Love and Revenge part 13

27 Aug


Naina, u don’t worry, do what I say told maan. Now the actual game starts, be ready to face MSK. From now, I will make sure, u all suffer each and every second in your life told maan.

VJ, arnav I need to tell you something, and geet di, its important for you told khushi.

No di, plz don’t told naina. Nahi naina its high time now told khushi and assured her.

Di its not time to tell all those thigs requested naina.

Khushi cupped her face and told naina, let me handle it. she has right to know.

Naina smiled sadly and told what will be the difference di, I can only see the hatred in her eyes.

Shhh, don’t talk anything, no one will hate you, samjhi? Told khushi and turned to geet.

Geet di, I have to tell you some important told khushi.

Bolo khushi, whats the matter asked geet caressing her hair.

Wo.. di, naina  is your younger sister told khushi and looked at her.

I didn’t get you khushi told geet.

She is mohinder uncle and rano’s aunty’s daughter told khushi. Hearing those names geet stiffened and her eyes got teary. Maan and arnav saw her change of expressions on her face from anger to hatred. They know what she might be thinking now. But they want to know what khushi is saying because it is important.

Khushi too observed her expression and told di, u pls don’t get angry.. but before khushi completes geet shouted.

How do you expect me not to get angry khushi. How? Shouted geet in helplessness. How much she want to forget her past but it is coming in front of her in some way.

Nafrat hain mujhe uss parivaar se, I hate them shouted geet and ran from there and went to her room and closed the door.

I told you na di, i can see the hatred in her eyes for us told naina sadly.

Maan followed geet, he is really worried for her, how much he want to see his geet happy but she is getting only pain. After a long time, she is again happy but now her past is in front of her. How can a girl tolerate when her own family dis-owned her because she is a girl.

Maan knocked the door but he got no response. Maan saw the door is not locked so, he opened the door and entered into the room and locked the door. He can see geet buried her face in the pillow and crying thinking about her parents. She is always sensitive in this matter.

Maan sat on the bed and placed his hand on her shoulder. Geet knows that it is maan and she didn’t say anything. She just got up and looked at him with tear filled eyes and tear strained face. Maan couldn’t see her in that position, his heart ached seeing her like that.

Geet’ called maan, she broke down and hugged him tight crying bitterly.

Why maan, why this is happening to me? I don’t anyone from that family, then why they are coming infront of me? Cried geet.

Shhh geet, no one will come now, I am here na consoled maan.

Geet hugged him tight and placed her head on his chest hearing his heart beats, which is giving her peace. Maan is rubbing her back to calm her down, after some time geet stopped crying and closed her eyes.

Here naina is also crying and she is sad to see her sister in that state. She never thought to come infront of her sister but the fate has different plans.

Naina, you please calm down, geet needs some time to accept you all told arnav.

No arnav bhai, I don’t want geet di to face any problem now. Jo hona wo hoga I am going back to Shimla told naina and got up.

Ruko naina stopped khushi.

Di plz.. requested naina.

Listen naina, if you go from here the problem will get complicated. Geet di will understand for sure just give her some time, let her think for some time. Accepting the relations is not that easy dear convinced khushi.

Naina nodded and hugged her, khushi too hugged her and looked at arnav, who blinked his eyes assuring her.

Geet broke the hug and looked at maan, maan looked at her lovingly and wiped her tears with his thumb and kissed her forehead.

I am sorry maan, I over reacted and I know what I did is wrong I shouldn’t react that way told geet apologetically.

Geet we understand no need to be sorry. Geet ek baat suno, what have happened in the past, we cannot erase that, but what naina did? When you left your house you are just 6 years old and naina is not yet born. There is no mistake of hers. And as per dadimaa told us even your parents too love you, but because of your other family members they dis-owned you and I know what they did is wrong. They should have not done that. But jo hua so hogaya, I will be happy with what decision you take and I am always with you, and I need not to tell you all these things. You know what is right and wrong told maan looking straight into her eyes.

Maan I know what you are trying to tell, and I respect your decision but maan I need time to think and maan I wont let anything happen to them told geet.

I know geet, I am there for you always told maan.

Geet hugged maan and mumbled thanku.

Ab yeh rona band karo aur chalo they will be worried for you told maan.

Hmmm’ mumbled geet and got up and went to washroom to wash her face. Maan and geet went to study and saw worried khushi, naina and arnav.

Naina sighed in relief seeing geet and rushed to her and hugged her. I am sorry di, I know that you hate me but we all love you di. I know that mama, papa jo kuch bhi kiya wo galat hain. Par uss din se woe k pal ke liye bhi khush nahi the. If possible forgive us di.

Naina broke the hug and told I will never come infront of you and trouble you again di. Sorry for everything happened. I am going back to Shimla. She looked at khushi and told sorry di, I must go.

She was about to leave the room geet stopped her.

Ruko Naina..

Naina stopped in her tracks and turned back happily thinking her sister might have forgiven her. But when she saw her stren face she got disappointed.

I don’t want anyone to be in trouble because of me, do what maan says told geet and looked away, even though she hate her family for what they did but she cant hate her little sister, who is not at fault. When she saw her hurt face, it pained her and looked away.

