Love and Revenge part 9

27 Aug


Here at the same time another lady in her 50’s who is lying on the bed in other room opened her eyes and she is trying to move but she is paralysed from past 10 years. But today her heart is telling that she should get up its high time now. And she is feeling that someone has come to meet her. She is trying very hard to get up with the help of bed support. She moved her legs and tried to keep them on the floor, today even god is with her today after 10 years she was able to move her hands and legs, finally her legs touched the floor and she was able to sit. She clutched her bed sheet tight and was trying to stand on her feet. Slowly she stood up by gripping on the wall. She finally stood up and taking baby steps to come out of the room while taking support of the wall. She slowly came out of the room and stood near the door and she can have the view what is happening in the hall. She got to see 4 people with khushi’s nanny.

All are watching maan and nanny hug each other and she immediately came to know he is her maan. She smiled a bit due to her weakness and now she is standing all of a sudden, she has no energy. But one person saw her and was shocked to no limit. He dont know how to reach was he dreaming or is it for real?

But the next minute he realized that he was not dreaming. Tears formed in his eyes. He is not able to believe what is happening. But suddenly he panicked because he saw hat lady is moving with great difficulty and she was about to fall. He panicked and shouted

MOM’ and ran to her and avoided her from falling. He hugged her tight and making sure that he is really meeting him. All others in the room are shocked to see prem shouting MOM and hugging a lady.

Mera bacha.. whispered that lady and fainted in his arms. Prem saw that and called her with tears in his eyes mom.. mom.. open your eyes.

By this time maan, dev and geet rushed to prem and saw that lady. Dev and geet are shocked to see her but maan is extremely happy and a smile, a pleasant smile formed on his lips. But all are worried seeing her faint and maan took his mom in his arms and placed her on the bed carefully and all the four are in tears seeing her condition. Their mom, their friend is in this condition.

Bro, mom how?? Asked dev in shock as he is not able to believe that his mom is alive. Maan wiped their tears and told we should be happy na, if maa see us like this she will be angry on us.

Bachon u guys are very lucky, these many years ma’am was not able to move or talk with any one but today she got up. Even she too came to know that her children are waiting for her told nanny.

Par nanny where is pari? Asked maan.

She will be coming beta told nanny just then they heard door bell ring.

I think pari baby is back told nanny and went to open the door. Here maan signaled others to follow him and they 4 hid behind the curtain so that pari don’t see them. Dev and prem looked at him confused and asked what happened bro?

You till come to know told maan and smiled ar geet and side hugged her.

Ohh so geet di and maan bhai ka patch up hogaya thought prem. But prem is prem even hiding behind the curtain, didn’t leave any stone to annoy maan.

Bhai.. called prem.

Kya hain? Asked maan.

You didn’t tell me anything pouted prem.

Maan asked confused what?

Wahi aapke aur geet di ka patch up. When it happened? How it happened? Asked prem with the most funniest way ever.

Maan smiled a little and caressed his face and told batata hu beta and slapped on his forehead. Prem looked at him fake angrily but he got typical MSK deadly glare and he shut his mouth.

Bhai aap PREM SINGH KHURANA ke panga liya. Main nay eh baat dadimaa ko batata hu thought prem and smirked inwardly.

Just then they all heard a worried tone.

Nanny what happened to mom suddenly, when I went out she was fine. Then what happened now? Asked a tensed khushi.

Maan whispered in geet’s ears meri pari’

For which first geet smiled at him, then reality stuck her meri pari matlab she is khushi. She widened her eyes in shock which is now filled with tears.

Here prem and dev looked at khushi.

Dev bhai, she is the same girl which geet di saved asked prem.

Ha she is pari told dev.

But why she is calling mom, mom? asked prem confusingly.

How do I know why she is calling maa as mom told dev.

But then it struck them and looked at maan. Maan smiled at them with tears and asked who is she?

Both dev and prem at a time GUNDI’

Maan nodded at them and prem and dev are on cloud 9 that they met their little sister today and their mom. itseems that what all they suffered from past 10 years is all vanished now.

Finally they all came out of that hiding place and stood behind khushi who sat beside her mom worried.

Khushi felt someone standing behind her she stood and turned around and was shocked to see her brothers and geet di there. She smiled nervously at them and asked aap log yaha?

