Destiny and Love part 20

27 Aug


The operation is completed, sapna and guru are shifted to ward as they needed rest. Veer came out and just then maan, preeti and Vicky too reached hospital.

Maan rushed to him and asked bro how is my geet?

Veer looked at him seriously and told wo.. geet ka operation successful hain but..

Hearing this he is relieved but this but feared him..

What happened bro? plz tell me.. asked maan getting worried.

Not only maan all the others are worried for her. Just then vinay(sapna’s husband) too came out. Veer looked at him and sighed.

Maan first calm down.. operation is success but we have to keep geet under observation for 48 hours. We have to observe her changes in brain. After that only I can say that she is perfectly fine told veer.

She will be alright na bro? asked preeti.

Don’t worry she will be perfectly fine told veer and patted her cheek.

Veer turned to vinay and shook his hand with him and told

Thanku doctor for accompanying me in the operation.

Vinay smiled and told its my pleasure doctor. Thanku very much for taking ur time for my sister-in-law.

Veer smiled and told she is my sister too doctor, mera bhai ka hone wali patni.

Vinay looked at him surprised. Veer saw that and told my brother maan and geet loves each other.

Vinay smiled at maan and shook his hands with him. Later maan went to geet’s ward and sat beside  her and took her hands in his and kissed. Just then veer entered the ward and saw maan there.

Veer went to maan and kept his hand on his shoulder. Maan saw him and smiled slightly.

Maan tumko chinta karne ki koi baat nahi. In normal cases there will be no problem but our geet’s case is different.

Maan looked at him confused. Veer sat beside him and caressed geet hair and told u remember na geet suffered from depression.

Maan nodded and veer continued. So at that time there was so much stress to her brain. That’s the reason she is facing a problem. And I don’t want to take any risk regarding geet’s health.

Maan hugged veer and told thanku so much bro. mere geet ke itna khyal rakhne ke liye.

Oye hello yeh meri behen hain bhool gaye told veer and they both laughed at that. But none of their smile reached their eyes.

Just then geet moved a little. Maan looked at her and waiting for her to open her eyes. Then slowly geet opened her eyes. Her vision is not clear she again closed her eyes and blinking her eyes to adjust for the light. Geet opened her eyes and now her vision is clear. She saw maan and veer are looking at her. She smiled at them. Maan and veer are sighed in relief seeing her.

Geet how r u feeling now? Asked veer.

Bhaiyya its paining told geet and closed her eyes.

Here maan is not able to see his geet in pain. Maan kept his hand on her forehead and told geet close your eyes and relax u don’t feel pain.

Meanwhile veer gave a painkiller to geet. Geet opened her eyes and told I don’t want to stay in hospital and made a sad face.

Maan and veer rolled their eyes. They know about her nautanki.

Geet not again told maan and veer at the same time.

And geet u have to be in the hospital for one more week told veer sternly.

Geet looked at him and made baby angry face and told u r always behind me. From our first meet. Aap hamesha mujhse jagda karte ho told geet making baby face.

Its hard time for maan to suppress his laugh, its worth watching veer’s face. Here veer looked at geet shocked.

Geet u will never change na told veer and kissed her forehead and told u know I love to fight with u. ur face will be funny. Geet made a gol-gappe face for this and pouted. But due to medicines she drifted to sleep holding maan’s hand tight.

He kept looking at her face which is now pleasant and she is sleeping peacefully. He remembered the day when he came to know about her problem. It was the most worst day in his life.


~~ flash back ~~


Here geet got a job in KC as a secretary of maan. She informed maan that she is going in search of house. When she left the cabin. He immediately called adi into his cabin.

Adi entered into maan’s cabin and called him sir..

Maan told him to sit and told adi I need a 2 BHK apartment immediately which is near to both KM and KC.

Adi looked at him confusingly and asked why??

Maan glared at him and this made adi to shut.

Do it fast told maan.

Ok.. told adi.

Ha send geet in my cabin told maan.

Ok told adi and left his cabin.

Geet knocked the cabin door and maan told to come in.

Sir u called me asked geet.

Yes geet, as u told u r searching for house. There is no need for that. Office is providing u a house and u r my secretary so we r giving u a mobile too told maan.

But sir..

Geet these are office rules. And as a secretary you should be in contact with me 24 hours told maan sternly.

