Do i deserve ur love part 14

28 Aug


Maan sat beside geet n held her hand tightly.

Geet rested her head on maan’s shoulder n closed her eyes. Maan too side hugged her n closed his eyes feeling his love near to him.

They both slept peacefully in each others arms. This is the best night ever for both of them. Geet cuddled more to maan n rested her head on his chest n slept listening to his heartbeat. There is a smile on their faces.


In the mid night geet stirred a little n opened her eyes slowly. When she opened her eyes she saw maan sleeping peacefully with a smile on his face. She is lost in him admiring him openly. A smile curved her lips n carassed his lovingly.

Feeling smooth skin aganist his skin maan stirred a little, when geet saw that she immediately closed her eyes n pretended to sleep.

But who told that our maan is sleeping being her so close to him how can he sleep.

Maan smiled when she carassed his face. Again seeing her pretending to sleep he smiled inwardly.

When he saw the time its 10 min to 12. He moved a little n called geet.


Geet who is pretending to be fast asleep is confused. But she didnt get up.

Maan smiled seeing her action.

Geet called maan this time little loudly.

Geet slowly opened her eyes n looked at him with confusion.

Yes maan asked geet.

Sorry for disturbing geet but I want u to come with me told maan.

Geet looked at him questioningly n asked where maan??

plz come with me asked maan.

Geet smiled seeing his sad face n told ok maan lets go.

Wow thanku, come fast then told maan n literally dragged her to terrace.


Meanwhile maan blindfolded geet.

Maan what r u doing?? asked geet.

Just wait geet told maan.

Once they reached the terrace maan told geet just stand here I will come.

Maan whats happening ?? asked geet.

Geet cant u be quite for 5 min asked maan doing his work.

Ok ok sorry told geet n twisted her lips.

Maan smiled at her antics n removed the blindfold. Geet slowly opened her eyes n saw the whole terrace is lighted with candles n in the middle there is a table fully decorated with orchids n red roses and a cake on it.



Pari came from behind n hugged her n wished HAPPY BIRTHDAT DI.

Geet had tears in her eyes n hugged pari tight n told thanku gudiya.

Geet broke the hug n told thanku so much maan.

Come geet told maan n they all went near table.

Geet took the knife n cut the cake.

First she fed it to pari, n pari too fed geet.

Geet took another piece n fed it to maan, n maan too did the same.

How did u like the arrangements geet?? asked maan.

Beautiful maan, I just loved it told geet n smiled at him.

Pari took out a small box n gave it to geet.

Di this is for u.

pari iss sab ki kya zaroorat. Hmm ??

Ahh di its my first gift for u, so plz..

geet smiled n took the box from her.

She opened the box n found payal in it. Geet looked at her surprised n pari smiled.

I know di u love wearing payal. So this is for u told pari n hugged geet.

Geet too hugged her back.

Pari broke the hug n told di we r celebrating ur birthday after so many years hain na??

ha pari.

I am very happy by seeing u happy. Thanku maan bhai for arranging all this.

Maan smiled at both the sisters. He is very happy seeing them happy mainly geet.

They all chit chatted for some time n pari told di I am feeling sleepy. Good night di, good night bhai.

Good night pari told maneet.

Pari left from there n both maan n geet sat in silence for some time.

So geet decided to break the silence n told thanku maan for the surprise.

Maan smiled at her n told I cant do this small thing for my friend.

No nothing like that, today I am feeling very happy maan, after so many years I am celebrating my birthday actually I forgot that today is my birthday.

I know geet, u think more about ur family more than urself. So their happiness is important for u more than ur self.

Geet smiled at him thinking how well he understood her in these days.

Geet I wanna say u something told maan nervously.

Yes maan.

But u should not get angry n no need to answer me now. Ok??

U r scaring me maan.

Nothing like that geet, actually wo.. wo..

Geet cupped his face n told maan tell me what ever u want to tell. Dont hesitate.

Even geet’s heart is also beating fast she never saw maan so hesitant.

Maan sat on his knees in front of geet n told,


I dont know from where to start geet, may after u listen to this u may be shocked or even hate me but I want to express my feelings with u today geet, today is very special day for u, even since our first meeting I am in love with u geet. I met many girls in my life but u r so different from all of them geet, I dont know how n when u became a part of my life. But I cant imagine my life without. My heart beats only for u, because of u today I have mom n sister, from childhood I was craving for mother’s love, today I got it in the form of your mom.

In these months I came to know much about u n I fell in love with u again n again, u came into my life like a ray of hope. After meeting u I too had a dream of having family n which u, me, maa, pari n our family. I never expected that a girl change my life, but u did it u changed my life completely. I never felt alone when no one is there at home, because u r always there with me, in each n every though, u r there in my dance which is my life, u r there in each n every dream of mine.

