Love and Revenge part 12

27 Aug

P.S.: Hey friends I just noticed that maan’s secretary name and arnav’s sister name is same ANJALI, so I am changing maan’s secretary name to NAINA, sorry for the confusion.



He shook his head and engrossed in his work. But unknown to him that some one is observing him and burning with anger when he smiled.

“Your smile will not last long KHURANA, soon your eyes will be filled with pain and helplessness”.

In KM:

Prem is busy pampering his little sister khushi, dadimaa and maa are admiring them. Maa has tears in her eyes seeing khushi happy, she lost her smile long back but now she is again happy with her brothers, mainly maan. Maan and khushi always share special bond, he is possessive over his sister. But how will he react when he knows the truth what did bade paa and their family did to maan’s dad and dadaji. But telling the truth to him is must because he should be careful.

A week passed and maan is too busy that he didn’t get time to talk with anyone. Its already evening and maan decided to go home early to talk with maa and khushi. He cant neglect this issue, he have to know the truth. He sighed and closed his laptop. Maan called naina into his cabin. Naina knocked the door and maan asked her to come in.

Good evening sir wished naina.

Maan just nodded and asked her to take seat. Yes sir? Asked naina.

Did u arrange the schedule for next day? Asked maan.

Yes sir, tomorrow there is only one meeting and yes sir, an hour back Mr. Raizada called and asked if u r free? Told naina.

Maan looked at her to continue. I Informed him that today you are busy, so I made appointment with him for tomorrow afternoon told naina.

Maan just nodded thinking why he didn’t call him.

Ok any other meetings? Asked maan.

No sir, there is only one meeting tomorrow told naina.

Okay cancel the meeting and arrange that meeting on the other day told maan.

Sure sir, anything else sir? asked naina.

No you may go now told maan and naina nodded and left from there. Naina came out of his cabin and sighed in relief. How serious types he is? Cant he even smile once cribbed naina to her babaji and she came back to her cabin and started her work.

Once naina left from his cabin, maan closed his eyes and a smiling face of geet came to his mind and he saw the time and it is 5 pm. He took his mobile to call her but again thought she might be busy. At the same time maan’s mobile rang, seeing the caller ID a smile formed on his lips. Maan picked the call and asked completed your work?

Hmmm replied geet.

What happened? Tired? Asked maan.

Hmmm, I am tired maan, busy in research work and today had a meeting in hospital for 5 hours told geet closing her eyes.

Go home and take rest geet told maan concerned.

No maan still so much work is left told geet yawning.

Geet, u r very tired, take rest for some time and resume your work, ok? Told maan sternly.

Ok baba I will, tell me how is ur work? Busy ho? Asked geet.

Hmmm completing some files and I cancelled all the meeting held tomorrow, need to talk to maa and khushi told maan.

Maan, don’t you think that its too early to talk with them? Asked geet concerned.

Geet, I know but we need to know things before its too late told maan.

Ok, but careful, khushi abhi abhi ayi hain, she is happy now’.

Madam ji I know, I accept that I will get angry soon, but she is my sister told maan annoyingly.

Dekha dekha, ab bhi aapko gussa aaraha hain, maine kya kaha boliye retorted geet back.

Tum kya kahogi, kuch nahi and what is with your brother, he want appointment, cant he come and meet me directly? Asked maan angrily.

Now why you are shouting at me, I didn’t talk with bro from morning so I don’t know anything. Mujhpar chillana band kijiye told geet angrily.

Ok ok, I was just asking told maan.

I was just informing told geet.

No one will answer back MSK except you told maan annoyingly.

Hmm what to do, I am GEET, and only I have right to do so told geet cheekily.

Acha ji..

Ha ji.. mujhe ghar jaana hain told geet making baby face.

Tho jao, when did I stop you told maan.

Not that, u come na plzzz asked geet making puppy face.

No way, I cant come now. I have so much work, don’t you have car? Asked maan suppressing his laugh.

Aapse ummed hi kya hain, hmmm chodo. I hate you, bye told geet angrily and cut the call. Dekha babaji aapne, dhush dhanav kahika, ek baar bhi meri baat nahi maante complained geet to her babaji and packed the things. She went to parking lot and was about to get into the car. Someone pulled her holding her waist, for a second she was scared but who can do all these things other than her dhush dhanav.

Chalo I will drop u and I will tell driver to take car to home told maan nibbling her nose with his. Geet made a grumpy face and told no need, I will go.

Maan pulled her more close and told come with me now nahi tho I will take you into my car in my way.

Geet looked at him with wide eyes and just nodded her head. Maan smiled at her and they both got into maan’s car. Maan is driving the car and geet rested her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes. Maan too didn’t talk anything, he know she is very much tired. After some time they reached RM and maan stopped the car. Geet opened her eyes and saw that they reached home. Geet smiled at maan and kissed his cheek. Maan held geet’s hand and pulled her towards him, geet snacked her hands around his neck and maan’s hands are on her waist, without wasting a second maan sealed her lips with his. Both are so lost in the kiss and geet relaxed. They broke the kiss after a long time and geet blushed and hid her face in his neck and hugged him tight. Maan too hugged her tight and kissed her forehead. They broke the hug and went inside hand in hand. When they entered the hall, they saw arnav is pacing here and there and looking tensed.

