Destiny And Love part 2

27 Aug

Geet came there smiled at maan n daadi.

Geet beta she is preeti n he is vicky introduced daadi.

They both turned to geet n got the shock of their life.

Geet too turned to them n shocked to see them.

All the three are shocked to see each other.

ANJU gasped preeti n vicky.

Geet started panicking.

Maan n daadi saw the change in their expressions but dont know what happened to them all of a sudden.

Preeti, vicky kya hua? Asked maan.

Preeti turned to maan n anger is visible in her eyes.

Preeti r u fine? Asked maan worriedly.

Preeti didnt answer anything n moved towards geet. Geet started stepping back.

Preeti reached her n gave her a tight slap.

All are hell shocked to see this. Vicky knows the reason but maan n daadi are hell shocked.

Preeti what r u doing?? asked maan angrily.


Preeti turned to vicky n hugged him. Vicky too hugged her n told


Preeti, bacha stop it. See her condition how she is crying crying told vicky. Maan reached geet n held her tightly. Geet hugged maan n started crying bitterly.

Preeti too had tears in her eyes n broke the hug n told let her cry, does she know how tensed we were. When her sister called us we waited more than 1 hour in the railway station. We waited for her call. Usko banglore ke alawa koi jagah bhi nahi pata. She should know how tensed we both r, we searched for her like a crazy people.

Here geet broke the hug n sat on her knees n crying bitterly.

Tumko pata hain na vicky how she was in banglore. She is a princess for her bro n father. We saw her life in banglore, before she ask anything her bro n father will give her anything. How can we be cool when she left the house without knowing the outside world. Kyun anju kyun kiya aisa tumne tumko pata bhi hain hum dono kitne darr gaye the tumare baare mein sochkar. That ba****d cheated u n ur sister helped u, when she told u to contact us what u did??

she went near maan n told bhai 2 years back aapko pata hain hum dono pareshan the iski wajah se bhai aur humne ne kaha tha ki our friend is coming to stay here. Isne tho delhi aane ke baad ek phone tak nahi kiya. Main tho iske baare mein soch soch ke pagal ho gayi hu. Kahi isko kuch hua?? she didnt even care to contact us aur kehte hain ki we both r her best friends.

Preeti went to geet n sat on her knees infront of geet.

Kyun anju kyun kiya tumne aisa. U know ur sister called me many times asking about u, but I had no answer. Vicky bhi kitne pareshan the. Kaha chali gayi thi tum. Why u didnt contact us. We searched for u every where. Kyun kiya tumne aisa anju. Speak out dammit shouted preeti.

Geet hugged her tight n cried her heart out.

Main darr gayi thi. Mujhe laga u also dont believe me n hate me like appa n anna (dad n bro).

R u mad anju we know about u dear. How can u think like that?

Appa n anna also loves me na preeti. Then why they didnt believe me?

Preeti had no answer. Yes what geet saying is right. She is the princess in her house but lastly what happened they didnt trust their own daughter but trusted some outside person.

Bolo preeti kya main jhoot bol rahi hu. Dont they love me? They didnt listen to me n shaadi ka date fix kar diya. Agar akka (didi) nahi the tho main uske saath. Chii I even cant imagine.

Aisa nahi hain anju told vicky.

Aisa hi hain. Tum dono ko kuch nahi pata, they accused me, they insulted their own daughter. They didnt allow me to go anywhere, didnt allow me to talk to anyone.

Anju ur sister told everything to ur dad n bro. They r searching for u.

Geet n preeti got up n geet continued dont call me like that. UR FRIEND ANJU IS DEAD 2 YEARS BACK. I AM GEET, GEETANJALI.

Anju what r u saying asked vicky.

Yes the day that family didnt believed that day ur friend is dead. I started new life, n this is new geet but not anju.

Anju ur dad n bro… vicky tried to speak.

No dont talk to me about them. They are nothing to me now. I am dead for them now. Ek baar mere baare mein socha bhi nahi. They didnt care whether I am alive or dead. Without knowing who am I ? they both helped me. Maan sir n daadi helped me. They are my family now. Unn dono ke alawa muje iss duniya mein koi bhi nahi hain, koi bhi nahi hain. Aaj tak daadi n maan ne ek sawaal tak nahi kiya. They trusted me preeti, they trusted me vicky.

Maan came to her n hugged her sideways n rubbing her back to calm dowm.

Shhh geet, calm down. We r there for u. u r not alone dont cry shona.

Nahi maan sir let me speak today. Dont stop me. She turned to preeti n vicky n told uss din main tum dono ko railway station main dekhi thi. But I dont want to go with u n be a burden.

How can u think like that?? asked preeti.

hmmm what to do destiny has played such a game with me. That I am afraid to speak to anyone. I treated that ba****d as my best friend atlast what he did??


Here maan n daadi r just listening to them. They came to know that geet was cheated by someone. The mere thought rised maan’s anger thousand folds.

Daadi saw the change in his expressions n tried to stop them.

Geet beta aap shant ho jayiye.

Immediately geet hugged daadi n told believe me daadi I didnt do anything.

We believe u beta. Dont worry KHURANA parivaar is always with u. the trust preeti n vicky has in u the same trust we have on u. how can I not believe my daughter. Ek baat yaad rakho geet, the one who does wrong can never see into others eyes n speak. But I can see the confidence in u.

thanku so much daadi told geet still crying.

