Love and Revenge part 10

27 Aug


Here in KM dadimaa is waiting for dev and prem but they didn’t turn up. She sighed and was about to go to her room but she heard a car horn and thought that dev and prem are back.

All of them got down of the car. Khushi is so happy that she is back to her house and she is jumping like a small kid with excitement. All of them smiled at her excitement and maa had tears in her eyes thinking about her life in KM. how happy they all were with their children then one day everything changed. But today seems everything is in normal.

 Dev and prem went inside first as they know that dadimaa will be waiting for them. Dadimaa saw them entering into the hall followed by maan. Dadimaa is surprised to see maan at this time as he never comes to KM at this odd time. Dadimaa literally pinched herself to see her grandson smiling. Dadimaa immediately got up and went to maan and checked maan’s forehead.

Maan and others looked at her confusingly and maan asked what happened dadimaa?

Even I am also asking u the same what happened to u? u came early and on top of that u r smiling. Everything is fine na? asked dadimaa with a mischeiveous glint on her face.

There is a surprise and good news for u dadimaa told maan.

Hey don’t tell me that you got married asked dadimaa.

Hahaha.. dadi r u dreaming? Asked prem while laughing at his brother.

Maan shot him an angry glare which made him shut.

Omg.. how much you 3 will talk, here I am waiting to meet her from long told khushi frustatingly and excited to meet her DM.

Dadi looked at the entrance and saw khushi there and was surprised to see her here and that too shouting on her grand son’s mainly maan.

Pari beta.. called dadimaa.

Khushi came forward and hugged dadi. Dadimaa is surprised to see her hugging.

DM’ called khushi. Hearing that dadimaa’s world almost stopped. Is she hearing right? Did she hear DM which only her khushi and arnav calls her. Is she khushi. Khushi broke the hug and looked at dadimaa who had lot of questions in her eyes. Khushi understood her turmoil and held her hand and asked her to come out.

Dadimaa just silently followed her and came out. She saw someone on the wheel chair. She went close to her and was shocked to see her BAHU. She could not believe her eyes. She is definitely not dreaming. Mom saw dadimaa and smiled at her with tears in her eyes.

Maaji’ called mom.

Dadimaa had tears in her eyes, she went near her and cupped her face and kissed on her forehead.

Sangita.. whispered dadimaa. Sangita hugged her by her waist. Dadimaa slowly caressed her hair. Sangita broke the hug and told maaji, she is our khushi and pointed towards khushi.

Dadimaa turned back and saw khushi smiling through tears. She ran and hugged her DM.

DM’ cried khushi. Dadimaa too hugged her back and caressed her hair and asked kaisi hain meri bachi?

They broke the hug and and khushi told what happened to me DM, now I am back to u and I am very happy.

Dadimaa smiled at her and kissed her forehead.

You both wait here outside I will come just now told DM and went inside and geet followed dadimaa and she expected why dadimaa told them to wait outside. Later they came with a aarti ki thali. Geet took aarti for both sangita and khushi, then they entered into the house.

Dadimaa’s happiness have no bounds. Though she has many questions lingering in her mind she thought of asking later as they need to rest now.

Sangita, aap thik tho ho na? I will call doctor told dadimaa seeing in the wheel chair. She then remembered khushi’s words. ‘my mom is paralysed and I have to give her food’.

Sangita is paralysed. Hey bhagwan what is all this happening. At least now let all of them be happy thought dadimaa.

Dadimaa and mom rested in dadimaa’s room. As mom is very weak and her eyes are dropping. Due to her weakness she is not able to talk properly.

Here all the children are in the hall talking with each other. Seems that they forgot everything and lost in their world. Khushi sat between maan and dev and prem sat opposite to her. On the other couch geet and arnav sat. while talking with each other khushi rested her head on maan’s shoulder and closed her eyes. Maan held her on hand and other dev, they don’t want to leave their sister for a second. Maan kissed her forehead and smiled seeing her sleeping peacefully with a smile on her face. Omg.. aaj kal prem kyun emotional ho raha hain babaji.. prem had tears in his eyes for 2 reasons. One seeing his sister after 10 long years and seeing his big bro smiling, who forgor how to smile is now happy. The atmosphere was so silent till now but suddenly it became not less than a jhagda mahaal.

