Destiny and Love part 19

27 Aug


Maan hugged dadimaa. After that maan went to his study to continue his work. There was some mistakes in the file and maan called adi. Adi picked the call and told hello’

Adi what is this? There are mistakes in the file didn’t u check it before shouted maan.

To his luck geet is passing by heard his shout and got scared and thought.

Itna sweet maan sir ko gussa aaraha hain tab uss kadoos boss ka kya hoga? Geet himmat rak don’t worry kuch nahi hoga. U do ur work well. Dadimaa told na have confidence thought geet and left from there.

Geet went to her room and laid on the bed and thinking about her life from the day she came to delhi. She suffered a lot these 2 months and now accident. Khush ki baat yeh hain ki maan and dadimaa helped her nahi tho she might have been dead till now. Her thought went the days when she lived with her family happily. But one day all those happy moments came to an end. Dev that name angered her, and when she thought of maan a smile crept on her lips. She rememberd their convo in the hospital when he told that KC will bear her bill as he is the MD there. Then she got up in a jerk.

She remembered his words “Ok miss. Geetanjali KC will bear ur hospital bill. I am the owner of KC n the orphanage MAAN SINGH KHURANA”


Her eyes widened in shock.

Omg’ maan sir is owner of KC and I have applied for the secretary post in KC. That’s means I get that job then maan sir will be my boss. Being such a big business tycoon he saved me and allowed me to stay in his house. That mere thought brought tears in her eyes. She didn’t understand anything.

When I told that I applied in KC then why didn’t dadimaa or maan sir tell me. I been long I am staying here now I cant here any longer. I will talk to maan sir tomorrow morning now he is busy in his work I should not disturb him.

Thinking all this geet slept on the bed in a sitting position and she forgot to close her door. After some time maan completed his work and was going to his room passing through geet’s room. He stopped near her room and looked at her who is sleeping uncomfortably. He went inside her room and made her sleep properly and covered her with duvet, smiled at her and left from there.

That day all of them had a peaceful sleep and maan is dreaming about his geet.


Next day morning:


Due to some important meeting maan left KM early and geet got ready for interview. Even though she is nervous but didn’t show that outside. Because this job is important for her. This today she stayed in orphanage and then now in KM. dadi and maan helped her in all ways now she cant be burden to anyone. She should stand on her feet and doesn’t depend on others. As she is fine now she have to search for house and she should start a new life. With that determination she climed down and saw that dadi is waiting for her.

Good morning dadi wished geet.

Dadi smiled at her and wished back good morning beta. Even now u r feeling nervous? Asked dadi with concen.

No dadi I am fine now. I need this job dadi so at any cost I will try to be strong told geet.

Dadi smiled at her confidence and wished her all the best.

They both had breakfast and geet had taken her certificates and started to her destination. She took the cab and within 30min she reached KC.

She got down of the cab, paid him and looked at the office building. She went to her dad’s office many times so she is not surprised to see the big building. She sighed and went inside. She then saw pinky munching her chips and talking on phone. Geet went near reception and called pinky.

Excuse me.. called geet.

Pinky saw geet and cut the call and asked yes how can I help u?

I am here for the interview of secretary post told geet looking nervous.

Pinky saw and though oh who is this girl without meeting DD only she is so much tensed then after meeting him what will happen?

She then smiled at geet and told go to 10th floor, adi sir and sasha ma’am are taking interviews.

Thanku.. told geet and was about to go from there pinky called her.

Don’t be tensed and uss sasha ma’am ke saamne tho bilkul nahi. Ok? Asked pinky politely.

Geet smiled genuinely at her and told thanku.

Geet left from there and went to 10th floor. But this all didn’t miss by maan. Seeing geet’s reaction he smiled a little and sasha who just came there is shocked to see his smile.

Sasha (st): what a miracle, I am seeing MK smile. Its really a 8th wonder.

She came out of her thoughts with maan’s voice.

Sasha, u and adi go and take the interviews. Ok? Told maan sternly.

Yes MK.. told sasha and left from there.

Here maan went to his cabin and started doing his work. In the morning when sasha told that the file which they have to be completed by today is not completed maan was angry and he blasted in sasha and adi for their carelessness. He was really in a very bad mood and when he saw geet and her small convo with pinky, a smile formed on his lips. Seeing that sasha was confused. Poor soul.

Here geet reached 10th floor and was waiting outside. After some time adi and sasha started interviewing the candidates.

Finally its geet’s turn and she went inside and wished adi and sasha.

Good morning sir, good morning ma’am.