Maneet saw that and looked confused, suddenly what happened to him. Arnav looked at them and sighed in relief but soon that relief changed into anger.

Where the hell were you two there? How many times I called you shouted arnav. They both sensed something is wrong and told sorry.

Hell with your sorry shouted arnav. Maan went to him and kept his hand on his shoulder and asked what happened?

You both come to study first told arnav and left from there. Maan and geet followed his not understanding anything. He was never this serious before. When maan and geet entered study room, the sight shocked them and maan was worried to see khushi here and that too all fearing. When khushi saw maan, she got up and hugged him. And she was crying badly.

VJ.. VJ.. Wo.. khushi tried to say something but her voice is not able to come out due to fear.

Maan caressed her hair to calm down and he looked at arnav asking what happened?

Before that maan made khushi sit and gave her water and wiped her tears. Geet sat beside her and caressed her hair.

You both are fine na? nothing happened to u na? asked khushi finally.

Maan and geet looked at her confusingly.

We are fine khushi, why did you ask that? Asked maan.

VJ, that some goons tried to kill me na, I saw them near your office, I was going to college that way, I saw them told khushi.

maan looked at her and told khushi look we are fine, nothing happened to us. I think they are for other reason.

Yes, they didn’t come for you, i was worried for some other reasons told arnav finally.

Means? Asked maan.

Someone in your company is working for them told arnav.

Yes I know told maan.

What?? What you said, you know asked arnav.

Yes my secretary naina is working for them told maan.

Maan are you out of your mind, then why you allowed her to join your company asked arnav angrily.

Keeping enemy near us is safe na, we can observe them told maan casually as if nothing happened.

VJ, do u know where naina stays? Asked khushi.

Yes, I know told maan.

I need to meet her told khushi.

Khushi, what the.. tum bhi apni VJ ki tarah pagal tho nahi ho gayi na asked arnav.

Arnav, I know what  I am doing told khushi staring at him. VJ I want to meet her immediately.

But khushi its not safe now, try to understand told maan convincing her.

I don’t care, I want to meet her told khushi stubbornly.

Maan sighed and arnav looked at her angrily. Ok khushi, I will call her here. As she is working for them there is a chance that someone may see you there told maan and took out his mobile to call naina.

He called naina and asked her to come to RM, as he needs to talk to her something important. She told she will be there in half an hour. Meanwhile khushi relaxed and happy that maan and geet are safe. Arnav is working on his laptop. Khushi tum yaha kaise ayi? Asked maan.

Wo.. wo.. unn gundon ko dekke darr gayi aur arnav ko phone ki main told khushi not looking at him.

Why you didn’t call me? Asked maan smirking. Khushi don’t know what to answer and looked at arnav to help but he ignored her and continued his work but enjoying her situation. But before khushi answer, the door bell rang. Geet got up and opened the door. There naina came and told maan sir called me here. Geet entered and asked her to follow her. Geet is hell angry on her as she is from their rival side.

When she entered the study, she saw maan with his arms crossed on his chest and with a stren expression. But arnav is shocked and happy to see naina there. Oh so she is the secretary.

Sir, u called me here asked naina.

Before maan could answer naina is shocked to see khushi there who stood beside maan with tears in her eyes. Naina too had tears in her eyes, she rushed to khushi and hugged her tight.

Khushi di, tum thik ho na. when did you come to delhi? I was so tensed for you told naina and broke the hug. Khushi cupped her face and told I am fine naina, I met my brothers.

Sachi di, main bohot khush hu aapke liye told naina. Maan and geet are shocked and surprised to see them. How cum khushi knows this naina.

Naina, first of all what are you doing here? Asked khushi.

Di, arnavji kaha hain I need to talk to him told naina.

I am here naina told arnav and hugged her.

Arnavji, aap khushi ke saath hain aur mujhe koi chinta nahi hain told naina smiling at him.

Maan and geet are highly confused with all this and maan asked would anyone would tell me whats happening here.

Naina looked at him with horror and told sorry sir.

Naina tum yaha kya kar rahi ho? Asked khushi once again. Naina told what all happened in the hoshiyarpur and she broke down completely. (sorry guys, I cant tell now.. but in next update itself u will come to know).

All are shocked to hear this, but only maan and arnav had different plans. Maan and arnav hi-fied each other and smiled evilly.

Naina, u don’t worry, do what I say told maan. Now the actual game starts, be ready to face MSK. From now, I will make sure, u all suffer each and every second in your life told maan.

VJ, arnav I need to tell you something, and geet di, its important for you told khushi.

No di, plz don’t told naina. Nahi naina its high time now told khushi and assured her.


Precap: arnav-khushi flashback..

             Khushi’s past.


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