Destiny and Love part 25

27 Aug


All of them freshened up and preeti prepared lunch for them. All of them are having lunch talking and pulling each others leg. All are happy after a long time.

Here in india, its noon and still geet is sleeping as she is having severe head ache. The whole night she kept thinking about yesterday’s events. How they celebrated her birthday and maan proposing her. Geet never expected in her wild dreams that maan will propose her. Once she is also a multi millionaire but now she is a simple girl and employee of maan. its true that maan and his family did so much for her. But accepting maan is next to impossible for her. How can she? Is her question. Why should not? Is maan’s question.

Geet kept thinking about the turn of events and dozed off. She slept due to severe head ache because of stress she is going through. She got up at noon and she didn’t go to office that day and sasha is fuming in anger. She want geet to be out of office and today she got opportunity to complain about to maan. Sasha smirked and dialed to maan. Seeing the caller ID maan picked the call thinking there might be some work from office. When maan’s cell rang all of them glared at him angrily. He looked at them nervously and mumbled a sorry before picking the call.

He went aside and hello yes sasha. Is everything ok in the office? Asked maan.

Yes MK all is well, I just called to ask has geet asked you for any leave? Asked sasha.

No why is there any problem? Asked maan and hearing geet’s name he became alert.

Oh MK she didn’t come to office today told sasha and smirked.

She didn’t come? Thought maan in low voice but sasha heard it. omg.. has geet left the job because of yesterday. Maan what you did, now how should I talk to her. I am sure she wont pick my call thought maan tensed and he is highly worried for her.

MK.. MK.. called sasha hearing no response from him.

Huh.. yeah sasha I forgot geet asked me leave for 2 days lied maan.

But MK just now u told that… but maan cut her before she complete.

Sasha, geet is my secretry and I know when she is on leave and when she is not. When I am not there in office she don’t have much work. So its better for u to concentrate on your work rather than complaining and gossiping around. Now go back to your work and mail me all the completed files. Understand ?? told maan sternly and angrily.

Veer, sanju and others who heard his angry voice rolled their eyes. Thinking even on holiday he cant be normal. And they chuckled at their own thought.

Hearing his angry voice sasha gulped and told ye.. yes MK. Sorry MK.

Hmmm and he cut the call. Damn thought maan and called sanju.


Sanju heard and asked yes maan?

Once come here called maan.

Sanju got up and went to balcony where maan is standing with worried face. Sanju saw him and asked with concern what happened maan?

Bhabhi today geet didn’t go to office, what happened to her. I am worried about her? Told maan.

Sanju placed her hand on his shoulder and told maan calm down, see what happened yesterday is not that easy for geet to take all this. She needs time to think. And yes don’t worry geet is not that weak as you.

Maan glared at her angrily. Sanju bite her tongue and apologized to him. I am sorry. Maan smiled at her tensed face and hugged her sideways.

Bhabhi see your face, you look so scared teased maan.

Sanju looked at him with wide eyes surprised. He didn’t get angry. Wow he didn’t get angry. Maan is that you for real? Asked sanju and instead of pinching herself she pinched maan on his hand.

Ouch.. bhabhi what was that? Asked maan rubbing his hand.

I am not dreaming maan, you really didn’t get angry smiled sanju widely.

Bhabhi.. I wasted my life in that anger and yes I really became weak at that time. Really I should learn from geet how we should be strong. She teached a new lesson to me, to enjoy life told maan smiling.

Hayeee deewana teased sanju.

Maan glared at her and again smiled at her. Chalo chalo, we will go inside told sanju and dragged him in.

Here in geet’s house:

She got up lazily and saw the time, she couldn’t believe that she got up so late. And now she is in no mood to go to office. She though of calling maan and informing about her leave but she didn’t dare to do that. She left that matter, if maan comes to know about her leave he will scold her that’s it. Now for some reasons she is not afraid of maan.

She got out of the bed and gone to washroom to freshen up. She came out wearing a jeans and causal shirt drying her hair. She is feeling humgry but in no mood to cook herself. So she decided to order pizza not to forget cheese pizza.

Later she ate her pizza and switched on tv to see something but no she is not at all interested in that. Her thought again went to maan and yesterday the words he told.

I don’t care about your past geet and I don’t want to know.

Is it true that maan sir trusts me, but how I m just a mere stranger to him. He don’t know anything about my life. How can he?? This is the same question lingering in her mind from yesterday night. But at some corner she is hoping maan to come to her now. But how can he when they both are in 2 different countries.

She is lost in her thoughts, from the day she met with an accident and all the moments she spent with maan and yesterdays kiss too. When she thought all these things a different feeling aroused in her, she felt butterflies in her stomach and some peace and a contended smile appeared on her face.

In London:

Maan, sanju and others got busy with their talking session. Later in the evening all went for site seeing. But maan is continuously thinking about geet, is she alright? Suddenly an idea popped in his mind and he smiled widely.

Umm.. I have to make a call, its urgent told maan and excused himself without listening the answer from them. Sanju understood whom he is gonna call but all of them looked him weirdly.

