Love and Revenge part 11

27 Aug


Then he remembered something. One day maan is in KM and dev is asking some doubts to her as she completed her studies. Maan remembered those words. That if any persons body is turning cold and not getting heat by any means we should give the heat of our body.

Maan first hesitated a bit but nothing is more important for him than his geet. So slowly he made up his mind to give his body heat. He then looked at geet who is shivering badly. He kissed her forehead and slowly took undid her shirt, he hugged her more close and unhooked her b**. One side he is loosing his control but he composed himself and rubbing her bare skin to produce heat into her body.

Maan untied the dori of her pant and then unbuckled his pant and removed them completely. He slowly made her sleep on the bed and he came on top of her, and hugged her tight and giving his heat. He is rubbing her legs with his and her hands with his. Like after 1 hour or so geet started gaining some conscious, seeing that maan sighed in relief. Geet slightly opened her eyes and saw maan on top of her, she smiled at him cutely and kissed him on his cheek. She sill didn’t realize that she is only in her panties. Maan smiled at her and kissed her forehead and asked “how r u feeling now?”

Geet smiled at him and told “when you are with me nothing will happen to me”.

Maan bent to her and kissed her neck and his hands went to her bare back and pulled her more towards him. A shiver ran through her spine when his cold fingers touched her bare skin, she closed her eyes in anticipation and suddenly her eyes widened in shock and looked at herself and she was almost bare. Geet looked at him questioningly, maan saw her eyes and told “u r catching cold geet and I don’t have other option than this”.

Suddenly her cheeks became beetroot red seeing their proximity and she hid her face in the crook of his neck. Maan smiled at his shy mishty, even though this is not their first time but she is always shy. Geet looked at maan’s eyes and asked “maan you really love me na?”

Maan looked at her in pain and guilt and told “I am so sorry geet, I know my each and every action hurted you to no extent but believe me geet, I did all this for my love, for my geet. Geet u know nothing jaan, so much happened when you were in London, and I am glad that you are not here”.

Geet looked at him worriedly and asked “what happened maan?”

“Geet when time comes I will tell you everything, geet will you forgive your maan” asked maan painfully.

“Yeh tum kya keh rahe ho maan, yes its true that I was hurt but I can never be angry on you. I was tired of waiting for you maan, I waited each and every second that you will come. Takh gayi hu maan iss zindagi se ladh ladh ke. First my parents left me but that time mujhe bura nahi laga. But jab tum mujhe chodkar chale gaye the mujhe laga ki my soul is going away from me. Plz maan never leave me alone mujhe aur bardaash nahi hoga, agar tumko mujhe chodkar jaana hain tho kill me maan. Mujhe aur bardaash karne kaa taaqat nahi hain maan. Taq gaya hu maan” told geet and cried in his embrace.

Maan too had tears in his eyes listening to her pain, how much she has suffered. From the day she is born till today she is suffering. But the main cause of her pain is maan. He cannot see her in pain anymore. She deserve to be happy. And he will make sure that she is happy.

“I am sorry jaan, ab main tumko akele chodke kahi nahi jaaonga. Whatever happen we both face it, and I will be always be for you jaan” told maan and hugged her tight.

“I LOVE YOU JAAN” told geet. Maan broke the hug and looked at her with all his love.

“I LOVE YOU JAAN” told maan and sealed her lips with his. Maan poured all his love in that kiss and made her HIS. Geet is so lost in that kiss, she pulled him more close and told between the kiss “maan make me yours, I need you maan I cant live with out you.”

That’s all maan needed and he removed the last barrier between them and he made love with her, filling her with his love. Geet too kissed him madly as she got back his love. Today maan and geet became one and they made love the whole night forgetting about the world. They both are lost in their own world where no tension, no worries only their love existed. In all sense now geet is MAAN KI GEET. The hut is filled with their love and passion. When they reached the climax and both of them are tired and lay beside each other. Geet rested her head on his chest and both slept peacefully.

Next day morning maan and geet opened their eyes and smiled at each other and wished good morning. Maan smiled at geet naughtily while geet looked at him with frown. Without wasting a second maan sealed geet’s lips and wished good morning. Geet too responded with same passion and after like ages they broke the kiss due to lack of breath.

“Maan get up I need to dress” told geet shyly.

“Hmmm.. shall I help you?” Asked maan with a wink.

“Maan shut up and get up” told geet slapping on his cheek.

Maan looked at his watch and widened his eyes in shock. “Oh crap, geet its 7am I have a meeting at 9’o clock”. Saying this maan got up and dressed himself and geet too got up and dressed. They both went out near car and maan took his mobile and called to KM and told the address and asked prem to send a car. Within 15 min car came and both maan and geet sat in the back seat and geet rested her head on his shoulder and held his hand tight while maan placed his hand on her shoulder and kissed her forehead.

Unknown to them the storm already entered into delhi. And made all preparations to destroy KHURANA’S. But here maan and geet are unware of this and a smile is playing on their lips. Will that smile be there with them forever. Will maan and geet be together or ””.

Here in other part of DELHI:

A person is sipping coffee with a smirk on the face. Just then the phone rang and that person picked the phone and told “every thing is set. No problem.”

“Good’ inform me day to day news ok? If you have any problem then call me immediately” told person 2.

