Do i deserve ur love part 12

28 Aug



kya hua geet?? why u talked with him like that??


tears formed in her eyes n dont know what to tell. Kya geet apne dard ke baareme bol payegi. The hard truth of her life. How much she is trying to forget that bitter past n live happily. When she is finding her happiness again he came and spoiled all. How can she tell her mother that her brother did all this. He snatched all their property from her dad n killed him. Even if her mother knows will she be able to tolerate this ??


I am sorry geet , I didnt mean to hurt u told maan.

No maan y u r sorry. But I am sorry maan I cant tell anything now. I need some time.

Its ok geet. Thats not at all a problem.

Thanku maan.

Geet I dont know what is ur problem, but as a friend I wanna say something.

Bolo maan.

See geet we face a lot in our life. Life is full of up’s and down’s but never we should loose our hope. Be strong geet, u have to fight but not become weak by facing them.

Yes what u told is right. We should not be weak. But what to do maan, the condition which I am facing is not making me strong. How much I try I am able to forget the past.

Geet dont forget them if u want to fight. But at the same time we have to face the fact. I know geet u r not the same geet which u r now, but geet dont change yourself for the sake of others. They will try to take advantage of the situation.

Thanku very much, your words bought a new energy in me.

Geet I am there with u always. Feel free to tell me told maan n smiled.

Thanku so much maan. I am indeed very lucky to have a friend like u n hugged maan.


Maan was taken aback with her sudden action but understood that she need a shoulder now. Maan too hugged her n rubbing her back to calm down. Geet is feeling solace in his arms.


They broke the hug n geet is feeling embrassed by her act. Maan noticed that n told

Geet go to sleep now. Its already late. U sleep here I will sleep on the chair.

Maan its ok u sleep here I will go there.

No problem geet. U sleep good night.

Good night maan.


Geet slept on the bed n maan slept on the chair in sitting position. Maan is thinking about geet, how much she care about her family n she is not showing her pain to her family. But the one question is that why is she talking with her mamaji like that? But pari was so excited seeing him but why not geet? So there is something even pari also doesnt know. Thinking about geet he dossed off.


Here geet is thinking about maan’s words. We should not be weak, we have to fight for justice n have to face them.

Geet: yes what maan told is true, I should not run away from him. I didnt do anything wrong, so I shouldnot be afraid. That mamaji should be punished n I will make sure he is behind bars. Thanku maan for giving me strength.

Geet too dossed off.


Next morning:


geet slowly opened her eyes feeling the sun rays, she is feeling so peace n light. Then she saw maan who is standing near the window n talking on phone with some one.


We r near ****** . come soon adi.

Thik hain baba aaraha hu. Chillao mat told adi n cut the call.


Geet sat on the bed still covered with blanket. She wrapped it around and got up. Maan saw her n smiled.

Good morning geet. Hope u slept well.

Geet too smiled n wished good morning maan.

Geet get ready adi will be coming.

Ok maan.

Geet took her salwar suit n went to the partition to change. After sometime she came back ready. She was so nervous what will adi think of them.

Maan wo.. wo.. I will go home.

Geet sorry I think u r getting late. Just 5 min. adi will be coming by now.

But maan wo.. wo.. told geet hesitantly.

Kya hua geet?? koi problem asked maan with concern.

Actually wo adi.. what he..

Geet dont worry I told adi that we are stuck here. He wont think anything. I am there na.

Geet just looked at him n smiled ok maan.

Somewhere deep in her heart she started believing him. The small small gestures made by him made her happy n relieved.


After sometime adi came there in a cab. He got down n saw maan n geet are waiting for him.


Good morning guys wished adi.

They smiled n wished him back.

Guys u go in the cab, I will go with machanic n drive car to home. Ok?? asked adi.

Ok adi, we will go. Tum bhi jaldi aajana.

Ok bye. Bye geet.

Bye adi.


Maan n geet got into the cab n drove from there.

Geet u r going home right??

yes maan, I will go home said geet with confidence.

Maan smiled n told darna mat geet.

Sure maan.

They talked about general things for sometime n reached geet’s home.

Geet got down n told come inside maan.

No geet its ok. I am getting late.

Ok maan. But next time pakka u should come asked geet making baby face.

Ok geet pakka. Waise geet main ek baat bolu?


ok ok I will tell. Actually main kal pari se baat ki thi she told that she is interested in dance.

Yes maan she loves dance but she discontinued.

But she didnt loose interest geet, if u dont mind she can join in my dance school.

Thanku maan, I will talk to her n let u know.

Ok geet. Bye, see u soon.

See u soon in ur dance school. Bye.

Maan smiled n left from there.


Geet went to her apartment n rang the bell. Pari opened the door n smiled at her.

Hii dii.. kaha thi aap?

Kuch kaam tha isiliye friend ke ghar gayi thi.

Acha come, coffee??

sure told geet and smiled.

Maa di came shouted pari.


Rano came there with coffee n gave to her.

Hogaya kaam?? asked rano.

Ha maa hogaya. Main fresh hokar ati hu. I am running late.

