Do i deserve ur love part 10

28 Aug


pari got ready for the college n left. The whole day was so peaceful for both geet, pari, maa n maan. Here maan is thinking about geet n geet is thinking about maan.

Here maan is sipping his coffee in his cabin n thinking about geet. His phone rang. He picked the excitedly thinking it might be geet.

Hello told maan excitedly.

Hello maan told adi. (hehehe maan its not geet but ur friend adi LOL).

Adi tum bolo told maan.

Ha main. Kyun?? r u waiting for any other call teased adi.

Main other call, what rubbish told maan.

Dont lie maan, geet ne kal tumko call kiya tha na.

Tumko kaise pata?? r u trapping my phone. Angry

Yeh tho hadh hua maan. Main bas aise hi pooch raha tha.

Acha?? but how u know that its geet u can guess any other name na. 

Hmm geet took ur number from pinky, so ofcourse pinky told me.

Acha.. thik hain.

Waise I tried calling u yesterday, but ur phone is continously busy.

Busy?? nahi tho main tho bas 10 min baat ki geet se. thats it. Shayad tumara phone kuch problem hain.

Mera phone problem. Wah ji wah, yeh tho acha hain. Saale batao kya chakkar hain.

Kya chakkar? Kuch bhi tho nahi. Acha mujhe kuch kaam hain, I will call u later. K bye told maan n cut the call immediately.

Arey arey maan suno told adi but its too late maan cut the call.

Pinky who listened their convo burst out into laughter.

Wow wow wow, I cant believe this. First time bhai is lieing. Really kuch tho baat hain.

Ha pinky mujhe bhi kuch aisa hi lag raha hain. Dekhte hain kya hoga.

Hmmm I want both maan bhai n geet happy.

Ha pinky, even maan will have family. I know how he suffered in his childhood, no one was there with him, he was alone but he is happy. Really he knows how to face all the struggles in the life. But ab aur nahi, he should be happy.

Dont worry adi, he will be happy. Ab yeh senti baatein karna band karo pouted pinky.

Ok ok chalo lunch karte hain.


Here maan is teaching steps to his students. He is teaching salsa today.

Guys I wanna see the steps which I taught u now. So ready?

Yes sir.

One by one. Not in group I mean pair.

Fine sir..

one boy n girl came on to the dias n started dancing.. their moves to the music are prefect. When the boy lifted that girl in the air n then her waist moves were awesome. Maan is very much impressed by their dance. He is imagining that boy as himself n that girl as geet.

Maan’s imagination: LOL


maan is in one corner of the dias n geet in other corner. Once the music started they both came to the middle of the dias, maan held her waist n they both r moving to the rhythm, maan lifted her by her waist n moving his waist as per the music. He made her stand on her feet, her back is facing his chest. Their hands r entwined n geet rested her body weight on one leg n bent on the other side. Maan too did the same leaning on her totally. They r in the same position for some time forgetting the whole world. Their eyes met n both are lost in each other, maan held geet tight by her waist n geet cluched his shirt tight.

Suddenly maan came out of his imagination when he heard loud sound. Then he realized that they completed their dance n waiting for maan’s comment.

Maan smiled n told great work guys. Superb continue with the same spirit.

Thanku very much sir.


Maan: man u have lost it completely. U r day dreaming about geet. What will she think about me. No maan concentrate on work. He mentally decided to concentrate on work n entered his cabin.


But today maan is not maan he completely lost in geet. Yesterday’s phone convo changed him completely. Before they fought with each other n maan use to think how to say sorry. But now they became friends. Suddenly someone called him


He turned n saw geet. He is surprised to see her here.

Hey geet, tum yaha??

geet? Who is geet. Sir I am rosy.

oh.. ummm sorry rosy.

Rosy smiled n told its ok sir.

Tell me whats the matter.

Sir for next 10 days I cant come to class sir.

Any problem rosy??

umm nothing sir, my dad is ot well. So have to take care of him.

Ok rosy, if u need any help or any money problem u can ask me. Dont worry he will be fine.

Sur sir, thanku sir.

Ok rosy. Anything do u want to say??

umm.. who is geet sir?

Maan is surprised by her question but smiled n told she is my friend.

Ohhh… all the best sir. Bye smiled rosy n left from there.


Maan just smiled thinking about his behaviour.

Maan: we just met 2 days back n I am not able to forget her. Geet she is just magic. Kya jadoo kar diya geet tumne maan ko. If I close my eyes then I can see your smiling face, your gussa. Pata hain geet tum gussa karti ho na bohot cute lagti ho. Woo lal lal naak, just want to pull your cheeks.


Awww maan u want to pull my cheeks came a voice.

Geet tum sach mein yaha ho?? asked maan without turning back.

Ha maan I am here only in your heart told geet.

Ha geet no one effected me in such a short span. Tum hamesha meri dil main rahogi told maan n turned to face her.

He saw her angelic face smiling at him. Maan was completely lost in her n moved forward to touch her. When he was about to touch her geet gayab ho gayi.


Maan closed his eyes n smiled n thought u r driving me crazy geet. I am hallucinating. Muje yaha acha nahi lag raha hain. Main ghar chala jaata hu.


