Destiny and Love part 7

27 Aug


 After I didnt talk to dev much n I was so happy with anna. Few months passed but I didnt tell about dev to anyone.

Suddenly during my fourth year exams I use to get blank calls n messages. First I ignored but after few days they became more n more. I was scared n dont know what to do. I thought of telling to anna but scared of his reaction n he was busy with his business too told geet n sighed.

Maan hugged her tight n seeing her reaction he sensed that some thing very serious is coming ahead. By now his doubt is clear that some thing is missing.

One day I was so frustated will all these blank calls and messages. I dont know what to do. I cant tell to anna, he will become so angry n dont know what will he do. So there is only one option left with to tell preeti n vicky. So I went to preeti’s house that day.


~~ flask back ~~


Geet rang the bell, vicky opened the door n was surprised to see geet that early.

Hey anju come told vicky.

Geet entered the house n settled on the couch.

Where is preeti ? Asked geet.

She is preparing coffee, wait I will tell her to get u one told vicky.

No need, just call preeti I need to talk with u both told geet seriously.

Vicky sensed the seriousness in her voice n called preeti.

When preeti came there geet ran to her n hugged her tight n started crying loud. They both are shocked to see her condition n worried too.

Anju what happened dear ?? asked preeti.

But geet is still crying. Some how she calmed down n vicky gave her water to drink.

Now tell what happened ?? asked vicky.

Preeti, vicky I need to tell u something important told geet.

What happened yaar?? asked preeti.

Actually wo.. wo.. she told what all happened on that day n dev’s matter n return of her anna.

They both are shocked to hear that, anger is building in both.

How dare he, I wont leave that b****** roared vicky.

Relax anju we r there na nothing will happen told preeti.

There is one more thing I have to tell u told geet.

Vicky looked at her questioningly.

Actually from past few days I am getting blank calls n texts told geet.

What the hell?? thought vicky.

Dont worry anju, nothing will happen we will do something told vicky.

I dont know what to do vicky, I am very much tensed told geet.

They calmed her down, that day no one went to college, they made geet sleep for some time in preeti;s room n they came to hall. Both are in deep thought. The condition is going out of their hand.

Vicky dont u think that we have tell to geet’s bro told preeti.

I dont think so, we have to tell everything about dev n dev is their family friend told vicky.

Hmm we have to do something fast told preeti.

Hmmm told vicky in deep thoughts.

What if we tell to bro told preeti.

R u mad bacha, no way told vicky.

They both sighed n thinking what to do. Suddenly they got a call that they have to attend college for some assignment. They all got ready n headed towards college. When they reached college they saw dev near entrance. But they didnt care him n was going to class dev stopped them.

Hii guys wished dev.

They all just gave him an angry glare but didnt talk with him.

Guys I know that u all are angry on me, but I need to talk to u plzz told dev.

What u need to talk now, there is nothing told vicky angrily.

Plz guys just once, please anju told dev.

Just go from here dev, we have class to attend told preeti.

There is no class I only called u here told dev.

They all glared at him.

Plz guys we will sit n talk in the canteen told dev.

With no other option they all went to canteen n settled.

Geet didnt leave preeti’s hand for even a second.

Preeti assured her that nothing will happen.

Anju I am so sorry for my behaviour on that day, I am ashamed with my own behaviour, how can I behave like that with my best friend please forgive me anju. I know that u r very angry on his n I am not worth of forgiveness. But please I will never ever repeat this again, I cant loose my best friend. Plz anju plz forgive me told dev with fake tears.

Geet felt bad seeing his tears, she is so nave that she believed him. But here preeti n vicky just looked at him with disgust.

Plz anju friends?? asked dev extending his hand.

Geet smiled n she too extended her hand n told u r my best friend n always be.

Dev smirked at his innocent friend. U r such a fool anju, lets see now.

Thanku, thanks a lot anju told dev.

They all left from there n geet, preeti n vicky reached their apartment.

Once they entered the house, preeti shouted what the hell is this anju, how can u believe him so easily.

Then what should I do, I just dont want to create any more problems but it doesnt mean that I believe him but from now we can live happily told geet.

But anju… vicky tried to speak something.

Vicky if I have any problem then I will inform u guys immediately told geet.

Waise dont u want to tell about this to your bro asked preeti.

No way, anna will be very angry n dont know what will he do… waise if u want to meet him then tell me told geet n winked.

Just shut up ok who will meet ur bro, he is so irritating told preeti.

Ufff… thought geet.

Waise I am hungry do u need anything asked preeti.

No re I will go home now told geet n bid good bye to them n left from there.

Vicky what do u think, what is happening asked preeti.

Bacha we cant do anything now except keeping an eye on that dev told vicky.


~~ flash back ends ~~


Maan is all confused to hear this.

One minute, if u didnt tell anything to guru then how come he know about those calls n all asked maan.

What?? I didnt tell anna anything, he dont know anything told geet.

No he knows told maan.

But how?? asked geet.

I told to ur brother about all those things except the dev’s matter told preeti.

Geet is hell shocked to hear that.

What? Shouted geet.

Ha then what do u think that b****** dev told sorry n u believed him, no I dont want to take any risk thats why I told to guru told preeti.

Oh so u r that friend told maan.

By the way maan how do u know anna n those calls asked geet confusingly.

Because I only found out who is disturbing u told maan.

How ? Asked geet.


~~ flash back ~~


One day guru is pacing here n there in his room. Just then maan called him.

Hey dude, how r u?? asked maan.

Not fine yaar, there is some problem here told guru.

Why what happened??

Its about my sister.

Ohh anything serious.

Sort of yaar, she is very dull these days n when I ask her she is not telling anything, me very tensed about her.

