Do i deserve ur love part 2

28 Aug


sameera comes to hospital when maan called her n told about the accident of his brother. Her brother arjun is out of danger n the operation is success. But due to head injury he has to stay in the hospital for 10 days. Later maan n sam had a friendly talk. Sam was very much impressed by the foundation. She too decided to serve people here whenever she is free.


Later in the evening maan completed his work n left from there. While going back home maan stopped near the mall n went to toys section. He saw many toys there n confused what to buy. He had a look of whole toys section but didnt know what to buy for his champ rohan. Suddenly he remembered that rohan likes remote cars.


Maan (st): ha that will be cool. He loves remote cars if he dont like also no problem I will bring him here tomorrow. He will buy what he wants. But this matter should not leak to adi or else he will eat my brain.


He bought the gift for rohan n went to his house. Again no one is there he is a lonely person. He got ready. He is in black n black looking extremely hot, dashing n handsome. His first 3 buttons r open exposing his well toned chest. Even though he is in normal suit but looking hot. Suddenly his eyes fell on a photograph. He was just staring at that pic with no emotion in his eyes n face too. They r just blank, if anyone try to read those eyes no one can predict what’s happening.


Maan(st): I am so sorry. I know what I did is wrong n there is no forgiveness for it but just once I want to meet u. ofcourse I know that it never happens. In my life I never hurted anyone but why god is playing such a cruel game with me. I dont know whether u love e or hate me but…

his mobile rang. He picked the phone


Maan, adi here.

Ha bolo adi.

R u alright?Adi by listening his voice came to know what he is thinking. But maan just smiled at his friend’s concern n answered

ha yaar I am fine. I am coming now to meet my champ.

Ha ha y will u come to meet ur friend?

Oh god adi stop it yaar. I am coming bye.


They cut the call n adi thought maan why all things r happening to u only. I want to tell u one important matter but dont know how u will react. But I know maan tumare hasi ke peeche kitne dard hain. I have to talk to u I cant hide it from u. u have to know. Pata nahi what will happen after listening to this.


Papa… called rohan.

Adi came out of his thoughts n smiled at his son who came running to him wearing his birthday dress n looking like a prince. Adi took him into his arms n asked

so ready for the party.

Rohan excitedly yes papa I am ready. My friends will be coming soon.

Acha? Thats great. By the way where is ur mama.

Mama is preparing something in the kitchen.

Oh ok. Lets go.


They both went to kitchen n saw pinky preparing something to rohan.

Mama what r u doing?

Pinky saw him n told

preparing ur fav paneer pizza.

Wow, mom thanku very much.

Adi wanted to tease her so asked

waise pinky r u preparing the dish or busy in eating ur stuff.

Pinky made a angry face n asked

what do u mean adi?

Suddenly maan came there n slapped his friend lightly n told

oyy nautanki stop teasing my sister.

Ha agaya tera bhai.

Ha yes he is my brother. Waise u r jealous rite? That now no one is there to support u.

pinky n maan giggled while adi made baby face to rohan but he didnt care n jumped on maan.


maan uncle…

maan took rohan in his arms

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHAMP. N kissed his forehead.

Rohan smiled n told thanku uncle.

Maan gives the gift which he bought for him.

Yeh lo tumare liye champ.

Rohan took it n opened. He is very happy to see his favorite toy. He jumped in his arms.

Wow..uncle thanku… he kissed on his cheek.

Maan smiled at rohan seeing him all excited.

Chalo party start karte hain waise no one is on my side said adi making baby sad face.

They all didnt care n headed towards hall. Rohan friends started coming.

Rohan cut the cake while all others sung birthday song for him.

First he fed the cake to adi-pinky then to maan.

They all fed rohan too. Then for sometime rohan enjoyed with his friends playing games with them, chatting etc etc.

all his friends left after sometime.

Rohan came to maan n sat on his lap.

So, champ did u enjoy?

Yes uncle very much.

Chalo chalo dinner karte hain told pinky.

Ok mama. Uncle chalo.

They all went to dining area. Adi n maan sat side by side n rohan on his big chair to meet the height of the dining table.

They all happily had dinner talking with each other, cracking jokes,teasing each other.

Rohan had his fav pizza prepared by pinky.

They all completed their dinner.

Mama movie dekhte hain.

Rohan its already late u should sleep now.

Mama plzzz… he made a puppy face.

With no other option pinky told ok.

They all r watching some movie. Rohan sat on maan’s lap n watching movie.

After some time he fell asleep.

Maan took him to his room n made him sleep on the bed. Maan kissed his forehead n left from there.

Adi I will leave now. Its already late.

Maan muje tumse kuch baat karni hain.

