Do i deserve ur love part 4

28 Aug

After that day maan, adi n sam met frequently. They became good friends. But adi observed one thing was sam is interested in maan. N he didnt like that. He wanted to talk to sam about that matter, because it is still starting before she realises her feelings towards maan he has to tell about maan to her.

Adi (st): sam I know that u r interested in maan. U should know about maan. Yes it will be rite. Iske liye muje pinky se baat karni hain. Sam ke baare mein maan ko pata na chale tho hi acha hain.

In london:

maa sab kuch packing ho gaya na asked geet.

Ha geet sab kuch hogaya. Par geet delhi main hum..

dont worry maa company has given a flat. We can stay there told geet.

Oh ok fine told rano.

Mamaa, nanii I am ready came aishu shouting.

Geet took her in her arms n asked acha my devil is ready?

Yes mama. When we r going? Asked aishu.

In an hour darling told geet.

Yayyy shouted aishu excitedly.

Maa where is pari asked geet.

I am here di told pari coming out of her room.

All ready? Asked geet.

Yes di told pari.

Ok I will make few calls and come told geet n went out.

Chachi in india again I have to join new school n new friends na? Asked aishu.

Yes dear. U will go to the school which myself n ur mama studied. That is the best school told pari.

Really chachi but I dont know anyone there na ? Pouted aishu.

So what we can make friends easily. So no problem told pari.

Yes chachi told aishu excitedly.

After sometime geet came n told chalo guys its getting late.

They all took their luggage n headed to the airport. They all reached airport n completed all the formalities n boarded the flight. All of them setelled. Geet sat near window seat n aishu sat beside her. Rano n pari sat in other seat. Geet is looking put of the window n lost in her thoughts.

Geet is thinking that she can lead her life in delhi as she is in london. But who knows what is going to happen in her life. These many years god is silent but not now. He is going to play with their lives again. Whether it is for good or bad no one knows. But after going to delhi all their lives re going to change. Now the actual game starts in the lives of geet, aishu n ‘…

no one can change destiny. Eventhough geet told to her maa n sister that they should not meet anyone in delhi. Is that going to happen? Will geet succeed in her life? Will she be happy again? Will aishu meet her father? Why did aishu never ask about her father? Does that little girl knows anything about her mama n father?

These all questions r going to be answered by geet? Yes she will answer she has to. Geet again went to her past days which r the most happiest moments in her life n most worst moments too.

In delhi:

adi is pacing in his room restlessly. Just then pinky entered the room n saw adi.

Adi what happened?

Pinky mujhe tumse kuch baat karni hain.

Bolo adi.

wo.. darasal sameera hain na. Jiski bhai ki accident hui hain.

Ha I know what happened to her?

Nothing she is fine. But but..

what happened adi?

I think she loves maan.

WHAT? Shouted pinky.

Ha pinky mujhe aisa hi lag raha hain.

Nahi aisa nahi ho sakta. Adi she is coming back. (pinky st) That day u told to maan bhai only half thing but he dont know the whole matter adi who baat aapko bhi nahi pata.muje maaf kijiye yeh baat aap dono se chupane ke liye. 

Ha pinky u r right. Hum sam ko sab kuch batana hi padega, yeh usko zindagi ka sawaal hain.

Ha adi hum uss ladki ko sach batana hain. She cannot love maan bhai because…

nahi pinky ab kuch nahi kaho. Main next week sam ko ghar bulata hu.

Ji adi main aapke saath hu. Mujhe aisa lag raha hain ki kuch tho hone wala hain.

Dont worry pinky sab kuch thik hojayega.

Adi hugged pinky. N they slept.

In maan’s house:

maan is thinking about adi’s words which he told on rohan’s birthday.

Their conversation on rohan’s birthday party:

maan mujhe tumse kuch baat karna hain told adi.

Ha bolo adi told maan.

Yaha nahi mere room mein chalte hain. Pinky tum bhi ao told adi seriously.

They 3 went to adi’s room n settled themselves.

Bolo kya baat hain asked maan.

Maan wo.. wo.. stammered adi.

Adi bolo kya baat hain asked maan seriously.

Adi sighed n told geet delhi wapas aa rahi hain.

Thats it the whole world stopped hearing what adi told. Pinky is shocked n happy to hear this. But maan’s condition is worst. He shocked, happy, fear in his eyes, pain in his eyes n guilt. These many emotions r killing him inside.

Adi kya aap sach keh rahe ho? Asked pinky.

Ha pinky main sach keh raha hu told adi.

Par aapko kaise pata? Asked pinky.

Dont u remember pinky main n geet r working in the same software company. After what happened that day she left somewhere without telling anyone told adi.

Ha I know told pinky.

Today boss called me n told that some new candidates will join for the project as this is more important for this company. He gave me the list of all candidates. When I was checking those files I saw geet’s profile. When I enquired about it then I came to know that these many years geet worked in london branch completed adi.

London wo.. akeli asked pinky n tears rolled her cheeks.

Suddenly adi n pinky noticed maan who sat there motionless. Only the words which told by adi r ringing in his ears. ‘geet delhi wapas aa rahi hain.

