Destiny and Love part 8

27 Aug

                                                  Chapter 8:


Dev left geet, when she was about to fall preeti shouted anju.

Vicky left dev n he caught her.

Anju anju, open ur eyes asked vicky tapping her cheeks.

Seeing this oppurtunity dev left from there.

Vicky took geet in his arms n headed towards his house. Vicky is driving the car n preeti n geet sat in the back seat. Geet is unconsious n rested her head on preeti’s shoulders. Preeti n vicky are burning in anger thinking about dev. If they r little late then what would happened.

After some time they reached home. Vicky took geet in his arms n they went inside. He placed her on the bed in preeti’s room.

Vicky u go out, let me change her told preeti.

Vicky nodded n left the room.

Preeti chnaged geet into her night dress. Geet is sleeping peacefully, she dont know what will happen in her life the next day. This will be the end of her happy days with her dad n bro. Her life is going to take a U turn the next day. The unexpected thing is going to happen which she not even expected in her horrible dreams. But sometimes life has to go on in its way, may be it is happening for good but bearing that pain is really not possible.

Here preeti came out of her room n saw vicky pacing from one corner to other. Preeti went to him n hugged him tight.

Vicky what is happening ? Now we should not be quiet, today he crossed all his limits. Lets go n inform to guru told preeti.

Yes I am also thinking the same, he will do something told vicky.

Dont know vicky I am afraid like something is going to happen.

Bacha dont worry, everything will be fine told vicky but he is not sure of himself.

Go n sleep its already late told vicky.

Ok, good night told preeti n went to her room. She slept beside geet.

Vicky n preeti r not able to sleep the whole night. They are thinking about the incident took place just few hours ago. Finally they dont know when they dossed off.

Next day morning :

preeti got up early n prepared lemon water for geet n she will have a severe hang out. Geet got up n as expected she held her head n closed her eyes not able to bear the head ache. Preeti entered the room n saw geet’s condition, tears formed in her eyes.

Geet slowly opened her eyes n saw here n there.

Anju take this told preeti n handed her the glass.

What is this? N what I am doing here? Asked geet confusingly.

First drink it told preeti in a serious tone.

Geet silently had the lemon water n kept the glass aside.

Now tell me asked geet.

Where did u go yesterday asked preeti.

Actually dev told some party is there n u both are also coming told geet.

But anju u should have called us na asked vicky entering the room.

What u both are talking about ? Asked geet confusingly.

Anju darasal baat yeh hain ki told vicky everything what happened in the pub n dev’s doings n they dont know anything about the party.

Geet’s eyes widened in shock b tears rolled down her cheeks.

What r u saying is true asked geet unbelievably.

Yes anju told preeti n hugged her.

Geet too hugged her back n crying her heart out. She was not able to believe that her best friend did it to her. How can a person be so low n disgusting.

Geet broke the hug n made a brave face n told I will go home now.

They both too didnt tell anything, because now she has to be strong n face that devil.

Ok anju we will also come with u told vicky.

No I will go told geet.

Just shut up ok warned preeti.

Geet went to washroom n got ready. Preeti prepared breakfast n they all had it silently.

Suddenly the land phone rang. Preeti picked the phone.


Hello bacha told maan.

Hey bro.. how r u?? hwz daadi?? asked preeti.

Bacha.. wo.. wo.. maan’s voice chocked.

Bro r u alright?? what happened?? asked preeti nervously.

Where is vicky bacha?? asked maan.

Bro u r scaring me plz tell me what happened?? asked preeti.

Listening their convo vicky too got nervous n took the phone from her.

Hello bro told vicky.


what happened bro??

vicky dadimaa..

kya hua dadimaa ko? Asked vicky.

Heart attack told maan n closed his eyes in pain.

This is the biggest shock for vicky. Tears formed in his eyes.

Ho.. how is she bro?? asked vicky.

Doctor’s didnt tell anything vicky. Plz dont tell to bacha, she will be very tensed told maan.

We r coming bro, we r coming told vicky n cut the call.

What happened vicky asked preeti nervously seeing his tears.

Dadimaa is not well bacha, we have to leave now.

What happened to her asked preeti shaking him.

Bacha dont worry she is fine, we have to go to delhi now told vicky n looked at geet.

Geet too had tears because she knows what daadimaa meant for them. Geet hugged both n told dont worry yaar dadi will be fine. U both go now. Ok dont worry. Call me when u reach there ok??

They broke the hug n nodded. Here she is in pain but she is giving them moral support. Today indeed a very unlucky day for all of them.

Geet packed their bags where as vicky booked the ticket for both of them. All 3 of them left the house. Geet went to her house n they both headed towards airport.

They boarded the flight n reached delhi in 3 hours. Directly they went to hospital.

Here geet reached home n little tensed, upset. She dont know what to do, whether to inform his bro or not. But she dont know what is awaiting for her.

She rang the bell n her brother opened the door.

Hii anna wished geet.

He looked at her seriously n turned back. Geet is confused by his behaviour which is very unlike him.

She entered the house to face her very serious father n some papers in his hand. No no when she deeply saw them, they are some pics.

Good morning appa (dad) wished geet.

Where were u anju last night asked her dad seriously.

wo.. wo.. appa actually I was in preeti’s place told geet.

Dont lie anju shouted his dad.

Geet was taken aback by his sudden outburst.

Appa wh.. what... but her dad didnt allow her to speak.

He throwed the photographs on her face.

Geet is shocked beyond limits seeing her dad behaving with her so rude. The person who get scared n worried if she is tensed or worried for little things. If she get a little pain then he will make the world upside down. That person is behaving with her in such a rude way n questioning her.

Geet looked at those photos n was shocked. She throwed that photos in disgust. She n dev, dev hugging her n kissing her (edited pics, in today’s technology we can do anything).

