Love and Revenge part 1

27 Aug


Arnav left from there. Maan closed his eyes n thought.

Where r u dear? Missing u a lot. I searched u each and every where. But..

His eyes filled with pain n anger.

I don’t leave them once I came to know where r u, they have to face maan singh khurana. I will take the REVENGE. Its my promise.

His eyes are splitting fire n he can burn anyone now. He took the intercom n called adi, KC’s accountant and maan’s friend.

Adi come to my cabin told maan.

Ye.. yes sir co.. coming told adi.

After 5 min adi entered maan’s cabin.

Sir u called me? Asked adi.

Yes adi, give the advertisement for my secretary. This time appoint the one who will do work sincerely. Understood??

Ye.. yes sir told adi.

Ok u may leave now told maan.

Right sir told adi n literally ran from there.

Maan got busy in doing his work. He is working like a machine to forget his pain which he is suffering from past 10 years. In very tender age when he needs his parents the most he lost them. From that day he is living in pain, he cant share with others. Now his only family is his DADIMAA and his brother DEV. If they come to know about the pain which he suffering from 10 years they cant tolerate. He is suffering, this suffering made him strong, rude, arrogant. All feared his anger but no one understood him except 2 people.

Here arnav went to college to pick up his sister who is hell angry on him now. Finally he reached college n got down from his car in his typical ASR style. He went inside the college and spotted his 2 sisters in the canteen.

Hii sweetu, hi gudiya wished arnav.

Hii bhai wished gudiya but sweetu glared at him angrily.

Oh seems someone is angry on me told arnav while taking his seat.

He made a baby face at sweetu n looked at gudiya for help. Sweetu is very dangerous when she is angry.

Sweetu sorry baba, next time I wont be late told arnav.

Di maan jao na told gudiya.

How can she remain angry when her both behen n bro r making those faces.

She smiled at them. They both smiled back at her.

Waise gudiya how was ur class today? Asked arnav.

Bro don’t ask her I will tell. She wont listen anything in the class. I don’t understand how she get marks told sweetu.

GEET di nothing like that today I was not interested in the class told gudiya.

Really ANJALI I don’t know told geet angrily.

Bhai’ called anjali for help.

Sweetu’ called arnav.

Ok ok I am not scolding ur sweet sister. Waise from tomorrow I don’t take classes I have to go to my clinic. So u don’t need to worry gudiya told geet.

She is GEET SINGH RAIZADA, a famous PSYCHIATRIST in INDIA. She completed her studies in London last year and now working in a hospital. In this one year she took so many cases n is successful. She is beautiful, bubbly n a very caring girl. Geet is a very lovely sister for arnav. He wants her to be happy always. She is a reserved person but dev is her best friend. She lost her bubbliness when she lost her best friend  at the age of 12. It took more than one year for geet to come out of her depression. She came out of her thoughts when anjali asked her.

Di u came only to take 2 days class?? Asked anjali.

Hmm yes.. told geet.

Ok sweetu, gudiya come on we will go home told arnav.

They all left from there and settled in the car while arnav is driving. Anjali and arnav r in front seat talking something, while geet sat in the back seat and listening to their talk.

After sometime they reached RM. They entered n got freshened up.

Geet went to her room n closed the door. She took her clothes n went inside the washroom to take shower. She took shower n came out ready. She took the pic which is on the dressing table n smiled sadly n told why u left me dear. Missing u a lot.

Suddenly someone entered her room, geet kept the pic aside n smiled at arnav.

What took u so much time geet. R u alright? Asked arnav with concern.

I am fine bhaiyya, don’t worry told geet.

Arnav understood that she is missing her friend, she never calls him bhaiyya unless she needs someone.

Immediately arnav hugged geet.

Sweetu, don’t worry dear. We r there for u na. hmm??

Geet broke the hug n told bro I am perfectly alright, u don’t worry. Chalo we will have lunch.

