Love and Revenge part 3

27 Aug

 Arnav dadimaa called u all for dinner told maan.

Arnav smiled and told oh wow ok dude we will come.

Its already evening and maan too completed his work for today.

Arnav why don’t u come now only to KM, I completed my work too asked maan.

Before arnav answer anjali excitedly told wow bhai, cool idea I too want to meet dadi.

Arnav and maan looked at each other maan gave a small smile.

Chalo as u say told arnav.

Here geet is silent she don’t want to face after the terrace incident but when arnav and anjali are decided she has no other option to go with them. If she say nothen anjali will eat her up with so many questions. But one side she is happy that she is gonna meet daadi.

Just 5 minutes i will adi and inform him told maan.

Arnav just nodded and took his seat.

Maan called adi, after sometime adi knocked maan’s cabin.

Come in told maan.

Adi entered the cabin and asked si.. sir u ca.. called m.. me stammered adi.

Anjali giggled seeing adi’s condition. Arnav gave her a warning look. She shut her mouth.

Adi did u gave the advertisement for new secetary? Asked maan.

Ye.. yes sir I gave day after tomorrow I will conduct interview told adi.

Ok fine, is the accounts file for tomorrow’s presentation is completed? Asked maan.

Yes sir its completed told adi.

Ok.. u may go now told maan.

Yes sir told adi and left the cabin.

Advertisement for new secretary? You fired again? Asked arnav unbelievably.

Hmm answered maan.

I cant believe this, she is the second one in this month told arnav.

She is NOT capable of being my secretary, I hate those who neglect work told maan seriously.

Ok ok lets go told arnav.

All the four left from there. Maan and arnav settled in their respective cars, but geet came to arnav and askedbro.. wo.. wo..

Do u want to drive alone? Asked arnav.

Geet looked at him surprised. Arnav got out of car and caressed her hair and kissed her forehead and told be careful.

Thanku bro told geet.

Di should I come with u asked anjali.

No gudiya I want to drive alone told geet.

Di r u ok? Asked anjali.

Geet smiled at her and told yes dear I am fine. U go with bro, I will follow u.

Ok di told anjali.

Arnav and anjali got into maan’s car, geet settled in the driver seat and both headed towards KM. Geet is thinking of todays incident maan’s words are ringing in her mind (I hate u geet, never try to come into my life and mess with me.)

Geet didn’t care about herself and driving in full speed, she even overtaked maan’s car. All are surprised seeing her driving the car so speed and at the same time worried. Suddenly geet pressed the brakes and maan too, they all got worried. But geet got down of the car and saw that a girl is running in the middle of the road if she didn’t put the brakes by now that girl might be in the pool of blood. But the more shocking is that some goons are chasing her. Geet immediately caught that girl before she fell down.

That girl’s face is so pale and she is sweating and breathing heavily. When she saw that some one caught her then she got scared amd told that plz save me plz save me.

Maan, arnav and anjali saw this scene but they are happy that nothing happened to geet. By this time the goons came to then and tried to get hold of that girl but geet is fast and slapped one of them. That girl hid behind geet all scared. But the goon s enraged and tried to get hold of geet, but what can they do when maan and arnav are there. Before that goon touch geet, maan gave a blow on his stomach, blood oozed from his mouth and he fell down wincing in pain. Seeing him other goons tried to attack maan but arnav gave a punch on their face and maan too joined him. Finally all the goons fell on floor.

That girl who saw all this hugged geet and thanked her.

Thanku ma’am thanku very much said that girl while sobbing.

No its ok told geet.

U saved my life and my mom’s life today said that girl. Geet made her stand straight and anjali held that girl’s shoulder and geet went to her car and took a water bottle from it. maan and arnav looked at that girl in concern.

But before geet give her water she fainted, when she was about to fall arnav acted fast and caught her.

Geet’ called arnav, fear written all over his face.

Hearing geet turned and saw that girl fainted. She rushed there and saw that she is burning with temperature.

Bro we should take her to home, she needs rest told geet worriedly.

Fine we will take her to KM told maan. Arnav took her in his arms and placed her in the back seat in geet’s car. Anjali sat there and she took that’s girl’s head and placed it on her lap.

Within minuted they reached KM and arnav took her in his arms and went inside KM.

They all rushed to guest room and made that girl sleep on the bed. Geet checked her temperature and she is burning with high fever. Immediately she took her forst-aid kit and gave her injection and cleaned her wounds.

How is she now? Asked maan concerned.

She is fine now but she needs rest, I gave her injection so she is unconscious told geet without looking at geet.

Ok I will ask nakul to get some soup told maan.

Meanwhile dev and daadi rushed to guest room.

Maan beta what happened? Asked dadi.

Nothing dadi told maan and explained everything what happened.

Dadi went to that girl and caressed her haor and told pyaari bachi hain.

By seeing that girl in that condition all felt sad. That girl is unconscious but in the middle  she is whispering plz save me, save my mom. They will kill mom plz save mom.

Geet felt bad seeing her condition.

Dev was feeling something hearing that and he immediately left from there and went to his room which is beside guest room. Maan saw that and know what he is thinking.

After some time all of them left from there and went to hall.

Hey dadi, how r u? asked anjali sitting beside her.

I am fine bet, how r u? asked dadi.

I am cool dadi told anjali and smiled.

Dadi saw geet is lost in some thoughts.

Geet beta r u fine? U look tired? Asked dadi.

No dadi I am fine told geet and smiled slightly.

Here arnav and maan are in maan;s room.

Who is that girl? Why they are trying to kill her? Asked arnav.

Before maan could tell anything they heard a loud sound from dev’s room. Maan and arnav rushed to dev’s room. They saw the flower vase was broken and his hand is bleeding. Maan rushed to him and shouted r u mad dev? What the hell do u think u r doing?

Maan relax, first we should do first aid told arnav and called geet to come to dev’s room.

Geet went to dev’s room and was shocked to see dev’s hand bleeding. She got tensed and asked dev what happened?  And started cleaning his hand. But dev jerked and told no I don’t need any treatment I deserve this.

Oh shut up dev shouted maan.

Geet bandaged his hand and asked what is all this dev?

Dev fell on floor and told I deserve this geet di, I deserve more than this.

Maan closed his eyes seeing his brother in this condition, he went near him and placed his hand on his shoulders. Dev got up and hugged maan.

I am sorry bro, its all because of me. Jo kuch bhi hua I am responsible for that.

No dev u did nothing told maan.

No bro, its all because of my shararat I am repenting now. If I didn’t call HER that day then we all would happy with HER told dev.

Dev plz calm down, maine kaha na’

No bro, mere wajah se mom, dad, dadaji and ‘..

Stop it dev shouted maan and broke the hug.

Why bro let me tell jaane anjane mein maine bohot badi galti ki 10 saal pehle told dev.

Arnav knows where it is heading to, he tried to stop dev, nahi tho maan will be out of control today.

Dev chalo dadi will be waiting for us told arnav.

No bhai, I don’t want to come anywhere told dev dipping his head low.

Oh god how should I make him understand that dev did nothing. Why he is making all complicated thought maan.

Dev took some pic from his table and told I am sorry baby, its all happened because of me. We lost u 10 years back. Hosake tho mujhe maaf karna KHUSHI’

That’s it maan lost all his control and held dev’s collar and looked into his eyes and told HAMARI KHUSHI, HAMARI BEHEN ZINDA HAIN.

Hmmm guys now u all got to know who is SHE..


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