Destiny and Love part 24

27 Aug

Its only one day left for maan to go to London. He told geet that dadi wants to meet her as well as sanju, so he asked geet to come to KM in the evening with him. Now geet is afraid of travelling alone with maan, she may lost in him. That day geet and maan are travelling back from site to KM and its almost 8pm. They both are in the car. Geet is looking at him lost. Maan observed her from corner of his eyes and smirked inwardly. After some time she composed and chided herself. Soon They reached KM and maan called her.


She looked at him and they both are lost in each others eyes. Unknowingly maan moved forward and kissed her forehead. Feeling his lips on her skin, she felt contended and closed her eyes. Maan looked at her and smiled seeing her closed eyes. Maan again called her. Geet opened her eyes and looked at him and blushed.  

Geet we reached, come lets go in told maan. Geet blushed and just nodded.

Maan and geet went inside and saw that dadimaa is waiting for them. Geet smiled at dadimaa and took blessings from her. Sanju too came there, now she is 6 months pregnant, maan left the ladies and went to his room to freshen up. Here in the hall geet, sanju and dadimaa are talking with each other. They are gonna miss geet for whole 1 month mainly sanju is very sad about this. Geet assured her that she will be alright and no need to worry.

Here maan freshened up and went to outhouse. Sanju saw that and smiled at him. Nakul gave some snacks to ladies and they were talking but here geet’s eyes are searching for maan, to get atleast a single glimpse of him. After one hour or so sanju asked geet.

Geet, can you come to outhouse with me, I have some work asked sanju.

Sure di told geet. and they both left from there. Dadimaa smiled at them. When geet was about to open the outhouse door, sanju told geet I forgot my mobile in the hall, you go inside I will get my mobile.

Its ok di, you get in I will get your mobile told geet. sanju screamed NOOO’ geet looked at her confusingly, I mean, you go geet I will get my mobile told sanju and left from there hurriedly. Geet is confused with her behavior and opened the door and went inside to see whole room is decorated with rose flowers. Geet is now utterly confused with all this.

Is this really outhouse? Then why it is decorated like this? Is there any party here? Mumbled geet.

She moved forward and saw a shadow on the wall. Koi bhoot woot tho nahi hain na thought geet. Sanju di, pls come fast I am getting scared here cried geet. but suddenly the lights turned on and now geet is relieved and saw here and there to see the room is decorated with lights and rose petals. Geet is in awe seeing the decoration. He looked the other way and saw maan. She is just lost looking at him. He wrote a transparent white shirt which blue jeans. Hayeee he is looking so hot and handsome thought geet. she saw maan is walking towards her,

Maan reached geet and held her hand. Geet looked at him questioningly. Maan just blinked at her, geet silently followed him and he took geet to one of the room. Geet looked here and there, maan made her sit on the bed and went near the cupboard. Geet is so lost in him and just staring at him. Maan took out a packet and gave it to geet. geet took it without asking anything. Get ready geet, I will be waiting downstairs told maan and was about to go, he turned back and kissed her forehead and left from there smiling.

Geet saw him going and opened the packet. There is a beautiful red saree in it, and no doubt geet loved it. geet went to washroom and was shocked to see the bath tub filled with rose petals and scented candles. Geet wore the bathrobe which is hanged in the washroom and entered into the bath tub. She got relaxed and later she took shower and wore the red saree. Later when she came out, she noticed the matching jewellary on the bed and was so pleased to see them. She wore them and looked herself in the mirror and is feeling shy to go out. This is the first time she wore saree and going out.

She finally came out and was looking for maan while climbing down the stairs. When she reached down she saw maan looking at her lovingly. Geet lowered her eye lashes not able to bear his intense gaze. But she composed herself. Geet, stop it, control yourself chided geet.

Maan sir called geet.

Maan came near her and told you are looking beautiful geet.

Geet is very happy but asked sir, what is this all? Maan placed finger on her lips shhh.

