Do i deserve ur love part 15

28 Aug

They both talked for some time n both dossed off in each others arms. Maan hid his face on her stomach n slept peacefully.


Next day morning:


Geet opened her eyes with sunrays on her beautiful face. A smile playing on her lips, she is feeling so special today, no no actually from yesterday night. She lazily opened her eyes n saw her life is sleeping hugging her stomach. She lovingly carassed his face n kissed his forehead n staring at him lovingly. After some time maan too opened his eyes n saw geet staring at him, he smiled n wished her.

Good morning mishty.

Geet smiled n wished good morning maan.

He got up n kissed her forehead n wished happy birthday mishty.

Mishty ?? asked geet questioningly.

What u call sweet heart in hindi asked maan.

Geet blushed n hid her face in his chest.

Maan hugged her holding her waist. Suddenly geet saw the surroundings n reality stuck her that they are on terrace.

Geet broke the hug with horror on her face. Maan is confused by seeing her face n asked,

what happened??

Omg… we r in the terrace what if someone see us here? Asked geet.

So what??

Geet hit maan’s arm n told chalo chalo we have to go, maa will be waiting.

Mishty, thodi der ruk jao na asked maan making a baby face.

Geet smiled at him n pulled his cheeks n told awww maan u r looking so cute.

Maan smiled n told really??

yes my dear cutie told geet.

Wow.. cutie what a nice name told maan n smiled.

Waise geet, give me my morning kiss na asked maan.

Geet blushed remembering yesterday’s kiss.

Arey geet, y u r blushing I just asked my morning kiss not that kiss told maan teasingly.

Geet slapped his arms n hid her face in his chest.

Maan aap bhi na told geet.

Main bhi kya geet.

U r shameless.. chi chi chi babaji kaise kaise baate kar rahe ho aap told geet blushing furiously.

Maan laughed out loud n hugged her tight.

I love u geet told maan n kissed her hair.

Geet broke the hug n stood up I will go now told geet.

Immediately geet pecked maan’s lips n ran from there giggling n a shocked maan behind.

Geet ruko wait I am coming told maan n started chasing her.

Geet turned back n stick her tongue out n ran from there.

Maan too started chasing her. Geet ran down still pari n rano didnt woke up.

They r chasing each other giggling n laughing.

Geet entered into the kitchen, atlast maan caught her n pinned her to the wall.

Maan leave me told geet.

No way what was that ?? asked maan about the kiss.

wh.. what ? Asked geet.

Acha u dont know asked maan teasingly.

Geet nodded in a no.

ok then let me show told maan n bought his face closer to her.

His breath is falling on her face. She closed her eyes feeling tickled.

Maan inched closer n kissed her both eyes. Geet cluched his shirt tight.

He then kissed her cheeks which now turned into crimson red.

He then kissed her chin n corner of her lips.

Geet breath stuck in her throat. She knows what is coming next.

Maan slowly placed his lips on hers. Geet pulled him more close. They both r kissing each other as if there is no tomorrow. Geet opened his mouth allowing maan to enter. Their tongues are playing with each other. They are exploring each other n lost in their own world. They kissed for long time n broke the kiss due to lack of air. Geet is blushing furiously n maan is lost in her innocence.

Geet composed herself n told maan, just move from here. I am hungry, I will prepare coffee.

Hmmm ok told maan still lost in her but didnt move.

Geet saw him staring at her n told maan hatiye na.

Maan bought her close n told mujhe nahi chodna hain tume.

Plzz maan koi ayega told geet.

I dont care told maan.

Geet made a baby face n looked at him.

Awww she looked so cute thought maan n smiled.

Maan left geet n went to his room to freshen up n went to kitchen to prepare coffee.

Mean while geet too went to guest room n freshend. Rano maa n pari too got up. They r in the hall.

Good morning maa, good morning pari wished maan.

Good morning beta.

Good morning bhai.

I think u slpet well maa, kuch problem tho nahi hua na asked maan.

Nahi maan told rano n smiled.

I will bring coffee maa told maan.

Nahi beta I will prepare told rano.

No problem maa told maan n smiled.

