Do i deserve ur love part 3

28 Aug

In london:

It is 9 am in the morning. A woman in her 50’s preparing breakfast for her grand daughter n murmuring something.

Yeh ladki bhi na. She wont get up early n my daughter will come n scold me that I am pampering her. Par iss shaitan ke baare mein usko kya pata uski mama ke saamne she will behave as if she is very innocent n dont know anything. Who will believe that 5 years old child will play pranks on me. Ufff aishu beta get up.

No reply from her.

That lady will go to her bedroom n opens the door. To her surprise the room is empty. She searched the whole room but she didnt find her grand daughter anywhere.

Uff yeh ladki kaha gayi.

She was about to go out suddenly the door got closed.ShockedShocked The old lady is trying to open the door but no use.

Aishu beta I know its u. open the door beta.

No dadi came a sweet voice of a little girl.

Beta see ur mama will come now told dadi.

Dadi still one hour is thele fol mama to come. Aapne muje kal laat (raat) ichecleam nahi diya. I am going to eat now.

Beta nahi u will catch cold told dadi.

Sholly dadi I will open door after eating ichecleam.

Here dadi is shouting but baby didnt care, she went to kitchen n took her icecream from the fridge n started eating it. While eating she messed up her dress n face with full of icecream. Finally she completed eating n opened the door. Dadi came out n saw her grand daughters condition.

Aishu yeh kya kar diya tumne asked dadi.

Aishu made innocent face n asked maine kya kiya dadi.

Dont make those faces shaitan ban gayi ho tum.

Aishu pouted n told I am not shaitan.

Ha ha I know. Chalo jaldi ready ho jav. Tumari mama aajayegi.

Dadi muje neend aarahi hain. I got up at early morning 8:30. plz daadi let me sleep told aishu in her babyish voice.

Here daadi is melting seeing her cute face. But afraid of her daughter.

Nahi beta u have to get ready. Remember ur mom told u that she will take u out today.

Aishu kept her finger on her chin n thinking. Dadi smiled at her cute antics.

Ok dadi i will get ready.

Thats like my baby. Chalo.

They both went to washroom dadi placed her in bath tub which is filled with warm water. But aishu is aishu she started playing with water n throwing it on dadi.

Beta aisa nahi karte said dadi.

Dadi let us play in water.

Aishu chup chap nahalo, warna main main tumari mama ko bol deti hu blackmailed dadi.

Aishu pouted but soon she heard a voice from back what if I play with u?

Aishu turned back n smiled widely n shouted


pari beta tum kab ayi ho?asked dadi.

Abi ayi hu maa told pari.

How was ur tour ?

Super maa bohot enjoy ki humne told pari excitedly.

Chachi come on fast shouted aishu.

Coming darling told pari.

They both started playing in water. Making a whole mess. Washroom is filled with water.

I dont know beta when ur mama will come na bohot daantegi. That time I wont help u both said dadi n left from there.

But they both didnt care. Suddenly the door bell rang. Dadi went n opened the door. She is happy to see her daughter.

Beta come. U look tired asked dadi.

Ha maa bohot kaam tha. Waise pari aagayi aur aishu kaha hain.

wo.. wo.. dono so raha hain.

Maa dont lie wait I will go n check.

Nahi beta tum aaram karo.


dadi sighed not able to convince her daughter.

She went to aishu’s room n saw no one there she heard someone laughing from the washroom. She went there n shocked to see their haalat.

Whats going on shouted that lady.

Pari n aishu turned back n saw her n shouted

geeet diii shouted pari.

Mamaaa shouted aishu.

Oh god yeh kya kar rahe ho tum dono asked geet angrily.

But they didnt care n came out of the bathtub. Pari hugged geet tight n aishu hugged her legs.

Ahh di missed u sooo much told pari.

Mama shouted aishu.

Geet smiled at their antics. They broke the hug n geet told missed u too gudiya.

Geet took aishu in her arms n asked what is my littile devil doing.

Aishu smiled cheekily n replied having bath mama.

Geet rised her eyebrows n asked acha?

Now because of pari n aishu geet is also wet. Geet made aishu to complete her bath n both got ready. Pari went to her room n got ready.

They all settled in the dining area n waiting for breakfast.

All 3 shouted (geet, pari n aishu)ranooo jaldiii.

Ufff chup coming shouted dadi.

They all had breakfast. Suddenly geet spoke

ma we r going to india.

Rano is shocked to hear this but happy. Pari is also very happy that they r going to india.

By y beta asked rano.

Mera transfer hua maa delhi told geet grinting her teeth.

