Destiny and Love part 9

27 Aug


Maan left the cabin n went to vicky.

Hogaya kaam asked maan.

Vicky smiled at him n gave a thumbs up. Maan too smiled.

~~ flash back ~~

When Vicky n preeti gone out to give some personal space to maneet. When Vicky came out he used office phone n called to someone. That person picked the call.

Hello that person told.

Am I speaking to MD of GG industries asked Vicky.

Yes.. told that person.

Hello mr. guru, this is vikram singh khurana from KC.

Hey Vicky, how r u??

I am fine guru bhai, maan bro wants to talk to u personally.

Oh.. whats the matter.

Don’t know bro, he wants to talk to u urgently. Can u come to delhi?? Asked Vicky seriously.

Guru knows that Vicky is not a serious person, if he is calling then it might be very important.

Ok tell maan that I am coming by tomorrow morning told guru.

Ok thanku.. waise how is anju??

Guru’s face became dull hearing her name.

I will tell u everything once I reach delhi told guru n cut the call.

~~ flash back ends ~~

Vicky and maan smiled as their first plan is completed by bringing geet’s family. What ever it might be she should face her family now. Its long time, her family should know about her n maan wants to give guru a peace of mind.

Here after the phone call guru is quite disturbed. From past 2 years he is trying to trace his sister. But he didn’t find her anywhere.

Guru (st): anju where r u dear?? U don’t know how worried I am, don’t know where r u?? I know that I am wrong, but atleast u didn’t tell me your problem. By the time I found out u left the house. I didn’t doubt u anju, how can i? u r my little sister n I have full trust on u. where r u ammi (gudiya) plz come back. We cant live without u anju. Hope u r safe somewhere.

A lone tear escaped from his eyes. Immediately he wiped those tears n booked his flight ticket for delhi. He has flight tomorrow at 6 am.

Guru (st): don’t know why maan called me all of a sudden. After that incident I didn’t contact him, I was in so guilt that I was not able to talk with sapna akka also. Its my fault that I didn’t support my sister n I am suffering now. Fine tomorrow I am gonna meet maan.

Here geet is sleeping peacefully on the couch n preeti is caressing her hair. It’s the peaceful sleep for her. Now she is away from all the burden. Sharing her past with maan really helped her to come out of that. Maan n Vicky came to his cabin n saw her sleeping.

Vicky, preeti u go home told maan.

Its ok bro, we will wait till she wakes up told preeti.

But dadi will be alone, u guys go we will come early to home told maan.

Ok bro as u wish told Vicky.

Preeti kissed geet’s forehead, Vicky n preeti left from there .

Maan smiled at his shona and continued doing his work. He was busy in doing his work, after some time geet slowly opened her eyes. Then she realized she is sleeping on the couch in maan’s cabin. She got up n stood.

Maan sir called geet.

But maan ignored her call n continued his work.

Maan sir called geet a little louder.

No response from maan. Geet got angry n called him maaan..

Maan smiled n looked at her.

Better call that told maan n smirked.

Then she realized that he is doing wontedly. Geet pouted n told u r a cheater.

Maan smiled n continued his work.

Geet went n stood beside him n asked maan u r not angry on me na?

Maan looked at her n pulled her holding her waist. She landed on his lap. Maan held her close holding her waist n kissed her both cheeks.

Geet, I told u before n even now I am saying I have full trust on u. maan ki geet kabhi galat kar hi nahi sakti.

Geet smiled n kissed his cheeks n shied.

Wow my shone is becoming bold day by day.

Geet hid her face in his chest.

I love u geet told maan.

I love u maan told geet.

Geet placed a kiss on his heart. She looked into his eyes which is reflecting pure love and care for her.

Maan rested his head on her chest listening her heart beat.

Pata hain geet, main darr gaya tha subah tumko aise haalat mein dekke. Main apni jaan ko aise haalat mein ahi dekh sakta geet. Because of u I am living my life again. I cant loose u jaan. Being in so much pain I don’t know how u r able to smile n make others smile.

Nahi maan, aapke bina meri life kuch bhi nahi hain. If u r not there with me then I don’t know where I would have gone. Even though u scold me, u taunt me but u r always my strength.

Maan is staring at her lovingly.

Maan ab mujhe kaam karna hain, I will leave now.

