Destiny And Love Prologue

27 Aug



A girl sat on her cozy bed with a typical south indial bridal attire. Yellow colour heavy banaras saree with heavy and matching jewellery. Her hair tied into a bun. Tears were continously rolling down her cheeks. Till last week her life is full of joy but today her life became upside down. She dont know what to do. Kept covered her face in her palms n crying heart out. Till last week she was princess to her brother n father but today, they didnt believe her. They doubted her, the just one look of her brother n father made her to die thousand deaths. She felt herself very low n disgusted. She is the one who is responsible for what is happening today. Her sweet nature, her bubbliness is responsible for what she is today.


Why god why ? What did I do? Why it is happening to me? I dont want to marry him I hate him. I feel so disgusted when he see me with his lustful eyes cried that girl.

But naanu enu madbeku appa, anna nanna maatu kelolru (but wat should I do dad n bro will not listen to me).

Suddenly someone opened the door immediately that girl wiped her tears n faked a smile.

Dont try to act infront of me told the girl who entered the room. She is her sister swapna married 2 years back n expecting now.

That girl hugged swapna n cried her heart out.

Akka (sister) I didnt do anything its all his plan to marry me. Plz do something. I dont want to marryhim told that girl.

Shhh shhh dont cry be calm. I have an idea told swapna.

They broke the hug n asked what plan akka?

Marriage is at 12 noon n its early in the morning 5 only. At 7 u have a delhi train from here. Take all your certificates n go from here told swapna.

That girl is shocked to listen this.

Akka u r telling me to go from here but appa n anna (dad n bro) what they think about me.

ANJU listen to me there is only one option left. I cant see ur life with that idiot. So u have to do this.


take all ur certificates complete ur last sem there I will talk with ur bava (jiju). Moreover ur friends preeti n vicky are also in delhi. I will talk with them. U go n change first. Go anju go. Its not time to think anything.

Ok akka saying so anju went inside washroom n changed into salwar suit n took out all her jewellery n wore simple bangles.

She came out n saw her akka packing her things.

Akka is this right??

anju dont think much there is no other option left trust me. Once everything will be fine here I will call u.

akka I cant beleve this appa n anna (dad n bro) didnt believe me. Why akka dont they have trust on their own daughter.

U did nothing anju its all his plan. Ok now go ur bava (jiju) is waiting outside in the car.

Anju (st): I am sorry appa, I am sorry anna. I cant marry him so I am leaving my house. Hmm now its not my house the day u didnt trust me from that day this is not my house. TILL U CALL ME I WONT ENTER IN THIS HOUSE. ITS MY PROMISE. GOOD BYE.

Anju hugged her sister n jumped from the window to the garden n slowly went out n got into the car in which her jiju is waiting.

She looked back to get the last glimpse of her house, in which she was the princess but today that is not her house. She is leaving her family forever n going to delhi to start a new life where no one is there for her.

Nadiri bava (chaliye jiju).

Anju dont worry once u reach delhi call me I will arrange everything.

But anju didnt tell anything she sat silently in the car n he drove to railway station. They reached railway station, her jiju gave her ticket n she got into the train. Her jiju gave her mobile phone to keep it with her.

Be careful anju. Any problem dont hesitate to ask us ok??

she just nodded.

The train started to move jiju got down n bid her good bye.

Once the train started she throwed the mobile phone outside the window.

Anju (st): sorry akka, sorry bava from today I am starting new life. I dont want u to get into trouble, I am leaving for ever. Dont try to search for me. I am not going to contact even preeti n vicky too. I am sorry plz forgive me. Think that ur sister is dead today. Good bye forever.




In the next update u will come to know who is that girl n all. so dont get confused.


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