Destiny and Love part 22

27 Aug


Sir its just 5 min walk told geet. Maan sighed and asked driver to follow him. He too walked with geet.

Sir you please go told geet.

No geet, its already 10 and going alone at this time is not safe told maan. Geet sighed knowing his stubborn nature.

Sir how is dadimaa? Asked geet.

She is fine and happy to see veer bro and bhabhi back told maan.

Sir just one minute told geet and ran to a shop. She came in 2 minutes and offered maan a chocolate.

Sir chocolate? Offered geet with a smile.

Maan looked at her and then chocolate. Geet looked at him confusingly and asked what happened sir?

Will you eat chocolates? Asked maan amused at her childish behavior.

Whats wrong in it? Sir you dont eat chocolates, hawww this is really ridiculous, how on earth you dont eat chocolates. Ayyo… this is too much sir, u should eat gave geet a bashan to maan about chocolates.

Maan is speechless, How on earth this girl is saying him to eat chocolates, is he a small kid? No No she is a kid.. maan smiled at himself.

But geet.. chocolates are not good…  (jyothi to maan: maan.. chocolate par baat karna band karo.. think some thing romantic yaar.. huh!! )

Oh..  plz sir don’t tell me that chocolates are not good for health and all told geet glaring at him. Seeing him not taking chocolate she opened hers and started eating. Maan smiled at her and thought of changing a topic and asked geet where did u dis-continue your studies?

******* university, banglore sir told geet.

Even preeti and Vicky too did their B.Arch. in the same college thought maan but shrugged it off.

Why don’t you continue now? Asked maan.

Hmm I have to go to banglore for that which I don’t like and here I don’t have enough money to pay fees for my last sem told geet sadly.

Yeh geet bhi na hamesha money ke baare mein sochti hain, now how can I tell her that she need not to be worried for that. Maan beta, think what dadimaa told you have wait for right time thought maan. Suddenly an idea popped in his mind.

Geet, if you want KC can provide loan for your fees offered maan.

Thanku sir, but not now. Let me job for 1 year then I need not to take any loan told geet and smiled at him.

Ek number ki ziddi hain yeh ladki thought maan.

Hmmm’ replied maan by that time they reached geet’s house. Ok geet, good night wished maan.

Sir come in invited geet.

No geet its ok, its already very late told maan.

Geet just nodded and told good night sir.

Maan smiled at her and waited her to go in. once she went and closed the door, he turned to leave and driver is waiting for him. He got into the car and drove back to KM. here geet stood near the window and saw him entering into the car and looking at the car till it is out of her sight. She is thinking about their convo in the noon.

“I trust u geet”. Sir when my own family didn’t trust me then how can u? what relation we are having other than that you are my savior. I can never forget you and dadimaa in my life. You both are the reason that still I am alive today.

Just then her mobile buzzed. He took her mobile and checked and saw that she got a message from maan. She curiously opened the message.

Geet, go and sleep stop watching outside. Geet is surprised and looked outside to see where maan is?

But maan who is the car going to KM smiled at himself, he saw geet is looking at him when he got into the car. But somehow he expected that she will be in the same place so he messaged her.

Geet smiled and shook her head and changed her dress and prepared her dinner. Here maan too reached KM and saw that his family is waiting for him. He wished dadimaa and veer.

Hello dadi, hello bro wished maan. He looked at his bhabhi sanjana but ignored her. Sanjana glared at him angrily, but he didn’t care.

Veer and dadimaa smiled at him, maan went to his room and got freshened up and came downstairs. All of them sat for dinner and none of them talked.

Dadi, we are going to London right? I am thinking to call sameera too. As she is alone there told sanjana.

Maan glared at her angrily and looked at dadimaa waiting for her answer.

Your wish beta, as u like told dadimaa.

Sanjana smiled at dadimaa sweetly and told thanku dadimaa. Maan closed his eyes controlling his anger.

Dadimaa I think we are going to meet preeti and Vicky, why unnecessarily all others are coming with us asked maan grintting his teeth.

Dadimaa understood what he is referring to but she cant say no to her, as sanjana will feel bad and in this state she should be happy as she is 5 months pregnant. Dadimaa looked at him apologetically, maan sighed looking at her and left from there without having his dinner.

Dadimaa looked at veer worried but he assured that he will talk to maan. Dadimaa sighed and rest of 3 had dinner.

Maan is in his room lied on the bed thinking about something and his eyes are red due to anger. Just then his mobile rang, he picked the call without seeing the caller ID.

Hello maan darling, how r u?

Who is this? Asked maan angrily.

Oh, maan this is not done, how can you forget your girl friend? Asked that girl smirking.

SHUT UP SAMEERA, JUST SHUT UP. How dare you call me roared maan angrily.

Cool down maan, itna gussa taunted sameera.

I don’t talk to strangers told maan rudely and cut the call and threw the mobile on the bed. But his mobile again started ringing. Maan’s anger raised and he picked the call and shouted.

How dare you call me again, I told not to call me shouted maan.

On the other side its geet but not sameera. Listening his shout geet immediately cut the call fearing his anger. Maan looked at his mobile and saw that its geet who called but not sameera. He closed his eyes and then again he took his mobile and called her. Her mobile is ringing but she didn’t lift the call. He again called because he is worried seeing her call at this time. This time geet picked the call.

Hello.. told geet, her voice is shaking and her hands are trembling.