Tears formed in maan’s eyes. He dont know how to feel. Happy that his geet is coming back or sad that ever she will meet him n understand him n forgive him for his mistake no no for his sin. He closed his eyes in pain.

Maan bhai aap thik ho? Asked pinky.

??????? no response.

Maan bhai plzz look at me. (next part u all know. If not refer chapter 2)

end of their conversation.




Maan : geet tum wapas aa rahi ho. I am very happy for that but ever in ur will u forgive me. Do u love me as before. Mera iss akele zindagi mein tum ek rooshni(light) bankar ayi ho. Par khud mere haatoon se sab khud bigad diya tha. I am sorry geet. Even I am also suffering now. Tum mujhe chodke chali gayi ho aur hamari…

He closed his eyes painfully n tears rolled down his cheek.

Maan : I am sorry geet I am sorry plzz wapas aajao. I cant leave without u. plzz wapas aajao.

Maan lost in his thoughts thinking about his past. How his life changed when geet entered into his life. N how again his life changed when the same geet left fron his life.

Kya yeh zindagi ka khel hain? Why this pain in life? Cant the life be smooth and happy? Why destiny loves to play games? When they are happy in their lives then why this sad n pain? What we should learn from this game? Kehte hain jo kuch bhi hota hain ache ke liye hi hota hain. Kya yeh sach hain? Yeh baat tho kisi ko bhi nahi pata.




Geet, pari, rano n aishu reached delhi. They all went to their flat which is accomodated by company. It is a 3 bed room flat with a beautiful garden. They liked the new house. But one thing they dont know that even adi-pinky r staying in the same house.

Its been 1 week they came to delhi n settled. Today geet started going to office. She joined aishu in school where rohan is studying. One day geet dropped aishu in the school n she went to office.

In school:

Aishu entered the class n saw all new faces n whole class is full. Only one place is there that is beside rohan. Aishu went n sat there quitely. Rohan saw her n smiled.

Hii.. wished rohan.

Hii.. told aishu.

My name is rohan.

My name is aishwarya.

Then the teacher came n started the class. As it is first day of school n some of the portion is completed aishu didnt understand anything. Rohan saw that n asked

what happened?

I didnt understand anything. I missed some classes na told aishu with sad face.

Rohan thought for some time n told do one thing. Evening come to my house I will teach u.

aishu smiled n asked really? U will tell me everything?

Ya I will tell. N u can meet my mama. She is very sweet u know.

But I dont know ur house na asked aishu.

Acha.. u come with me n then my mama will tell the address to ur mama told rohan.

Aishu smiled at rohan. Then in the evening rohan n aishu went to rohan’s apartment.

I will also stay in this apartment only told aishu.

Really? Then we can play daily told rohan.

Yayyy shouted aishu excitedly. Just then she saw pari going somewhere.

Chachi shouted aishu.

Pari turned back n saw aishu.

Chachi I an going to rohan’s house to write notes. I will come after some time told aishu.

Ok darling. Hello rohan told pari.

Hello aunty.

Where do u stay? Asked pari.

4th floor aunty.

Ok beta u both go now.

They both left from there n went to rohan’s house. They went inside.

Mama shouted rohan.

Pinky came there n saw rohan n other girl.

Rohan beta come aur aap beta asked pinky seeing aishu.

Mama she is my new friend aishwarya said rohan.

Hello beta.

Hello aunty wished aishu.

Pinky felt some strange feeling seeing aishu but shrugged it off n bought snacks for them.

Its almost 8 n pari noticed aishu didnt come yet. So she decided to go to rohan’s house. At the same time sam came to adi’s house as he invited her for dinner.

Sam rang the bell, pinky opened the door n saw sam.

Aap? Asked pinky.

Hii I am sameera.

Oh hi come in told pinky.

Pinky closed the door n started talking with sameera.

Thanks for coming sameera.

No problem. Mujhe bhi mann kar raha tha aapse milne ke liye.

Just then again door bell rang.

Mama I will open the door said rohan.

Rohan opened the door n saw pari.

Hii aunty.

Hii beta wo aishu abi takh nahi ayi.

Kaun hain rohan asked pinky.

Aishu ki chachi mama.

Come in aunty told rohan.

Pari came in. pinky saw pari n shocked to see her here.

Pariii whispered pinky.

Pari too saw pinky n was shocked. She couldnt believe her eyes she is seeing her after long 5 years. Pari ran to pinky n hugged her tight.

Pinky di. How r u?

I am fine pari. Tum yaha? Then she remembered what adi told.

Ha main aishu ke liye ayi thi told pari.


just then aishu came there n saw pari n shouted chachi..

pinky is shocked that aishu is calling her as chachi. Iska matlab?

Omg.. gasped pinky. N turned to pari.

Pari, aishu??

ha di.

Matlab aishu maan bhai ki beti hain. Tears rolled down her cheeks.

But there 3 shocked faces shouted WHAT???

precap: one is sam who is shocked. Then who r others??

             past: maan-geet 1st meet.


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