Destiny and Love part 23

27 Aug


They 3 are laughing and cracking jokes. Geet who is coming the same way heard their laugh and looked at that direction.

She saw 3 of them and shocked to see maan laughing. She immediately took her mobile and clicked a picture. But maan and veer didn’t notice geet, but sanjana saw geet.

Veer, maan someone is taking our picture told sanjana.

Maan and veer looked at the other side and saw geet. When geet noticed they are looking at her, she hid her mobile and smiled at them nervously. Veer and maan looked at her and smiled.

Ayyo rama, nanu enn madubeku eega, auru illi bandre (hey babaji, what shpuld I d now, what if they come here). No no, he is my boss and I have to go and wish him. Its minimum manners thought geet and walked up to them.

Hello sir, hello veer sir wished geet. They both smiled and all the 3 got down from the car bonnet. Till today none of his office staff saw him like that and he was a bit embrassed.

Hii geet, how are you? Asked veer.

I am fine sir, umm.. sorry I have disturbed your family time told geet nervously looking at maan.

Not at all geet, by the way she is my wife sanjana, and sanju she is geet, maan ki SECRETARY told veer by stressing the word secretary.

Sanju understood and smiled at her. Hii geet, nice meeting you told sanju and hugged her. Geet is taken aback by her sudden her but she too hugged her back. They broke the hug and though really sanjana mam and veer sir are so sweet, but maan is such a kadoos. Is this office no na, then he can smile at me na. after seeing me he will show his attitude. I will also wont talk with him, what he thiks of himself, showing attitude to me GEETANJALI SHARMA.. and she glared at maan.

She then turned to sanjana and wished her hello ma’am..

Geet, I am not your boss, so please don’t call me ma’am, you can call me sanju told sanjana sweetly.

Geet smiled at her and told sorry ma’am you are elder to me and I cant call you by name.

Sanjana was really impressed by her future devarani. She looked at maan and smiled. They all are standing  outside the ice cream parlour, suddenly they heard the loud sound. They all turned the other side to see what is it, the owner of the parlour looked at them apologetically and told sorry, sir there is some problem in tv, the volume became very high.

They all just nodded and veer told not a problem uncle.

Reporter: Seems that none of the families are ready to speak, its been 3 months the marriage is called off. There is a rumour that GEETANJALI SHARMA has affairs and she left the house with her Boy friend. Is that the reason that both the families are silent. 

Hearing this geet’s eyes became red due to anger. How dare these people talk so cheap about her family.

Hey yaar, who is this geetanjali Sharma, I heard many news about her, in banglore news channels and news papers the same matter is published told sanjana.

Ohh.. I don’t know, I will see mainly business news told maan.

Leave it yaar, we don’t know who are they and why to discuss this told veer.

But hearing the news geet lost all her senses, she is not able to tolerate all these false news. How her family is able to tolerate all this. But that doesn’t mean that she will go back to her family. That will never ever happen. But she want to solve this problem and she don’t want any news regarding this.

She went to the owner of the shop and asked uncleji, can you tell me the phone number of that news channel.

Sure.. he then told the number. Geet dialed the number from her mobile. Here maan, veer and sanjana are confused why she is asking the number. Geet dialed the number. Some one picked the call.

Hello *** TV. How can I help you? Came a voice from other side.

I want to talk with the manager told geet.

Sorry, ma’am he is busy right now. And he don’t take calls without knowing who is that person told that man.

If you don’t connect the call to your manager, tomorrow you have to search a new job and I will make sure that you don’t get any job told geet seriously.

Maan is really shocked to see the command in her voice. The man is horrified and told ye.. yes ma’am I will connect now. Plz wait ma’am.

Geet sighed in relief. But she forgot that maan and other are listening to her with shocked faces. They never thought that geet would talk like this to someone.

Soon the call connected to the manager.

Hello’ can I know who is this speaking? Asked the manager.

Hello, I am Geetanjali Sharma speaking told geet.

Geetanjali, daughter of Rhagav Sharma? Asked the manager.

Yes.. sir, what the hell is your channel is thinking of yourself. What the news I am seeing, how can you tell so cheap about my family. Listen sir, I don’t want any news to be telecasted again on my marriage issue and about my family. Its our personal matter and I want my personal matters to be personal. So, there should not be any news about that matter again. If you do it again then I have to file a case against you for poking in my personal matters told geet seriously.

Ma’am but..

No buts and ifs mr. manager.. I am giving you just one hour time, I don’t want any news regarding my family. Better you understand, if not then you have face the consequences told geet sternly.

Yes.. ma’am. Sorry ma’am told the manager.

Hearing him shivering, geet sighed in relief and cut the call. She took out the SIM  from her mobile and throwed it. Maan, veer and sanjana are watching her with mouth wide open. They thought she will look at them but no she broke down completely. She sat on her knees and cried her heart out. That was unexpected for them.

All the 3 rushed to her and made her stand. Un-knowingly she hugged maan and cried. Maan has never faced this situation and he don’t know what to do. When geet ends the call he thought of asking her about her, but after seeing her broke down, he thought of not asking anything.

Maan too hugged her and asked her to calm down. After some time she calmed down and opened her eyes and saw that she is hugging maan. She broke the immediately and told sorry sir, I have to go now.

Geet, are you fine? Come we will drop you told sanju.