Yeh sir achanak se itna khadoos ban gaya. Dadimaa was right thought geet making a baby face. Maan observed she is in some thought so he called her.


Huh!! Yes sir.

Ok u can pack your things, adi will inform u the address and he will give the keys of the house tomorrow told maan.

But sir where should I stay today? Asked geet.

maan thought kya isko ek din mein ghar mil jayega.. yeh sach mein pagal ladki hain aur mujhe ek din pagal kar degi..

Maan looked at her and asked aap itne din kaha rehte the?

Aapke ghar me told geet innocently.

Then? What is the problem now? Asked maan.

Sir that time u r not my boss told geet.

So? Asked maan confusingly.

Sir aap na bade buddhu ho. Now how can I stay in my boss house? Asked geet.

maan thought main aur bhuddhu… iski himmat tho dekho boss ko bhuddhu keh rahi hain..

Geet its just for one day told maan.

No sir.. told geet stubbornly.

Atleast for dadimaa told maan and patted his shoulder seeing her expression.

Ok sir.. for dadimaa I am staying there for today told geet. Maan sighed in relief and smiled inwardly at her innocence.

Later geet went to KM and told dadi about her interview and her shifting house. Even dadi want to stay geet here in KM but it will not look good. So she agreed.

Adi searched for 2 BHK and booked that house. He gave the details of that house to maan. Maan thanked adi. Adi is happy seeing maan happy. He thought the old maan is back.

He went to KM and informed geet about the house and he also helped her in packing. Next day geet joined the office taking the blessings from dadimaa.

And geet shifted to her new house which she liked very much. It was not so far from office. It’s a walkable distance. Everything is going smooth in maan’s life. But here geet never stayed alone so she is getting afraid of small small things. In office when maan is not around sasha used to taunt geet and geet silently listened all this. Actually she is getting afraid to talk to anyone. She is in depression thinking that all the people hate her. Even maan too observed change in her. And he was worried too. Least he knows that she is going into depression.

One day maan was busy as next day they are having an important meeting. Maan called geet into his cabin.

Geet.. I am busy today. No one should disturb me. Till 3’o clock dont give me any calls and don’t allow anyone into my cabin. Ok?

Yes sir.. I wont allow anyone told geet.

 Geet is that chopra’s file completed? Asked maan.

I am working on it sir by evening it will be completed told geet.

Ok geet u may leave now told maan.

Ok sir told geet and left the cabin.

After an hour or so geet is going to caf as she is feeling hungry. When she came out of her cabin she saw some one entering into maan’s cabin. She remembered that maan told not to allow anyone.

She immediately ran and called that man.

Excuse me.. 

That man turned to geet and asked yes?

Sorry sir actually sir told not to allow anyone till evening as he is very busy today told geet.

Miss.. I want to meet him immediately told that man.

Sir do u have appointment? Asked geet angrily.

That man is surprised to see this girl’s audacity, she is asking him whether he took appointment or not. She is asking him VEER SINGH KHURANA.

No I don’t have told veer.

Then sorry sir u cant meet him today. Plz take appointment and ha sir is busy for one week so if u want u can meet him next Monday told geet sternly.

The whole staff is shocked to see talking with veer in such a manner. All are just watching them silently as if watching some movie. No one tried to stop geet. Here sasha is smirking thinking that today for sure geet’s job is gone.

Look miss I want to meet maan immediately told veer and was about to open the door. Ofcourse he opened the door half by that time. Maan saw door opened and saw his bro standing there.

Aapne suna nahi maine kya kaha told geet angrily. Actually she is getting hyper as she is suffering from head ache that time.

Maan saw geet is shouting on veer and he rushed outside and saw that whole staff is watching them with wide eyes. Maan got super on his staff and he shouted.

All of u back to work.

All of them got scared of MSK’s angry glare and they rushed to their places. But sasha is still standing there to see what gonna happen next. Maan saw sasha still standing there and shouted.

Sasha should I give u some special invitation. Go back to ur work.

Yes.. yes.. MK sorry fumbled sasha and went back to her cabin. Geet giggled seeing sasha’s face for which maan gave an angry glare to her.

Maan turned to veer and told u sit in my cabin. Veer nodded and went inside.

