Destiny and Love part 4

27 Aug

Maan is shocked to listen this. That means geet called him HIM as sadu bhai.


Maan: geet tumne mujhe sadu kaha, dekhte hain. Waise I am used to ur different names now, u even called me RAKSHAS. Sadu is just a small word. But preeti tho college friend hain, I didnt meet her at that time. Then how n why on earth she called me sadu.


All of them laughed at her antics. Maan asked preeti

kal tum geet ke baare mein kuch keh rahi thi na.

But again geet came n sat beside daadi making grumpy face.

Wo bro kya hain na .. told preeti n looked at geet.

Y u r seeing my face your bro is asking something na, tell told geet angrily.

R u sure?? asked preeti supressing her laugh.

I am not afraid of ur bro told geet making straight face.

Bro do u remember my friend who fought with u over phone asked preeti.

Ha how can I forget her. I called u n your friend dont have manners n picked your phone n started shouting at me told maan.

What?? manners?? I dont have manners. Aapko pata hain.. u dont know how to talk with girls. Uss din aap kya kuch nahi kaha mujhe told geet angrily.

Arey calm down geet y u r shouting on bro asked preeti.

So bro where r we?? ha phone call. Do u want to know who is she??

Arey no need to say anything its none other than geet. Aise bak bak tho geet hi kar sakti hain. Tum kya kam chillayi thi uss din.


~~ flash back~~


Preeti is having seminar n she is preparing for that seriously. They are in geet’s house. Her mobile started ringing continously. Her our geet is sleeping peacefully n preeti is not picking the phone. Due to continous ringing of phone geet got annoyed n picked the phone without reslising whose phone it is?

Arey who is this calling from so long. When I am not picking my phone cant u understand that I am busy. U spoiled my sleep.

On the other side its none other than maan listening to her shouting his anger rised thousand folds n he too shouted in the same way who the hell are u?? how dare u to shout on me? Where is preeti ?

Oyy hello why u r shouting?? dont u know how to talk with girls. Aisa koi chillata hain kya? Ek aapne meri neend bugaad di. Pata hain aap kal main movie dekh rahi thi aur…

bas karo tumara bakwas. Agar..

Arey listen na, till today no one dared to stop my talk in the middle. Its u..


just then preeti came n asked whom she is talking with??

arey sorry I dont who is he yaar?? he is shouting on me n asking where is preeti??

preeti widened her eyes in shock n snached the phone from her n talked with maan who is very angry. After the call preeti came to geet n told

anju tum pagal ho kya. He is my brother n he is very angry.

Ha when I talked with him only I came to know that he is sadu. Tum aur tumara sadu bhai.


~~ flashback ends~~


Boliye daadimaa isme meri galti thi kya asked geet making innocent face.

Bro.. yeh baat chodiye aapko ek aur baat kehna hain Wink told vicky n winked at geet n preeti started to giggle.

Ha bro.. told preeti.


Preeti please!!Cry


Areh Geet bataane de na…


You know what bro ,when we all were in the college ,Geet was crazy over one of our Associate Proff. He was quite Young , the way he spoke ,his relationship with studnets… everything was talk of the campus  and there was no girl who wouldn’t talk about him and Geet was one of them , She hardly missed any of his class ,Tumhaara toh 100% attendance hoga na Geet ,us subject mein toh…nahi??LOL Wink

Preeti..tu na… Angry

Bataane dena Geet ,Sharma kyu rahi hai!! Teased Preeti .Tongue

Aur whenever he used to talk in the class more than Geet’s ears ,her eyes would be alert ,not even wanting  to miss a single glance of him , I still remember how Geet once landed in la-la land when Sir talked to her personally. I guess she still remembers those words .Hai na Geet ,you remember na punctuations ke saath??LOLWink Hmm..


Aise lag raha hai ki mujhse zyaada tumhe woh words yaad hai …woh bhi Saath!! AngryOuch Geet said while showing fake anger.


Geet , tub hi na..poori baat toh bataane de…uske baad pata hai bhai… Poore din hum logon ko…Haaye..Haaye…kya accent hai , kya style hai ,kya attitude hai ,kya shrit hai kya POV hai , …sunna padta tha!! Poor us!!!!OuchLOL Said Preeti while making a baby face.


Aur toh aur Sir jab bhi smile karte the phir toh poocho hi mat Day Dreaming Day Dreaming,said Preeti while raising her hands in he air .


