Destiny and Love part 21

27 Aug


Past continues’

Veer listened this at one side he is very happy that his brother is moving on in his life but at the same time he was tensed seeing geet’s condition.

I promise u maan, tumare geet ko kuch nahi hoga. Mere bhai ki khushi ko kuch nahi hoga. Iss baar  will fight for u. geet meri behen jaisi hain. I will take care of her as a brother I will give her treatment. Aaj se tum akeli nahi ho geet main hu tumare bhai thought veer.

Maan u don’t worry nothing will happen to her. I am there for u and for her. When my brother is finding his happiness again and this time I will make sure that u will get all your happiness. Par maan tumare zindagi mein jo kuch bhi hua indirectly I am responsible for that. Hosake tho mujhe maaf kardena told veer.

Bro what are you saying, dekhiye bro jo kuch bhi hua isme aapne kya kiya. Wo.. bas uss insaan ki wajah se we all are suffering. Hame apne preeti and Vicky ko durr bej diya uss insaan ki wajah se. bro this time if she does anything to our family or my geet then she has to face real MAAN SINGH KHURANA.

Maan iss baar uss insaan ne tumari khushiyan cheenene ki koshish bhi kit ho tumse pehle she has face me. Mere hote hue mere bhai ko kuch nahi hone dunga told veer.

Maan and veer looked at each other and smirked.

Then they saw that geet is moving. Maan went back to his seat and veer sat on the couch. Geet slowly opened her eyes, she then remembered what happened few minutes back (oops.. I think she forgot she is asleep for an hour’ ). She got up with a jerk and looked at veer with wide eyes.

Sir’ before geet tell anything veer spoke.

Geet listen, your job is safe, we are not gonna fire you. So relax told veer and smiled warmly.

Really, thanku very much sir, thanku thanku told geet to veer.

Geet. If ur thanku session is completed bring chopra’s file and 2 black coffee told maan.

Veer sir dekho kitna sweet hain, par yeh maan sir pura ke pura rakshas hain. Abhi mein behosh ho gayi thi na he didn’t even ask me how r u? hmm isse kya ummed rakshas kahika. Par yeh itna bura bhi nahi hain, maan sir ne mujhe uss accident mein bachaya tha. Leave geet go and do your work thought geet to herself. Maan is observing her from the corner of her eyes and smiled inwardly at her self-talking.

Geet completed with your self-talking, then plz go and do the work which I told you told maan sarcastically.

Sorry sir, I am going told geet and left the cabin immediately to avoid from further scolding.

Veer smiled at maan and told yaar maan, how you fell in love with this girl?

Why what happened? Asked maan.

Nothing, she will be always smiling and trying to hide her pain which we don’t know and you are like serious types, smiling tho don’t ask teased maan.

Bro, this is too much yaar. From now only you are her side complained maan.

Then they heard a knock on the door and maan said come in.

Geet entered into the cabin and gave file to maan and was about to leave maan stopped her.

Geet where is my coffee? Asked maan.

Ram lal will bring in 2 minutes I guess told geet.

Cant you bring? Asked maan with attitude.

Sorry sir, I cant told geet fearing the tone he used. Maan raised his eye brow asking why?

Wo.. mujhe coffee ka smell nahi pasand told geet making a yucky face. Maan and veer are really amused with her antics, she is really a small kid.

Ok you may go now told maan.

Thanku sir told geet and left the cabin. She went to her cabin and doing her work, here sasha is burning with jealousy seeing geet spending more time in maan’s cabin.

Hey maan, your bhabhi is also coming tomorrow, why don’t we go to London for a week and meet preeti and Vicky? Asked veer.

Maan smiled widely and told bro its really a wonderful idea. I am also missing them, but it should be a surprise for them.

Ok dude, done I will talk with dadimaa too told veer.

Maan nodded and told bro, we will go next week I will prepone the meetings to this week. Again it should not be a problem told maan.

Sure no problem. Tell me when you are free then I will book the flight tickets told veer.

By the way bro aapko kuch kaam tha, you came to office? Asked maan.

Just came to tell you about London trip told veer and smiled.

You should have called me bro told maan.

Arey koi baat nahi, acha hua na main yaha aagaya aur geet se mulakaat bhi hua told veer and winked.

Maan smiled and told aap bhi na bro.

Ok maan I am going to hospital seeing you in the evening told veer.

Bye bro told maan and veer left from there. Maan continued his work and after some time he called sasha and geet to his cabin.

Sasha came in and wished him hello MK.

Maan just nodded, then geet too came. Maan looked at both of them and told I want to pre-pone all the meetings which are held on next to this week. And sasha you have to complete blue prints of chopra’s project and Hyderabad project.