He went to kitchen to see his mishty preparing coffee.

She put the coffee powder in the glass n put some water n milk into it.

Oops coffee powder kuch zyada hogaya cribbed geet.

Hmm dont worry geet thoda milk add karti hu thought geet n tapped her shoulders in her success.

She added some more milk. Some how she prepared coffee.

Hey babaji coffee prepare karna itna mushkil kaam hain thought geet loudly n made a baby face.

Maan is smiling at her antics.

Uff pata nahi maan kya sochega mere baare mein thought geet n made a sad face.

Maan came n hugged her from back n placed his chin on her shoulders.

Geet got scared by the sudden touch but smiled.

Aww meri mishty kyun sad hain asked maan.

Geet turned to him n made a sad face n told wo.. kya hain na mujhe khana banana nahi ata.

Maan cupped her face n told geet, isme pareshan hone ki kya baat hain, main hu na tumare paas. I will prepare everyday n u can learn no problem. geet itni choti choti baat par pareshan hone ki koi zaroorat nahi hain. samjhi?? 

Geet’s face lit up hearing him.


Maan smiled n told muchi n kissed her tip of the nose.

Geet hugged him n maan too.

Just then pari came there as its been long maan came to kitchen.

But she is shocked to see the sight in front of her. They both are hugging n both are lost in each other.

Bhai, di called pari.

But there is no response.

Bhai, di called pari a bit loud.

Still no response.

She got frustated n tapped geet’s shoulder. Suddenly geet came to this world n broke the hug. Geet is embrassed seeing pari’s smirk.

Maan too is not less, he is also so embrassed.

Di n bhai what r u doing here? Asked pari innocently.

wo.. wo.. pari, umm wo.. fumbled geet.

I am listening di told pari.

Ha I am here to prepare coffee told geet.

Oh good, bhai what r u doing here ? Asked pari.

wo.. nothing told maan.

Really?? u r doing nothing asked pari teasingly.

Ya I came to help ur sister told maan.

Acha in this way also u will help bhai asked pari.

Geet lowered her head n blushing furiously.

Omg.. di u r blushing asked pari shockingly.

Pariii shouted geet.

Pari burst out in to laughter seeing their both faces. As if a small kid is caught by eating chocolate without knowing her mom.

Hahaha u just both see ur faces, as if u saw some ghost in front of u told pari.

Pari, tum tum wait I am coming told geet n started chasing her.

Oh di I am afraid fakes pari n started running.

Maan laughted seeing both of them.

Ruko tum shouted geet.

No di no told pari n started running fast.

Rano saw them running n asked arey what happened?

Maa tell pari to stop, kuch bhi bol deti hain told geet.

Aww di maine kya kaha, maa baat yeh hain ki… started pari.

Oh shut up pari shouted geet.

Meanwhile maan bought coffee for maa n he too took it.

They both are just seeing the fight between the sisters.

Ahh di I am very tired told pari panting heavily.

Hmm me too told geet.

They both sat on the couch n sipped their coffee.

Wow bhai coffee is too good told pari.

Really?? asked am excited geet.

Ha told pari confusingly.

Hahaha I prepared coffee my dear sister told geet.

Pari is shocked but told kya baat hain di, for whom this coffee is asked pari teasingly.

Geet n maan blushed.

Chup kar told geet.

Hogaya tum dono ki bateein asked maa.

Geet n pari made a baby face.

Geet beta.

Ji maa.

Rano got up as well as geet. Rano hugged geet n wished her.

Happy birthday beta.

Geet smiled n took blessings from her.

Thanku maa.

Maa.. called maan.

Ha beta.

Maa mujhe aapse kuch baat karni hain told maan.

Bolo maan beta.

Maan made her sit on the couch. He then looked at geet n smiled.

Geet understood what he gonna talk to her n blushed.

She thought maan tho sach mein maa se baat kar raha hain, I thought he was joking.

Maan bent on his knees n sat in front of her.

Beta what are u doing?

Nothing maa told maan n smiled.

Rano carassed his hair n asked kya hua maan?

Maa darasal baat yeh hain ki main aur geet…


precap: I think u guys know…LOL Wink


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