Anjali came shouting for prem.

Premmm shouted anjali on top of her lungs. Due to the sudden shout of them jerked and looked at her with horror. Emotional prem became nervous prem and thoughtmar gaya.

Prem, u idiot where r u? shouted anjali again with this even khushi too got up who is sleeping. All of them saw prem as if asking what u did now.

Prem looked at them nervously and told bhaiyon aur behno plz save me yaar. That anjali will kill me today. Plz plz.. requested prem.

Kya kiya tumne? Asked khushi. But its late now already anjali entered into the hall and looked at prem with anger and she can kill him at any time.

Anju.. called prem sweetly.

Anju.. my foot shouted anjali and started chasing him with hockey stick. U wait there I am coming..

Oye teri thought prem and started running in the whole hall and anjali chasing him shouting at him to stop.

Maan is watching them as if they are some aliens because he never saw them fighting actually chasing.

Gudiya.. stop what happened? Asked maan.

Maan bhai, plz don’t let me hit him first and dev bhai or geet di treat him for his wounds and then I will tell you told anjali.

Ok.. told maan casually.

Bhai.. what ok instead of saving me u r saying ok.. shouted prem so that maan can hear.

All of them laughed at them. Finally arnav caught angry anjali and stopped her.

Bhai.. leave me told anjali.

First tell me what happened? Asked arnav.

Wo.. gadha prem today he told he will come to college and pick me up. But but I waited in the college for whole 2 hours and he didn’t turn up. I had to come by cab told anjali furiously.

I am sorry yaar, I am so sorry told prem.

Anjali turned her head and saw pari/khushi there.

Hey pari, hi how r u? asked anjali and hugged her.

I am fine gudiya told khushi.

Gudiya, she is our sister’ but maan was cut off by anjali.

Kya aap khushi hain?? Asked an excited anjali.

Ha.. par tumko kaise pata asked khushi.

Wo.. wo.. fumbled anjali nervously looking at maan. Maan looked at her suspiciously.

Wo.. I he.. heard maan bhai’s talk with di and dev bhai that day told anjali making a baby face to khushi asking her to help.

Maan and others smiled at her but khushi hugged and told no problem gudiya, we both are same. I too heard their talk and then came to know they are my brothers.

Thanku di’ told anjali. I am sorry maan bhai.

Maan hugged both his sisters and kissed their forehead.

Later at night all of them had dinner. Dadimaa and mom looking at their children happily. Dadimaa is very happy to see her maan smiling. She was worried that her maan can never come to his original self. But today its like her dream came true and even she came to know that he loves his sister more than him. Indeed she is really khushi for him.

All of them retired to their rooms except maan, geet and arnav, as they decided to go for outing today. 10 years back it was their habit that when ever they are happy they use to go out at night and enjoy. But today they decided to go to pub. Maan attended pubs only for office meetings but today he is going to pub to enjoy. And today they are not going by car but they are going on their bikes.

Maan and arnav are dressed in black and black looking extremely hot. And their hair is gelled up and rolex wrist watch and googles are on and they both are on their respective bikes. Here geet came dressed in tight jeans and casual t-shirt and small ear rings, baby pink lip gloss and pointed heels. Her hair open and looking extremely sexy. Arnav accelerated the bike so as maan, and they know that geet will come on maan’s bike. As usual geet sat on maan’s bike and hugging him from back.

Kodak moment teased arnav.

Lets go dude told maan and they both accelerated the bike. The whole scene didn’t miss by dadimaa who is shocked to maan and arnav on bikes and geet too joined them. She smirked as she got a chance to tease her grand son.

As it is 11 pm at night and no one is there on road, its some what deserted. So they are going in high but not so high speed. Geet’s started shouting and both laughed at her.

Sweety careful, maan may loose balance told arnav and smirked.

Don’t worry dude ur sister will be safe told maan with same smirk on his face.

Soon they reached pub and only couples are allowed, oops arnav ka kya?

Can I join u? came a voice.

3 of them turned back to see khushi and the whole gang. They are shocked and asked hey what you guys are doing here? Asked arnav.

Well, how can you enjoy leaving us? Asked prem.

Ok.. come on join us told maan and all of them went inside in couples.

Maan-geet, arnav-khushi, prem-anjali, dev-NT (dev’s girl friend).

