Destiny and Love part 6

27 Aug


Bro geet is from banglore. We met her in our B ARCH. Aapko banglore ke GG INDUSTRIES ke baare main pata hain na? Asked preeti.

Ha pata hain told maan.

Geet is the one n only princess of GG industries ke MD ke beti told preeti.

WHAT??? asked maan in shock.

He just cant believe that geet is his best friend’s sister. Yes geet’s brother is maan’s best friend.

See how small n round the world is, maan’s best friend sister is geet. But they both didnt meet n until today maan diesnt who geet is?? but here maan should be happy that they r going to be family or sad that his best friend whom he trust the most didnt trust his own sister. But his friend is not so innocent that he believe others blindly, at the same time he cannot doubt his geet, he knows she cannot do anything wrong. Then whats the matter, now maan’s head is spinning he just sat there in a confusion with lot of questions going through in his mind.

Here preeti n vicky are confused with maan’s sudden change of expressions.

Bro r u ok?? asked vicky.

Maan came out of his trance n told ha but geet, guru ki behen hain?

Now its time for preeti n vicky to be shocked.

Bro how u know guru?? asked preeti.

We both r friends n room mates in london university. We both r best buddies, but as per I know he loves his sister a lot. Then how can he not trust geet. I dont think so there must be some reason told maan.

Preeti got angry listening to maan n told angrily ha bro u will support your friend but I know how much my friend suffered.

Maan found it strange that preeti getting angry but shrugged his thoughts n asked ok calm down. Batao mujhe hua kya hain.

Preeti looked at maan n told bhai me, vicky, anju n DEV are best friends in college days. Anju n dev are childhood frieds infact they both are best friends. From childhood they both are from samr school n now in same college. We both are new to the city n people there, but they both helped us n we became a gang. We 4 are quite popular in the college too. When we were in first year anju’s bro was in london I think u both are class mates. So anju soent most of the time with us. But her father took care of her, she lost her mother when she was very small. She is so pampered girl that what ever she ask her dad use to get that immediately. May be a chocolate to car. But she is not a spoilt girl, she is very traditional.

We enjoyed our college first 2 years with anju n dev. We were very happy. We thought that dev is a nice guy until that day told preeti n sighed. A lone tear escaped from her eyes. Vicky side hugged her n wiped her tears.

When we were in third year there was a birthday party of our classmate in a pub. But anju dont like going to pub so preeti n anju didnt come to the party. Myself n dev went to the party. Initially the party was good we enjoyed with our friends. But suddenly I didnt find dev n its already mid night so I went searching for him. But I saw the most unexpected there. Dev was fully drunk n was in one of the room with with a girl on the bed told vicky n closed his eyes in disgust.

I was very shocked to see that immediately I came out of the pub n drove back to home without informing anyone. That day I could nt sleep a sudden fear started thinking about preeti n anju. I thought its my duty to care of my sister n friend.

Next day morning I told to preeti what all happened in the party n she was shocked beyond limits. We both decided not to tell anju about dev because they both are best friends n some where we thought that she wont believe us told vicky n looked at maan.

But his face has no expressions he is just staring at him blankly.

Preeti by now sobbing n hugged maan tight n told this is wrong thing we did bro, some where we r also responsible for what she is today.

Suddenly someone barged into the cabin. Maan, vicky n preeti turned around n saw geet in tears. They 3 are shocked to see her here. They all got up n staring at her.

But geet spoke nahi preeti u did nothing it was my foolishness ki I believed him told geet n broke down completely.

Again the whole past came in front of her. She felt so disgusted. Maan rushed to her n made her stand.

Shhh geet dont cry, jo hua so hua ab uske baare mein sochna bhi mat. I cant see u in pain told maan.

Nahi maan, u have every right to know about me I dont want anyone telling u about me n u doubt me at that time told geet.

Nahi geet never ever in my life I doubt u told maan.

Geet hugged him tight. She felt so much peace in his arms.

Geet broke the hug n staring at him n was lost in his eyes which are refleting pure love for her.

Geet, bro u come n sit told vicky.

Geet n maan settled on the couch with vicky n preeti.

We r so sorry geet, that we didnt tell about dev at that time, we thought that u wont believe us told preeti.