Ji di replied naina meekly and left from there. And maan arranged security for naina without knowing anyone, he called to an agency and arranged 2 body guards for naina. Even naina too don’t know about that.

Di I am sorry for hurting you.. told khushi.

No khushi you did nothing, but they are crossing their limits, we have to do something fast told geet looking at maan and arnav.

But this whole scene which happened from past one hour didn’t miss by dadimaa who came to meet arnav to talk about maneet marriage. Now she don’t want to talk anything so she silently left from there.

Bhai, I want to know something told geet looking at arnav.

Arnav knows this is coming and told I will tell everything to you sweety but I want even prem and dev to be here.

Maan and geet nodded. Khushi looked at him shocked and thought is he seriously going to tell them the truth, then VJ will surely kill them for sure. He don’t spare even a single second. Omg..

Khushi I want to ask you something told maan looking at her.

Ji VJ..

Where were you these many days? Asked maan.

Khushi closed his eyes, yes she knows this question would be coming one day or other.

She looked at maan and told Shimla main VJ. Buaji ke ghar.

Aur maa? Asked maan.

Mom is also in shimla told khushi. She is answering his question nothing more.

How did you come to delhi? Asked maan.

Khushi got tensed and her face turned pale hearing that question. She then looked at arnav for some help.

Arnav came in the middle of maan and khushi, maan looked at him sternly and told I am asking something to khushi.

Dude, I know what you want to know. I will tell you how she came to delhi. Khushi ki shaadi ho rahi thi, aur wo khushi ko nahi pasand. Your bade papa and buaji fixed that marriage because she is 21 and if she gets married then her whole property will shifts to her husband. So your buaji fixed her marriage with his son.. so that she will get hold of the property and.. Arnav closed his eyes in abger.  (gals in south, a girl can marry her bua’s son, so I am using that logic here).

And’ asked geet. But maan didn’t ask anything because he knows what is coming next.

Kill her told arnav and looked at maan whose eyes are red due to anger.

Bhai, I am not able to understand one thing, how you know all this, how you know khushi asked geet confused.

Kyun ki your brother ASR loves my sister Khushi answered maan.

Now khushi’s head started to spin, how on earth her VJ came to know this. She looked at arnav making baby face.

Maan and arnav looked at her. Arnav told khushi don’t make that face, when I realized I am in love with you, that time I don’t know that you are his sister and I called to maan and told about my love to you. That time he was a big sadu and kadoos and didn’t care my words. But now see how he is saying everything as if he knows all.

Hello ASR, that time I didn’t care because I know if you are in love then you will get your love for sure and ha now she is my sister, so you have to take extra care. Agar future main khushi is ankhon mein ek bhi aansu aya tho you have to face the wrath of MSK warned maan.

Hello MSK, same goes to you too , you have to take care of my sister geet told arnav.

Both the girls are thinking, wah I thought there will be some serious discussion going to happen. But yeh dono tho ek dusro ko dhamki de raha hain.

Aur mera khyal kaun rakhega? Came a voice from entrance.

Aagayi nautanki.. mumbled geet.

Ha ha main nautanki hi hu retorted anjali.

Geet rolled her eyes, maan and arnav smiled at her.

Hayeee mere liye bhi koi aisa aajaye, where he will treat me as his princess told anjali dreamily.

 Oyyy tumari liye prince waste yaar, tum na ek mobile shop ki owner se shaadi karle told prem entering into the room.

Geet and prem hi-fied and anjali made a grumpy face, she went to maan and told dekho apne bhai ko. No one loves me.

Arey gudiys, don’t worry chinta kyun jab main hu. I will search a perfect boy for you told maan and kissed her forehead. Later all of them had dinner and maan, prem and khushi left to KM.

Geet is in her room lied on the bed and thinking about the things happened today. Naina who thought maan as rival is her sister and she came here as maan’s bade paa and buaji threathened her by kidnapping her parents. Means they kidnapped geet’s parents. If she comes here as maan’s secretary, she can watch him closely and getting the opportunity she can trap maan and get the blank documents signed.

Maan’s bade paa, Rudra Singh Khurana, he is elder brother of Maan’s dad, Rishab singh Khurana. Rudra is not so intelligent, he always wastes money in gambling. He always asks dadimaa or rishab for money. He got married to sapna from the same village hoshiyarpur.

She is a greedy women, she came to the rich family so that she can enjoy her status as a khurana bahu but when she came to know about rudra she was very dis-appointed. After few years Rishab got married to sangita, she is sweet girl and she is liked by everyone in the family. She use to help rishab and dadaji in the business. Dadaji and rishab use to take care of business and rudra use to sit at home. It irked sapna and she filled rudra mind with venom and he was so enraged and thought that if he don’t care of business, then the whole property will go to the name of Rishab. He couldn’t think more than that. Sapna just wants whole khurana property into her name.

But later she came to know that Rudra and his sister pooja are not maan’s dadaji’s son and daughter. They are his elder brothers children who died in an accident when they were just 2 years old. But maan’s dadaji never differentiated between them, he loves all the 3.

But they thought they are just acting, what if they throw out of the house. This worried Rudra and he want to do something for the property.


Precap: what did Rudra do to Rishab and Dadaji..

             Dadimaa talk with maan and knowing something..


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