Geet into my cabin now told maan seriously.

Geet got tensed seeing maan so serious. She is thinking that why he is angry on me. I did what he told. Kuch karo tho gussa kuch na karo tho bhi gussa. Swamy nanna kapadu (babaji plz save me).

Geet.. shouted maan.

Ye.. yes sir..

Into my cabin now told maan and went inside. Geet too followed him silently. Geet saw that new person sat opposite to maan’s seat and she looked at him accusingly to which veer just chuckled inwardly. Maan and veer are angry young man types. Usually veer gets angry when anyone will stop him going to his brothers cabin but today he didn’t get angry. He saw the innocence in her face.

Geet what is the matter? What’s going on outside? Asked maan.

Sir there is no mistake of mine, u told not to allow anyone till evening and I am doing the same told geet.

Do u know who is he? Asked maan.

Geet nodded in a no.

He is my elder brother told maan.

Oh.. what??? Shouted geet.

Now why you are shouting? Asked maan.

No.. nothing sir told geet but she is thinking that maan will fire her from the job. She did a big mistake by shouting on his elder brother. The mere thought brought tears in her eyes. Geet turned to veer and told

I am so sorry sir I don’t know that you are maan sir’s brother.

Its ok miss no problem told veer. But he is observing her keenly.

She then turned to maan and told I am sorry sir plz don’t fire me from the job. I will not let this happen next time.

By the time geet is crying continuously. Maan is literally shocked to see her reaction. This is her condition from 2-3 months.

Geet what happened? Why u r crying for simple thing? Asked maan. But there is no reply from geet she is just crying. When maan was about to get up veer told him no. let her cry.

Maan looked at him confusingly. After few seconds geet fainted there. But before she hit the floor maan held her and made her sit on the couch.

Bro why you stopped me? Asked maan.

Maan as a doctor by seeing her condition I can say that she is suffering from depression. Har choti choti baat par tension lena and all told veer.

Maan caressed geet’s cheek and kissed her forehead.

Bro what is happening with her? Asked maan.

Veer is literally shocked to see maan kissing a girl and worried about her. A man who don’t care about anyone except his family is taking care of a girl that too his secretary. But he has seen the love and care in his eyes for her.

Kya baat hain maan, why u r so tensed? Asked veer.

Maan looked at him and told him about geet’s accident and her clot and all.

Maan main tumko ache se jaanta hu, u were never worried about anyone except for dadimaa. Why you are concerned about this girl? And don’t try to lie maan warned veer.

Bro u r my brother as well as my best friend. Due to some incidents in our life I became aloof and away from all relations. But after seeing geet I felt some peace, I forgot the whole world with her simple smile. I was pulled like a magnet towards her. Her every gesture made me smile. Her voice is like a song to my ears. Main geet se pyaar karta hu bro. par bhagwan ko meri khushi bardaash nahi hain shayad isiliye meri geet ko yeh sab told maan and closed his eyes.

Veer listened this at one side he is very happy that his brother is moving on in his life but at the same time he was tensed seeing geet’s condition.

I promise u maan, tumare geet ko kuch nahi hoga. Mere bhai ki khushi ko kuch nahi hoga. Iss baar  will fight for u. geet meri behen jaisi hain. I will take care of her as a brother I will give her treatment. Aaj se tum akeli nahi ho geet main hu tumare bhai thought veer.

Maan u don’t worry nothing will happen to her. I am there for u and for her. When my brother is finding his happiness again and this time I will make sure that u will get all your happiness. Par maan tumare zindagi mein jo kuch bhi hua indirectly I am responsible for that. Hosake tho mujhe maaf kardena told veer.

Bro what are you saying, dekhiye bro jo kuch bhi hua isme aapne kya kiya. Wo.. bas uss insaan ki wajah se we all are suffering. Hame apne preeti and Vicky ko durr bej diya uss insaan ki wajah se. bro this time if she does anything to our family or my geet then she has to face real MAAN SINGH KHURANA.

Maan iss baar uss insaan ne tumari khushiyan cheenene ki koshish bhi kit ho tumse pehle she has face me. Mere hote hue mere bhai ko kuch nahi hone dunga told veer.

Maan and veer looked at each other and smirked.


Precap: veer and maan taking care of geet..

              Geet seeing her brother guru in veer..


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