“Ok u don’t worry” told that person 1 who is in delhi.

“Listen don’t underestimate MAAN SINGH KHURANA. U don’t know him once he get any doubts then think that we r DEAD” told person 2.

“I am not that fool to do anything foolishly, and I have my men here” told person 1.

“Ok take care” told person 2 and cut the call.

Person 1 smirked and thought “MAAN SINGH KHURANA now the game starts. First of all I have to find where KHUSHI is? So that I can play with him. If khushi is with MSK then it will be easy for me, the game will be more easy. MSK your destruction starts”.

Maan reached KM and asked driver to drop geet to RM. Maan bid good bye to geet and went inside. He saw his mom and dadimaa are waiting for him. He smiled at them and wished.

“Good morning dadimaa, good morning maa.”

“Good morning bete” wished both and smiled.

“I am sorry I have an important meeting, I will talk with you in the evening” told maan and rushed to his room.

Dadimaa sighed and told “dekho sangita apne bete hamesha meetings and files. Iske alawa kuch sochta bhi nahi.”

“Meetings and files maaji?” Asked sangita in confusion.

“Ha bahu, maan is the MD of KC'” told dadimaa.

Sangita is shocked to hear this and had tears in her eyes. Dadimaa saw that and asked worriedly “what happened bahu?”

“Kuch nahi maaji, mera beta kitna bada hogaya hain” told sangita and smiled sadly.

Dadimaa caressed her face and told “I will check whether breakfast is ready or not, nahi tho maan will shout”. Dadimaa went to kitchen leaving sangita in her thoughts. After some time maan came down in his office attire and attitude is ozzing out and he sat beside his maa.

Sangita caressed his face with tears in her eyes.

“Yeh kya hogaya maan, main kabhi socha bhi nahi tha” told sangita.

“Kya hua maa?” Asked maan.

“You are handling KC, maine yeh kabhi socha bhi nahi the. You left all your dreams, why you did like this maan. You dreamt of becoming a doctor na beta?” Asked maa painfully.

Maan smiled at her sadly and told “maa mujhe meeting ke liye time horaha hain”. And he got up from there, actually he don’t want to face his maa now. Yes its true that maan never liked being an architect. His dream is to become a doctor, but everything will happen as per destiny.

Here maa want to stop him and want to take away all the pain but it is not possible, these 10 years cant come back. The pain which all of them have suffered will not come back. She closed her eyes in pain and tears rolled down her cheek.

Maan reached office and directly went to his cabin. He called adi to come into his cabin.

Adi knocked the door and maan asked him to come in.

“Good morning sir” wished adi.

Maan smiled a little and wished him back. Adi is happy and shocked to see him smile.

“Adi new secretary joined?” Asked maan.

“Yes sir she sighed all the formalities and I showed her cabin and she is waiting for you sir” told adi.

“Ok.. send her in” told maan.

“Sir.. can I ask you something?” Asked adi.

“Yes adi..”

“You seem happy today and I am seeing you smile for the first time, any reason sir? “Asked adi.

Maan looked at him for a while and told “my sister and mom are back adi. I just found them yesterday. I met them after 10 years adi.”

“Wow that’s great news sir, congratulations” wished adi feeling really happy for his boss.

“Thanku adi, and no one should know about the news, its not safe” told maan.

“Sure sir” told adi and left the cabin.

Adi went to maan’s secretary cabin and asked her to go to maan’s cabin. She smiled at him and told “ok adi sir.”

That girl knocked his cabin door.

“Come in'” told maan.

She entered into his cabin and wished him.

“Good morning sir, I am anjali your new secretary” told anjali.

Maan looked at her and told her to sit.

“Ok from today you have make my schedule and before day you have to tell me what are all the meeting I have for next day. And if any meeting is help up then you should inform me before hand. And yes I hate late comers and I don’t want any negligence in the work” told maan with attitude.

She smiled at him softly and told “sure sir, I wont disappoint you.”

“Hmmm, u may go now and bring black coffee after 30 min” told maan and got engrossed in his work.

Anjali once glanced at him and went out of his cabin. Anjali went to her cabin and she is going through all the files which KC is handling currently. 30 min passed she prepared black coffee and went to maan’s cabin.

“Sir ur coffee” told anjali.

“Keep it on the table and go” told maan without looking at her. She did what he told and left the cabin.

Here maan looked at the watch and thought of calling geet once. He called to her mobile but she didn’t pick the call. He then tried to her clinic number, receptionist picked the call.


“Hello can I speak to Dr. Raizada?” Asked maan.

“Sorry sir ma’am is busy and she told not to disturb her till 4pm” told receptionist.

“Ok.. “sighed maan and told “tell her Maan Khurana called her”.

“Sure sir, thanku” told receptionist and cut the call.

“I have to talk to maa and khushi, but should I ask them now or'” just then he got msg to his mobile. He opened the msg and smiled.

“Sorry maan, I am busy today will talk to you evening. Love you, ur geet”.

He shook his head and engrossed in his work. But unknown to him that some one is observing him and burning with anger when he smiled.

“Your smile will not last long KHURANA, soon your eyes will be filled with pain and helplessness”.”


Precap: no precap’ I don’t know’


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