Do i deserve ur love part 1

28 Aug


maan goes to the accident spot n takes him to the hospital. He thought of informing his family about the accident. So he took that person’s mobile n dialled the recently dialled number. A girl picked the phone.

Hello, bhai where r u? I am waiting for u from half an hour. Mera shoot bhi katam ho chuka hain. U told u will pick me up. Then what happened? R u coming or not.

Here maan is trying to speak but she is not giving chance to speak.

Hello miss atlast spoke maan.

Hello, who is it? This is my brother’s mobile na?

Yes it is. I just want to inform u miss…


Miss sameera dont get panic just listen carefully. Told maan seriously.

Sam got tensed n asked what happened?

Ummm.. wo.. ur brother met with an accident. We admitted in the hospital operation is going on now. He is safe no need to worry.

Sam got tensed hearing this.

Accident? Bro thik tho hain na? By the way which hospital I will come.

********* foundation near ****** area. Miss sameera dont worry ur brother will be fine.

Ok sir I am coming now her voice is chocked.

Ok miss I am maan. U can call me once u reach hospital.

Ok sir sure.

She sut the call. She is very tensed n worried for her brother. Even though she is arrogant n rude but when it comes to family she is a normal girl. His brother is only family for her.

Immediately she took the cab. There r so many thoughts running in her mind. She is praying continously that her brother should be safe. After 1 hour drive she reached hospital. Immediately she called maan

hello sir I reached hospital. Can u tell me where my brother is?

Come to the reception they will tell u the way to OT.

Ok thanku.

She cut the call n went near reception.

Hello, where is OT?

Go to 1st floor n then right.


Here maan is near OT waiting for sameera. She came there n asked


aap sameera?

Ya I am. How is my brother? Nothing serious na? She is crying bitterly.

Miss. Sameera calm down operation is going on. So no need to worry. Aap baitiye.

Sam sat on the bench n crying bitterly.

Just then doctors came out of OT. Sam rushed to doc n asked him

doctor how is my brother? Kya hua usko? He is safe rite? Aap kuch bolte kyun nahi. Shouted sam.

Look miss plz calm down. Ur brother is safe. But he had a major head injury n he lost lot of blood. But now he is out of danger.

Sam is relieved to listen this.

Can I see him?

Umm.. not now miss. In 1 hour we will shift him to ICU. He should be under observation for 1 week. As it is a head injury we cant take risk. When we shift him to ICU u can see him. But should not disturd him. Ok?

Ok doctor. Thanku very much doctor.

Its our duty miss. Thank maan he bought the blood from blood bank with in time. Saying so doctor left from there.

Sam turned towards maan n told

thanku very much sir. Aapne mera bhai ka nahi balki u saved my life.

Its ok miss. Sameera. U can wait in the waiting hall we will inform u when we shift ur brother to ICU.

Ok maan.. sorry sir.

Its ok miss u can call me maan. Waise what is ur brothers name?

Arjun oberoi.

Ok thanku, u can go now I will call u later miss.

She smiled n left from there.

Maan collected all the reports from the doctor n gave them to sam. After some time arjun shifted to ICU.

Miss sameera u can see ur brother now informed maan.

Thanku so much maan told sam excitely.

She went to icu n saw his brother who is unconcious. His head n right hand is bandaged. His face is so pale n there is a oxygen mask. She couldnt control seeing her brother in that condition. She held his other hand

yeh kya hogaya bhai. Aapne mere baare mein nahi socha? I something happened to u then what would me my condition. U r only person in my life. Plz bhai never leave me alone Icant live n she broke down completely.

Just then nurse came there n put her hand on sam’s shoulder n told

dekhiye aapka bhai ko kuch nahi hua. He is fine now. We r here to take care of him. So u dont worry.

Sam smiled with teary eyes n nodded.


Meanwhile, outside ICU:

maan’s mobile rang he saw the caller ID a smile formed on his lips

Hello champ. How r u?

I am fine uncle told a 5 years old rohan. He is son of adi.

What made u to call me?

