Love and Revenge part 7

27 Aug

                                                   Chapter 7:

 Maan looked at his phone with a smirk on his face and kissed her photo which is his wall paper and told I will come geet and slept.

But here geet is tossing in her room from one side to another restlessly. She is not able to understand maan’s intension between saying yes to marriage. These many days she is confident about maan’s decision but today his yes is like a bomb. Ofcourse she loves maan and she has no problem, but the main matter is that maan till now who is trying to distance himself from her. But why suddenly. Her brain is filled with several questions. She laid on the bed and took out her mobile and saw the smiling face of maan and thought when will be normal as before maan.

Geet closed her eyes but she is not able to sleep. She kept thinking about their happy moments with each other and with their family. She is thinking about her family who hated her.  

~~ flash back ~~

That was the most unfortunate day for geet. A 6 years little geet is playing outside her house in hoshiyarpur. At the same time maan, dev and 2 years prem and khushi, arnav and maan’s parents came for holidays to hoshiyarpur. When geet is playing outside suddenly her mom came and shouted on her.

Geet’ what are you doing here? Come inside scolded her mom.

Mama I am playing here told geet cutely.

Her mom got annoyed and told tumko khelne ki alawa kuch ata bhi nahi, who will do house hold work. U didn’t see your brother is getting ready for school. So go and help him told her mom.

Mama I too want to go to school told geet.

U and school, no way if u go to school then who will do the house hold work. Pata hain this time too all expected a boy but you r born and all started to hate me. I don’t understand what is my mistake in this. And because of you all started to ignore me told her mom and jerked her away. Just then geet’s dad came there and shouted on rano.

What the hell is going on here. There is lot of work at home and u both are playing here shouted mohinder.

Nahi nahi ji we are coming told rano, but she didn’t see that due to the sudden jerk geet fell down and her head got injured. The khurana’s who came just then saw the whole scene and felt bad for geet. But when they saw geet injured maan and arnav rushed to her and made her stand and called her.

Geet.. geet.. open ur eyes told 8 years old maan.

Listening to the noise geet’s parents turned and saw geet injured. Mohinder didn’t care but rano got worried. She immediately rushed to geet and took her in her arms.

Geet beta what happened? Oh no she is bleeding told a worried rano.

Elders in the house came outside hearing the noise. They saw geet bleeding but alas no one cared about her.

Anyone take her to hospital and come fast told geet’s dadaji.

Khurana’s are shocked to see this. Poor girl no one is caring about her. But mr and mrs. Khurana is not able to take all this. They took geet from rano and rushed to the hospital followed by 8 years maan and arnav.

Not even a single member in the geet family wen to hospital. Rano who is worried about her told to mohinder that she want to go to hospital.

No need to go anywhere, I cant tolerate her infront of me even for a second. I hope that she’

Before he completes he received a tight slap from dadimaa (maan’s dadimaa).

Maaji.. called mohinder in shock. He never saw her this angry.

Chi.. don’t call me like that. Sharam aaraha hain mujhe, koi apni beti ke saath aise harkate karte hain kya? Choti si bachi hain, iski kya dosh hain usko tum jaise maa-baap mile told dadimaa in anger.

hum bhi kya kar sakte hain maaji, geet is our daughter we also love her but no one in the family cares about her. We are helpless maaji told rano with tears in her eyes.

Without thinking anything dadi told thik hain aaj se geet hamari beti hain. Forget that you have a daughter. We will adopt geet and she is geet singh khurana from today declared dadi.

Mohinder and rano folded their hands in front of dadi with tears in their eyes and told take her with u maaji. Atleast she will be happy. We are not that lucky to take care of our child told mohinder.

Dadi and rano looked at him shocked till today he never cared about geet but today. He saw their questioning eyes and understood what is going on in their mind and told haa maaji how can I hate my own daughter. But I cant go against my family so I just behave that I hate my daughter.i dont have to love my daughter maaji.

Dadi smiled at him sadly and left from there.

Rano and mohinder broke down completely but they are happy atleast she will be happy with them. Dadi is waiting for them to come from hospital. Just then she saw that rishab and pooja with geet, maan and arnav.

Geet smiled at dadi but her head is bandaged and she is having little pain.

Geet beta how r u feeling now? Is it paining? Asked dadi.

Yes dadi, here it is paining told geet showing where she got hurt.

Aww you sleep for some time then you don’t have any pain, and after that you have to play with maan and arnav na? asked dadi.

Geet nodded her head smilingly and maan and arnav took geet to their room and made her sleep.