May she is tired due to college work n all.

No yaar yesterday I had a talk with her friend.

What she told?

Actually she told me that someone is disturbing her by giving blank calls n texts from past few days.

Then find out who is that.

But how yaar anju is not telling anything.

Maan thought for some time n told I have a plan.


May be this is wrong but we have no other option. Check her mobile n note down the number n I will try to find it out.

Ok we have to do that only, no other option is left.

Fine, if u need any help dont hesitate ok??

ok dude thanku.

No problem yaar, chalo I have some work call u later.

Ok maan, bye.

With that both cut the call. Here guru is on his mission, he knows that its wrong to check others mobile without their knowledge, but he can do anything for his sister. He cant see her in pain. The next day guru got the number n gave it to maan. Maan found it who is it, its some girl named Ria.


~~ flash back ends ~~


Omg… anna knows everything I mean about dev too gasped geet.

May be I dont know told maan.


Actually geet, after that I didnt talk with ur brother, I thought the problem is cleared.

Geet sighed n told no maan, nothing went right, sab kuch galat hua (all went wrong ).

geet held maan’s hand tight, her nails are digging in his hand but he didnt care, the pain his jaan, his shona is facing is not worth of her. She needs to be happy.

Shona calm down, nothing happened told maan.

No maan, I wish I have listened to preeti n vicky that day. I wish I have told anna about all these things told geet.

Geet, dont think about all these things now, it gives only pain shona tried maan to convince her.

Maan side hugged her n geet cluched his shirt tight n hid her face in his chest. She felt peace in his atms n after some time she broke the hug.

Maan after that we all were very happy me, preeti n vicky. Our 7th sem exams were completed n we thought of doing some designs on our own so we didnt go for any holiday. We went to case study, n were involved in out work, even anna too helped us. Suddenly she smiled n told maan u know always when anna use to help us preeti n anna end up with fighting.

Maan looked at preeti who is smiling with tears in her eyes.

Everything was prerfect until that day told geet n closed her eyes in pain. Geet hugged maan tight n started crying loudly. Maan didnt stop her, its needed she have to come out of her grief.

Maan (st): dev, u made my geet suffer to no extent, now its ur turn. U have to face maan singh khurana.

Suddenly maan texted to vicky without geet’s notice. When vicky checked his mobile his eyes widened in shock n looked maan who just nodded.

Vicky sighed now when his brother is involved in this matter he will do in his style. So its better to do what he tells. Vicky too nodded at him.

Shh calm down shona, u take rest u r so tired told maan.

No maan, today u have to know every thing n what ever the decision u take I will accept told geet.

Maan cupped her face n told see geet, I trust u n I am with u always. I dont care about ur past, but u have to promise me that u will not leave me n go. Samjhi tum??

Geet nodded n told never in my life.

Do u need water?? asked maan.

Geet nodded in a no n told maan u know na I hate to go to pub’s.

Maan nodded n geet continued but that day I went to pub that too alone with dev. He told me lie that even pretti n vicky are also coming. That day my life changed completely.


~~ flash back ~~


When dev called geet that there is some party, vicky n preeti are also coming. But she again didnt call to them.

Geet got ready in her simple salwar suit with minimum make up. When she was about to go dev entered her house.

Hey anju r u ready? Asked dev.

Yes dev, but u here??

Oh ya, they told me that they will come directly there, so I came to pick u up told dev.

Oh ok fine, lets go told geet.

Geet n dev left from there n after some time they reached the destination. Geet is shocked n angry.

What is this dev, u know that I wont like coming to pub’s, then what is this?? asked geet.

Come on anju just once, even they both will be coming by now told dev.

Geet uncomfortably went inside with dev. There is a loud music n dark in the pub. Geet didnt like the atmosphere at all. But there is no other option for her to get in.

Hey anju u sit here I will get u soft drink told dev.

No dev, I dont need anything told geet.

Just a soft drink yaar told dev n left from there before geet speak anything.

I will call to vicky n ask where are they thought geet.

Geet immediately called vicky.

Hey anju wished vicky.

Hey vicky where r u?? asked geet.

Yaar I am not able to hear u, where r u?? what r those loud music asked vicky.

Vicky I am not able to hear anything, where r u? Asked geet.

Immediately vicky cut the call n texted her where r u??

I am in **** pub replied geet.

Pub? What r u doing there??

geet got scared n texted dont joke vicky.. dev told u r also coming here.

Vicky got a shock seeing dev’s name n vicky dont know anything about going to pub.

Ya I am just joking yaar, I will be there in 15 min replied vicky.

Geet smiled n replied come fast u both.

Immediately vicky got ready. Preeti n vicky headed towards the pub.

Here dev got a soft drink for geet.

Here is ur drink told dev.

Geet took it n told thanku.

When geet to a sip of the drink she found some thing odd. But she shrugged off her thoughts n completed her drink.

After some time geet felt dizzy when she was about to get up, but not able to stand. Immediately dev held her close holding her waist. A smirk on his face.

Dev (st): so miss. Geetanjali u will be mine today.

Dev I am feeling dizzy, what is happening ??asked geet.

Dev held her more close to him, she was almost on him.

There are flashes of photo clicking. Dev smirked n was about to kiss her on her lips. Vicky came there n punched him straight on his face.

You b******* how dare u touch my friend roared vicky angrily.

Dev left geet, when she was about to fall preeti shouted anju.

Vicky left dev n he caught her.

Anju anju, open ur eyes asked vicky tapping her cheeks.

Seeing this opputunity dev left from there.

Vicky took geet in his arms n headed towards his house.


Precap: what will happen now??


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