What is all this anju? I never expected u will do such things, u went to pub n lying us that u were in preeti’s place asked her dad angrily.

Appa (dad) once listen to me asked geet tears rolled down her cheeks.

Dad slapped her on her cheek tight.

I was so wrong about u, u cheated us anju u cheated us. I dont want to see ur face also told her dad in disgust.

Geet sat on the floor all broken. I didnt do anything appa, plz once believe me screamed her heart. She was so in pain that her dad didnt believe her. Being a very traditional person he is thinking about his reputation in the society but not about her daughter. How pathetic it is for geet. She is innocent but no one is there to believe her.

Anju next week is ur marriage, I will talk to dev’s parents immediately told her dad.

Geet’s head shot up n looked at him in horror.

Appa plz dont do that, I dont know anything, these are fake begged geet.

Just shut up, u dont have any right to talk, now we will do, u just keep quiet told dad.

Anna, atleast u tell appa ‘.

But her dad cut in middle n told guru, u r also coming with me to dev’s house evening.

Appa, anna listen to me once shouted geet.

But both are not ready to listen to her. Guru had tears in his eyes seeing his little sis condition.

Her dad dragged her to her room n locked her, didnt allow to go out.

She is screaming that she didnt do anything. But her dad is not at all listening n thinking only about the society n their reaction when they came to know about his daughter.

In the evening, they went to dev’s house n talked about their marriage. But they didnt understood why all of a sudden. But he somehow convinced n the marriage is after 10 days.

Dev is out of world, he is on cloud 9, he is going to marry her n his lust on her is going to be fulfilled. Later they left from there. Dev n his dad smirked.

Wow dev, u r too fast, now we will be the 50% owner of GG industries.

Yes appa, soon we will get all the shares of the company n anju too told dev n smirked.

Here geet’s bro n dad reached home n started preparations for marriage. Its only 2 days left for marriage. Preeti n vicky are in london. Now dadimaa got discharged n they are taking care of her. Even though maan told them to go back but they are not ready to leave dadi for a sec.

When they called geet, she didnt pick the phone. They called for land phone, every time geet’s dad use to tell she is busy or some reasons.

Before 2 days of marriage, geet’s sister swapna came (introduced her in prolouge, who helped geet to run away).

She saw her sister condition is very bad, her eyes are red due to continous crying n her face is pale. She lost all her happiness. Her dad lost faith in her.

Anju, go n get ready told swapna entering geet’s room.

Geet went to washroom like a lifeless body, she didnt argue anything. She dont want to live, she is waiting for her death to come, she dont want to marry that disgusting person.

They put mehendi n all (in south indian marriages there will be no haldi n all ).

Thw D-DAY finally arrived, geet got ready n sat on her bed. Tears rolling her eyes uncontrolably. She is thinking about the past few days her life has changed, she want to die. Death is so peaceful than marrying that b*****. she is thinking of her dad. How he changed so much just by seeing those fake photos. He is not even ready to talk with her. Its the first time geet is seeing this side of her dad.

Suddenly swapna entered her room. (rest of all u know, how her sister helped her to escape).

~~ end of flash back ~~

By now geet broke down completely. She is not able to bear all this pain.

We r so sorry geet, when u need us the most we r not there for u told preeti n hugged her.

Geet too hugged her back, both are crying their heart out. For the first in these 2 years geet opened up herself. Maan too had tears in his eyes seeing his shona’s pain. Anger building inside him. He wont leave that person who made his shona’s life a living hell.

Geet broke the hug n turned to maan.

Maan sir, atleast u believe me I didnt do anything. Plz dont hate me, if u also hate me then I cant live. I will die… told geet.

Maan placed his fingers on her lips n nodded in a no. geet hugged him tight n crying her heart out.

Maan let her cry because she is suffering from past 2 years n it is needed now.

Maan (st): I wont leave u dev, u made my shona, my geet’s life a living hell. Now its ur turn. Wait n watch the game. The game is going to begin in maan singh khurana’s style n smirked.

Preeti n vicky the smirk on maan’s face, they know what he might be thinking. Vicky knows that already his first plan is going to be executed.

Shhh shona calm down, I know u didnt do anything. Never in my life I doubt u dear. U r my life, how can I doubt my life ha bolo.

Geet cluched maan’s short tight.

Preeti n vicky left from there leaving some personal space for them.

Geet broke the hug n looked at him with teary eyes.

Maan carassed her face lovingly n kissed her forehead.

Geet, main tumare saath hamesha rahunga, har waqt, har pal, I will never leave u n go.

Really maan sir, u believe me na asked geet innocently.

Maan thought how can they doubt such an angel.

Ha shona, I believe u more than my life told maan.

Thanku very much maan sir. I love u told geet n hugged him.

Maan smiled at her confession.

Maan sir, u know what, I dont know what will I do when I left my house, I dont know how my life would be, but my god gave me u, u became my strength in each n every phase of my life. Without u geet is nothing. U came into my life like a ray of hope. I never thought that I will get my happiness again, but I got it in the form of u told geet.

Maan tightened the hug, geet is in peace being in her loves arms.

They both r in the same position for long time. He broke the hug n saw geet’s tired face. He carried her in his arms n placed her on the couch. He was about to leave, geet held his wrist. Maan turned back n looked at her. Fear n pain in her eyes. He is in pain seeing her in this condition. He sat on the couch, she rested her head on his lap n closed her eyes. Maan carassing her hair. Once she slept, he called preeti.

Bacha, take care of her I will just come now told maan.

Ok bro told preeti.

Maan left the cabin n went to vicky.

Hogaya kaam asked maan.

Vicky smiled at him n gave a thumbs up. Maan too smiled.



Precap: oops what u r expecting??


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