But MK, why so suddenly asked sasha.

Sasha do as I say, understood told maan angrily.

Sorry MK told sasha and geet is smiling inwardly seeing sasha.

And geet mail to all those who clients that meeting is pre-poned to this week and re-arrange the schedule, got it? asked maan.

But sir time wont be sufficient for all the meeting, you are free only on Saturday and other days meetings are lined up. And most probably Saturday 3-4 meetings are possible told geet checking the schedule arranged for this week.

Maan thought for some time and told ok arrange the meetings of chopra’s and Hyderabad project and other meetings sasha you have to attend. If there is any problem then contact me immediately.

Sure MK told sasha.

Sir.. what about the London project which is on next Friday? Asked geet.

No problem I will manage, any ways I am going to London told maan.

Ok sir told geet.

Anything else? Asked maan looking at both of them.

They nodded in a no and left the cabin. But when geet was about to go maan stopped her.

Geet one minute called maan.

Geet turned back and looked at him and asked yes sir.

Have a seat I need to talk to you told maan. Sasha is furious and glared at geet. Geet saw her and gulped fearing what will she do now. And one week maan wont be there in office. Then how geet will manage. She have to come out of that fear but how? Will maan be able to do some thing?

Geet sat in the front where as sasha left the cabin thinking some thing.

Geet I am sorry to ask this but I am observing you from the day you joined the office, are you comfortable here. Why you will get tensed for small things? Asked maan hoping she tells him the reason. Ofcourse he is bringing personal matters in the office but he has no other option. Geet looked at him shocked and she don’t know what to answer. Yes ofcourse its true, she is worried and tensed what will others think about her, will they hate her like her dad and brother.

No’ nothi.. nothing sir, I am fine told geet not looking at him.

Geet don’t lie, I know that you are not saying the truth told maan warningly as he hates lies.

Why I will lie sir told geet, by this she is having tears in her eyes.

Geet, if you don’t want to tell then don’t. but geet we are friends first next boss-secretary. You can share anything with me, I trust you told maan trying to convince her. Yes when geet stayed in KM they became good friends, unknowingly she is not scared of maan or dadimaa. She is free with them like she use to be with her family. She is really confused with her behavior with them. But she smiled sadly when maan told I trust you.

Trust? Questioned geet and looked at him. No sir you should not trust me. I don’t know what will I do in future may be you hate me when you come to know about me. When my own family didn’t trust me then how can you. We are strangers sir and we will be. Its my life sir, I always loose my close ones and when I trust them they will break my trust. Plz don’t trust me, it will give pain to you in the future. We can never be friends sir told geet and left from there.

Maan listened to her and he understood she is suffering a lot. He now promised himself that he will give all the happiness to her which she deserves.

Don’t worry geet, whatever the reason that your family don’t trust, I trust you and will always do. I will make sure that you will get your happiness and one day you will understand my love thought maan.

Here geet went to her cabin and was crying bitterly.

Don’t trust me maan sir, I am not worth of it. I can give pain but nothing. Appa, anna (dad, bro) why you did this to me. Don’t you trust your own child? But here a stranger is saying that he trusts me. She smiled sadly what a fate? Each and every day I am dying here. But you never came to me. Kaash uss accident mein, main mar jaati then I would be happy. I am hating my life. Why this is happening in my life? WHY??, by this time she is crying bitterly.

Maan who is watching all this through blinds felt his heart is bleeding seeing her in pain. He knows nothing about her but he is head over heels in love with her. He just want to go to her and take her in his arms and sooth her pain, but he first needs to gain her trust. Then only he can do anything.

Later that day went well. Maan is doing his work and its already 9:30 pm and geet is still in her cabin sending mails to clients about the meeting. Maan saw her and then he saw time and thought that its already late. He closed the laptop and went to geet’s cabin.

Geet called maan.

Geet who is engrossed in the work didn’t listen to him. This time maan called her aloud.


Geet looked at him and stood up immediately.

Sorry sir I didn’t see you apologized geet.

Its ok, you have to leave now. Its already late told maan.

Just 5 min sir, little work is left told geet.

Geet, you can do tomorrow told maan.

But sir’

No buts and ifs, leave now told maan sternly.

Geet pouted and told ok.

Maan smiled at her and gave her way to go. He went to his cabin and packed his lappy and went to parking lot. He then saw geet walking for her house.

Maan stopped the car and told come geet I will drop you.

Geet looked at him and told its ok sir I will go.

Geet its already late, come asked maan.

Sir its just 5 min walk told geet. Maan sighed and asked driver to follow him. He too walked with geet.


Precap: maan n geet walk’

             Back to present..


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