He called to geet’s mobile. She is surfing something on net. When she heard her phone ring she picked the call.


Geet, its me maan told maan.

Yes sir, good afternoon sir wished geet nervously.

Hmmm, where are you? In office? Asked maan. (aha.. maan babu whan an acting..)

Yes sir, no sir I am at home told geet and closed her eyes.

Don’t you have any work in office, did you ask me for leave no na? then?? What happened? I don’t like any negligence in work. Understood? Told maan sternly.

Wo.. sir I had head ache so I got up late and after getting up I had no mood to go to office as you are not there told geet and closed her mouth with a gasp remembering what she told.

Hayeee maan is out of world, his heart is jumping in joy. He just want to take her in his embrace and hug her tight and he want to shout I love you geet. but he controlled himself and asked really??

Wo sir.. no.. nothi.. nothing sir.. fumbled geet with tension. But then maan remembered what she told she is having head ache. Omg.. head ache.

Geet are you fine? Head ache kam hua? Did u go to doctor? Asked maan.

I am fine sir, don’t worry told geet.

Ok geet, if you want to take leave then its ok no problem, you take rest ok? Told maan.

Yes sir, thanku sir told geet and cut the call. Geet, ninga enaitu, maan sir na kelidre ninga enatado ninige togilla. Eneno mataduti, control geet control. (geet what happened to u? when you heard maan sir’s voice don’t know what happened? What rubbish you are talking? Control geet control) chided geet.

Here maan sighed in relief after hearing that she is fine now. a smiled formed on his lips and went towards others with a smile. Dadi got suspicious seeing his smile and now how can she leave a golden chance to tease him.

What happened maan? you are looking so happy? Whose call is that? Anyone special? Asked dadi and smirked.

Maan glared at her but he want to escape from her now. No dadi, it’s a call from office lied maan. (maan you are lieing too much today.. it wont suit u dude, she is your dadi na tell tell no problem)

Office? From when you started smiling for office calls? Teased dadi. Then immediately her thought went to geet.

Ha dadi, it’s a call from sasha told maan and went ahead.

Sasha?? Thought dadi and make a weird face and with no other option followed maan. hearing sasha name sanju and veer didn’t help but laugh and moreover dadi’s expression is priceless.

Later in the evening all of them went to shopping due to continous torture from ladies. Sanju is tired so vicky, veer and sanju went to near by restaurant and asked preeti and maan to come after shopping.

Preeti I am telling you only 30 min. shopping not more ok? Warned maan.

Preeti smiled cheekily and told sure veerji.

Veerji?? Babaji plz save me from this shopping devil preeti thought maan and just followed her.

When preeti is shopping for maan, she saw 2 friends, one friend is trying the shirts on other and throwing if she didn’t like on her friend. Preeti’s thoughts went to anju (geet). Tears formed in her eyes thinking about her. She don’t know where is she and in wich condition.

Preeti fast shouted maan seeing her lost somewhere. Preeti came out of her thoughts and told we will go bhai.

But your shopping? Asked maan confusingly as she never leaves her shopping in the middle.

Enough bhai told preeti and walked towards exit. Maan just followed her and paid he bill for what she shopped till now.

Bhai, I want to go home told preeti.

Preeti is everything alright? Asked maan worriedly seeing her pale face.

Just a slight head ache bhai told preeti.

Ok come we will go, I will inform bro that we are going home told maan. preeti tried to convince him that she will go alone but maan is adamant and as well as worried seeing her pale face. Now she cant deny and she is worried for geet. though she never show that but today she is feeling something odd. She want to meet geet but she don’t know where is she?

Maan informed others that preeti is not feeling went to so they are going home. Even veer, sanju an Vicky left from there when maan called them. Vicky is worried about preeti he know why she is like that. They all went home, Vicky asked dadi about preeti. She is resting in her room beta told dadi.

Vicky rushed to her room, all got tensed even seeing Vicky worried. Vicky opened the door and saw preeti lying on the bed with tears in her eyes. He caressed her hair, preeti opened her eyes and saw Vicky. She couldn’t control herself now, preeti hugged Vicky nad started crying.

Preeti, calm down shh tried Vicky to convince her. Maan and veer rushed to them.

Vicky is everything ok? Preeti what happened why you are crying? Asked maan and veer.

Vicky signaled them he will tell everything. They both nodded. After some time preeti slept. All the 3 brothers are there in her room checking her every now and then.

Vicky tell us whats the matter? Asked veer.

Bro, actually preeti is very worried about our friend anju, she came to delhi leaving her house and was about to meet us. But she didn’t turn up and we are very worried about her. We cant even tell about her to her family also told Vicky.

When she don’t care about her why do you? Asked maan angrily seeing his sister in that position. But Vicky is not less.

Bro pls don’t say a word against out anju, you don’t know about her so pls I request you to not to talk about her told Vicky angrily.

Maan was taken aback seeing his anger and thought he is very possessive about his friend. But maan is not interested about her because of her his sister is in pain. Sigh when maan comes to know about their friend he cant hate her. Infact he will make their life hell because of whom his geet is in this condition now.


Precap: 1 week passed. Geet’s answer???


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