Do i deserve ur love part 11

28 Aug


Maan bid good bye and left from there.

Maan got into his car, just then geet entered her apartment.

When geet entered her house she is shocked to see her mamaji there. After her dad’s death he never came to meet them then why today. The words which her father told on his deathbed are ringing in her ears. Her blood is boling inside seeing him that person who killed her father. Fear in her eyes seeing him n anger in her eyes n helplessness that she cant do anything.


Just then mamaji saw her n asked how r u geet beta?

She glared at him angrily n was about to leave from there rano came.

Arey geet, when u came?

Just now maa.

See ur mamaji came after many years dont u talk with him. I know u r very angry on him for coming after a long time.

Nahi maa I am not angry on anyone.

Thank god geet u r not angry said mamaji smirking.

Ok u both talk I will prepare coffee for u geet told rano n left from there.

Arey geet baito na tum kadi kyun ho? Asked mamaji sarcastically.


Just then maan came there as he forgot his mobile there. But he stopped at the entrance when he listened to geet.

Y u came here? Ab kya chahiye aapko?

Arey geet shant ho jao. I just came to meet u dear. How u r n ur mother n sister.

Hum bohot khush hain. Aap jayiye yaha se. chale jayiye.mujhe aapke shakal bhi na dekhna told geet angrily.. 

Itna gussa geet, main 2-3 din yaha rehna chata hu.

Jab tak aap iss ghar mein ho tab tak main nahi aongi told geet angrily.


Just then rano came there with coffee.

Geet beta coffee.

Maa muje office ka kaam hain, main aur meri friend milkar karna hain. So I ill go to her place.

Lekin geet…

plzzz maa. Let me go.

Thik hain tumari marzi. Aur ha thik se khana ok??

ofho maa sirf ek din ke liye jaa rahi hu saying so geet took her bag n left from there without glaring at mamaji.she just dont want to see his face again so she left from there.


Maan hid aside so that geet not see him. When geet left from there maan called rano.


she is surprised to see him.

Maan beta aap?

Sorry aunty wo main mobile bhool gaya.

Its ok beta. Come.

Maan entered n took his mobile n left from there. Now he is worried about geet where she went without informing anyone.

Maan came down n saw geet nowhere.

Maan (st): kaha chali gayi. Aur wo apne mamaji se aisa kyun baat kar rahi thi. Mujhe geet se baat karna hain. Par wo kaha chali gayi. Ha I will call her.


Maan tried her mobile its ringing her she is not picking her phone. But maan’s heard her mobile ringing.

Geet ka mobile yahi kahi baj raha hain. I will search her.

He went inside the parking lot still tryng her mobile. He was moving forward and her cell ring is getting clearer.

Maan spotted her, he was shocked to see her in that condition. She sat in the corner n hugged her knees tight n was crying bitterly. 


Maan was hell shocked n worried seeing geet like that. He sat on his knees in front of her n kept his hand on her shoulder.

Geet called maan.

Geet looked at him, her face is covered with tears. She is just looking at him blankly without any emotions.

Geet, geet kya hua?? tum ro kyun rahi ho??

maan said geet n hugged him tight.

Maan wo.. aagaya phir se. he came back.

Who geet?? nothing will happen to u geet. I am there for u.

plzz maan I dont want to stay here. Plz take me somewhere. Plz maan requested geet still hugging him.

Shh geet main hu na. Chalo we will go from here.

Sachi?? u will take me from here na?

Ha geet. Chalo.

Maan stood n made her stand. He placed his hands on her shoulders protectively n made her sit in the car. He put the seat belt on n started the car. The drive was so silent only the sobs of geet are heard. But maan didnt say anything.

Maan (st): let her cry I dont want to say anything now. I dont know whats the matter but she is holding back her pain in her from long time. But today it is coming out. Let her feel light, if I console her now she can never come out of her grief.

After some time geet stopped crying but it is raining heavily outside. Suddenly he car stopped. Geet looked at him n asked what happened maan?

Dont know geet I will see to it. U wait in the car.

But maan its raining heavily told geet.

Dont worry geet, I will just check n come.

Ok fine.


Maan got off the car n opened the bonnet of the car to check whats wrong. Maan dont know whats wrong with the car.

Geet is watching out of the window enjoying the rain with a smile on her face. She is remembering all those moments which she spent in rain with her father.



geet is 10 years old. It is raining heavily. Just then geet came from school, kept her school bag aside n she started playing in the rain n dancing streching her arms.

Suddenly her dad shouted from inside.

Geet beta come inside. U will catch cold if u play in rain.

10 years sweet geet didnt listen to him n continued playing. Seeing her not getting into the house. He bought umbrella n came outside.

But he smiled seeing his daughter dancing in the rain. He throwed the umbrella aside n took her n his arms.

