Love and Revenge part 8

27 Aug


 He once again slammed his lips on hers and this time geet too reacted with same passion. Slowly they both are free from their barriers. Both are different world, feeling peace and pleasure. Maan broke the kiss and hugged geet tightly, geet too hugged him back. Both stayed in the same position for a long time. Feeling each other after a long time.  

Suddenly maan felt his shoulder is getting wet. He beoke the hug and looked at geet who is in tears. Maan kissed those tears away.

Both are not regretting for what happened sometime back. Infact a confidence build in them that they belong to each other.

Mishty’ called maan.

Hearing that word from his mouth geet broke down completely and hugged him tight and cried her heart out. Maan didn’t stop her because he knows she has to pour he heart out. If not both of them cant live in peace. Finally when she stopped crying maan slowly got up and gave her dress and maan too took his. Geet slowly got up and went to the washroom which is attached to her cabin and got dressed. Maan too dressed himself.

Finally geet came out after some time and saw maan sat on the couch with his eyes closed. Geet came and sat beside him silently and placed her head on his shoulder. Now she has full confidence that maan is only hers. Without any delay she asked maan,

Maan why u said yes for marriage? Asked geet.

Because of u. what are you thinking of yourself? Ha? How can u go to hoshiyarpur when you know that ur life is at stake? Shouted maan.

Geet distanced herself and looked at maan with pain in her eyes and told I can do anything for u and ur family. I told already’ before geet say anything further maan cut her.

Cut the crap geet. Don’t tell all these things for the sake of gratitude. All of them loves u and no one think that u r a burden. Stop thinking all these non-sense retorted maan.

Tum’ asked geet.

Maan looked at her shocked as she is indicating him as ‘TUM’ because from the day she went to London for her studies they didn’t talk. But they just talked once in all these 5 years of MBBS and that day her life is shattered listening to maan. But she never hated him she knows there is some reason behind it and her brother arnav knows it. and on top that arnav is supporting maan in his decision that means something big is happening in their life and how can she hate a person whom she loved more than her life.

Main kya? Asked maan as if he didn’t understand anything.

Don’t act maan warned geet.

Hearing her maan came dangerously close to her and whispered huskily still u don’t know the answer after witnessing what happened few minutes back.

Geet looked down blushing and told I don’t know.

But maan’s hands went to her back and tied the dori. When his fingers touched her skin, geet voice ditched her to speak further.

Bolo geet asked maan.

Geet came to her senses and sat on her seat and looked at him with attitude. Maan smirked at her.

U r so complicated maan, I am not able to understand anything. Till yesterday u were angry on me and accused me for no reason and today all of a sudden asked geet not able to understand the person standing in front of him.

Maan understood her inner turmoil and he also knows that he owes and explanation to her. Maan smiled slightly at her and shook his head. Geet saw his smile and was shocked, surprised and happy too. She is seeing him smile after a long time. But geet looked at him suspiciously.

Maan went to geet and made her stand infront of him and cupped her face and told yes geet what u r saying is right. Galti tho meri hi hain. But I am helpless mishty, I died 100 deaths saying those words to u. After dadaji, dad and mom’s death our company was lost geet. Those people took all our property yeh tum bhi jaanti ho.

Geet nodded in a yes.

Again dadimaa started construction company with the help of raizada uncle. But even after that our company faced lots of losses but dadimaa did everything for our happiness. When I joined college I even started helping dadimaa. I don’t want to burden her more and I want dev and prem to be happy and not face any problems. Soon KC became a top company, media hype increased and maintained dev and prem as low profile. And at the same time I started to distance myself from u and sent u to London for ur studies.

Geet listened all this and asked why maan?

Mishty if the media came to know about u, then the whole world will come to know that u r MSK’S fianc.

Tho kua hua maan? Asked maan.

Geet you are not understanding the point here. You are the eye witness of the murder if they come to know that u r the same geet then they try to kill u or harm khushi told maan with a fear in his eyes.

Geet looked at him with all love but asked then why now? Now also they will come to know na? and they may harm khushi maan.

No geet now they cant harm khushi told maan.

How?? Asked geet.

Now khushi is not there in hoshiyarpur, she escaped from them told maan.

How do u know? Asked geet and immediately she asked that means that means u know where is khushi?

Maan didn’t answer anything. Maan plz don’t lie. U know where is khushi right? Asked geet with tears in her eyes.

Maan wiped her tears asked will u come with me to a place.

Geet nodded for a yes immediately. Maan saw and asked wont u ask me where we r going?

I trust u told geet.

Maan caressed her cheek and told we should take dev with us.

Ok told geet. Both maan and geet headed to dev’s cabin. Maan again came back to his MSK style.

Maan knocked dev’s cabin door.

Come in told dev.

Maan and geet entered his cabin. Dev is surprised to see his bro here.

Bro aap yaha? Iss waqt asked dev and got up from his seat.

Maan kept his hand on his shoulder and told we have to go to a place.

Where bro? asked dev confusingly.

You will come to know told maan.

Ok bro, when? Asked dev.

Now.. told maan.

Maan took out his mobile and dialed prem’s number. Prem who is in the college just finished his viva and came out saw his bro’s number and got tensed.

