Destiny and Love part 5

27 Aug


They both went into his cabin n discussing about some project. Suddenly geet spoke

sir I have few corrections in this blueprints.

Geet cant u see that these are completed told sasha with attitude.

But sir there is something wrong in this told geet.

Maan looked at her n told what ms. Geet.

But MK why u r listening to her she is just your secretary n nothing more. She dont have any knowledge on this. I wonder what stupid ideas she has?

Tears welled up in geet’s eyes, seeing that sasha smirked n maan is angry.

Seeing the tears in geet’s eyes his anger raised more.

Stop it roared maan.

Geet took one step back seeing his anger n sasha too shocked by his sudden outburst.

Miss. Geet this is a professional place n not any school to cry for small things. Better u keep it in mind from next time told maan angrily.

Sorry sir told geet.

U may go now. Ha bring the shimla project file after 30 min told maan.

Ok sir told geet n left from there.

Here sasha is smiling inwardly seeing geet’s condition, but her happniness is short lived.

Sasha I know my employees capability in doing work, no need to point out others. First make a habit of listening to others n take decisions. It should not repeat again, u may leave now. This is my last warning, if u repeat it again then u will be out of the office.

Sorry MK I didnt mean…

she was cut by maan, I dont need ur explanation. Get out roared maan.

Sasha went out fuming.

Sasha (st): Uss geet ko tho main chodongi nahi, uski wajah se MK scolded me. I will not leave u geet.

Just then tasha came to sasha n asked sasha.. mara matlab hain ma’am why u r so angry.

Uss behenji geet.

What she did now ? Asked tasha.

I dont know why MK support her in all the matters. Kuch tho hain, I should know.

Ha ma’am I think kuch chakkar chal raha hain told tasha.

For their bad luck maan came out of his cabin n saw them gossiping something.

Sasha n tasha shouted maan.

ye.. yes MK stammered sasha.

I dont pay u both for gossiping around in my office. I want the project file to be completed by evening told maan.

Yes MK.

Go back to ur work.

Yes sir told tasha.

They both left from there. Maan entered geet’s cabin n to his surprise she is not there in the cabin.

Maan (st): geet kaha chali gayi ? Omg.. pata nahi madam kitne gusse mein hogi thought maan gulping his saliva.

The great maan singh khurana afraid of his girl friend. Wow that will be really breaking news.

Maan sat in geet’s cabin verifying the accounts file of shimla project.

Suddenly geet entered the cabin with full speed but rooted in her tracks when she saw maan there.

Aapko kuch chahiye sir asked geet eating her chocolate.

Maan rolled his eyes seeing her eating chocolate that infront of her boss.

Koi boss ke saamne chocolate khata hain kya?? asked maan.

Geet is looking here n there which made maan confuse.

What are u searching for??

Hmmm kuch nahi just searching for any note that there is a rule in this company that employees should not eat chocolates told geet.

Geeet shouted maan.

Ha I know my name is geet.

I told u to bring shimla project file.

Ha u told but after 30 min. still 10 min time is there. N u r reading the same file.

Maan (st): yeh ladki bhi na ulta jawab dena iska shauq hain shayad.

Aapko aur kuch chahiye asked maan.

Ha told maan.


chocolate told maan n closed his eyes.

Maan (st): chocolate?? I asked chocolate, omg.. I am going crazy with this girl.

Chocolate?? frowned geet.

Dekhiye sir mere paas sirf ek chocolate hain aur main aapko nahi dungi mujhe sham ko khane ke liye chahiye. So I wont give u this chocolate told geet fearfully as if the great MSK will snatch her chocolate.

Maan chuckled seeing reaction.

Geet (st): omg.. I just forgot totally, I should talk to him right?? kya kaha yeh professional place hain aur yeh school nahi hain. Aur uss chudail sasha. I just hate her.

What are u thinking?? asked maan.

Sir do u have any work then tell me, I have other works to do. This is not any school na that my boss will be telling things repeatedly told geet sarcastically.

Maan got up n stood in front of her n told geet I didnt mean it. I dont want u to be weak in front of others. Thats why I told u those words. I am sorry geet.

But geet turned the other way.

Geet maine kaha na sorry ab tho baat karo yaar.

Sorry sir this is office n a professional place told geet.

ge… when maan was about to tell something, geet gave him the accounts file n told aapko aur kuch chahiye.

