Love and Revenge part 6

27 Aug


 Here khushi is rooted seeing her prem. Oh god they both are really tom and jerry in childhood. She just want to shout that she is their khushi. Prem is 5 min elder than her so he use to ask khushi to call him as bro. she want to scold him for not going to college. But least she knows that her identity will be out in very less time.

Just then prem turned to other side and saw a new girl pari there. Maan saw his questioning look and told prem she is pari.

Ohh hi I am prem introduced prem to pari.

Hii prem wished pari too.

Now we have to leave told arnav.

But prem didn’t remove his gaze from pari, once she looked at all and was about to go prem stopped pari.

Excuse me Ms. Pari one minute told prem.

Pari looked back and looked at him questioningly. Then prem went to dadimaa’s room and asked her to come down who went to rest for some time.

All of them looked at him confusingly.

What happened prem? Asked maan.

Prem went to maan and told HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO.

All of them are shocked to listen this and maan’s eyes became red in anger and roared his name PREM’

Its been 10 years maan didn’t celebrate his birthday. Its been 10 years that he forgot his birthday, that day remembers only pain. Maan closed his eyes to control his anger and his hand turned into fist.

Prem what u r doing? Asked dev.

What am I doing? Why bro how many years bro. enough of this suffering, come out of that past bro, when there is no mistake of yours then why u r hurting yourself? Asked prem.

Prem just shut up and go to ur room told maan seriously.

No bro not today, I don’t want u to suffer anymore told prem.

Maan held his collar and roared like a hungry lion how? How do u expect me to celebrate ha? Don’t u know what happened today? We lost our mama, papa, dadaji and khushi. This day is the most worst day in my life. From the year khushi born she wished me first then others. When my pari is not there with us then what is the use of celebrating this day.

Khushi/pari who is listening all this is shocked, her VJ didn’t celebrate his birthday and all these years he is living in pain because of her and that incident. Tears formed in her eyes so as others. The most effected are geet because she loves maan more than her life.

I promised mom that I will never anything let happen to u both and khushi but but I couldn’t fulfill her promise. I failed MSK failed.

Prem is trying very hard to hide his tears but he told bro u promised mom, but there is no mistake of yours then why u r punishing yourself.

Prem bas bhi karo abhi, bro knows what he is doing. We don’t have any right to question him told dev.

But prem didn’t listen and he made dev stand beside maan and told maan bro and dev bhai u both don’t know anything. Infact we all are fools.

Maan and dev looked at him questioningly. Prem took out some paper from his pocket and showed to maan and dev.

U know what is this? I will tell this is the one of the new student application form of my college. And you know what is the applicants name KHUSHI SINGH KHURANA told prem.

Maan and dev’s eyes widened in shock so as khushi’s. khushi is literally shaking. She turned back and took some steps. Then prem shouted pari ji rukhiye kaha jaa rahe ho aap?

I have to go my mom will be waiting for me told khushi.

Prem smiled sadly and turned to her and told why don’t u say OUR MOM.

That’s it now khushi understood that prem knows who is she. She closed her eyes and tears rolled doen her cheeks.

Prem held her shoulders and asked when u came to know that who are we? Then why u r hiding it from us? 10 years kya kam tha?

Khushi couldn’t control herself and hugged prem tight and started sobbing in his arms. Here maan, dev, geet rooted in their places. They cant believe this ki their sister is back, that too infront of them. Today is the happiest day in their life.

Prem caressed her hair and told don’t cry khushi now we all are there na.. hmm??

Khushi broke the hug and looked at maan who is now in tears.

VJ’ called khushi.

Now the tears in maan’s eyes flowed freely and he called princess’

Khushi ran and hugged him tight.

VJ.. whispered khushi once again and cried her heart out in his arms. Maan broke the hug and cupped her face and asked tum.. tum.. meri princess ho?

Khushi nodded in yes with teary eyes.

She then hugged dev and told DB’

Dev had tears in his eyes and whispered princess.

Khushi broke the hug and went to maan and held his hand and told HAPPY BIRTHDAY VJ’ 10 years lag gaya mujhe aapko wish karne mein.

Khushi saw DM who is looking at them and she registering things what happened just now. Khushi went to dadimaa and took her blessings and told main aapki poti hu DM.. khushi.

Khushi whispered dadi with tears in her eyes and hugged her tight.

Khushi beta aap? Kaha the beta itne din aur aapne humko bataya kyun nahi? Asked dadi and broke the hug.

Main darr gayi thi dadi kahi meri wajah se apko kuch hojatha tho. Par prem ko sab kuch pata chal gaya told khushi and looked at prem and smiled.

All of them became emotional and geet hugged khushi and told I am very happy gudiya, tum wapas aagayi ho.

Di main aaj bohot khush hu, I cant express it in words. I am back to my family now told khushi.

Geet kissed her forehead and told always be happy gudiya.

Di aap VJ ko wish nahi karenge? Asked khushi.