When the first time we talked on the phone, I came to know that u r something different, the different nature of u made me fall for u. I LOVE U GEET, I love u more than my life. Will u be part of my life geet, no no actually my life geet.


Atlast maan looked at her eyes, he was shocked to see tears in her eyes. He thought she felt bad n she dont love him.


Geet I am so sorry I didnt mean to hurt u.

Geet placed her finger on his lips n nodded in a no.

She got up n was in deep thoughts.

Maan came from back n asked geet r u alright??

U know maan this my best birthday gift ever told geet n turned to maan n smiled through tears.

Here maan who is digesting the fact what geet told, but geet ran to him n hugged him tight n crying her heart out.

Maan is on cloud 9 n he too hugged her back.

He let her cry because its necessary, after that he never let her cry. Today will be the last day for all her grief, from tomorrow she will have only happiness in her life.

Geet felt so peace in his arms, slowly slowly she calmed n broke the hug n looked at him lovingly.

Maan smiled at her n wiped her tears. He cupped her cheeks n told dont cry geet, I want u to be happy n I can do anything for that, I am ready to give my life…

No maan dont say like that.


Geet looked into his eyes n told I LOVE U maan, I cant imagine my life without u. because of u today I am smiling n happy. After u came into my life I came out of my shell of past. I cant live without u maan. U became my life unknowingly. I dont know when I fell for u, but being with u made me happy n safe which I never felt in these years. Your words effected me a lot maan, if u r not there with me that night then I dont know what I would have done with myself. U became my strength that day, when u were there with me as a friend when ever I need a friend,


I will be there with u in every part of ur life geet, I will never ever leave u n go told maan n kissed her forehead n cheeks.

Geet blushed feeling his lips on her skin. It was like so soothing for her. She saw that maan on his knees.

Maan what are u doing?

Maan took out a box from his pocket n took out a beautiful ring.

Maan held geet’s hand n looked into her eyes deeply n asked will u marry me geet??

Geet is out of world today. Her happiness have no bounds, its like dream for her. She is just staring at him with utmost love n nodded in a yes.

Maan happily slid the ring into her finger n kissed it.

Maan got up n hugged her tight.

Thanku for coming into my life geet told maan.

Thanku for making me this day special maan told geet.

Maan broke the hug n both are lost in each others eyes. Geet tiptoed n kissed his forehead.

Maan smiled at her n kissed her forehead n her eyes one by one.

He then kissed her cheeks which are turned into red by now. He then kissed her chin. He brought his lips close to her but didnt kiss. He kept staring at her seeking for permission. Geet closed her eyes in return. Thats all needed for maan. He closed the distance between their lips. He was so gentle they r just enjoying their closeness n kiss too.

Geet parted her lips allowing him to enter. Maan entered her mouth n parted his lips for geet.

Both are exploring each other. Maan bought her more close to himself by her waist.

Geet’s hands went around his neck n kissed him. Both their tongues are playing with each others. The gentle one became a passionate kiss. They kissed for a long time n broke due to lack of air.

Geet’s face is flushed n maan side hugged her.

I love u geet.

Geet too held him tight n told I love u maan.


Maan n geet both settled on the couch n maan rested his head on her lap.

Geet carassing his hair lovingly. Their eyes lock n mahiii mahiii moment.


Geet I wanna talk about our marriage with maa immediately.

Geet blushed hearing that. She placed her hand on his heart.

Wow geet, u look so cute when u blush. I just love that color.

Maan aap bhi na told geet n hid her face in her palms.

Maan made her look at him n told I just cant live without u geet.

Main bhi maan told geet.


They both started at each other n maan told suddenly geet I want 3 kids.

3 kids?? asked geet confusingly.

Ha geet, our kids.

Now geet is blushing furiously n lowered her head in shy.

Maan… she is just able to utter his name.

Ha geet, 3 girls who should look same like u. our family u, me, our kids, maa n pari.

Geet is overwhelmed with his love n care. He even included maa n pari in the family.

Geet kissed maan’s forehead. Maan is surprised by her sudden kiss n smiled.

But immediately geet pouted,

what happened geet??

Maan 3 girls no no, one girl n 2 boys who look same like MY maan.

Maan smiled n felt completed when she told him as MY maan. He is overwhelmed with her confession.

No no geet, hmm maan thought for sometime n told ok 2 girls n one boy.

Geet smiled n told ok.


They both talked for some time n both dossed off in each others arms. Maan hid his face on her stomach n slept peacefully.


Precap: pari caught red handed maneet (ahem ahem) LOL Wink




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