Ha I need black coffee on my table in 10 min told maan n left from there.

Black coffee?? how much coffee will he drink, yeh koi soft drink hain kya? No I will not give him coffee its not good to drink so much coffee.

Geet went to pantry n took the coffee cup n filled it with water. She took her notepad n wrote.

Maan sir,

I gave u coffee 1 hour back, so its not good drink coffee for every one hour. So no coffee till lunch. If u want have some water. Samjhe aap?


Geet smiled reading her note n entered maan’s cabin.

Geet kept coffee cup filled with water n the note beside it.

Sir aapke coffee told geet n left from there.

Maan took the coffee cup n was shocked to see water in it.

Water?? yeh geet ko aaj kya hogaya thought maan. Just then his eyes fell on the note.

He opened n read the note. A smiled formed on his lips n kissed the note lovingly.

Then he saw her doing some work in her cabin. Maan too started doing his work.

Suddenly geet is having severe head ache. She held his head in between her palms.

She couldnt tolerate n rested her head on the desk n closed her eyes.

Here maan didnt notice geet n is doing his work.

Its lunch time so preeti n vicky entered maan’s cabin with lunch for both maan n geet.

Hii bro wished vicky.

Hey u both here. Have some work asked maan.

Kuch nahi bro, just wanna have lunch with u n geet told preeti.

Maan smiled n told them to settle down. Maan saw that the blinds are closed. He called geet.

By the ringing of the phone geet got up n lifted the phone n told hello.

Geet come to my cabin.

Ok sir told geet n cut the call.

With great difficulty geet got up n knocked maan’s door.

Come in told maan.

Geet entered cabin n saw preeti n vicky.

Hey u both here asked geet.

Why we should not come asked preeti.

Nahi aisa nahi told geet n closed her eyes. Her head is spinning she caught hold of wall for the support not to fall.

Maan, preeti n vicky saw her n rushed to her. Maan held her tight n asked geet what happened?

Maan made geet sit on the couch. Geet opened her eyes n saw them worried.

She smiled n told nothing happened.

Geet dont lie, tumko sar dard ho raha hain na asked maan.


Stop it geet, how many times we told u when u get head ache dont do any work told vicky.

Arey I told na kuch nahi hua told geet frustratingly.

Preeti sensed that she is very tired n told ok baba, chalo lunch karte hain.

Nahi mujhe bhook nahi hain told geet.

Hota bhi kaise har waqt chocolate khati rehti ho told maan angrily.

Ofho sir aap bhi anna (bro) ki tarah… she was about to tell something but closed her eyes in pain.

Maan understood her pain n told ok ok sorry, thoda khalo. Tablet bhi lena hain tumko.

Geet opened her eyes n looked at him.

I am there for u, u r not alone told maan through his eyes.

Geet smiled a little. Vicky n maan hugged her side ways. Preeti smiled at them n care for her best friend.

They all had lunch peacefully, talking n pulling each others leg.

But geet is still feeling tired. Maan gave her medicine for that she made different faces but maan didnt care all those. Finally she ate medicine n left to rest room to have some sleep that to instructed by her maan.

Geet no other option geet left to rest room.

When preeti n vicky was about to leave maan stopped them.

Princess, vicky mujhe aap dono se kuch baat karna hain told maan.

Ji bro told both n settled on the couch.

Actually, dont take me other wise but just want to know.. told maan.

What happened bro asked preeti.

Mujhe geet ke baare main tum dono se baat karna hain told maan.

Both understood what they gonna ask.

We understand bro what u wanna ask told vicky.

Preeti held maan’s hand n told bro jo kuch bhi hua isme geet ki koi bhi galti nahi hain. We r proof for that bro.

Dekho preeti mujhe meri geet par barosa hain, mujhe yeh baat pata lagna hain ki geet kaun hain aur uski family.

Bro geet is from banglore. We met her in our B ARCH. Aapko banglore ke GG INDUSTRIES ke baare main pata hain na? Asked preeti.

Ha pata hain told maan.

Geet is the one n only princess of GG industries ke MD ke beti told preeti.

WHAT??? asked maan in shock.

He just cant believe that geet is his best friend’s sister. Yes geet’s brother is maan’s best friend.

Precap: more about geet’s past..

              devil’s entry.. (preent ya past)



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