They broke the hug n maan came to her n told dont cry shona. U wont look good when u cry.

Geet wiped her tears with back of her hand like a small baby.

Preeti too came to her n held her ears n told sorry.

But geet turned to maan n told I dont want to talk to her but immediately turned to her n asked what r u doing here?? aur tera sadu bhai bhi delhi main hain kya??

preeti n vicky widened their eyes in shock n looked at each other.

Bolo chup kyun ho??


dont call me like that.

Ok ok geet yeh mera ghar hain n she side hugged maan n told yeh mera bhai hain.

Ohh ok.. WHAT??? asked geet in shock.

Here maan didnt know whom she mentioned SADU BHAI.

Daadi muje office ka kaam hain main chalti hu told geet n tried to escape from there as soon as possible.

Oye.. wait where r u going. We met after long time n dont u give me atleast a hug asked vicky pouting.

Ab tumko hug chahiye gadha told geet under her breath n gave him a angry glare.

Preeti n vicky burst out into laughing.

Daadi main aapse ek baat bolu asked geet.

Bolo beta told daadi.

Daadi maan sir n preeti r really your grand son n grand daughter?? aap aur vicky kitne cool hain, inn dono ko dekhiye hamesha gussa apne naak par hota hain. Aur tho aur uss preeti ne muje tappad mara complained geet like a small kid. Daadi smiled at geet. But maan n preeti gave her an angry look.

Haina geet?? main bohot cool hu told vicky n raised his collar.

Now preeti thought its time to pull geet’s leg so she turned to maan n told

Bro bro bro I have to tell u one important matter told preeti.

What?? asked maan.

Preeti I am warning u. dont u dare warned geet.

Aww mujhe darr lag raha hain told preeti dramatically.

U u idiot.. wait I am coming.

Ha what u do?? dared preeti.

Geet started running towards her. Preeti too started running.

They both r chasing each other. Maan is more than happy he never saw her smiling whole heartedly with others. But seeing them like that he is very very happy. Even he got a chance to know about geet;s past.

Geet I am sorry yaar. Plz plz chodo.

Nahi bilkul nahi mujhe damki di tumne.

Arey yaar maine kya kiya ?

Promise me that u wont tell him.

No no bro has to know.

Plz preeti.

They both stopped chasing feeling tired n panting heavily. They both smiled at each other n hugged tightly.

I miss u geet.

Miss u too preeti.

They broke the hug n geet hugged vicky n told missed u boyfriend.

Aww miss u too girl friend.

oy.. yeh boy friend, girl friend kya hain asked maan making funny face.

All of them burst out into laughter even maan.

Daadi is very happy seeing all of them together n mainly geet happy.

Beta dont u both want to eat halwa.

Halwa daadi wow.. gasped both of them excitedly.

Guess who prepared it.

Ofcourse u daadi told vicky.

No beta ur bhabhi prepared it.

Bhabhi?? who is she??

tum dono kitne buddu hain. Geet is ur would be bhabhi.

What?? sachi daadi.

Ha beta.

Preeti n vicky hugged geet n told we r so happy geet.

Thanku.. geet shyly.

Geet its been long we ate halwa which u prepared. Its yummy yaar told preeti.

They all ate halwa n enjoyed talking with each other n pulling each others leg.

Preeti n vicky retired to their rooms feeling tired of journey.

Maan too went to his study n reading some project file.

Geet beta can u give coffee to maan asked daadi.

Ok daadi told geet n prepared coffee for him n went to study.

Geet knocked the door. Without seeing who it is maan told

come in.

Geet went in n stood beside him with a coffee cup in her hand.

Kya hain geet?? asked maan without looking at her.

Aapke liye coffee told geet.

Maan looked at her n took the coffee. He kept it on the table n pulled her by her wrist.

Geet landed on his lap. First she was surprised by his sudden act.

Maan sir what is this?? asked geet.

Tum khush ho na?? asked maan.

Ha sir I am very very happy told geet n rested her head on his chest.

Maan is carassing her hair n told pata hain tumko haste hue dekke kitna acha laga. Hamesha aise hi rehna.

Hmmm told geet.

Maan carassed her cheek n asked dard ho raha hain?

Geet made a baby face n nodded in yes. Maan kissed her cheek n asked abhi bhi dard ho raha hain?

Geet shied n nodded in a no.

Maan kissed her eyes, cheeks n shoulders. Geet closed her eyes relaxing.

Geet hugged him more close so as maan.

They both are in the same position for sometime.

Geet called maan.

No response.

Maan saw that she is sleeping peacefully in his arms.

He smiled n told I LOVE U GEET.

I love u maan told geet in her sleep.

Maan? Wow man, atleast she will call me in her sleep.

Maan carried her in his arms n placed her on the bed n kissed her forehead. When he was about to go he felt a tug. He turned back n saw geet held his wrist tightly.

He smiled n sat beside her.

I am here only shona u sleep.

Geet slightly opened her eyes n told plzz stay here only.

Ok shona. U take rest.

Geet cuddled more to him n slept peacefully in his arms.


Precap: preeti telling maan who is that SADU BHAI. LOLLOL

Vicky teasing geet by calling her as bhabhi. LOL

Maan-preeti-vicky talk in study.



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