Do i deserve ur love part 13

28 Aug



Geet smiled n went to her room. Here pari is so so so excited to join dance school again. Geet came to hall after some time.

Chale pari..

yes di told pari n literally dragged her from there.


Geet n pari took the cab n headed to dance school. Pari was silent for 5 min but after that she started asking geet that where they are going.

Di plz atleast now tell me where we r going?

Dance school told geet casually.

Yeh joke, then it is a very bad joke told pari angrily.

Aww meri pyaari si behen ko gussa aya ppch told geet smiling.

Di di di plz requested pari.

Driver bhaiya side mein ruko na told geet.

Ji madam told driver n stopped the car.

Pari get down told geet.

Nahi first u tell me where we r going asked pari without realising that they reached maan’s dance school.

Ok I am going inside. U sit in the car only told geet.

Wow di we reached?? asked pari excitedly.

Ji madam told geet.

Pari got down n was shocked to see that they in front of maan’s dance school.

Di hum yaha?? asked pari confusingly.

Arey chalo tho andar told geet smiling at her sister.

Di I am gonna join here asked pari with excitement.

Ha par, tum khush hona asked geet.

Thanku so much di, I am very happy, u r the best di told pari n hugged geet.

Geet too hugged her back n told I want u to be happy pari, tum hamari princess ho. How can I see my princess sad bolo??

pari broke the hug n told di thanku so much, I am very happy today di.

Geet carassed her hair n told andar chale.

Ha di chalo told pari.

They both went inside n saw many students are practicing n maan is teaching few students. Pari is just staring at their dancing, she was so lost. Maan saw them n smiled.

He excused himself n came to them.

Hii geet, hi pari.

Geet smiled n told hii maan, how r u?? (me wondering, r they meeting for first time no na, then yeh formality kyun?? yeh geet bhi na… babaji… )

I am fine geet told maan then noticed pari who is lost.

Hello pari told maan n waved his hand.

Pari came out of his trance n told hello bhai, sorry.

Maan n geet smiled at her n maan asked so what bought u here??

Pari smiled n told I am gonna resume my dance classes. Can I join here??

maan too smiled n told ofcourse, welcome to our dance school.

Thanku bhai told pari.

Geet u sit in my cabin, I will just come now told maan.

Ok maan.

Pari u come with me.

Ok bhai told pari n followed maan.

Meanwhile geet entered maan’s cabin n settled on the couch. She looked around the cabin it is simple yet beautiful. By seeing the colours in the cabin she can imagine that maan is a full of life person.


Here maan introduced pari to all.

Hello friends, just a small announcement, she is pari our new student. Plz welcome her told maan.

Hii pari wished all with a smile.

Hii guys pari too wished all.

So pari once again welcome to our dance school. The class timings are from 6 pm to 8 pm, u can come at any time n practice. Ok??

ok bhai, oops sir.

Hey no formalities we all are friends here. Haina guys??

yes sir replied all.

Ok come to my cabin have to fill application n then we can practice.

Ok bhai.

Maan n pari entered n saw geet reading some magazine. Geet saw them n smiled.

She didnt miss the glow in pari’s eyes.

Baito pari told maan.

Pari settled beside geet n maan gave her the form to fill it up.

Pari filled the form.

Pari u can join from tomorrow told maan.

Sure bhai.

Just then pari’s mobile rang.

Excuse me, I will be back.

Ok told geet.

So geet r u fine now?? asked maan.

Yes maan I am absolutely fine now told geet n smiled.

U look good when u smile geet, so practice smiling told maan n laughed.

Very funny maan told geet with fake anger n she too laughed.

Waise geet I didnt expect u today here told maan.

Ha maan when u told about pari I felt so bad because of me she is sacrificing her passion, I didnt like that. I want her to be happy told geet n a lone tear escaped from her eyes.

Sorry geet I didnt mean to hurt u told maan.

Arey maan kitne sorry bolte ho aap.. uff told geet to lighten the situation.

Geet tum bhi na told maan n smiled.


They both talked for some time n pari came into the cabin.

Sorry guys friend ka call tha told pari.

Its ok told geet.

Hey I forgot coffee, tea or any soft drink?? asked maan.

No maan its ok thanks told geet.

Arey aise kaise u have to take something told maan stubbornly.

Hmm ok tea told geet.

Maan ordered 2 cups tea n coffee for him.

A boy bought tea n maan served them. They all enjoyed their drinks talking with each other.


After some time geet n pari left from there bidding good bye to maan.

Next day onwards pari joined the dance class, she is really enjoying again. Her passion for dance making her learn more n more. Geet is very happy seeing her little sister happy.

Some times geet too accompany her to the class.

Maan n geet became good friends rather say best friends.


6 months passed. Geet n maan almost met daily, maan use to visit geet’s house n geet too.

They share each n every thing happening in their life. Their bonding became strong.

Rano n pari are very happy seeing geet. They liked maan too.

Rano liked maan n want maan n geet to get married. Because she knows that maan is responsible for geet’s happiness. Rano treated him like her own son n maan too called her as maa. They shared a strong bond. He got mother’s love in the form of rano.