Maan came forward and told we are here to meet OUR mom, that day you told she is not feeling well. Kyun khushi cant we meet her?

Khushi is shocked to listen to him and don’t know how to react. By listening to him she came to know that he knows who is she? And they are inside the house that means they might have seen mom by now.

Khushi came forward and hugged her maan VJ tight and broke down completely. She is sobbing furiously and maan hugged his sister, his pari tight and soothing her. Even today he is not able to control and his tears rolled down his cheeks. All of them in the room are having tears.

I am sorry VJ, main hi aapki khushi hu VJ told khushi and sobbed in his arms.

Shhh don’t cry main aagaya hu na told maan.

Khushi broke the hug and looked at him and told VJ, mom. mom is not well she fainted told between her sobs.

Geet kept her hand on khushi’s shoulder and told maa ko kuch nahi hua khushi. She will be alright. Khushi looked at geet and hugged her tight.

Geet di’

Ha gudiya main tumari geet di hu told geet and caressed her hair trying to calm down.

Geet broke the hug and kissed her forehead and told don’t cry khushi, we all are there and tumari VJ tumko kuch naho hone dega.

Khushi smiled at that and told geet di you plz don’t go to hoshiyarpur plz.

Geet is really touched with her concern, even now she is worried for her safety. What a family is this? They don’t care for themselves but care for others more. Geet once again hugged khushi and she silently sobbed. Maan knows how geet will be feeling now. He kept hand on her shoulder and geet broke the hug and looked at maan and her face covered with tears.

Khushi saw dev and prem in tears.

DB’ called khushi and hugged her dev bhai tight. Dev too hugged her tight.

I am sorry khushi, this all happened because of me. I am so sorry khushi told dev.

Khushi broke the hug and wiped his tears and told nahi DB u did nothing. Its our fate which played with our lives. The whole atmosphere became so emotional and even nanny had tears.

Its great that our prem babu was so silent till now. But now no way.

Khushi came to prem and stood infront of him and was about to hug him but prem stopped her.

I am 10 minutes elder than you. So call me bro and hug me told prem to lighten the situation.

All others didn’t help but smile at their fight. But khushi is so emotional that she didn’t help but call him bro.

Bhai’ called khushi.

Now prem too became emotional and hugged his twin tight. He sobbed like a small kid with khushi. Prem broke the hug and kissed her forehead and told I am so happy gundi. Where were you all these days? Tum kal ghar ayi thin a tho hame bataya kyun nahi?

When he asked her a fear ran through her spine and she started shivering. Her face lost its color. She held prem’s hand tight. Prem looked at her worriedly and asked

Khushi what happened?

All of them rushed to khushi. Maan cupped her face and asked what happened pari?

VJ wo.. wo.. they will kill me. Mujhe darr lag raha hain told khushi and hugged him. Her whole body is shivering due to fear. Maan kissed her forehead and told nothing will happen khushi. No will will come here. Kisi ne bhi tumko kuch karne se pehle they have to face your VJ told maan with full attitude and anger in his eyes.

Just then mom opened her eyes and whispered maan’

Maan looked back at his mom and sat beside her taking her hand in his.

Maa.. called maan with tears in his eyes. Even maa too smiled at them through tears. Maa caressed his face and told kitna bada ho gaya mera beta and kissed his forehead.

Maa tried to get up but maan helped her to sit and she hugged maan and maan too hugged his maa. Later dev and prem hugged maa.

Maa.. mom called dev and prem respectively.

She kissed their forehead and smiled at them. All are so happy maan’s happiness has no bounds he got back his maa and his sister khushi. All the 3 sat beside maa and maan held her hand tightly as if don’t want to leave her. Geet saw them with a smile on her face. Mainly maan, he is smiling whole heartedly after a long time. His smile reached his eyes. Suddenly maan looked at geet and they had a small eye lock, even maa too looked at maan and followed his gaze. She then saw geet. How can she forget geet. Looking at maan and the love in his eyes, she can easily guess that she is her BADI BAHU.

Geet beta’ called maa. Maneet eye lock broke and geet took the blessings of maa. Maa kissed her forehead and asked how r u beta?

