Love and Revenge part 2

27 Aug

 Dev, geet, arnav and anjali settled in the car and headed towards KC. Geet is all nervous as she is meeting maan after 6 long years. When geet went to London for her studies that was the last time they met. After that they didn’t even talk on phone or through mails.

Geet (st):Maan we both are going to meet after 6 long years, I don’t know how will you react but I did what you told, ab aur kitne din maan hum darr darr ke jeyenge. Mujhe aap par poora bharosa hain maan. The way you are thinking is nothing like that maan, I am not able to understand how should I convince you.

Geet closed her eyes in pain thinking about what happened 10 years back and how their life changed completely main maan n geet’s life.

In office:

Maan completed his meeting and he is reading some file and his thoughts went back to geet.

Maan (st): why geet why u r coming into my life again? I told you that I cant let anyone enter into my life, its not good for them. This life is only to take REVENGE on them, iss revenge ki wajah se meri jaan bhi jaa sakti hain. Why don’t you understand geet. My life is only to find HER geet. I cant tell you the truth and I cant lie too. Why you are making my life complicated geet.

Thinking all this maan closed his eyes and remembering those happy days with HER and geet.

Soon geet and others reached office. They came out of the car and reached 10th floor.

Just then sasha came there and smiled at them.

Hi sasha, how r u? asked arnav.

I am fine arnav, how r u? hmm now u remember us rite geet? Asked sasha faking anger.

Geet made a baby face n told sorry sasha di.

Don’t make those faces dear, I am very angry on u this time told sasha.

Aww my di is angry on me, but I know how to make her happy told geet.

Geet went to her n hugged her n told sorry di.

Sasha smiled and told chal u r forgiven.

Geet broke the hug but sasha asked geet how come u r here?

Nothing di came here to talk about the hospital construction told geet.

Oh ok.. but maan is not there in his cabin told sasha.

Geet went silent but arnav asked not there? But when I asked him he told to come after some time.

I think he went to meeting without telling anyone told anjali.

No he don’t have any meeting now told sasha.

But geet just left from there and went to terrace. She know when he is upset or in the foul mood he will be alone in the terrace its his habit. Today is the most worst day in his life how can he be happy. Ofcourse no one saw his happy from past 10 years. When geet went to terrace there she saw maan standing there alone and looking at sky. Suddenly he closed his eyes feeling her near him. Her scent, her aroma is filled in his lungs. Geet kept her hand on his shoulder n called him.


Oh.. her beautiful voice and his name is musical from her lips, hia name from her lips is worth listening. He heard her voice after 6 long years. A small smile crept on his lips, a invisible smile because he forgot to smile 10 years back,  he turned back and saw her angelic face. He was so lost in her that they both are just staring at each other. As if they are making sure that she is here with him n geet too making sure that maan is with her. He is so lost in each other that unknowingly maan hugged geet tight. First geet is shocked with him sudden action but she gave in happily and hugged him tight.

Both are so lost in each other ki they don’t know for how much time they are in that position. But maan came back to his senses n his eyes are spiltting fire and his face became red in anger. He harshly jerked her away and she was about to fall but before she hit the floor maan caught her by her waist and geet clutched his shirt tight due to fear and closed her eyes. But maan caught her and their bodies  are glued to each other. His breath is falling on her lips and her lips are shivering and just inviting him to taste them. But he is MAAN SINGH KHURANA no one can play with his emotions.

Maan angrily held her by her shoulders n geet opened her eyes. But when she saw his eyes which are red due to anger she got scared not took a step back.

What u need now? How many times I told u never come into my life again. Ek baar bolne se tumko samaj nahi ata hain kya? Asked maan angrily.


But maan jerked her away and made sure that she wont fall this time.

But he moved close to her and looked into her eyes and told I hate u geet, never try to come into my life and mess with me. You have to face the consequences of messing with MSK. Durr raho mujhse samjhi tum?

