but maan and Vicky smiled at her.

Don’t tell me, is it true? Asked maan smiling.

Yes yes bro he is here told preeti.

Maan and Vicky hugged preeti, they are so so happy.

Guys whats happening? Asked guru confused seeing them.

Guru, now I am sure geet ko kuch nahi hoga told maan.

Yes bro don’t worry, the famous world’s best neurologist is here told Vicky.

As a doctor sapna is eager to know and asked who? But she guessed and told don’t tell me Dr. VEER is here?

Maan, preeti and Vicky smiled at her. Dadimaa is too shocked to hear veer’s name.

Yes sapna di he is here told preeti.

But preeti its very hard to get his appoint told sapna sadly.

No problem he will be available told dadi.

Yes ma’am u r absolutely right came a voice from behind.

All of them turned back to see the owner of that voice. Sapna is too shocked to see him.

Dr. VEER aap yaha? Asked sapna.

I am here for an operation told veer.

Preeti and Vicky ran to him and hugged him. Veer too hugged him back. Poor sapna is confused to see him hugging them and guru too.

They broke the hug and veer came to maan and told don’t worry she will be fine.

Maan hugged him and nodded.

Veer beta called dadi.

Veer broke the hug and took blessings from dadi and told missed u dadi.

Dadi kissed his forehead.

Don’t worry dadi main meri enemy ko kuch nahi hone dunga told veer.

Bro’. called maan.

Ok ok sorry told veer.

Sapna he is my brother Dr. VEER SINGH KHURANA introduced maan.

Sapna smiled and wished him Hello doctor.

Hello doctor wished veer too.

Just them other doctor’s brought geet on stretcher and taking her to OT. By that time geet is conscious and looked at all and smiled weakly. Others too smiled at her. But seeing one person her smile vanished.

He came near geet and asked how r u my dear enemy?

Geet made a angry face at him and told don’t talk to me.

Maan and dadi rolled their eyes seeing their nautanki.

Awww why so? Asked veer.

Because’ I told don’t talk to me told geet angrily but she had tears in her eyes.

Veer wiped her tears and told u know what I brought a chocolate for u.

I don’t want told geet.

Veer kissed her forehead and told don’t worry operation ke baad u will take.

Veer bhaiya I missed u told geet and she got up little to hug him. Veer bent and hugged her.

Missed u too geet, dekho sab log kitne pareshan hain tumare liye. But I am not worried u will be back soon for me right? Asked veer.

Right.. told geet.

Doctor take her to OT I will be in 10 min told veer.

Here sapna is in awe seeing geet and veer’s relation. The world’s best doctor is talking with her sister and she calls him as bhaiya.

Maan is the blood ready? Asked veer.

Sapna and guru has same blood group bro told maan.

Ok fine, Dr. sapna and Mr. guru please come with me told veer.

Sure doctor told both in unison.

Three of them left from there. For the first time in his life maan decided to go to dargah. Vicky and preeti too accompanied him.



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