Destiny and Love part 18

27 Aug


Maan, preeti and Vicky went to dargah to pary for their geet. In the hospital veer took geet to the operation theatre and gave anesticia to her.

Here maan tied hankerchief over his head and entered into the dargah. He folded his hands and prayed to babaji.

Babaji aaj tak maine aapko kuch nahi poocha, u gave me all without asking anything but today I am asking u something. Babaji u have save my geet, I cannot live without her babaji, she is mu soul. Aaj meri jaan katre main hain aur main kuch nahi kar sakta kyun ki wo aapki haath main hain. Meri zindagi mein roshni banke ayi hain meri geet. I was living my life for the sake of my family par aaj main apni zindagi bita raha hu, mujhe bhi khushiyan mili hain meri zindagi main wo sirf aur sirf geet ki wajah se. agar geet nahi tho maan nahi. Apni bachi ka raksha karna babaji, mujhe geet ke alawa aur kuch bhi nahi chahiye. Plz babaji geet ki operation successful hona chahiye prayed maan and opened his eyes.

Suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder and he turned back to see geet smiling infront of him with a smiling face.

Maan is shocked and surprised to see her and asked geet what r u doing here?

Geet smiled and told when u r here where will I be?

Maan looked at her lovingly and was about to caress her face geet vanished. Maan looked here and there but there is no geet. He run his hand in his hair thinking that its just a dream.

Maan, preeti and Vicky sat there for sometime praying for their geet and decided to go to the hospital.

They took Prasad for geet and left from there. Maan sat in the passenger seat and on the driver seat and preeti in the back. All are very tensed about geet and the drive was silent.

Here veer started the operation and sapna and guru are giving blood. The great doctor veer singh khurana is tensed for the first time. He did many operations and was successful but today he is doing the operation of his family. His sister, his brothers life geet. Eventhough he is tensed but his determination to save geet is important and he started the operation with the help of vinay (sapna’s husband) who came there just now.

Here maan is very much worried about geet, he closed his eyes not to show his feelings but how can Vicky and preeti cannot understand him preeti decided to divert his mind so she broke the silence.

Bro can I ask u something? Asked preeti.

Hmmm’ replied maan.

U should not lie ok? Asked preeti.

Bolo princess told maan.

Bro geet hamari company kaam karti hain na? par as far as i know her usko interview dene se bohot darr lagta hain. Then how did she manage to be a secretary of MSK asked preeti.

Hearing her question maan smiled a little and looked at preeti and he remembered the hungama she created infront of dadimaa before going to interview. Seeing his smile preeti sighed in relief.

Tell bro asked Vicky.

Don’t ask me yaar, she was literally shaking on the day of interview. Par dadimaa somehow controlled her told maan.

~~ flash back ~~

Its been a week geet came to KM. first she was little hesitant to talk to them. In hospital she knows that they are rich people but after coming to KM she came to know that maan is the MD of huge business empire. But maan and dadimaa never let her feel like that and they took care of her. Mostly dadimaa use to be with her because maan will always busy with his business meetings and all. Geet is all fine now and she started helping dadimaa in her works. It’s a day before the interview and geet is so much tensed and was shaking with fear thinking how to face the interview. Here dadimaa and maan are discussing something about business deal in dadimaa’s room and geet knocked the door.

Come in told dadimaa.

Geet came in and saw them and smiled nervously. Maan and dadi too smiled at her.

Geet beta come sit told dadi.

Geet went and sat beside her silently without talking anything.

Dadi saw her nervous face and asked her what happened?

Without thinking anything geet told dadimaa mujhe interview ke liye nahi jaana.

Till now maan who was reading file after hearing to geet his head shot up and looked at her horrified. Dadi saw maan’s face and was trying really hard to control her laugh.

Why geet? What happened? Asked maan innocently.

Ammo sir I cant face interview. Mujhe bohot darr lag raha hain. Aur dadimaa told that KC ka boss tho bohot sadu type hain told geet.

Maan looked at dadimaa accusingly for which dadi made a baby face. He signaled dadi to do something. Dadimaa looked at him in awe he is really acting like a 2 year old kid who wants something desperately.

Geet beta don’t be tensed. Nothing will happen anytime u face to face this situation na told dadi tried to convince her.

Mujhe bohot darr lag raha hain dadi. Main class mein bhi seminar nahi diya, I use to do the whole project and give the seminar part to my friends told geet making a baby face.

Maan smiled at her talk.

Geet what did u study? Asked maan.

B.ARCH told geet.

Then why u r applying for a secretary post? Asked maan.

Wo.. wo.. I didn’t complete my last sem sir told geet.

Oh.. but in last sem u have only 1 subject and u have to do internship in any company na? asked maan.

Yes sir but I left my college and place and came here, now I cant go there so I cant get the permission letter from college told geet.

No problem geet, dekho beta u should have confidence in urself. Just be confident and answer whatever u know. Don’t this that its right or wrong but ur answer should be must and the company which u applied is a top most company then how can u miss that chance beta told dadi.

Geet listened to dadi seriously and started thinking. Dadimaa and maan sighed in relief seeing her calm but her next words came like a bomb to them.

Ok dadi I am not sure about going there, but I will try told geet.

Thik hain beta told dadi with sad face.

Oops sorry dadi I think I have disturbed u both. U carry on dadi I will talk to u later told geet and left from there.

Maan confirmed that geet left from there and looked at dadimaa angrily.

Dadimaa yeh aapne kya kiya? Asked maan.

Maine kya kiya maan? Asked dadi innocently.

Mere baare mein itne ache ache bateein bolne ki kya zaroorat thi asked maan sarcastically.

Main tho bas aise hi keh diya told dadi.

I don’t know dadi, kal geet interview ke liye nahi aya na’

Tho kya karenge aap? Asked dadi.

Nothing dadi, I am worried about her health. Pata nahi kab kya hoga told a worried maan.

Maan I am shocked and happy that u love geet. But how it became possible to u asked dadi.

Don’t know dadi, first time I saw her in our orphanage. U know dadi she sings very well and all the children like her very much there. Mujhe nahi pata ki I started visiting our orphanage daily because of geet told maan and turned at dadi who has tears in her eyes.

Ohh dadi’

Nahi maan, I am very happy for u. after a long time u r very happy. Be like this beta told dadi and kissed his forehead.

Maan hugged dadimaa. After that maan went to his study to continue his work. There was some mistakes in the file and maan called adi. Adi picked the call and told hello’

Adi what is this? There are mistakes in the file didn’t u check it before shouted maan.

To his luck geet is passing by heard his shout and got scared and thought.

Itna sweet maan sir ko gussa aaraha hain tab uss kadoos boss ka kya hoga? Geet himmat rak don’t worry kuch nahi hoga. U do ur work well. Dadimaa told na have confidence thought geet and left from there.


Precap: oops geet came to know the MD of KC’ Embarrassed



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