Us subject mein top bhi karti thi !!Tongue

But as every crush story has a tragedy ,even our Geet-crush-Katha had a tragedy  Cry in the next semester Sir turned more strict ,stern ,authoritative, poor Geet  !! All her Haaye’sDay Dreaming were shattered.Cry Cry Ouch

She never ever thought that he would turn so strict , It took time for Geet to come out of the shock…ale mela baccha nahi Geet.


Preeti ab bas bahut bold diya ,tune..!!Dead


Aur phir Geet ne kasam khayi thi ,ki she’ll never fall for or marry an arrogant and angry person.

But see how destiny played it’s magic , She is in love with the most arrogant and a very angry person  person , jise dekhke ki hi all his employees tremble  .LOLLOL

Shayad ise hi kehte hai …Destiny’s play?? Hai na Geet Wink ,winked Preeti.


Listening to this maan, preeti, vicky n daadimaa burst out into laughter.


Bro uss din geet ka chehra dekhne laayak tha. Omg.. she was almost in the verge of crying Cry told preeti controlling her laugh.


Geet kaash main uss din waha hota told maan.


Bro aapko gussa tho nahi hain na asked vicky.


Arey vicky gussa kyun? Yeh tho college life hain. All will have crushes n enjoyment told maan n continued bechari geet heart broken n started laughing.


Geet made a baby face at daadimaa n told see daadi how they r teasing me. Even after college also preeti n vicky use to tease me on that matter n now maan too. This is cheating, atleast u be on my side daadi.


Daadi laughted out loud n told sure beta I am always by our side.


Thanku daadi, I love u told geet n stick her tongue out at them.

Waise geet aapka sir handsome the kya asked daadi.

Daadi aap bhi. Mujhe aapse baat hi nahi karni told geet n got up from there.

Arey geet ruko hum tho mazaak kar rahe the told maan.

Geet turned back n told maan sir, aaj aapne do do galti ki.

Oh… kya hain?? asked maan.

Ek aap mera movie plan bigad diya aur ab mera mazaak uda rahe ho? Asked geet making funny face n left from there.

Daadi main office ke liye nikalta hu. Bye daadi, bye guys told maan n left from there.

They all laughed.

Maan went out n saw geet murmuring something angrily.

He went n hugged her from back.

Arey meri shona naraz hain asked maan.

Hatiye chodiye mujhe tld geet angrily.

But maan is maan didnt move a bit but instead tightened the hug n started kissing her.

Maan sir chodiye koi dekh lega told geet.

Acha agar koi bhi nahi hain tho tumko kuch bhi problem nahi told maan n smirked.

Geet blushed n turned around n hugged him tight.

Maan sir they r just joking.

Mujhe pata hain geet, I know my mishty very well told maan n kissed her forehead.

But here geet is lost in some thoughts n maan here to lighten the mood told geet tumne mujhe sadu kaha? Hmmm??

geet broke the hug n gulped hard n told chi chi maan sir maine aapko sadu nahi sweet kaha. Aap kitne sweet ho told geet n faked a smile.

Acha?? sweet sachi then prove it?


prove it that I am sweet told maan n smirked.

Geet caught his intensions n told chi sir aap besharam hogaye ho. Chalo office nahi jaana hain kya?

Nahi pehle tum prove karo??

yeh koi science maths hain kya prove karne keliye. Chalo office chalte hain nahi tho uss sasha phir se chillayegi.

Thik hain but tumko sazaa zaroor milega told maan.

Geet shied n they both sat in the car n headed towards office. In the car maan made few calls.

Geet: mera movie n made a baby face n looked up.

Maan saw her antics n smiled a bit but maintained straight face n told agar tumara complaint session katam hua tho hum project ke baare mein discuss kare.

Geet twisted her lips n told ok..

they both are discussing about project. They reached office. Maan entered office with full attitude n geet followed him.

Sasha come into my cabin told maan.

Yes MK told sasha n gave a annoyed look to geet.

Geet u too told maan.

Geet smiled inwardly n told yes sir.

They both went into his cabin n discussing about some project. Suddenly geet spoke

sir I have few corrections in this blueprints.

Geet cant u see that these are completed told sasha with attitude.

But sir there is something wrong in this told geet.

Maan looked at her n told what ms. Geet.

But MK why u r listening to her she is just your secretary n nothing more. She dont have any knowledge on this. I wonder what stupid ideas she has?

Tears welled up in geet’s eyes, seeing that sasha smirked n maan is angry.

Precap: maan angry on whom?? Angry


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