Hello geet, r u fine? You called at this hour? Asked maan worriedly.

I am fine sir told geet still fearing of his anger.

Geet, I am sorry for shouting at you.. wo I don’t know that its you apologized maan.

Its ok sir, sorry for disturbing you at this hour but I forgot to tell you about tomorrow’s scehedule told geet.

Maan sighed and asked her to continue.

Sir tomorrow morning you have meeting with Mr. Kashyap at 9am, then lunch meeting in ****** hotel with Ms. Sameera Rathode, her father is not well so she is attending the meeting. From there tou have to go to gurgoan site sir told geet.

Ok geet, bye, good night wished maan and cut the call.

Maan’s anger is rising for every passing second. He stromed out of his room, saw that veer and sanjana are in hall and veer is giving medicines to sanjana. He went near them and asked bhabhi, how is your dad now?

What happened to my dad? Asked sanjana confusingly.

See bhabhi, I know that you are angry on me for rejecting sameera, I have my own reasons and I don’t care explain you all those, tell her to be in her limits, if I loose my patience I can make her life hell, but I am silent and the only reason is you. Why she is affecting out relation bhabhi and one more thing I don’t want her to come to London. Now its your decision whether I should come with you or not. Take care of you and baby told maan and left from there.

Devar ji, when will you introduce my devarani? Shouted sanjana, veer and sanjana hi-fied. Maan stopped in his tracks and turned back to see whether he listened correct.

What you asked bhabhi? Asked maan to confirm once again that he heard correctly.

When will you introduce me my sister? Asked sanjana again smiling at him.

Maan looked at veer and told bro, I know that you love bhabhi very much but you should have not told her pouted maan but with serious face.

Maan bete, main apni bahu se kuch nahi chupa sakti told dadimaa who is climbing down the stairs.

Maan rolled his eyes and told I shouted on geet. He then looked at others who are giving him angry glares. Dadi and bhabhi stop glaring at me and go and take rest told maan sternly.

Maan main kal office aaon? Asked sanjana cutely.

Maan side hugged sanjana and told No.

Sanjana glared at him and told main tumko hug nahi doongi, chodo and she left from there angrily. Dadimaa smiled at them and sensed everything is normal between them and left from there.

Maan saw them going to their respective rooms and sighed in relief. He is thinking about tomorrow’s meeting with sameera.

Maan.. called veer.

Ji bro..

Sab kuch thik hain na? asked veer.

Maan smiled and told yes bro, no need to worry. Veer nodded and told maan I will going to Australia for research, that too for 2 years.

Maan became sad hearing this and told but bro, bhabhi iss waqt aapke saath chalna thik nahi hain na?

No no I am thinking after that, I mean after 4 months. Tab tak geet will be fine I guess told veer.

Bro aap geet ki chinta mat kijiye, take care of bhabhi, she needs you told maan.

And we need to help you told sanjana climbing down the stairs.

Bhabhi, I told you to rest told maan turning back.

Arey baba I came here to take some water told sanjana.

Water, hall mein? Asked veer.

Sanjana smiled cheekily and told veerji’

Veerji?? Bro all the best thought maan. Veerji? Ab kya hoga thought veer.

Ji sanjanaji boliye.. asked veer.

Wo kya hain na, hum teeno baahar jaake bohot din hogaye na, isiliye hum kahi baahar jaate hain. Not so far just for ice cream parlour told sanjana making baby face.


Baby ko bhi khana hain told sanjana. Haha sanju good job dear, yeh dono sadu bhai tho kabhi nahi maante iss waqt ice cream khane ke liye. I love you baby, muahhh thought sanju and patted herself. She then looked at maan and veer innocently.

Acha baby ko bhi khana hain, thik hain told maan. Chalo bro..

Yayy shouted an excited sanju. Veer sighed and thought yaar, yeh ice cream khane ka naatak hain, MSK apni bhabhi ke jhaal main phas gaya.

They 3 left for near by ice-cream parlour and ordered their ice-cream. after having ice-cream, they came out and its 11pm, and the whether is so good. They all sat on the car bonnet and chatting.

Here on the other side geet is also not feeling sleepy, so she thought of going out. She locked the house and started walking. She is walking slowly thinking about everything and nothing. She reached near to the ice-cream parlour where maan, veer and sanjana are chatting.

Today maan is happy that he cleared MU between his bhabhi and the are back to their friendly nature. Veer and sanjana are college friends, veer loved sanjana and on the farewell day he proposed sanjana. But sanjana told to talk to her parents, and veer is very happy that she too loves him. He told dadimaa about sanjana and she talked with her parents. Their parents had no problem and they fixed the marriage date. They both are married happily. When sanjana came to KM it was very quite. But sanjana, preeti and Vicky made veer’s and maan’s life hell with their teasing, but all of them are happy, due to this nature of sanjana, maan became very close to her and some times they behave as bro-sis rather than bhabhi-devar.

They 3 are laughing and cracking jokes. Geet who is coming the same way heard their laugh and looked at that direction.

She saw 3 of them and shocked to see maan laughing. She immediately took her mobile and clicked a picture. But maan and veer didn’t notice geet, but sanjana saw geet.

Veer, maan someone is taking our picture told sanjana.

Maan and veer looked at the other side and saw geet.


Precap: geet talk with sanjana,Big smile

             Maan’s meeting with sameera. Angry

              Maan proposes Geet… Big smile


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