From that day onwards we were always with her bro, but one thing we observed was dev was so frustated seeing us always with her. Sometimes he tried to come close to her when we r not around. N our geet is so nave that she didnt recognise his bad intentions told vicky n looked at geet.

Geet held maan’s hand tight n was sobbing silently.

N the lust in his eyes for me inreasing day by day told geet with anger in her eyes.

Maan’s eyes became red due to anger but he controlled himself.

When we were in fourth year preeti n vicky went to some case study n I was in college alone. After the classes I went to park in the nearby college sat on the bench. All of a sudden dev came n sat beside me. We both talked for some time.

~~ flash back~~

geet is sitting on the bench listening to songs n head phones on. Suddenly dev came n sat beside her. Geet smiled at him n wished him.

Hiii dev.

Hii anju, what r u doing here? Asked dev.

Umm nothing, actually preeti n vicky are out for some work. So I am feeling bored told geet.

Ohh, u might have called me na? Asked dev.

Hmm I tried but ur mobile was switched off.

Oh ya I forgot told dev n switched on his mobile.

They both talked for some time.

Hey dev its already late, let’s go told geet n was about to get up.

Dev stopped her n held her wrist.

Hey wait I wanna say u something told dev.

Geet smiled n told ya tell.

Wo actually.. actually stammered dev.

Dev tell me what u wanna say.. told geet.

Suddenly dev hugged geet n told anju I love u, I love u very much. From many years I wanna say this but I was afraid that u will reject me. 

geet was shocked beyond limits n jerked him away. She had tears in her eyes listening to her best friend.

What the hell is this dev? U love me I just cant believe this. I treated u always as my best friend. I cant n never love u dev. Mind it told geet angrily.

She too dont know that she also gets angry.

Why anju cant best friends be life partners? Asked dev moving towards her.

Today again u proved that a boy n a grl cannot be friends either they end up being lovers or break their friendship. These many days I was so proud of our friendship but today u proved wrong told geet with pain.

This angered dev n he held y her shoulders tight n told I dont know all that, I love u n we will get married. U better be ready for that told dev n jerked her away n left from there.

Geet sat on her knees hugging n crying badly. Suddenly her mobile rang n its from home.

Seeing the time she thought that its became very late. Hurriedly she went home n was shocked to see the person there. She forgot all her worries n ran to him n hugged him tight.

Anna (bro) when did u come asked geet.

Guru(geet’s bro) carassed her hair n told just now ammi (gudiya).

Till now she was so scared seeing dev in the park like that but now she is so much relieved to see her brother back from london.

Geet is crying in his arms. Guru got worried n asked what happened anju?

Nothing anna, I missed u so much, plz never leave me n go.

No ammi, now I will never leave u n go. Its my promise dear. Now dont cry. U know na I hate tears in ur eyes.

Geet broke the hug n nodded.

Guru wiped her tears n asked guess what I brought for u?

I dont know told geet.

Bacha u r alright na? Asked guru. Because his sister is not in her usual self. She is so pale n dull today.

Ha anna I am fine. First tell me what u brought for me told geet trying to act normal.

Guru unpacked his bag n took out n packet n gave it to her.

Geet opened the packet n saw a camera in it.

Camera?? for me?? asked geet.

Ha anju for u told guru.

ok.. told geet sadly.

Guru laughed n gave her another packet.

Geet opened even that one but now her smile widened n hugged him tight n told thanku anna.. thanku.

Guru smiled n told u happy now??

yes anna very happy. Thanku for the chocolates.

Anju grow up, u r not a kid to eat chocolates told guru.

Oh plzz anna, dont start it again told geet.

After ur marriage I will bava (jijaji) not to buy chocolates for u told guru.

Very funny anna he will listen to me not u. that time u n he both will get chocolates for me told geet n smiiled.

Guru too smiled at his innocent sister.

~~ flashback ends~~

After I didnt talk to dev much n I was so happy with anna. Few months passed but I didnt tell about dev to anyone.

Suddenly during my fourth year exams I use to get blank calls n messages. First I ignored but after few days they became more n more. I was scared n dont know what to do. I thought of telling to anna but scared of his reaction n he was busy with his business too told geet n sighed.

Maan huged her tight n seeing her reaction he sensed that some thing very serious is coming ahead. By now his doubt is clear that…

precap: hahaha any guesses what is maan sure of… Wink


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