One day all are in maan’s house for dinner. Pari n geet are watching tv in the hall where as maan n rano are preparing dinner.

Maa aap aaram kijiye I will prepare dinner na told maan.

Arey beta no problem I will help u told rano.

Maa I told na, once u eat the food made by me, it will be really tasty told maan n raised his collar.

Rano laughted at his antics, just then geet came there for water n heard their conversation.

Ahaaa we should decide whether the food is tasty or not told geet.

Geet, tum na thoda sa sharam karo u even dont know how to prepare tea scolded rano.

Geet rolled her eyed n told thik hain today I will prepare parathas. Dekhiye aap sab.

Geet we want live our life happily yaar joked maan.

Rano too laughed at his comment.

Ha ha hasiye hasiye, jab main prepare karti hu na tab aapko pata chalega told geet with determination to prepare parathas.

Babaji kaha phas gaye hum thought rano.

U both go I will call u when the food is ready told geet n literally pushed them out.

Maan n rano left from there.

Here geet tho challenge kiya but she dont know how to make parathas atleast which flour to use.

She is searching here n there for ingredients but no use she dont know anything.

Geet made a baby face n looked up n complained to her babaji,

babaji ab main kya karu mujhe tho kuch bhi nahi pata, aue challenge kiya ki I will prepare food today.

Just then maan came there to see what she is doing but when he heard her complaint to her babaji he laughed out loud.

Geet saw him n frowned.

Why u r laughing?? asked geet making sad face.

Maan came near her n told so madam abhi tak kuch bhi start nahi ki.

Geet made a baby face n told I dont know what to use.

Maan smiled n told dont worry yaar, u sit here I will prepare.

Geet smiled n asked sachi??

hmmm replied maan while taking out the flour.

He took the bowl n started mixing the flour, geet is lost watching him.

In these 6 months they became very close but maan didnt propose geet still. But geet too started feeling something for maan. But she is just fighting with herself that he is just a friend. But his care, love made her fall for him more n more. Somewhere she too came to know that maan loves her.

But both of them didnt dare to utter a word about that matter.

Geet thought what if he is just taking care as a friend, what if he dont love her, she dont want to spoil their friendship.

Here maan’s love for her increaed 100 folds. He is falling for her again n again. Somewhere he is also thinking that geet too loves him. But didnt dare to utter a word. They both enjoyed each n every moment with each other. They both attended different shows performed by maan. Now a days they meet daily in the dance school. Its like they both cannot live without each other. The endless phone calls at nights, they talk every thing to nothing.


Geet came out of her trance when maan called her,


umm… maan I am sorry, I was thinking something.

Hmm dinner is ready told maan.

Wow really?? itni jaldi. U r great maan told geet excitedly n hugged maan unknowingly.

Maan was shocked by her sudden action.

Geet broke the hug n told sorry in embrassement.

Chalo geet dinner karte hain told maan.

Geet just nodded n followed maan silently.

So geet dinner prepare ki tumne asked rano.

Geet made a baby face n looked at maan.

Ha maa geet prepared dinner today told maan.

Ahh dont lie bhai, geet di dont know how prepare even tea. We know that u only prepared dinner told pari.

Ha thik hain I didnt prepare, ab khush told geet angrily.

They all laughed at her n had their dinner talking with each other n enjoying.

After some time they completed n rano told maan ab hum chalte hain.

Maa its already late, stay here for today u can go tomorrow told maan.

Par maan, we… rano was about to say something.

Maan made a sad face n told kyun maa, main aapke beta nahi hu na.

Arey nahi nahi aisa nahi hain told rano.

Then u r staying na told maan excitedly.

Rano sighed n told ok baba. We will stay here only.

Thanku maa told maan n hugged rano.

Rano smiled n hugged him back.

Geet n pari smiled.

Geet made a sad face n told maa aapne humse itne pyaar kabhi nahi baat ki.

Ha main tho beta hu na told maan n rested his head on her lap.

Rano lovingly carassed his hair n smiled.

Geet made a fake angry face n all of them laughed at her antics n geet too joined them.

After some time maan told maa aap aaram kijiye.

Rano nodded n maan showed her the guest room.

Rano lied on the bed n closed her eyes n thought about todays incidents n smiled.

She dossed off feeling peace after long time.

Here pari too left to the guest room n dossed off.

Geet sat on the couch, just then maan came there n asked neend nahi aarahi hain kya??

nahi maan, tumko bhi?? asked geet.

Hmmm replied maan.

Waise u cook very well maan told geet.

Thanku madam told maan n bowed.

Geet laughed at his antics n hugged her knees feeling cold.

Thand lag rahi hain?? asked maan.

Ha told geet.

Wait I will get u a shawl told maan.

When maan was about to go geet stopped him by holding his wrist.

Kya hua geet?? asked maan.

Dont go maan told geet.

Maan sat beside geet n held her hand tightly.

Geet rested her head on maan’s shoulder n closed her eyes. Maan too side hugged her n closed his eyes feeling his love near to him.


Precap: any guesses…



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