Arnav smiled at her but he knows that how much she is missing her friend. They both are like inseperable souls. They both use to enjoy together, play pranks on dev, maan n arnav n use to get gifts from them. At that anjali is so small so she dont remember geet’s friend. But its been 10 years she lost her friend n even today she is not able to forget her.

Sweetu where r u lost? asked arnav.

nothing bro.. chalo we will have lunch told geet.

They both headed downstairs and saw anjali waiting for them.

Atlast u came.. come fast i am hungry told anjali and made a baby face.

They both smiled at her n geet served them n had lunch together. Suddenly geet remembered some thing and asked.

Bro hospital construction ka kya hua ? asked geet.

Hmm geet have to talk to maan about that. R u free now, so that we can meet him now? Asked arnav.

Me?? In KC?? U go n talk bro told geet uncomfortably. 

Sweetu, u r doctor not me n u should explain about all the things. How can I know? Told arnav understanding her situation. But he is not a doctor so geet should be there. 

Geet sighed n told ok bro. ask him whether he is free or not?

Ok I will ask him now told arnav n took out his phone n called maan.

Maan who is working on his laptop saw that his cell is ringing n got furstated but when he saw the caller ID he became normal n picked the phone.


Hey maan..

Bolo arnav told maan.

Dude r u free now? Asked arnav.

Why do u have any work?

Hmm yes I told u before about the hospital construction na?


Have to talk about that. If u r free main aur geet abi aana chata hu told arnav.

He closed his eyes hearing geet’s name but composed himself and told

Come after one hour yaar, I have meeting now.

Ok dude will meet u after one hour. Bye..

Hmm.. told maan n cut the call.

Sweetu after one hour told arnav.

Ok bro, I have some work I am going to my room.


Bhai, can I come asked anjali.

Tum kyun asked geet who heard her.

Nothing di I didn’t meet maan bro for many days, so?? Told anjali.

Ok come told arnav while geet went to her room.

Geet went to her room n was reading about some case. she is making points which she have to explain to the patients. 1 hour passed n arnav shouted from down.

Geet r u ready??

Geet saw the time n told coming bro.

She closed the laptop immediately and made her way downwards. She saw arnav and anjali ready. She smiled at them n 3 of them were about to go suddenly someone shouted.

Gudiyaaa shouted that person.

Anjali widened her eyes in shock n told oye teri yeh yaha kya kar raha hain?

Arnav and geet glared at her and asked what u did?

Me nothing, plz tell him that I am not at home told anjali n ran to her room n shut the door.

They both rolled their eyes seeing their sister’s nautanki.

Gudiya where r u? come out shouted that person coming inside RM.

Arey what happened? Asked arnav.

Arnav bhai don’t ask me, ur sister is making my life a living hell told that person.

Listening this anjali came out of her room running and shouted what?? I am making ur life hell? What r u doing then?

U?? where is my mobile? Tumne mera mobile chori ki  Asked that person.

What do I know?

U don’t know, ha? Really?

Dekho DEV bhai don’t come warna main’

Warna kya?

Warna main apni bhabhi ki photo’told anjali n smirked.

Shut up, keep my mobile with u I will buy new one told dev immediately.

Dev bhai buy the new model.. what is that ha.. **** model. Then i will u ur mobile n take that told anjali.

Ufff bhai, for god sake dont give her laptop with net connection nahi tho yeh mujhe roz phone karke naya naya models ke baare mein bolke mera dimag kayegi told dev.

All laughed at his comment and anjali made a gol-gappe face. But suddenly something stuck geet and asked.

Anjali what r u saying? Bhabhi… Asked geet.

Arey geet nothing, I think u r going some where? Asked dev.

Ha dev, we r going to KC told arnav.

Oh ok bhai, I am going to office come we will go told dev.

Ok chalo told arnav n all left for office.


Precap: maan meeting gudiya and becomes happy.

             Maneet meeting..

             Maan’s new secretary..


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