I am fine maa told geet and saw that maa is tired. Geet came back to her sherni mode and told oye hello you 3 (maan, dev and prem). Cant you see that maa is tired, get up and let her sleep.

Maa chuckled seeing her and thought she didn’t change at all.

Obeying geet all of them got up and made maa sleep for some time.

Maa maa maa ek minute you totally forgot me told arnav who just came now making a sad face.

Arnav beta.. called maa delightedly and hugged him.

How r u maa? Asked arnav kissing her forehead.

Fine beta.. tum kaise ho? Aur bhai aur bhabhi? Asked maa.

All are fine maa, mom and dad are in London now. They will back in 2 months told arnav.

Now you take rest maa, we will talk later told arnav. Maa laid on the bed feeling happy seeing her kids. But a fear in her eyes and she want to talk to maan about something important and she don’t want anyone to be tensed regarding this matter. So she decided to tell maan after wards. Even he is also happy after long time. Let him enjoy with his sister and all of them some quality time. But MSK is MSK how can he not see the fear in her eyes. He too decided to ask her later.

All of them settled in hall. None of the brothers left khushi even for a second. They kept on asking she needed anything. Khushi is so happy after a long time. Oh how much she missed them. How she yearned for love. But she never got any from past 10 years. But she want to know how they came to know about her.

Here arnav side hugged geet and they both are smiling at maan. How happy he is today with his sister. How much they missed this maan. Ufff prem and khushi met just few minutes back and started their jhagda.

You never change prem, yesterday I saw you in KM you were asking VJ to explain for your exam. Chi.. tum kabhi college gaya hi nahi. Kya kar rahe ho tum ha? Bolo.. asked khushi.

Hey gundi, tum apna gunda garzi phir se shuru kiya na. prem pem kya hain, call me bro warned prem.

Main aur tumko bro. not even in my dreams told khushi.

Oyyy” warned prem.

Oyyy kya ha? Asked khushi with her hands on her hips.

Arnav is amused by her talk. Maan and dev rolled their eyes seeing their cat-dog fight. Ufff again started but they are enjoying.

Maan saw arnav and geet stood at one corner and looking at him. He raised his eye brows asking what?

They nodded in a no telling nothing. Maan got up and went to them.

What happened? Why u both are looking at me? Asked maan side hugging geet.

Now geet is in the middle of two important people in the world.

Nothing dude, happy to see you smiling told arnav.

Ha dude I am happy today, my family is back today. My little sister is happy after a long time. How much I dreamt of this day told maan and looked at dev, prem and khushi happily talking with each other. A lone tear escaped from maan’s eye. But geet wiped his tears and nodded in a no.

Maan we will take maa and khushi to KM told geet.

Ha geet I am also thinking the same told maan.

How cum you are supporting my sister today? Asked arnav smirking.

Badlav duniya na niyam hain bro told geet and smiled at maan. Maan too smiled back.

Hayeee’ bro today some one has a plan to kill me today told geet dramatically keeping her hand on her heart. Arnav and maan laughed whole heartedly seeing her antics. Ahh how much these 3 missed their talks.

Dude tonight, what about we 3 hang out asked maan.

All the hi-fied each other and shouted YES…

Just then maan’s mobile rang and its adi. Maan picked the call and asked whats the matter adi?

Sir, the interviews for your secretary is completed. And I have selected a girl told adi.

Ok adi I cant come to office today, tell her to join from tomorrow told maan.

Ok sir told adi and cut the call.

Later geet prepared lunch for all of them and maa too joined them. They all laughed, cracked jokes and had lunch. Maan, dev and prem fed maa and khushi with their hands. Maan offered a spoon to geet. Maan fed geet with his hands. Geet happily had it.

After lunch all of them decided to go to KM and khushi jumped in that she is going to meet her DM. as maa is still weak and not able to walk they took her in wheel chair. They all got into the car and travelled to KM.

Here in KM dadimaa is waiting for dev and prem but they didn’t turn up. She sighed and was about to go to her room but she heard a car horn and thought that dev and prem are back.

All of them got down of the car. Khushi is so happy that she is back to her house and she is jumping like a small kid with excitement. All of them smiled at her excitement and maa had tears in her eyes thinking about her life in KM.


Precap: dadimaa’s reaction’

             Same precap as before’


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