Later dadi told what happened in handa mansion and ranbir is angry as well as happy.

Ji maa, hum holidays ke baad bachon ke saath geet ko bhi delhi le chalte hain told ranbir. Maan who came for water heard that and asked papa, geet hamare saath aarahi hain? Asked excitedly.

Pooja smiled at him and told ha maan, ur friend is coming with us.

Yay.. then we can play daily na asked maan curiously.

All the 3 smiled at him and nodded in yes. Immediately maan ran to their room to tell the news to arnav.

~~ flashback ends ~~

A lone tear escaped from her eyes. After coming to delhi ranbir told what all happened to arnav’s dad and he felt very bad. As they don’t have any girl child they adoped geet and gave her their surname. And now she is geet singh raizada. After that day her life filled with happiness and whenever she asked about her parents they use to tell something or other. When she grew up she understood what might happened. Thinking all these geet drifted to sleep.

Next day morning:

Geet as usual time she went to her clinic and maan went to his office. All others are doing their respective works. The clinic of geet and dev is same and they both met in clinic and engrossed into their work. Even though geet asked maan to come by 11am but she is waiting for maan. She want to talk to him as soon as possible.

Here maan completed his meeting and decided to go and meet geet. Maan got into his car and he drove by himself. Soon with in half an hour he reached her clinic but didn’t get down of the car he is in deep thought and thinking that what to answer geet.

Who should I tell to geet? If I don’t tell the truth she will surely reject for the marriage and I don’t want to happen at any cost. For the first time in my life I am helpless in the matter of geet. She I lie then she can read my eyes easily.

Finally he got down of his car and maintained a straight face and went inside the clinic. He went to the reception. The receptionist who saw maan got tensed and told si.. sir mam is waiting for u inside.

Maan nodded and went in without knocking the door as it is his habit. He never knock geet’s room door and enter. Here geet is stood near the window and is in deep thought. When maan entered his cabin she sensed him and closed her eyes.

Maan saw her and went close to her. He touched her shoulder and without any delay geet asked him what is all this maan? Why u r playing with my life?

Maan closed his eyes feeling her pain and thought how can I geet?

He opened his eyes and asked sternly what u r talking about?

Don’t act maan warned geet.

Did u ask me to come here for argument? Asked maan.

Geet faced him and anger is visible in her eyes and she held his collar and asked what r u doing maan? U hate me right? Then why u want to marry me? I am not able to understand what u want? Once u only told there is nothing between us? Then why u r doing this for the sake of dadimaa? Then its better to tell her truth that u don’t love me. She will understand told geet in one go not giving chance to maan to speak.

Here maan is looking at her but she is no where to stop. So with no other option maan held geet by her waist and slammed his lips on her and made her shut. Geet is shocked with his action. She tried to move away from him but his grip is strong and she is helpless. Maan bit her lower lip and geet moaned and still trying to get out of his grip.

But maan is maan his grip tightened and geet too stopped to protest. Seeing her maan deepened the kiss. Maan bit her lip again and she opened her mouth. Maan entered her mouth fully. He pulled her more towards and their chests are glued to each other.

Maan is tasting every corner of her mouth and enjoying the juice where as geet is not reacting anything. She just stood there numd allowing him whatever he want to do. But she is so much lost in his passion that she don’t know what she is doing and she started to unbutton his waist coat. Seeing his effect on her maan smirked and his hands automatically went under her kurti and unhooked her bra. Unknowingly geet removed his waist coat.

Due to lack of breath maan broke the kiss and unzipped her kurti. Geet looked into his eyes and started unbuttoning his shirt. Maan took geet in his arms and placed her on the couch and he laid on top of her. He unzipped her kurti and slid off the shoulders. He kissed her shoulders and and geet removed his shirt fully. She kept drolling his bare chest. Maan slid her kurti and finally he fully removed it. he kissed her between her b*****, geet moaned his name in pleasure. He cupped her br***** over her b** and gave her a love bite.

Geet digged her nails on his back and she arched back giving him more room and closed her eyes submitting herself to him. Maan finally removed her b** and both their upper bodies are glued to each other. Her ni***** touching his chest and made his go more crazy. He cupped her b***** with his both hands and giving her pleasure with his kisses. He is biting, licking her buds and geet started kissing his broad chest. Both are out of their senses. Maan untied her bottom and removed it in one go. She is almist naked infront of him with only a single barrier. Geet’s hands automatically undid his button and maan helped her to remove his pant. He is only in boxers now.

He once again slammed his lips on hers and this time geet too reacted with same passion. Slowly they both are free from their barriers.


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