Maan is moving back looking at her, after few seconds she is showered with rose petals. Geet is surprised and stretched her hand and enjoying. She is really feeling like princess today. Geet had tears in her eyes and was thinking how her life has changed due to that incident. If everything was fine then she might have been with his dad and brother celebrating her birthday.

But geet came out of her trance when she saw veer, sanju and maan standing in front of her, a few feet distance. Sanju wore a baby pink color which suited her and she is really looking cute with her baby bump. She stood in the middle maan and veer on either side.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GEET’ wished all the 3.

Geet had tears in her eyes, she couldn’t believe that they are celebrating her birthday. Her happiness have no bounds today, what is this family? They helped me in each and every way. Geet don’t know how to react, she just stood there like a statue but tears were flowing down her cheeks.

Veer came forward with a packet in his hand, he wiped her tears nodding in a no. He gave that packet to her. Geet took it silently and veer asked to open it. he want to see the happiness in her eyes when he sees it. geet opened it and saw different types of chocolates, all are her favorite. Her face delighted seeing it. she looked at veer with wide grin and told thanku.

But immediately she remembered her brother who use to give chocolates first on her every birthday.

Veer sir, I remember my brother when I see you. He also use to give me chocolates told geet with teary eyes.

Veer smiled at her and told ek taraf brother kehti ho aur dusri taraf sir bulati ho, this is not happening veer faked angry. Geet is confused why veer is angry on her.

Sir I am sorry if I said anything wrong told geet making sad face. Sanju came there and slapped veer’s arm.

Ouch.. kya sanju cried veer funnily.

Why you are scaring her? Asked sanju. Sanju turned to geet and told geet, he is not your boss to call him sir, bohot ajeeb lagta hain. You can call him bhai.

Geet looked at both of them and nodded her head in no.

No sir, we are happy this way only. But I am happy that you treated me as your sister. Mujhe darr hain ki koi na koi din aap bhi mujhe nafrat karenge, when you will come to know about my past you all will surely hate me. So, its better not to’. Before geet completes sanju interrupted.

Geet we don’t know about your past, and one thing geet we can never doubt you because I can see the sincerity in your eyes and when you talked with the manager that day we came to know that how much you love your family. Tum apni hi shaadi mein bhagke ayi ho geet. Geet koi bhi ladki apni shaadi se nahi bhaagti except when she is in love with any person or when she hates whom she is going to marry. If you love any person you would have been with him long back but you are here. That means you hate that man, I don’t want to know what are the reasons and I don’t want to know even. Geet whether any one trust you or not but we all trust and we all are always with you told sanju and hugged her.

Geet is in awe listening to her, they just met a month back and she understood geet as she knows her from here. Geet too reciprocated the hug, she is so happy today. Veer and maan are looking at them with all their love and a smile playing on their lips.

Sanju broke the hug and asked geet to cut the cake. Geet and all others went to the center of the room. Geet took the knife and cut the cake. She took a piece of cake and looked at all the 3. Geet smiled at maan, maan though she is going to feed the cake first to him and he smiled back at her. But no she again looked at sanju and smiled sanju too though the same and smiled back at her. Bechare sanju and maan, geet went towards veer and fed the cake to him.

Veer bhaiyya thanku very much told geet.

Veer is very happy to hear the word bhaiyya from her. Veer hugs geet and kiss her forehead. Happy birthday geet wished veer and presented a gold chain for her. He knows she don’t take any costly thing from them.

Bhaiyya inn sab ki kya zaroorat? Asked geet.

Mujhe sir se bhaiyya ka promotion mila na isiliye joked veer and all of them laughed at geet. she made a baby face and looked at sanju.

Aww my baby told sanju and hugged her. They broke the hug and Geet looked at maan who is just admiring them. Their eyes locked and they are in their world. They came back to their senses and all the 4 had their dinner talking with each other. Here maan is very happy seeing her smiling and talking with them. He is very much thankful for veer for making his geet to normal.