Adi smiled and told her to sit, while asusual sasha gave a plastic smile.

Geet sat there nervously and praying to her babaji. Sasha saw her nervous face and smirked.

So miss. Geetanjali what is your qualification? Asked sasha in stren voice making her more tense.

Somehow geet answered but adi sensed her nervousness and asked her the questions calmly.

Geet answered all the question confidently as she remembered the words of dadimaa.

Adi was impressed by her and told her to wait outside.

Sasha I think we should select miss. Geetanjali told adi.

Sasha just smirked and told ok.

But in her mind she thought: she is such a darpok, she will be out of this job in just 2 minutes.


Later adi went to maan’s cabin where as here maan is waiting for adi desperately as he want to know whom they selected.


Adi knocked maan’s cabin door.

Come in told maan looking into file (acting guys’. LOLWink)

Adi entered into the cabin and called him.


Maan looked up and saw adia and told him to take seat.

Sir the interview is completed and we have selected a girl, this is her resume and certificates sir told adi and gave maan those files.

Maan took them and opened the file, when he saw geet’s name his heart jumped in joy but composed himself and maintained a stern face and told ok.. send her in.

Sir’ I think she is the same girl who met with an accident? Asked adi doubtedly.

Maan saw him and nodded in an yes.


But here sasha is thinking that she has seen geet somewhere but she is able to remember where she saw.


Here in maan’s cabin, adi saw maan suspiciously, maan saw that and asked what happened adi?

Ahh kuch nahi told adi but he asked r u sure that u r not hiding anything from me asked adi glaring at maan.

Maan looked at him and told main.. why I will hide anything from u and smiled nervously.

Ok thik hain, I will talk to dadi in the evening told adi and patted his back mentally.

Maan glared at him and told abe wo gadha tumko har waqt dadimaa se baat karne ka itna shauq hain kya scoled maan.

Adi gave his signature laugh and told sir can I go now?

Office mein friends hona ek disadvantage hain, ok send her in told maan.

I think u r very eager to meet her teased adi.

Maan glared at him and adi left from there immediately.

Miss. Geet sir is calling u in told adi.

Geet asked adi: am I selected sir?

Oh ya I forgot to tell u, congrats geet u r selected. So sir wants to meet u told adi.

Geet smiled widely and told thanku so much sir.

Adi smiled at her.

Ok miss. Geet I have some work. Excuse me.. told adi.

Geet nodded and headed towards maan’s cabin.

Geet knocked maan’s cabin. Here maan faced his back to her and told her to come in.

Geet entered into his cabin and wished him good morning sir.

Good morning, take ur seat told maan.

Geet sat on the chair. There was a silence in the room no one dared to talk.

Finally maan turned around and saw geet with tears. He got worried and got up and asked geet r u alright?

Geet smiled with tears and told I am fine sir. I am very much thankuful to u sir for saving my life and now this job. Aap itne ache kyun ho sir. Aap itne bade business tycoon hokar bhi u r so simple and helped me.

Maan went near her and told nahi geet, don’t say anything. Main bhi ek insaan hu and I understand the problems. This job I didn’t give you, u got on ur own talent.

Geet smiled at him and maan too. Maan went back to his seat and told so miss. Geetanjali u can join from tomorrow and sign these contract papers for 2 years told maan with attitude.

Geet looked at him with shock and told ye.. yes sir.

Geet signed those papers and gave it to him.

Maan too signed on those papers.

Ok sir I will join from tomorrow. Can I leave now? Asked geet.

Ya sure.. told maan.

When geet was about to go she turned back and told sir I am searching for a house so I will be late.

House?? But why? Asked maan not liking the idea.

Sir u helped me these many days and now I don’t want to depend on others. And staying boss house will not look good, I don’t want people talk bad about u when they come to know told geet and left from there leaving a shocked maan behind.




Maan stopped and smiled, where as preeti and Vicky are looking at him. Maan looked at them and asked what happened?

Bro really, u r there with geet in every success of her. She is very lucky bro, having a family and friends geet stayed in orphanage and she stayed alone in a house. I will never forgive guru for this told preeti.

Maan caressed her hair and told but I couldn’t save my geet.

Don’t say like that bro hamati geet will be safe and she will again fight with all of us told Vicky.And all of them smiled at his comment.


Here in the hospital:


The operation is completed, sapna and guru are shifted to ward as they needed rest. Veer came out and just then maan, preeti and Vicky too reached hospital.

Maan rushed to him and asked bro how is my geet?

Veer looked at him seriously and told”..



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