Hmm no u do work tomorrow. Be with me today.

Maan, u forgot I am on leave from tomorrow.

Jaan this is not fair, how can I work without u told maan making a baby face.

Geet smiled at his antics n told ok fine I will come during lunch hour n we can have lunch together.

U r so sweet geet told maan n kissed her cheeks.

Ok maan, I will go n do work now, nahi tho mera rakshas boss will eat me told geet n giggled.

Geeet, what u said, ha??

What did I say asked geet making innocent face.

U have to pay for this geet,

Anything for u told geet n got up.

Miss. Geetanjali get me the London project file told maan in MSK style.

Geet rolled her eyes n left to her cabin.

When she went out sasha entered maan’s cabin n told MK this is shimla project file. Blueprints are ready.

Ok sasha, I will check it out. Anything else.

Just then geet knocked the door.

Yes, come in told maan.

Geet entered n saw sasha in the cabin talking to maan about some project.

Maan sir here is the London project file told geet n gave him the file.

Thanku told maan n took the file.

Geet yesterday u told me there r some mistakes in the blue print what is that ??

Yes sir actually, started geet n told what is the mistake. (guys I don’t know anything about architecture. So think that geet told some important thing n maan is impressed).

Wow, geet really nice idea, I think we should implement it in the design. What say sasha?

But MK we have already completed the designs.

No problem sasha ma’am I will complete those designs by tomorrow morning, anyways we have presentation after 3 days.

Yes, geet complete those designs told maan.

Here sasha is fuming with anger.

Ok MK, told sasha.

Ha geet, postpone all my meeting which are held tomorrow told maan.

Why?? Asked maan.

Geet, do what MK told u told sasha with anger.

Sorry ma’am for ur kind information if sir wont tell me the reason then how can I inform to clients, that why the meeting is postponed retorted geet.

Maan liked the confidence in her voice, after all she is would-be mrs. Msk.

Listening to geet, sasha’s anger rised 100 folds but she controlled n gave her a fake smile. Geet smirked inwardly seeing her condition.

Ok MK I will give the blueprints to geet told sasha n left his cabin.

Geet, umm tomorrow u have to come to office, we have some important meeting. Ok?? Any problem.

Nahi maan, I don’t have any problem. I will come.

Maan smiled n told ok take the blue prints from sasha n try to complete, I don’t want any delay. Ok?

Ok sir, I will complete my work. Can I go now?

Hmmm not necessary, u can complete your wok here only in front me told maan n smiled cheekily.

Maaan’ I am going bye n left the cabin immediately.

Maan smiled at his shona n continued his work.

Later the whole day all are busy, maan n geet are busy in doing their work. But maan is stealing the glances of geet.

Its evening 7pm n all the staff are leaving the office one by one. Now only maan n geet are left.

Geet is very tired so she is sleeping on the table n maan completed his work. He saw that geet cabin’s light is still on.

Maan closed his laptop n went to geet’s cabin to see the most beautiful sight infront of him.

She is sleeping like a small baby with a pout on her lips. Maan is wondering what is the reason behind her pouting.

Maan (st): omg.. she is looking so cute with that pout. She is like a small baby in that sleeping.

Maan don’t want to awake her so he went near to her n lifted her in his arms. Geet smiled in her sleep. Maan too smiled seeing her happy.

Maan placed her in the front n put on the seat belt. Maan sat in the driver’s seat n drove to KM. geet rested her head on maan’s shoulders. Maan is admiring his shona while driving car.

They both reached KM. he tried to wake up geet.

Geet geet utho.

Ummm ..

Arey utho baba, how much u will sleep.

Instantly geet opened her eyes n started at him angrily. Maan gulped his saliva n smiled nervously.

Geet got out of the car n went inside mansion.

Hii dadi wished geet.

Geet beta, come sit told dadi.

Dadi n geet chatted for some time. After that they all had dinner n geet left for her house.

Here maan dropped her n came back to KM. he went to his room n changed into his vests. He lied on the bed n was in deep thoughts.

Maan (st): geet, ur brother is coming tomorrow. I don’t know but I have a strong feeling that what ever u told me about guru n what guru told me about u. some thing is missing that’s why I want to talk with guru n clear all the MU. I want ur happiness n I can do anything for that.

Thinking about all these maan dosed off. Here geet too completed the blue prints n slept a bit late.