Geet looked at maan and then to khushi and told pehle family wish karna chahiye, main tho parayi hu.

Suddenly khushi came out of her thoughts when she heard the car horn. She opened her eyes and saw outside, she then realized that she is dreaming all that.

Pari, we reached ur house told geet.

Pari smiled at them and told thanku very much, you all helped me today. I cant forget that in my life.

Anjali, geet and arnav smiled at her. Anjali told hey pari leave all that, agar aapko kuch bhi problem ho tho humko bolo. We r there for u. friends?? Anjali extended her hand.

Pari smiled at her and she too extended her hand and told friends..

Ok bye.. thanku told pari and got out of the car.

Good night.. hey one minute called anjali.

Pari turned back and looked at her questioningly. Here is our card if u have any problem u can call me told anjali and gave her the card.

They left from there and pari went inside and went to her mom’s room. The house is very small with just 2 rooms and one kitchen. Pari and her mom came to delhi just 1 month back and she applied for a college for fashion designing. Unknown to her even prem is also studying in that college in architecture 4th year.

Pari went to her mom’s room and saw her staring at the ceiling. She went near mom and beside her and held her hand and told mom u know what today I am very very happy. If I tell u the reason then u will also be very happy.

Mom opened her eyes and looked at her curiously because she never saw her daughter this happy.

Today main aapse laadla beta maan VJ ko dekha told pari and looked into her mom’s eyes to know what she is thinking.

Here mom heard what she told and was very very happy she tried to tell something but her voice is not coming out. But her eyes are glowing and her face is showing the happiness.

Mom I didn’t tell them who am I told pari.

Mom’s face fell and looked at her questioningly as if asking why she didn’t tell. Pari saw that and told how can I tell mom today again BADEPAPA’S goons followed me and tried to take me to hoshiyarpur but u know what? Told pari excitedly.

Hamari geet di saved me, yes mom geet di saved me. Pata hain I saw DM, DB, prem, arnav and hamari choti si gudiya anjali. Pata hain anjali tho bohot badi ho gayi hain, wo tho bohot sweet hain. And geet di is a doctor now. Pata hain mom prem tho badi nautanki nikla he came shouting maan vj’s name and told that he has exam tomorrow and asked vj to help him. Par dukh ki baat yeh hain ki DB is blaming himself for what had happened and vj is in pain. I just want to shout that I am their khushi but I cant, eventhough they are in pain but atleast they r living without any danger, and when they will come to know who am I then all our lives will be in danger. Pata nahi hamare kismet mein kya likha hain told pari and closed her eyes and a lone tear escaped from her eyes.

pari (st): VJ ka birthday ke liye sirf 2 weeks hain, and the dream. Hey babaji what u want to tell me. Am i going to meet them again god i am not able to understand anything.

Mom (st): Babaji meri bachi aaj uska bhai ko dekha par iski kismat tho dekhiye wo kuch bol nahi sakti. Nahi main apni beti ki zindagi mein khushiyan dekhna chathi hu. iski naam tho khushi par iski zindagi mein koi khushi nahi hain. Par main kar bhi kya sakti hu.. na kuch bol pati hu ya na kuch kar sakti hu.. babaji mujhe kuch raasta dikhayiye.


In KM:


Maan and prem went to study and maan started explaining the topics. Prem is trying very hard to control his sleep.

Bro yeh sab kitna boring hain, don’t know how u studied all this told prem.

Maan glared at prem and told ek baat bolo what u do without going to college. This is the last warning I am giving u if u repeat this again and again then I will forget that u r my brother and I will make sure that u will fail in ur examination.

Seeing his brothers anger prem gulped and made a sorry face. After some time prem went to his room and slept. Maan too went to his room and laid down on the bed and closed his eyes and thought

What will geet think of me now? Now she came to know the truth. Now she wont listen to anyone and I don’t have any other option. If she is not with me then I cant do anything, if she is with me I will make sure that she is safe. Even I can tell to arnav about this and he will sure take care of geet. But I cant live in peace if she is not around me. I told yes for marriage but what will be geet’s decision. I know how much stubborn she is, don’t know whats going to happen.

Just then maan’s mobile rang and saw geet’s name flashing on the screem. He know why she called him. He immediately picked the call.


Hello Mr. khurana..

Yes geet bolo? Asked maan.

Well I want to talk t u something important we cannot talk on phone. So I want u to come to my clinic tomorrow at 11 am told geet in a authorative voice.

What if I don’t come asked maan with attitude. Ofcourse who can order MSK.

Well then meet u in KM in the evening in dadimaa’s room. U know what I am talking about told geet and smirked.

Tum MSK ko dhamki de rahi ho? Asked maan with anger.

Sorry MSK ji I have no other option other than this. Will meet u tomorroe. Either in my clinic or KM told geet and cut the call.

Maan looked at his phone with a smirk on his face and kissed her photo which is his wall paper and told I will come geet and slept.


Precap: maan held geet by her shoulders and slammed his lips and hers and started kissing her madly.


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