They settled themselves on the couch.

Bro we didn’t thought that u will come to pubs told dev.

Patch-up jo hogaya ab told prem and looked at maan.

Yes guys, I came with my girl friend any problem for u two? Asked maan.

Ohhh’.. shouted all.

I will get drinks, girls wait here told maan and boys got up.

Hey girls what drink u need? Asked arnav.

Anjali, khushi and NT told soft drink. Geet didn’t answer anything.

Maan looked at her and asked what u need?

Geet told hard drink only visible to maan, maan is shocked but nodded ok. But geet still has doubt whether he will bring hard drink for her or not. Its her dream atleast in her life time.

All the boys ordered drinks and waiting. Here girls are having their time laughing, teasing each other and giggling. Finally all of them brought drink for their respective partners. Maan gave geet her so called hard drink and boys themselves brought a beer.

Geet took a sip and made a yucky face, maan saw that and smirked.

Shall I bring soft drink for u? asked maan.

Geet nodded in a no and drank the drink in one go. All the boys looked at her in shock. Geet kept the glass on the table and told chi’ its so yucky how u guys drink?

All of them smiled at her and her head started spinning as it is her first time. She got up and told hey guys chalo lets dance.

Geet no, u r not in ur senses told maan.

Come maan told geet and pulled him to dance floor. And she started dancing madly and jumping and giggling.

It’s the time to disco’ started geet singing.

Geet come, we will go home told maan and tried to pull her.

No maan we will dance come na told geet and started dancing around him. Maan is trying to control her she is not and her proximity is making him loose himself.

Hey maan its better to take her home told arnav.

Ha’ told maan and took geet in his arms.

Chodo mujhe I want to dance’ it’s the time to disco’ woo lalala

Geet looked at maan and told maan u r so hot. I want to kiss u and she made a baby face.

Shut up geet told maan not able to control himself. Maan went out and geet is singing and giggling in his arms. Dev came and gave car keys to him as it is not safe to go on bike.

Thanks dev told maan and placed geet in the car and seat belt on. Maan sat on the driver seat and started driving to KM. but geet is asking all kind of questions and singing and blabbering continuously.

Ufff’ yeh ladki sach mein pagal hain. Wonder how she became a doctor thought maan.

Suddenly to his luck it started raining.

Oh god.. baarish bhi abhi hona tha thought maan.

Geet got excited seeing rain and shouted maan stop the car.

No geet I wont.. told maan sternly.

Geet got angry but made a puppy face and told plz maan. Seeing her face maan stopped the car and taking this as advantage geet got out of the car and started dancing in the rain.

Geet shouted maan.

But geet didn’t care his shouting and continued playing in rain. As it is a deserted area no one is there on the road. Maan came of the car and made geet sit in the car. But she is hitting him on his chest but maan didn’t care. Maan sat back in the driver seat and today his luck is too good. Car didn’t start and maan literally banged his head on the steering.

What should I do now? Thought maan and looked here and there. He just found a small hut. With no other option maan got out of the car and took geet and went to that hut. No one is there and he found a small cot. He placed geet on the bed gently. Both are now fully wet and her dress is hugging her skin making her curves visible. Maan turned the other side trying to control himself. But he saw geet is half conscious and she is shivering. Maan sat near her and he is calling her name but she is shivering badly due to cold.

Geet geet, get up love u r catching cold tried maan to wake up geet but no use.

And on top of that her dress is fully wet. Maan don’t know what to do and he is worried for geet. He touched her forehead which is now turned very cold. Her body is loosing temperature and she is shivering badly. He kept his mobile in the car itself and he now cant call anyone. Maan is rubbing her hands and legs so that heat will be produced in the body. But geet didn’t open her eyes.

Geet open ur eyes dear.

Maan removed his shirt and hugged her tight and he started rubbing her bare skin. Maan closed his eyes thinking what to do now.

Then he remembered something. One day maan is in KM and dev is asking some doubts to her as she completed her studies. Maan remembered those words. That if any persons body is turning cold and not getting heat by any means we should give the heat of our body.

Maan first hesitated a bit but nothing is more important for him than his geet. So slowly he made up his mind to give his body heat.


Precap: u guys know’ Wink

             maan-mom talk.. Smile

              new secretary… Confused



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