Dad u too play with me. Its so nice here told geet in her sweet voice.

Dad n geet started playing, dancing n getting fully drenched in the rain.

Rano came there n was shocked to see them.

Yeh aap dono kya kar rahe ho? Chaliye andar chaliye.

Maa u too come na told geet.

Ha ranoji aap bhi ayiye told dad.

First u two come in. hayee rabba yeh kya kiya aap dono ne. agar sardi hua tho.

Kuch nahi hoga maa.

Mohinder n geet dragged her in the rain. she too started enjoying with them. after sometime she dragged them inside. N dried their hair. Geet n dad r just smiling at her while she is giving angry glare for making her get wet in the rain. 

~~flashback end~~


geet had tears in her eyes, she came out of the car n stretched her arms n told miss u dad.

Maan saw her n told geet u go inside u will catch cold.

Geet saw him n smiled with teary eyes. Seeing her tears maan got worried n went to her n asked

geet, r u fine?

Yes maan I am fine. Maan aapko pata hain I wont do friendship so easily with anyone. But aap kitne ache hain. Jab main aapse baat karti hu tho mujhe bohot acha lagta hain. After many I smiled because of u, I talked with u whole night, that was very unusual told geet getting emotional.

Maan is just staring at her seeing her innocence.

Maan u will never leave me na? Asked geet with HOPE in her eyes.

Maan was just lost in her face n was shocked to the hope in her eyes.

Never geet, I will never leave u n go. Its my promise geet.

Thanku so much maan told geet n hugged him tight.


Maan too hugged her tight, because now she need him, his support. From many years she is suffering from loneliness, ofcourse her mom n sister are there but she never expressed her emotions to anyone. But when time comes somewhere, somehow, to somwone they have to express. Today the day has come, unknowingly she started believing him. He came to her life like a small ray of hope.

They broke the hug n maan told geet we need a machanic, now no one will be there I think. We will see for nearby shelter.

Geet just nodded feeling embrassed for hugging him but she didnt felt wrong. She felt safe in his arms as if she belong there.

Maan took some packet from the car n they started walking. After like 30 min walk they found a small hut. They reached there n maan asked andar koi hain 

they didnt any response. He slighly opened the door n found no one.

Come geet lets go in.

maan we dont know whose house is this?

Geet its raining heavily n we cant stay outside right??

ok maan told geet uncomfortably.

Geet dont get tensed just for few hours.



they both went in n saw there is one small bed n a chair there.

They both r fully wet n geet is shivering due to cold. Maan saw that n he gave the packet to her.

Geet these r my clothes change into this.

But maan for u??

no problem geet. I have 2 shirts I will keep them for emergency.


there is a small partition in the room. Geet went there to change.

Here maan too changed into pants n vests.

After some time geet came out wearing his shirt which cae upto her knees. She is pulling dowm to cover but its no use. She is feeling so awkward standing in front of a guy in his shirt.

Maan saw her n was lost in her beauty. Her slender legs, her milky skin, shivering lips n her wet hair, few strands of her hair r falling on her face tickling her senses.


She sat on one corner of the bed trying to cover herself. Maan saw her condition n took the blanket which is there on the bed n covered her.

Geet was surprised with his sudden action n smiled at him.

Now her respect on him increased thousand folds.

Both are feeling so akward so maan decided to lighten the mood.

So geet how is your job going on?

Geet sighed in relief n told good maan. But its so hectic.

Oh.. where did u complete ur studies geet?

5 years back we came here n I completed my studies here only. After that job. I dont want pari to suffer like me.

Thats good geet.

Geet smiled n asked waise why did u choose dance when there r many other options?

Why geet dance karna koi paap hain kya?

Ofcourse not maan. See now a days we see many engineers, architects n many others.

Yes geet even I completed my architecture n worked for a company for 6 months. But I felt bored like morning 9 se leke 7 tak. Routine life I want to try something different n I love dance from childhood, its my dream to become dancer. N now I am here.

Thats really great maan. How did ur family react when u said about ur decision?

I have no family geet. I am an orphan n spent my childhood in orphanage.

I am so sorry maan.

Dont be geet I am happy in my life. I treat people around me as mine.

Being such a great dancer also u r so down to earth.

I am like this only geet. Waise can I ask u something?

Geet smiled n told ha maan. Wow its really miracle the great maan singh khurana is taking permission before talking.

Very funny geet.

Poocho maan..

wo.. wo.. sorry geet actually I heard ur talk with your mamaji.

Geet is shocked to hear this.

Aap? How??

actually I came there to drop pari n forgot my mobile.


kya hua geet?? why u talked with him like that??


tears formed in her eyes n dont know what to tell. Kya geet apne dard ke baareme bol payegi. The hard truth of her life.


Precap: will geet able to say the truth.


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