I gave my viva well then why he is calling now. God plz save me prayed prem to god and picked up the call.

Hey bhai, what a surprise u called me. Bhai u don’t worry I gave my viva very well. All thanks to u because of u I gave my exam well. U called me to ask this na blabbered prem non-stop.

Maan got pissed off as he is not allowing him to speak and shouted chup..

Prem shut his mouth immediately and gulped his saliva.

Ohh sorry bhai told prem.

Hmm.. listen I need u to do some work told maan.

Me bhai, wow tell me tell me asked prem excitedly as maan is asking him to do something for the first time.

Maan rolled his eyes and told I have messaged u something show it to ur principal sir. He will give u one envelope take it and keep it with u.  

Prem listened to him carefully and finally asked why bhai?

Premmm shouted maan.

Ok ok bhai. Bhai I thought u r giving some big work. Itna chota sa kaam complained prem.

Maan got annoyed and told thik hain if u don’t want to do don’t do. I will come directly to ur college and do my work.

Chillax bhai. your work will be done told prem.

Ok I will be outside ur college within 15 min told maan.

Hey bhai, ur work is done told prem.  

What? how? Asked maan.

U told u sent me some message and I forwarded it to my friend and he came with the paper told prem and smiled.

Didn’t u read the message? Asked maan.

No bhai told prem.

Ok.. wait outside ur college I am coming in 15 min told maan.

When maan was about to cut the call prem asked bhai, can I see that paper?

Ur wish told maan and cut the call.

Challein? Asked maan to dev and geet. They both nodded and followed him. Here prem is waiting outside his college on his bike with googles and looking dashing.

Here maan, geet and dev are in maan’s car and the drive is silent. All the 3 are in deep thoughts. Maan looked at them and he knows what they must be thinking. Here geet and dev are thinking where they are going and they observed some change in maan.

After 20 min drive maan reached prem’s college and saw prem waiting for maan. Maan stopped the car infront of him and got down from the car. Prem smiled at him and gave that envelope to him. Maan took that envelope and thanked him.

Come with us told maan.

Where bhai? Asked prem.

Maan glared at him, prem smiled at him nervously and told ok bhai coming. Prem parked his bike aside and got into the car and surprised to see dev and geet.

Hey u both what are u doing? Asked prem.

Playing volley ball answered dev.

Geet giggled and prem gave angry look to dev.

Kaisa hua tumara exam? Asked geet.

Ek dum mast di told prem and side hugged her. Di where are we going asked prem.

I don’t know told geet.

This time the was not silent due to prem. Geet may serious with maan but when it comes to prem she will tease him, crack jokes and do full masti.

Di where is your sister? Asked prem.

Anju is in college. Why is there any work with her? Asked geet.

Ahh nothing much, just want to tell her that new mobile piece is launched in the market told prem.

Oyy shut up. She will sit on my head now if I wont buy it to her told dev.

That’s why I want to tell her. So that u can buy one for me and one for her told prem smiling cheekily at him.

Dev and maan rolled their eyes. Geet slapped his forehead and told stop it now.

Hey bhai switch on the music system atleast told prem to maan.

Tumare bhai ke car mein muic system. R u joking prem whispered geet.

Yeah true di told prem and made a sad face.

Finally maan stopped the car in front of a house. All of them looked at maan and then outside.

Maan this is..

Maan nodded in a no telling her not to talk anything. Dev and prem looked at maan questioningly asking where we have come. Maan just told them to come with him.

They opened the gate of that house and knocked the door. A lady in her 50’s opened the door.

Ji aap? Asked that lady seeing them.

Maan took out a photo from his pocket and showed to that lady and asked ji kya hum iss ladki se mil sakte hain?

That lady looked at them suspiciously and asked bit sternly aapko kyun iss ladki se milna hain?

Ji kuch kaam hain told maan.

Geet, dev and prem are confused what maan is upto. That lady has no other option allowed them in and asked to take seat.

Ji she went out she will come in half an hour. If u want u can come later told that lady.

We will wait told prem and looked at maan and smiled. Maan looked at him with confusion.

Bhai your answer is the same na told prem and smiled cheekily at maan. Dev and geet giggled.

Just then maan asked that lady kya hum iss ladki ki maa se mil sakte hain?

She is not well, wo andar so rahi hain told that lady. And when she was about to go inside but turned and looked at maan. She is feeling that she saw him somewhere then her eyes widened in shock. Even maan and other didn’t miss her face expressions.

Aap aap maan babu’

Maan got up and smiled at that lady and hugged her tight. He broke the hug and told haa main aapke maan hu.

That lady had tears in her eyes so as maan. She cupped his face and kissed his forehead and asked kaha the maan itne din? Mujhe maaf karo beta..

Here at the same time a another lady in her 50’s who is lying on the bed in other room opened her eyes and she is trying to move but she is paralysed from past 10 years. But today her heart is telling that she should get up its high time now. And she is feeling that someone has come to meet her.


Precap 1: whom maan is going meet..

              maan: geet I don’t like any work stopping in the middle. So shall we start where we stopped.

Precap 2: maan: i love u geet.

             geet: plz love me maan, make me urs. I want u maan. I cant live without u.


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