Ha bolo.

Yaha par nahi mere room me chalo. Pinky tum bhi ao told adi seriously.

They both sensed something serious n just nodded.

Thik hain chalo told maan.

They all headed to adi’s room. They all settled on the bed comfortably.

Ab batao kya hain asked maan.


(sorry friends I camt reveal what they talked but u will come to know about I later)


after their conversation maan dont know whether to be happy or sad. His face is expressionless but pain is visible in his eyes.

Bhai…called pinky.

But maan didnt listen anything. He just sat there numb dont know what to do.

Adi kya tum sahi keh rahe ho? Asked pinky.

Adi just nodded his head.

Pinky went n sat beside maan.

Bhai plz look at me.

Maan looked at her.

Bhai iss baar sab kuch thik hi hoga. Plz u dont worry.

Maan hugged pinky n told

kyun pinky kya galti ki main. Mere saath hi aisa kyun ho raha hain?

Bhai aap shant ho jayiye.

Maan broke the hug n got up.

Main ghar jaa raha hu.

Par bhai…

good night pinky. I am fine dont worry.

Saying so maan left from there. He didnt take his bike. He was just walking on the road like a lifeless person. Dont know where to go. After listening to adi one side he very happy. But at the same time he is tensed. This is the second time in his life he was tensed, scared.

Tears rolled down his cheeks. Dont know whether god is happy or sad seeing his condition but it started raining heavily. Maan sat on his knees in the middle of the park. He didnt feel like going home. Didnt care about the surroundings. He was lost in his own world. He is getting wet in the rain, tears continously rolling down his cheek.


Here adi n pinky r tensed they tried calling maan but he is picking the phone n on top of that its raining.

Its my mistake I should not leave him alone said adi.

Adi aap shant ho jayiye. Bhai will be fine assured pinky but she is also scared.

She is continously praying to babaji that maan bhai should be safe.

How can I pinky. Uska bike bhi yaha par hain aur phone bhi nahi lag raha hain. Maan tho thik hoga na.

Pinky kept her hand on his shoulders. Adi saw tears in her eyes n hugged her.

I am sorry pinky. I shouldnt have told to maan but now we have to do something. I cant see him suffer any longer.

Dont worry adi jo hua so hua we cant change that. But now I will talk said pinky with determination in her voice.

Adi chalo we will go to maan bhai’s house. Shayad bhai reached home.

Ha pinky chalo.

Pinky took sleeping rohan in her arma n headed to maan’s house.


Its early morning 5’o clock. Rain stopped by that time, Maan got up from there his face is pale, he started walking towards his house but lost in his thoughts.

When he went to his house he was shocked to see adi n pinky with rohan in pinky’s arms who is sleeping pacing here n there.

Adi saw him n relieved.

Adi held his collar n shouted r u out of ur mind? How many times we called u. when u left from there we were so tensed.

Maan lowered his head n uttered in a low voice I am sorry.

Even adi didnt tell anything further n left his collar. He know maan’s state.

Chalo andar chalte hain. U r all wet.

Maan silently opened the door, they all went inside. Pinky put rohan on the couch. She went to kitchen to prepare coffee for maan. Maan freshened n came to the hall.

Pinky gave coffee to maan n adi.

Bhai yeh aapne kya kiya, we were so tensed for u.

muje ghar aane ka mann nahi tha pinky. Aap dono ko itni pareshan hone ki kya zaroorat thi aapko pata hain na that I dont go anywhere. Aur itni tandh me rohan ko.

Shut up maan kya lagta hain tumko ki hum tumare baare main care na kare. U r my best friend damn.

Rohan slightly opened his eyes by loud voices.

Mama…sounded rohan sleepily.

Kuch nahi beta tum so jao told pinky rubbing his back.

Ok ok I am sorry. Calm down n u both go to rest room n take rest. I will preparebreakfast for all of us told maan dont want to argue further.

They simply nodded their head.


In london:


It is 9 am in the morning. A woman in her 50’s preparing breakfast for her grand daughter n murmuring something.

Yeh ladki bhi na. She wont get up early n my daughter will come n scold me that I am pampering her. Par iss shaitan ke baare mein usko kya pata uski mama ke saamne she will behave as if she is very innocent n dont know anything. Who will believe that 5 years old child will play pranks on me. Ufff aishu beta get up.

No reply from her.

That lady will go to her bedroom n opens the door. To her surprise the room is empty. She searched the whole room but she didnt find her grand daughter anywhere.

Uff yeh ladki kaha gayi.

She was about to go out suddenly the door got closed.ShockedShocked


Precap: oops what will happen to that lady ???? Shocked

adi meets sam n trio’s friendship.


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