Geet thoda aaram karo, u look tired told rano.

Nahi maa aaj presentation hain office main told geet n left from there.

Hamesha kaam kaam, kuch nahi sochti apne baare mein sighed rano n went to kitchen.


Geet got ready n came down n saw her mamaji reading news paper. He saw geet n surprised,

arey geet yesterday u told u wont enter into this house until I am here??

y should I go out of my house. Its u who have to leave, agar aap kuch bhi kijiye I dont care told geet confidently.

Acha?? great ek hi raat mein itna change? Asked mamaji sarcastically.

Aap apna kaam kijiye. Dont interfere in my life, main jo karti hu aapko usse kuch nahi lena dena. Mind your own work said geet n left to kitchen.

Here mamaji fumed seeing he has no effect on her.


Geet went to kitchen n saw her mom packing her lunch.

Maa I will do it. U have breakfast told geet.

Rano smiled n told thik hain we will have breakfast.

Call pari too maa.

Ok beta..


maa called pari n mamaji too. They all sat in dining area n having their breakfast.

Pari how r ur studies going on?? asked geet.

Fine di, last week 1st term exams completed.

Ok that fine. Pari do u want to continue your dance school?

Pari is shocked to listen this n told no di nothing like that.

But yesterday u told to maan that u r still interested?? asked geet rising her eyebrows.

wo.. di main tho bas…

dont lie pari I know my sister. U can join I dont have any problem.

Its ok di, u r doing a lot now n I dont want to burden u more..

Just shut up ok, dekho maa kaisi badi badi batein kar rahi hain. Burden?? kyun main tumari di nahi hu kya? Asked geet faking anger.

Arey di nothing like that ok baba I will join again.

Thats like a good girl told geet n smiled.

Rano had tears in her eyes seeing them like that.

Geet n pari saw rano n told not again maa.

Badmash.. chup karo tum dono.

Mamaji didnt utter a word. He thought geet wont face him after that incident but she seem to be changed n her confidence is very danger. So he thought of leaving today only.

Rano, mera kaam hogaya. Main aaj chalta hu told mamaji.

Bhai itni jaldi asked rano.

Ha rano mujhe waha kuch kaam hain.

Phir zaroor ana mamaji told geet sarcastically n smirked.

Mamaji smiled nervously.

Ok maa, main chalti hu. Pari evening be ready ok??

kyun?? asked pari.

Ofho.. u forgot dance school??

ya ya di but where??

surprise.. told geet n smiled.

Di di plz batao na asked pari making baby face.

Bye pari told geet n smiled.

Pari pouted but then laughed.

The whole day went well for maan, geet n pari. Geet gave her presentation well n they got the project.


Evening adi went to maan’s dance school n gave him his car keys.

Ye le tumara car keys told adi.

Thanks dude.

Hmm kya chal raha hain.

Kuch nahi.. next program ke baare mein soch raha hu.

Adi rolled his eyes n asked maan uske baare mein nahi ??

maan looked at him confusingly n asked then what??

geet ke baare mein asked pinky entering into his cabin.

Hey pinly how r u??

bhai yeh sab chodiye, I am asking u seriously bhai, do u love geet?

Maan looked at her n told confidently yes.

Adi n pinky are very happy but maan continued but pinky I dont know anything about geet. And I dont want to take any step so fast, first let us understand each other. If she too feels the same then I will be very happy. If she dont loves me then also it is ok. I want her to be happy nothing more than that.


Pinky has tears in her eyes bhai what u r saying is true, pinky held his hand n told bhai she suffered a lot, I am sure that she will be happy with u. dont ever be angry on her, she just cant loose anyone more in her life. She deserves to be happy bhai. I am seeing her from few days she seems to be happy n chirpy like before. U can only bring her back bhai.

Pinky holded her hands n told dont ever hurt her bhai.


Maan immediately held her hand n told pinky yeh tum kya kar rahi ho. Maan hugged her n told nahi pinky I will never hurt her in my life. I love her very much, I promise u pinky.


Pinky broke the hug n smiled with tears in her eyes. Maan wiped the tears n told dont cry yaar nahi tho tumara adi mujhe kacha ka jayega.

Pinky giggled n adi gave him a angry glare.

They 3 chit chatted for sometime, cracking jokes n pulling each others leg mainly maan’s.


Geet after office went home n saw pari full ready n looking excited.

Arey wah pari, u r ready?? asked geet amused.

Ha di I am ready, tum bhi jao aur jaldi jaldi ready hojao.

Oyy let me rest for sometime.

What?? rest?? no way u go n get ready.

Atleast let me have tea asked geet.

Di u can have afterwards first go n get ready plz.


Acha baba I am going. Just 15 min.

nahi di only 5 min…


ok ok but come fast.


Geet smiled n went to her room. Here pari is so so so excited to join dance school again. Geet came to hall after some time.

Chale pari..

yes di told pari n literally dragged her from there.




Precap: geet n pari in dance school.

Small leap n **** news. Any guesses guys what will be?


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