Pari n rano decided not to speak anything about it further. They simply nodded their heads.

But aishu excitedly mama r we going to india.

Geet smiled at her little daughter n told ha beta we r going. Come on pack ur things.

Aishu excitedly shouted yayyy. I will pack now only. She left from there.

Geet told to her mom n pari seriouly maa pack ur things fast we r leaving tomorrow only. N one thing after going to delhi dont try to meet them. I dont want my daughter to suffer as me. I think u understand. She left from there.

pari(st): di I am very sorry this time. I want u n aishu to be happy. I wont miss this golden oppurtunity. Main jiju se baat karti hu. U should know what happened at that time. He is responsible n he loves u very much. I will make sure that u live happily. Its my promise.

Rano(st): kya karu main is ladki ke saath. Muje kuch samaj mein nahi aaraha hain. Babaji meri bachi ki raksha karna. Usko apni khushi wapas dijiye. Main aur kuch nahi chahiye. Aishu should live with her mama n papa too. I know a child needs her father. He is important part of her life. But geet ne… n she had tears in her eyes.

Pari noticed n kept her hand on rano’s shoulder n told

dont worry maa ab sab kuch thik ho jayega. Di ko jiju ke paas jaana hi padega. She misunderstood jiju. She should know the truth its hightime now.

Rano nodded her head.

Chalo pari we will pack nahi tho wo hitler phir se chillayegi.

Pari giggled at her comment. They both went to their respective rooms n started packing.


In delhi:


maan prepared breakfast for all. Rohan got up n saw that he is in maan’s house.

Mama when we came here asked rohan sleepy.

When we slept we came here beta told pinky.

Why mama?

Umm.. maan uncle is not well told pinky.

What?? what happened asked rohan n got up.

Uncle uncle called rohan at the same time maan is coming from kitchen. He kept the bowl on the table n took rohan in his arms.

Good morning champ.

Uncle what happened to u? Mama told u r not well.

Maan looked at pinky n then rohan nothing champ I am ok now.

Ok uncle but u have to rest today n take med.. med…

medicines completed maan.

Ha that only told rohan.

Anything else champ asked maan smiling.

Nothing uncle.

As it is sunday pinky n rohan stayed at home. Whereas adi n maan went for foundation. Rohan was not allowing maan to go to office (hospital) but somehow maan managed him that he is fine.

Maan n adi entered hospital. Eventhough adi is a software engineer whenever he is free comes to the foundation n takecare of people there.

Maan went to children’s ward n wished all the children.

Hello children. How r u??

A small girl came infront of him n told

maan u r late today pouted that child.

Maan smiled at her cute pouting face n lifted her in his arms n spoke

sorry sweety. From tomorrow I will come on time. Plzz.

Immediately that girl kissed his cheek n told ok maan.

Maan gave chocolates to all the children n listened to their cute talks. How innocent they are. But all r here for some problem. Some are cured n some children should go under surgery. But doctors r trying their best to save every children. Many children r from poor family. All the parents of those children thanked the foundation people for taking care of the children.

When maan is talking to the children sameera came there.

Hi maan wished sam.

Hi sameera. How is your brother now?

He is fine maan. What r u doing here?

Umm nothing talking with children told maan.

Sam is surprised by his nature.

Maan uncle who is she?

oh… baby her name is sameera. Say hi to her.

Hii aunty told children.

Hi babies told sam n she too started talking with them.

After some adi came n called maan.


maan turned back n saw adi.

Ok children see u tomorrow. Bye.

Bye maan uncle, bye aunty.

Maan n sam went with adi.

Adi this is sameera n sameera this is di my best buddy.

Hi sameera.

Hi adi.

They chit chatted for sometime. She felt comfortable with maan n adi. They became good friends n talked comfortably. Adi left from there. Maan n sam went to maan’s cabin.

Maan can I ask u something?

Yeah.. ask sameera.

Hmm who all r there in ur family.

Maan looked at her n told no one sameera. I am alone.

oh… I am sorry maan.

Its ok sam.

Sam felt bad for him at the same time she started liking him. After that day maan, adi n sam met frequently. They became good friends. But adi observed one thing was sam is interested in maan. N he didnt like that. He wanted to talk to sam about that matter, because it is still starting before she realises her feelings towards maan he has to tell about maan to her.

Adi (st): sam I know that u r interested in maan. U should know about maan. Yes it will be rite. Iske liye muje pinky se baat karni hain. Sam ke baare mein maan ko pata na chale tho hi acha hain.



Precap: geet in delhi.

         Rohan n aishu in same school n same class.

         Sam at adi-pinky house.


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