Love and Revenge part 4

27 Aug

 Dev took some pic from his table and told I am sorry baby, its all happened because of me. We lost u 10 years back. Hosake tho mujhe maaf karna KHUSHI’

That’s it maan lost all his control and held dev’s collar and looked into his eyes and told HAMARI KHUSHI, HAMARI BEHEN ZINDA HAIN.

Saying this maan left his collar and closed his eyes in pain. Hearing this dev and geet are shocked and don’t know how to react. Finally dev came back to his senses and asked b’bro what are u saying hamari khushi zinda hain par kaha?

I don’t know told maan bluntly and when he was about to leave the room geet held his wrist and stopped him.

What are u saying? How can khushi be alive? Asked geet.

Didn’t u hear what I told? Asked maan furiously.

Geet had enough, she held his collar and her eyes filled with unshed tears and asked what are u saying is truth maan? For god’s sake speak out.

Maan held her wrist and told with fury mujhe jo kehna hain keh diya, ab aur nahi.

Ha bro we want to know the truth now told dev with determination.

Just then anjali came there to call everyone for dinner but she froze in her tracks seeing her di and maan bhai arguing on something.

What u both want to know ha bolo? Ki our sister is alive and I don’t know where is she? Told maan not able to control his pain.

Par in that accident aunty, uncle, dadaji aur khushi’ geet stopped there not able to continue further.

Arnav placed his hand on maan’s shoulder and nodded his head. Maan looked at him with helplessness.

Speak out maan, u cant be silent today. 10 years maan we all are suffering ab aur nahi told geet.

What you want to know? Ha? U cant listen the truth dammit. I am dying each and every second thinking about khushi and her safety.

Safety?? Asked dev confusingly.

Ha geet aur khushi ki jaan ko katra hain told maan.

Dev is shocked to hear this and asked wh.. why?

10 saal pehle jo accident hua wo accident nahi tha wo ek pre-planned murder tha. I too thought that khushi was also killed in that accident but they didn’t kill her told maan and punched the wall in helplessness. Being such a big business tycoon he is not able to find his sister. The main reason is that if that people come to know that maan is searching for khushi they may do anything to her.  

Ho.. how do u know? Asked dev with shaky voice. He is not able to believe that his parents are murdered.

Wo.. driver yaad hain na, seeing them he ran away from there. After 2 months or so when I was going to college he saw me ad told what happened there told maan.

But why geet di is in danger? Asked dev.

Because I saw them, I know who killed them but to my bad luck the saw me but didn’t kill me I ran away from there. Kaash uss din main mar jaata told geet with pain in her eyes.

Geet what the hell u r talking? Shouted arnav.

Geet smiled sadly and told kyun bro? what I told is right na? atleast maan could have lived happily without my tension. When I was small my family throwed me out of my house. My parents didn’t care for me. Agar aap log nahi hota tho geet singh raizada kaha thi bro. I would have died long back but its u people who saved me from my own parents torture. What I did bro hamesha mere saath hi aisa kyun hota hain. I am like a burden to all told geet and looked at maan

Nothing like that geet, u r my sister dear told arnav softly.

But geet nodded in a no and turned to maan and told hain na maan aap bhi yahi sochte ho na. don’t worry maan that day I was small so I couldn’t do anything but today I am not weak. All these incidents made me strong. I will search for my friend, my sister. Raizada family and khurana family did a lot for me, they gave me a new life. My family who thought I am just their burden and they dis-owned me. Now its time for me to do something. Maan now no need to worry about my safety I don’t care even they kill me. Par main khushi ko dhoond kar hi rahungi, I will go to hoshiyarpur.

Maan who listened all this want to tell that she is not alone and he is there for her. How can he be silent when his geet is in danger after all she is his childhood love. But he don’t express his feelings he want her to be away from him so that he can do something. That’s the reason he sent geet away from him for 5 years on the name of MBBS. But she didn’t ask any question, she just obeyed his word. Maan saw the pain and longing in her eyes. Till today she don’t know that khushi is alive and there was no problem but today except dadi everyone know about khushi. That day even maan was small so he couldn’t do anything, now how can he let anything happen to his geet. He love geet more than his life but revenge for them who killed his family is overpowered his love. But by listening geet what will he do? Will he be able to express his love to geet. But some how he composed himself and spoke.

You cant do that geet told maan.

Why so?? Asked geet.

If that people know where khushi or if khushi is with them then they might kill her and if u go there ur life will be in stake told maan.

No they cant do that’ when geet was about to tell something dadi called them for dinner.

Bacchon come for dinner called dadi.

Anjali who listened all this had tears in her eyes. She don’t know who is khushi but they all are suffering. Without anyone notice she went down smiling and told dadi that they are coming.

Guys lets go nahi tho dadi will get to know that something is wrong told arnav.

Geet wiped her tears and left from there living them behind. Here dev is in shock to listen all this. He is happy that his sister is alive and his blood boiled when he is thinking that his parents are murdered.

Maan, dev and arnav too went downstairs. But they all don’t know that one person is listening all this. Her heart broke into million pieces listening to geet and maan. Her eyes are filled with tears and rolled down her cheeks uncontrollably. She sat on the floor and hugged her knees tightly and is crying her heart out. She don’t know what to do? She don’t know how to react?

VJ’ a sudden whisper escaped from her mouth.

Precap: I am confused’

             May be entry of villains.


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