Love and Revenge part 5

27 Aug

Maan, dev and arnav too went downstairs. But they all don’t know that one person is listening all this. Her heart broke into million pieces listening to geet and maan. Her eyes are filled with tears and rolled down her cheeks uncontrollably. She sat on the floor and hugged her knees tightly and is crying her heart out. She don’t know what to do? She don’t know how to react?

VJ’ a sudden whisper escaped from her mouth.

When all others settled on the dining table for dinner when she whispered VJ, maan felt like someone called him, someone need him, a sudden resrlessness, a sudden urge to know who is that and he looked here and there to confirm that anyone is there. Dadi saw his restlessness and asked maan bera r u fine?

Maan looked at her and told ji dadi.

Then why u r not eating anything? Not only u but all others also asked dadimaa.

Arey DM nothing, we all are tired. Aaj kal office ka kaam bohot hain told arnav.

Waise arnav and maan don’t u think that u all are taking so much stress on the name of office complained dadi.

No DM work is important na told arnav.

Maan kept quite because he knows where this discussion is heading to as this is not new to him. All the best arnav thought maan.

Then when u guys think about your future asked dadi.

Matlab DM? asked arnav.

Mera matlab hain beta when u guys get married? Har waqt office office iske alawa aap log kuch sochte bhi nahi told dadi.

Mera kya hain DM, geet ke shaadi ke baad mera told arnav smiling.

Good, atleast u decided something, par aapke friend jo hain na jab bhi main shaadi ke baat karti hu he wont even listen to me told dadi making sad face.

At that moment maan and geet looked at each other and they had eye lock. Arnav looked at both and smirked.

Maan what is ur decision? When u r gonna bring GEET as khurana bahu? Asked dadi.

All looked at maan for answer and geet didn’t dare to look at him because she knew the answer is NO. when geet was 6 years old maan’s dad brought her to KM. as raizada’s and khurana’s are family friends Raizada’s adopted geet as at that time anjali was not born and they don’t have any girl child. They gave her all love and arnav was so protective over her from the brginning. Maan, geet, arnav are best friends from childhood. They are even partners in crime too. But the relation between maan and geet grew stronger. All were happy seeing them. So Mr. khurana took a promise from Mr. raizada that geet will be khurana’s BADI BAHU. At that time maan too don’t have any objection. But they both are small to think about marriage. It was Mr. khurana’s last wish which dadi want to fulfill.

As u wish dadi, jaise aap kahe answered maan and looked at geet who looked at him blankly.  

Dadi is very happy for maan finally he agreed for marriage even dev too. But it was a shock for all 3 raizada’s. anjali is not able to believe that her di and her maan bhai are gonna get married. Arnav was also shocked that maan agreed so easily but what is the reason behind it. but geet has so many questions in her eyes. She is thinking why maan said yes. But the thought that she will be maan’s forever made her happy but if he is marrying her for some reason then she is ready to break the marriage. She is not puppet to act like what others say.

Here the girl who is crying her heart out composed herself and wiped her tears and stood on her feet.

Girl (st): that means VJ, DB, DM are alive. They didn’t kill them, that means they lied to us. What should I do now, should I keep quiet or go and tell them that I am KHUSHI. Mere maan VJ ka KHUSHI, mere DB (dev bhai) ka KHUSHI. Main tho apne vj, db ko pehchana hi nahi. 10 saal hogaya na. Hey babaji kyun aap hamare zindagi ke saath aisa khel rahe ho. Tell me what should I do now. I am not able to understand anything. Those people are searching for me, if they come to know that I found my VJ then all our lives will be at danger. No I will not let anything happen to VJ, DB, DM.

Suddenly she turned aside and saw maan there. She is shocked to see him there.

Khushi (st): hey babaji, kahi VJ ne mere baat tho nahi suna na.

Khushi smiled at him weakly.

aa.. aap?

Hi.. how r u feeling now? Asked maan.

Khushi sighed in relief and told I am fine V’ sir.

That’s nice, come and have dinner told maan.