After dinner, geet saw that sanju is tired. Di you go and rest, I will also leave now told geet. sanju just nodded and looked at maan. veer and sanju left from there wishing geet good night. Geet turned to maan and was about to say something, maan stopped her by placing his finger on her lips. Geet felt a shiver ran through her spine when maan touched her. Her heartbeat became erratic and her lips are shivering with his touch.

Geet I am so happy seeing you here today, but geet I want to tell you something important told maan looking straight into her eyes. Geet, I don’t know when you have entered into mu life. Now I cant imagine my life without you geet. I know you have suffered a lot, your eyes show your pain. Main pehle aisa kabhi nahi the geet, but tumare aane ke baad meri zindagi badal gayi. Tumko pata nahi geet main tumko tumari accident se pehle se hi jaanta hu. Geet eyes widened in shock.

Ha geet, tum ‘MAA’ orphanage mein rehti thi, ek din main tumko waha dekha tha. Aur uske baad main roz waha ata tha sirf aur sirf tumko dekhne keliye, main kyun aisa karta tha mujhe pata nahi tha. When I saw in the pool of blood on that day my heart ached and I understood that I love you and I cant live without you. I will do anything for your happiness geet because I LOVE YOU GEET.. main tumari har such aur dukh main rahunga geet. will you be a part of my life geet, no will you be my life geet?

Geet is looking at him with wide eyes, she just want to go and hug him tight but she cant do that, she should not do that. she nodded no continuously and told no sir you cant love me sir,  you cant. You don’t know anything about me. Why I left my house, why I eloped from my marriage you don’t know anything.

Maan cupped her face and told geet, its true that I don’t know anything about you or your family. But geet I don’t care about all those because I can see the love in your eyes for me and I don’t want to know about your past because it gives you more pain and I cant see you in pain.

Geet I am not forcing you to accept my love because I know you love me, what ever be the your decision I will accept. Bohot raat ho chuki hain geet I will be waiting for you in the car told maan and left from there. He knows geet wont tell anything now, she needs some time, yes its true that he is tensed what will she be her decision but he has to wait that’s why he selected this day to confess his feelings because tomorrow he is going to London and after one week he will be back. He is hoping after coming back she will tell her decision or may be she may confess her feelings.

Geet silently followed maan and got into the car. The drive was silent no one dared to talk, soon they reached geet’s house. Geet got down and told thanku maan sir for everything, good night.. wished geet and ran inside. Maan too drove back to KM with geet thoughts.

Next day all of them got ready for the early morning flight. Dadimaa, maan, veer and sanju reached London and went to their flat.

They rang the door bell and preeti opened the door and is shocked to see them. She blinked her eyes once again to confirm she is not dreaming.

Bhabhiii shouted preeti and hugged her tight. Veer and maan rolled their eyes.

Oyee why you are shouting? One day I will go deaf shouted Vicky coming out. He is also shocked and happy to see them. Dadimaa, bhai, bro, bhabhi shouted Vicky and hugged his 2 brothers. He then hugged dadimaa and then sanju. They all went in and preeti attacked them with questions.

Aap log yaha kaisa aye ho? Hame bataya takh nahi, we would have come to airport na? aapne phone tak nahi kiya, yeh sab kaise hua? Wo bhi maan bro ke saath? I just cant believe this?

Ofcourse flight se aye hum aur kaise ate paidal? Asked veer controlling his laugh.

Preeti glared at him and pouted. Agar hum aapko batake ate tho tum dono ki ankhon mein yeh jo excitement hain, wo hum miss ho jaate told maan and hugged her dearly.

All are so happy seeing them. Preeti broke the hug and checked maan’s forehead, maan looked at her confusingly and asked kya hua?

I am also thinking the same kya hua aapko? You are smiling and talking very sweetly and devar-bhabhi ka patch up hogaya kya? Asked preeti.

Preeti preeti I will tell you wait wait told sanju excitedly.

Ohh hello, Ms. Preeti Khurana, hame khane ko kuch do tho sahi mujhe bhook lag rahi hain told maan.

All of them freshened up and preeti prepared lunch for them. All of them are having lunch talking and pulling each others leg. All are happy after a long time.


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