Uncle u forgot rite? Said rohan in a sad voice.

Just then maan remembered that today is rohan’s birthday.

Oh I am so sorry champ. Wish u happy birthday.

Umm thanku. But u have to come to party in the evening. If u wont come I wont talk to u.

oh.. itna gussa. No champ I will come.


Ok uncle bye. I have invite my friends.


Maan smiled n told bye champ.

Rohan, son of adi. As maan n adi r best friends rohan is very close to maan. As maan love kids he will pamper rohan to the core. If rohan wont get his toys from adi or pinky he will tell maan. By next day that toy will be in roahn’s hand. Many times adi tries to protest him but maan tells ‘chota bacha hain. Let him enjoy. Bade hoke tera jaisa nahi hona chahiye na’. So now adi n pinky doesnt protest as they know its waste of their time. Anyhow maan doesnt listen.


Just then pinky came there n called him

maan bhai.

Maan turned back n saw pinky smiling at him.

Hi pinky, when u came?

Just now bhai.

Waise what r u doing here? Tumari tabiyat tho thik hain na? Asked maan worried.

oh.. I am fine I just came here to give u lunch.

Arey pinky itne durr kyun ayi ho. I would have had my lunch in canteen na.

Canteen mein. Na baba na when I am here why will u eat here n theresaid pinky pouting her lips.

Maan hugged pinky n told thanku pinky.

Bhai ab yeh thanku whanku choiye aur khana khayiye.

Maan n pinky went to maan’s cabin. Pinky served the food in the plate n maan ate.

Waise bhai rohan ka phone aya na?

Ha yaar abi phone kiya usne, main tho bhool gaya tha.

Ha adi ko pata hain ki aap bhool jaoge. Isiliye adi ne rohan ko kaha aapko phone karne ke liye.

Tho adi ne muje phasaya. Saale khud phone nahi kar sakte the. Jab shaam ko milungi na tab batathi hu.

Pinky smiled at him n prayed to god

(st): babaji man bhai hamesha aise hasna chahiye.

Bhai aapne tho rohan ko bigad diya.

Chodo na pinky. Chota bacha hain. How much I pamper him but he is a very good boy never crosses his limits n he is just 5 pinky. Tum bhi adi ki tarah baat kar rahi ho.

No one can change u both bhai. They both smiled

Just then pinky noticed the blood marks on his shirt.

Bhai aapke shirt pe yeh khoon.

Oh yeh.. morning ek accident hua tha tho..

pinky understoood n asked how is that person now?

Ya he is fine now.

Pinky smiled n told ok bhai ab main chalti hu, eveng ke liye tayari karni hain.

Ok fine pinky I will early today. Have to meet my champ.

Ok bye bhai.

How u came should I drop u?

No bhai I will go.

Ok bye.

Pinky left from there. Maan smiled at her sister’s care. Eventhough she is not his own sister but they both share a wonderful bro-sis bonding. He is very lucky to have adi n pinky in his life. They all r like family n with rohan their happiness has doubled.


There is a knoeck on the door.

Yes come in told maan.

Sam entered his cabin n wished him.

Hello maan.

Hello miss.sameera. Did u meet ur brother?

Yes maan I met him still he is unconsious said sam in low voice.

Dont worry miss.sameera he will be fine soon.

She smiled at him n told u can call me sameera or sam maan.

Maan just nodded.

Can I ask u something maan?

Ya sure.

Here in this hospital the nurses n doctors r very friendly. Like the way they take care of patients. N I see many poor people here I mean who cannot afford for such a big hospitals for treatment.

Yes sameera this is a foundation, here we wont take any fees for treatment. We all r volunteers here. We r here to help all types of people we dont care whether they r rich or poor. No one will pay a single rupee for treatment.

Sammera is very much impressed by this foundation.

Sir when I am free can I also come n join here?

Ya sure sameera u can.

Thanku maan.

After that they both had a friendly talk n after sometime sam left from there.


Precap: rohan’s birthday party.

               Adi meet sam n trio’s friendship.


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