But when he saw her eyes there is no expression, as if his words didn’t effect her. He was shocked seeing her but he shrugged his shoulders.

U know geet, u look more sexy and damn hot even in traditional attire, he went near her ears n whispered ahh without these u look more hot and inviting told maan and smirked. I would love to see you like that.

Geet looked at him in disgust but she composed herself and moved close to him and told well Mr. khurana I would love to be with you like that and I know that I am hot and sexy. Would you like to try me asked geet with a smirk on her face.

After all she is a psychiatrist and she know how to deal with people mentality. And coming to maan who knows better than her. This is called reverse treatment which now maan needs the most.

Maan just looked at her shocked seeing the audacity of this girl. He is now super angry on geet for talking like, the shy girl now talking so boldly that was really unexpected.

Oh what happened Mr. khurana why u r so silent now asked geet.

Maan smirked and told well Ms. Raizada I think u r very eager to be with me. Yeah no one can resist MSK’s charm.

Really Mr. khurana I don’t know, but a correction here u asked me first to be with u not me told geet and smirked, but inside she is dying talking with him like that. But what can she do when he is playing with her emotions.

Correction Ms. Raizada u came here to meet me darling told maan with attitude and moving dangerously close to her. 

Yeah its because my brother is waiting for his friend but he is nowhere, then I had no other option to come here. And ha he too has his business to look after whole day he cant be in his friends office told geet with final verdict.

Maan then realized that he has meeting with arnav, he just started at her and left from there.

When geet saw his retreating figure closed her eyes in pain and a lone tear escaped from her eyes.

Here maan walked into his cabin with attitude and saw arnav and anjali are waiting for him. When maan entered his cabin anjali saw him and smiled widely and got up.

Maan bhai, how r u? asked anjali and hugged him.

Maan smiled a little and hugged her back.

How is my gudiya? Asked maan.

Fit and fine bhai, I am angry on u told anjali and pouted.

Why gudiya? Asked maan.

You are always busy with your business, u didn’t come and meet me since one month told anjali faking anger.

Awww sorry gudiya, I will repeat from next time told maan.

Noo.. pouted anjali.

Hmm what u want? Asked maan.

Anjali smiled and told we all should go for a holiday.

Holiday?? When it is? Asked arnav.

Next month my exams will be over then we will go told anjali smiling widely.

I don’t think so told arnav looking at maan. He knows that maan never enjoy his life. He will be immersed in files and all.

Maan looked at arnav and told ok gudiya whatever u say. We will go.

Really bhai, wow wow wow.. I am so happy told anjali.

But first concentrate on exams ok?? Warned maan.

Anjali nodded like a obedient student.

Now where is geet di asked anjali.

I am here gudiya told geet coming inside.

Well u continue with ur meeting I will go and talk with sasha di told anjali.

Miss. Anjali raizada this is not any park to talk with others told maan seriously as he don’t like delay in any work.

Sorry bhai told anjali and sat in his cabin silently.

Maan, geet and arnav settled and started with their meeting. Geet is telling how should be the hospital and what are all the needs n other things.

Maan n arnav are really impressed with her choice. Arnav gave her a proud smile whereas maan just nodded as he don’t to show any feelings.

After 1 hour or so the meeting completed.

Well Ms. Raizada with in a week we will complete the blue prints once you r ok with it we can start the construction told maan in his bossy attitude.

Ok Mr. khurana told geet and shook hands with him by finalizing the deal.

Just then maan’s mobile rang.

Hello dadimaa I am in a meeting now told maan.

Maan, I didn’t ask u where are u and what you r doing, I called you to inform that tell arnav, geet and anjali to come to KM for dinner told dadi sternly.

Ok dadimaa told maan and cut the call.

Arnav dadimaa called u all for dinner told maan.

Arnav smiled and told oh wow ok dude we will come.

Precap: new entry’ Big smile

            Some truths and dev shattered but happy too…


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