Maan left from there n headed to his house.


On the other side pari came out of her college feeling expremely tired. Her face is so dull n pale.

Pari: oh god this head ache is killing me. Di ko phone karu. No no she might be busy. I have to wait for cab now.


She is waiting for cab just then maan is going on the other side in his car. When he saw pari waiting for cab on the other side of the road. He turned his car n went near her n got out of the car.


Hii pari.

Hii maan bhai. How r u?? asked pari but he can easily sense the dullness on her face.

I am fine pari. But r u fine? Tumari tabiyat tho thik hain na?? asked maan.

Nothing bhai.. thoda sa head ache told pari.

R u waiting for ur di?? asked maan.

No bhai cab ke liye wait kar rahi hu told pari.

ok.. come I will drop u.

no bhai its ok. Aapko parshan kyun?? I will go.

Kyun pari muje tum apna bhai nahi maanti told maan making sad face.

Nahi bhai aisa nahi hain.. main bus aise hi.

Thik hain I will drop u. u tell me the route.

With no other option pari told ok bhai.


They both settled in the car n maan started driving..

pari give me the address n u rest.

Nahi bhai its ok.. aapse baat karne ka itna acha mauka mila told pari n smiled.

Maan too smiled n asked acha?? kya baat karna chati ho?

Aapko pata hain bhai I didnt even miss even a single show of yours. I too love dance very much bhai.

Wow u too love dance. Did u learn anywhere??

Ha bhai when I was in school I use to go to dance class. Par ab chod di told pari making sad face.

Aisa kyun??

dad ke death ke baad…

oh ok I am sorry.

Nahi bhai its ok.

U can learn now na??

ha bhai par financial problems. We all r dependent on di. She have to pay my college fees. Ghar ka karcha aur yeh sab tho mushkil hota hain.

Maan was surprised to hear this when he met pari in mall he thought she is a careless girl who dont care anything. But hearing what she is told is absolutely shocking for him.

Kya hua bhai??

Ek baat bolu? Tum gussa nahi karna tumari di ki tarah.

Ohh bhai main aur gussa no way. U tell.

I didnt expect that u care about your family so much.

Pari just smiled at him knowing what he is telling.

Nahi bhai.. main pehle aise hi thi but ab nahi. Pata nahi dad ke death ke baad di ko kya hua? She became so silent n she forgot how to smile. Dad n di r like best friends, she misses him a lot. Aapko ek aur baat batao?

Bolo pari.

Yesterday she met u n came na she was very dull n locked herself in the room.

WHAT?? but why?? I didnt hurt her na.

Nahi bhai aisa nahi hain. Actually u asked her na that u will get gussa very easily.

Haa main tho bas to cheer her up I told.

Hmm dad use to tell her the same. Aapne bhi kaha tha na so she became very dull. Di ne kaha ki u will talk like dad smiled pari.

Maan too smiled at her. After that they both became silent. After 10 min they reached pari’s house.

Ok pari, take care if u have any problem call me. This is my number told maan.

Bhai come in na.

No pari its ok.

No bhai u have to come. Plz plz told pari n made a puppy face.

Maan smied n told ok.

Thanku bhai. Come.

Maan parked his car n both of them went into the apartment.

Pari rang the bell. Rano came n opened the door.

Pari beta itni jaldi aagaye?

Ha maa mujhe thoda sa sar dard ho raha hain isiliye.

Sar dard?? come in I will give u medicine.

Arey maa yeh sab chodo dont u invite our guest inside told pari.


ha maa, he is maan singh khurana.

Namaste aunty.

Namaste beta. Aap andar ayiye na.

Ji aunty.


Maan n pari entered the house. He sat on the couch n admiring the house. The room is decorated with flower vases n different decorative items. Different pics pf geet-pari, geet-rano, geet-her dad and whole family photo.

Beta pani told rano n gave him water.

Thanku aunty.

Bhai what u drink coffee, tea ya juice.

Nahi pari I dont want anything.

Aise kaise bhai, first time u came here. U have to take something.

Ok ok.. coffee??

ok bhai sure.

Maan smiled n when pari was about to go she heard someone.

Mujhe bhi ek coffee.

She turned back n saw her mamaji.

Mamaji aap?? when u came asked pari excitedly.

Bhai when u came asked rano.

I am having some work in delhi so I came here. Aur aap logon ke milne ka mann kar raha tha told rano’s bro.

Acha kiya aap yaha aake told rano.

U sit mamaji, I will bring coffee told pari.

Bhai, he is maan told rano.

Hello uncle wished maan.

Hello beta wished mamaji.


They had chit chat for some time. Pari \prepared coffee for all and served them.

They all had coffee.

Pari, aunty I will leave now.

Ok beta. Next time lunch ke liye zaroor aana told rano.

Ok aunty sure.

Sorry bhai di abi tak nahi ayi told pari.

Arey koi baat nahi. I will meet her next time.


Mamaji who is listening to them suddenly got alerted when he heard geet’s name which didnt get unnoticed by maan.


Maan bid good bye and left from there.

Maan got into his car, just then geet entered her apartment.


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