Khushi and maan went down. All of them smiled at khushi. Geet got up and made her sit.

Thanku told khushi.

Beta how r u now? Asked dadi.

Here khushi is very happy to see her DM after a long time. She want to go to her and hug her tight and tell to the whole world that she is their khushi but she cant do that now. Khushi smiled at dadi and told I am fine ma’am.

Aapka naam kya hain beta? Asked dadi.

Mera na.. naam.. babaji ab main kya kahu thought khushi. Vj tho mujhe pari bulate the na..

Beta??? Called dadi.

Ji.. sorry ma’am mera naam pari hain told khushi.

Hearing the name pari, maan went back to his childhood. Those days when he spent with his little sister, his pari. Dadi looked at maan sadly because she knows how much he is missing her.

Dadi smiled and told dinner kijiye beta.

All of them had their dinner in silent. Khushi is thinking about geet’s words. “I will go to hoshiyarpur.”

Khushi (st): Geet di ko hoshiyarpur jaana acha nahi hain. If those people came to know that she is searching for me they will definitely kill her. These many days I was like a slave for them. I don’t want anyone to harm my family. Geet di aapko kuch karne ki koi zaroorat nahi hain, mujhe pata hain aap mujhse kitna pyaar karte ho and now u r caring about your life. But how will I stop her.

Ji.. ab mujhe jaana chahiye told khushi/pari.

Pari but u r having temperature still and raat bohot ho chuki hain, u should rest now told geet.

No I am fine now, actually mom is alone in the house told pari.

You call her inform her that u cant come now told geet.

Wo.. wo.. fumbled pari.

Kya hua pari? Koi problem hain? Asked dadi.

Nahi.. mom is paralyzed she cant talk or move told pari with tears in her eyes.

All felt bad for her condition, first some goons tried to kill her and now her mom.

Pari why don’t u give police complaint against them those who tried to kill u told arnav.

Pari smiled sadly and told then they will know where I am and they will come directly and kill us. Main tho sirf intervies attend karke aarahi thi, pata nahi when they saw me? Sorry I am disturbing u all. Thanku very much for ur help. I will go now.

Hearing this both maan and dev’s anger rised but they dont know why they are reacting that way. She is just a sranger who met them few hours back. They both felt some kind of relation with this girl and they want to save her.

We will drop u told geet for which arnav nodded.

Nahi iski koi zaroorat nahi, I will go told pari.

Dekhiye iss waqt akele jaana acha nahi hain told maan.

How can she say no when her VJ told. She nodded in a yes.

By the way I am geet, he is arnav, anjali, dadi, dev and m.. maan introduced geet.

Pari smiled at all. She is so so happy finally she met her family today after 10 long years. But suddenly someone came inside shouting.

Maan bro, maan bro came someone shouting.

Maan rolled his eyes by seeing his extraordinary nautanki younger brother. He is twin of khushi/pari. He is prem singh khurana. The most nautanki khurana brother. Even thought loss of khushi has broken him from inside but he want to see all happy. But he is happy in his life with his mischief.

Maan bro.. called prem and came near him.

What u did now? Asked maan sternly.

Seeing his stren face he pouted and told bro just now my friend called and told that tomorrow I have exam. Plz will u explain me the topics now. Plzz.

Prem tum tho gaya aaj thought dev.

What?? U even don’t know when is your exam? Asked anjali adding mirchi to the wound.

But prem is prem he didn’t care her comment and wished her arey anji darling. How r u? aww meeting u after so many days told prem and smirked at her.

Anjali looked at him angrily.

Maan bro plz help na requested prem making baby face.

Here khushi is rooted seeing her prem. Oh god they both are really tom and jerry in childhood. She just want to shout that she is their khushi. Prem is 5 min elder than her so he use to ask khushi to call him as bro. she want to scold him for not going to college. But least she knows that her identity will be out in very less time.


Precap: will khurana’s recognize their sister..

              Will maan-geet confess their feelings..

               this time pakka villains entry Angry


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