Yes geet come with us told veer.

Its ok sir, ma’am no problem told geet.

Geet stop saying no to everything, and come with us, we will drop you told maan sternly.

Geet with no other option went with them. Soon they reached geet’s house. Geet got down of the car. Suddenly she felt a sharp pain in her head, when she was about to fall. Maan acted fast and got down of the car and held her by her waist. He took her in his arms and placed her on the couch.

Veer, maan its better if we stay with geet tonight told sanju. They both nodded in yes. Maan took geet to her bed room and sanju followed him. Maan, I will take care of her, you go told sanju.

Maan went out of the room and saw veer sat on the couch. He too sat beside him. Veer kept his hand on his shoulder and told everything will be fine maan.

Maan slightly smiled at him and told bro I thought, we have suffered a lot. But no, there are so many people who are suffering and trying to smile. But today I came to know that whatever happens in our life we should be happy. Don’t know what happened with geet, but she will be always smiling and trying to make others smile too. I am wrong bro, we should be happy.

Veer looked at him with surprise for the first time in his life he is opening up. He never shares anything with anyone. He loves preeti and Vicky, he loves to pamper them but when they were going to London, he was very sad and he want to stop them. But he never let out his feeling, he just supported them.

Many things happened in their life, their parents death when they were very small. Dadimaa taking care of business, loss in the business, they don’t have money even to pay fees. All these things made maan arrogant. He couldn’t see his dadimaa suffering and veer is not interested in business. So at the age of 17 maan had taken the charge of KC and due to his hardwork, KC is in top position now. When maan was 19, veer completed his studies and begun his practice. He told maan, to concentrate on his studies, he will pay fee for him. But maan is adamant and he is looking after business and studies at the same time. But they both never made preeti or Vicky to suffer. They were happy and supported the family.

Here, sanju lied beside geet and caressing her hair. They both are sleeping. After some time geet opened her eyes and saw she is in her room. She felt a hand on her head. She turned aside and saw sanju there. Due to sudden moment sanju too got up and saw geet looking at her.

Geet how r u now? Asked sanju.

Geet hugged her and told after coming to delhi no one cared for me except your family. First maan sir saved me and always some one from your family saved me and today you all are there. I don’t know how should I thank you.

Sanju broke the hug and cupped her face and told geet, you are like sister to me. We will be always there with you. Never feel alone, you can call me at any time and talk with me. Ok??

Geet smiled and nodded her head. Ouch’ shouted sanju.

Geet panicked and asked what happened ma’am. Sanju took geet’s hand and kept it on her stomach. They felt the kick. Geet smiled excitedly and told ma’am baby is kicking. Sanju too smiled at her and nodded.

Ma’am you rest, its already late told geet. Sanju nodded and lied down. Poor maan and veer, gals totally forgot about them that they are in sitting position and sleeping.

But both the gals slept on the bed comfortably.

Next day morning:

Geet got up and saw sanju is still sleeping. She smiled and bent forward and wished baby. Good morning baby and kept her hand on the stomach. She felt the kick again and smiled. She felt very excited when baby kicked, this is so new feeling. Sanju who awake with baby kick saw geet smiling. She too smiled at her innocence.

Soon geet freshend up and went to kitchen to prepare coffee. When she went to hall she saw maan and veer sleeping uncomfortably.

Omg.. even maan sir and veer sir are also here. I forgot them thought geet and slapped her head. But they both got up and saw geet’s antics. Sanju too came out. Geet gave coffee to all and wished them.

Veer made sure that geet is alright and they left from there. A week passed and this week was very hectic, successfully maan avoided meeting with sameera. Sanjana helped maan, she told her dad to attend the meeting but not sameera and maan thanked her for this.

Even geet and sanju use to talk frequently, and they both became good friends. Geet is with maan, almost all the time for some meetings, taking notes, dictation. She felt some sort of unknown feeling towards maan. Maan is strict with geet in office, if they were outside he is friendly with her. Slowly her fear of talking with others is decreased due to veer. He tells her not to fear, but face the situation. He gave even some medicines to her saying they are vitamin tablets.

Geet improved a lot, due to geet they postponed the London trip after a month. There is tremendous change in geet. Now she is talking freely with others. But sasha is always ready to taunt her. Geet’s feeling became strong became maan. But she always shrugged her shoulders, she don’t have that right to have feelings. He is her boss.

Its only one day left for maan to go to London. He told geet that dadi wants to meet her as well as sanju, so he asked geet to come to KM in the evening with him. Now geet is afraid of travelling alone with maan, she may lost in him. That day geet and maan are travelling back from site to KM and its almost 8pm. They both are in the car. Geet is looking at him lost. Maan observed her from corner of his eyes and smirked inwardly. After some time she composed and chided herself. Soon They reached KM and maan called her.


She looked at him and they both are lost in each others eyes. Unknowingly maan moved forward and kissed her forehead. Feeling his lips on her skin, she felt contended and closed her eyes. Maan looked at her and smiled seeing her closed eyes. Maan again called her. Geet opened her eyes and looked at him and blushed.  

Geet we reached, come lets go in told maan. Geet blushed and just nodded.


Precap: maan: geet, why did you click my pic on that day??

             geet: wo.. wo.. ma.. main..

             maan: I love you geet..


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