Love and Revenge Prologue

27 Aug

A man is sitting in the car checking mails in the laptop. His face expressions are tough n there is some rage in his eyes. He is in his office attire with black n black. He is looking damn hot. Once he reached office, the car halted n one of the bodyguard opened the car door. He came out with full attitude n put the goggles on. His attitude n royalty is oozing out by his walking style. His 6 bodyguards followed him. He reached the elevator n pressed the 5th floor.

Here inside the office all the staff became alert with the siren indicating that their boss may be here at any time. All are running here and there with the files. Girls are having their final touch up to impress their angry boss.

He came out of the elevator n entered his office. All the gents staff are hell scared seeing him. All the lady staff are drolling over their boss. Once he is walking to his cabin, all the staff started wishing him but he just ignored n entered his cabin.

Once he entered in his cabin all of them sighed in relief. But here his face became red due to anger. He took the phone n called his secretary in his cabin.

She nervously knocked the dorr. She is shaking from top to bottom literally.

Come in.. he told angrily.

She entered the cabin. S.. sir’ u’ u ca.. called me.

He looked at her angrily n roared like a hungry lion.

Where is my black coffee?

So.. sorry.. sir i.. i.. am pre.. preparing now stammered that poor girl.

I don’t need any explanations, I wont tolerate any mistake. U r fired.

Tears formed in her eyes.


I said GET OUT.

She ran out of the cabin crying. All the other employees felt bad for her. So one more employee is out from KC (KHURANA CONSTRUCTIONS). Yes he is none other than MAAN SINGH KHURANA, the most eligible bachelor in india. Hot, rude, arrogant man. All the people are afraid to even look at him except one, his friend arnav singh raizada. He is maan’s friend from childhood, he knows maan from inside out.

Arnav n maan are best friends from childhood. Only arnav knows the reason behind maan’s rude. Only he is the person with whom maan shares everything. They both are in different streams, maan is owner of construction company where as arnav is a fashion designer. As their professions their nature is also quite opposite. Maan is a angry young man where as arnav is a jovial type guy, flirting around n making all smile.

Here maan is doing his work in his cabin. Just then he heard a knock on the door.

Come in told maan.

A tall, handsome guy entered into his cabin with a smile on his face. Maan saw him n his face expressions are a bit relaxed.

Hey dude wished that person.

Hmmm’ replied maan.

Again u started with hmm n ha.. told that person.

Maan looked at him angrily n told shut up n tell me why u r here?

He sat opposite to him n told seriously I came here to meet my friend.

Maan rolled his eyes seeing his nautanki n shouted ARNAV’

Arnav laughted out loud n told nothing yaar, I have some work here n thought to have lunch with u.

Maan looked at him n told no I don’t want to have lunch.

Maan u first relax. I know what u r thinking but’

No arnav I don’t wanna talk anything about that told maan sternly with pain in his eyes.

Arnav stood up n went to him n put his hand on his shoulders n told maan we will search HER, don’t worry. We all will meet her one day. I am sure about it.

Maan looked at him with pain in his eyes. Arnav assured him with a smile.

Just then arnav’s mobile rang. He looked at the caller ID n the smile vanished on his face.

Oh shit, I am gone now told arnav.

What happened ? asked maan.

Arnav asked him to be quiet n picked the phone.


Bro.. what is this I am waiting for u since 1 hour near college n u didn’t turn up. Do u even remember do u have a sister n she is waiting for u.

Sweetu, calm down I am so sorry I came to meet maan.

Oh now, u don’t even care for ur sister. Be with your friend. I don’t wanna talk to u told that girl n cut the call angrily.

Sweetu.. sweetu listen listen..

Arnav chod na. ur sister don’t have a habit of listening fully.

Yaar, she is hell angry. Ufff sighed arnav.

Don’t talk with me about her told maan.

I don’t understand why u don’t like her.

Drop that topic here itself n if u go from here I will do my work.

Ha ok ok I am going now. Bye dude. 


Arnav left from there. Maan closed his eyes n thought.

Where r u dear? Missing u a lot. I searched u each and every where. But..

His eyes filled with pain n anger.

I don’t leave them once I came to know where r u, they have to face maan singh khurana. I will take the REVENGE. Its my promise.

precap: SmileLOLWink


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