Next day morning:

In banglore guru got ready n boarded his flight to delhi. He has a strong feeling that something is gonna happen today.

Here maan got up n completed his routines n took shower. He called geet but she didn’t pick the phone.

Shayad madam abi tak so rahi hogi thought maan n smiled.

He got ready in his office attire n went downstairs. All of them had breakfast n all the 3 left for office.

Here geet is still sleeping. Maan reached office at 9:30 am n directly went to his cabin. As all his meetings are postponed he is waiting for guru to come.

Meanwhile geet got up n saw the time n was shocked.

Ayyo rama (hey babaji) I am late again thought geet.

Immediately she got n took shower n took the blueprints n went to office.

Geet (st): god, plz save me. Wo kya hain na main raat ko late so gayi na tho isiliye jaldi uth nahi payi. Par maan ko yeh sab kaise pata ab wo mujhpar chillayega. Plz save me from my rakshas.

Maan, Vicky n preeti are in maan’s cabin for both brother and sister.

I think both brother n sister are same never come on time told maan.

Bro, first of all why did u call guru here. Ab iski kya zaroorat asked preeti angrily.

Preeti relax this is necessary, how many days geet will be away from her family told maan.

I understand bro, but when she needed him the most he didn’t care for her roared preeti.

Preeti dear calm down first told maan patiently. He knows how much they care n love geet. So gussa hona nahi chalega ab. After all she is sister of MSK so she too have the same anger.

Sorry bro, this time I am not with u both told preeti n was about to get up, they heard a knock on the door.

Shayad geet came told preeti n opened the door immediately. But her face expressions changed seeing the person in front of her.

Hii told that person nervously.

Preeti gave him an angry glare n gave him room to enter.

Maan smiled seeing him.

Hey dude how r u? after a long time told maan.

Ha yaar, how r u ? asked guru.

Bro I am going dadi will be waiting told preeti.

Gudiya plz told maan.

Preeti sighed n sat on the couch making a grumpy face. But she is doing for her friend n bhabhi.

Baitho guru told maan. Maan sat in his MSK seat n guru in front of him. Vicky n preeti are settled on the couch.

Bolo maan, u want to talk something important asked guru.

Here geet reached office n directly went to maan’s cabin. She knocked the door.

Maan told come in.

Geet entered the room n didn’t notice anyone there na guru, na Vicky, na preeti.

Maan I am so sorry for the late. I was sleeping. Wo kya hain na raat ko blueprints prepare kar rahi thi so late hogayi. I am so sorry told geet without giving any full stop.

Vicky n preeti chuckled seeing her bak-bak. But one person there is shocked to hear her. No need to see the face, how can not recognize his little sister’s sweet voice. He is happy that he is going to meet his sister after long 2 years. He know she will be very angry. She wont forgive him but he will beg for her forgiveness. He will do anything for his sister. Maan noticed guru’s face expression. There is happiness, pain, shock, sad.

Geet, hogaya tumari bak-bak told maan.

Geet made a baby face.

U will never come on time. Haina??

Geet got angry n told aha this is all because of u. I am leave today so there is no need to come on time. Here are your blueprints.

Geet went near his table n kept the blueprints on the table. When she saw the person who is opposite to maan, she is shocked to see him here.

For the first time after 2 years guru saw his sister. For the first time after2 tears geet saw her brother. First she is very happy to see him but after that her face became red due to anger. She left her family 2 years back she don’t want to meet them even. Now she has maan n his family who trust her without knowing anything n when maan came to know the truth, he supported her.

Geet’s head started spinning, she held the table for support. She is not able to understand what is going on.

Maan n guru saw geet n was horrified.



Shouted both n was about to hold her, she raised her hand to stop them.

Nooo told geet.

Tears rolled down her cheeks continously. She don’t want to face the situation. She ran out from the cabin crying. She went to her cabin n started crying her heart out.

Guru too had tears in his eyes when he saw geet in that condition.

Mr. guru I think now u r very happy to see my friend in pain right?? Ab samaj mein aya bro why I don’t like him to come here asked preeti angrily.

As I told before, I want geet to be happy. She has to face situation, I know she is very strong told maan.

What will happen now. Will geet be able to forgive her brother n dad.


Precap: geet angry, but on whom?

              Maan or guru??


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